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The Madness That is My Life by frini19
Chapter 1 : And So the Madness Begins
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Something was poking me. I was trying to sleep and something was poking me. In an effort to try and escape the poking, I turned onto my side.


It didn't do much. I got poked harder.


Whatever was poking me would die. Slowly and painfully. It. Would. Die.


Poke. Poke. Poke.


"What do you want?!?! Can't you see that i am trying to sleep and you poking me isn't helping?!" I pulled myself out from my covers and turned to see the face of my prick of a cousin/brother, Scorpius.


"Well someone is in a bad mood," Scorpius said, smirking.


"Yeah well I have an arsehole with a death wish poking me," I said back. I pulled my covers back over my head. "Now go away."


"Actually I was sent here to wake you up," Scorpius said. I couldn't see his face because I was under the covers but I was sure he's wearing that stupid smirk of his. And mine, I guess. Since we had the same Malfoy Smirk. But whatever.


"Who in their right mind would send you here to wake me up?" Uncle Draco and Aunt Astoria knew that if you woke me up, on a weekend or over summer vacation, you were going to die. Maybe they wanted Scorpius to die? Well their wish would come true very soon if he didn't leave.


"My mum. She says it's time for you to get out of bed." I heard him walking over to the door, thankful that he is finally leaving.


"Well I am not getting out of bed." Not unless there was a valid reason. Which there wasn't, I'm sure.


"Alright. But the End of Summer party at the Weasley's is going to start in an hour so you might want to get up and fix that mess on your head."


Okay. There was a valid reason.


I practically jumped out of my bed upon hearing this. However, this didn't go over well because I was covered in blankets so I ended up landing on the ground, with all the blankets from my bed with me. I could hear Scorpius laughing.


What a prick.





"Addie, is that really what you are wearing?" Aunt Astoria said when I got downstairs. I looked down at my white sundress. I thought it looked rather cute. It was really the best I could do with only one hour to get completely ready.


"Yes, I wasn't awoken early enough to get completely ready and do my hair. Having curly hair is very time consuming you know," I said.


Astoria sighed as if I was aggravating her.


"Well, I think she looks beautiful," I heard Draco say, as he entered the room. He had lost some of his hair, but it was still the signature Malfoy Blonde. Draco was normally the last one to be ready, so it was a little strange to not be waiting for him. "Now is everyone ready to go?"


"No. Your son isn't here yet," Astoria said. "He is still getting ready. Seems like he takes after his father in that department." Well she was in a bad mood. Maybe it was her time of the month.


"Oh honey," Draco said. He came up and wrapped his arms around her and using a dramatic voice said "I'm so sorry. How could I have done this to our son? Can you ever forgive me?"


Astoria started smiling at this and wrapped her arms around him too. I would have thought they were cute if they didn’t start making out like teenagers.


"Well I'm going to go get Scorpius, okbye." I said and practically ran out of the room.


Let's just say I was scarred for life. It was all I could do not to scream. But I had to get out of there. And so I ran to Scorpius's bedroom. Because seriously what was taking him so long? I would think he was a girl sometimes, if I hadn't grown up with him.


I entered his room without knocking and instantly regretted it. It smelled...bad. Not like the normal teenage boy bad but like...I didn't even know. Like there were 30 things of cologne in the air. Also Scorpius was standing in a ridiculous outfit: A tux jacket and boxers. I worry about him.


"Um Scorp?" I said covering my nose with my hand. "Are you almost ready?"


"No!!" He threw a pair of pants across the room. "I have nothing to wear!"


Okay. He was WAY too in touch with is feminine side.


"Scorpius it isn't that hard," I walked over to his closet and pulled out a plaid shirt and a pair of shorts. "Wear this."


"But this is so plain. No one will think I look good especially not-"


"SCORPIUS AND ADDISON ARE YOU READY TO GO YET?! WE ARE ALREADY TWENTY MINUTES LATE!" Astoria yelled from downstairs. Well at least her and Draco stopped going at it.


"Wear it. Plaid always makes boys look better. And don't wear cologne," I said as he reached for a bottle. "Your room smells enough that it will rub off on you. Now let's go before your mother kills us."


We got downstairs and apparated to Hermione and Ron Weasley's house. Well, Draco and Astoria apparated, while Scorp and I held their hands. That's when I actually took a good look at Scorpius to make sure I didn't put anything horrible on him. And I didn't. He looked hot. a non-creepy way since he's my cousin and incest is gross.




"You should let me dress you more often," I said as he and I walked behind his parents. "I do a pretty good job. Every girl will be practically all over you."


"I don't need every girl. Only one." At this point we reached the door and Draco knocked. Meanwhile I was in shock over what I just heard.


"Wait, what? Do you have a crush?!?! TELL ME!" I said, trying to keep quite so that his parents don't hear even though they are only five feet in front of us.


"No. I don't."


"Yes you do. You just said so."


"No I didn't. And no I don't."


"Yes you did and yes you do."


"No I don't-"


"Well if it isn't the Malfoy family!" I looked up at the door and saw Hermione Weasley standing there, inviting us in. Scorpius ran right in as if afraid that I was going to hurt him because he knew I was right and he was wrong.


Okay I knew that this seemed weird. The Malfoy’s going over to the Weasley’s house for a party. But the thing was, Draco and Harry and Ron made up. Sorta. They were…civil, I guess is the best word. Hermione and Astoria met at work and became friends so then Harry and Ron had to forgive Draco, unless the wanted all the get togethers that Astoria had Hermione had to be awkward.


But that didn’t exactly mean that they liked each other.


I walked into the house and began to search for my best friend, Rose Weasley. We have been best friends since first year when we were both sorted into Gryffindor. One of us knew the other better then they did. We were perfect best friends like we were connected at the head or shared an arm or something like that.


"ADDIE!" I heard and turned around and see said best friend (see above) running toward me, her red hair as red as ever, opening her arms wide only to hit someone in the face.


Yes, that was my best friend.


No, you cannot judge.


Rose, being Rose, made sure the person was alright and even made small talk with them before coming back and attacking me with a hug. I hadn't seen her for a few weeks which was a very long time to go without seeing my bestest friend in the whole wide world.


"Rosie, how are you?" I asked.


"I'm good!!" she said. "I can't wait to be back at Hogwarts though. I love Mum and Dad but they can become overbearing after a while-"


“Hello there Addie!” said Ron Weasley, who came up to Rose and I. Well stumbled is a better word. He seemed a little tipsy. I looked over at Rose and saw that she looked horrified.


“Hello Mr. Weasley!” I replied I thought he was funny, even if he hated my uncle. “How are you?”


“I’m great! This is a great party don’t you think?” Ron said, quite loudly. He was drawing all sorts of attention to us, which made Rose a little embarrassed.


“Dad, Addie and I are going to head outside, why don’t you go find Mum-“ Rose started but was interrupted by her dad.


“Well Rosie, I hope you and Addie have fun! But Rosie,” He put his hands on her shoulder, acting like he was going to give her great advice. Which meant that whatever he was going to say in his drunken state would probably be hilarious. “I need you, to stay away from that Scorpius boy.”


To say Rose turned bright red at this point would be an understatement. She turned into a tomato. And since her hair was red, she looked really funny.


“I know you have a crush on him,” Ron said making really funny gestures with his hand. Rose turned even MORE bright red (I didn’t even think that was possible since she was already SO red. But she did. That girl never seizes to amaze me) and I started giggling. “But he is the son of Draco Malfoy. Who is not very good. So stay away from him. Actually, stay away from boys in general.”


At this I started giggling even harder because 1) Rose is boy crazy and 2) Rose is too crazy about Scorpius to even look at other boys. While Rose stood there being a tomato and I stood there giggling like a drunk person, Ron stumbled off to drunkenly greet other people. Once he left Rose punched me in the arm.


“OW!” I said. Because Rose is a lot stronger then she looks. “What the bloody hell was that for?”


“That was for bloody giggling while my dad embarrassed me!” Rose yelled. “He thinks I like Scorpius. I mean honestly. That’s just…REDICULOUS! How could I even like Scorpius?! He’s so, so…” Rose seemed to have to think about something wrong with Scorpius that would somehow prove she doesn’t like him.


“So, what Rose?” I said. “So…perfect for you and that is why you like him so much?”


“Exactly!” Rose yelled in agreement. Then she thought of what she said. “NO! NO! I didn’t mean that! NO! I DON’T like him!”


“Alright Rose, whatever you say,” I said. But I knew better. She liked him so much. “So since you don’t like Scorpius, what is the boy situation like?”


"Just the normal situation. So basically all family for me."


"And what is wrong with your family, Ms. Rose?" James Sirius Potter came up behind us and asked. "Hey Addie, looking good." He said and winked at me. But it didn't mean anything. We have had this back and forth for a while. Ever since I was in second year. At first I was all embarrassed but then it just became a normal thing for us. He doesn't actually think of me this way though. He is really overprotective. Almost more then Scorpius. He really is like a big brother to me.


...a big brother who flirts with me. But whatever.


"James!!" I said and hugged him. James was a year older then me, Rose and Scorpius so I don't see him too often because he is always hanging out with his friends. But that didn't stop James and I from becoming pretty good friends.


He hugged me back and said down into my blonde curls, "Well I sure am glad that our parents don't hate each other anymore. Because then I wouldn't be able to see your beautiful face."


I blushed and laughed until I heard, "Well if you don't get your hands off of my cousin then you might not be alive to see her again."


Scorpius. Lovely to see you again.


James took his hands off me and said to Scorp, "Dude, come on. She's like my sister. I would never do that." Surprisingly, he didn’t seem afraid for his life.


See, when Scorpius went all macho-man-stay-away-from-my-cousin-or-I-will-kill-you, most boys run. Literally. In the fourth year when I got my first boyfriend, Scorpius punched him in the face and told him that if he ever so much as kissed me then he would be dead. He broke up with me and transferred schools. I wish I was making that up. But I am not.


"Come on Scorpius, like Addie would even LET James do that," Rose said. It appeared to be the first time that Scorpius noticed she was there. All of a sudden his mean I-will-kill-James thing was gone and he got all shy and started stammering.


And that is when I knew.


Scorpius liked Rose.


It was all I could do not to jump up and down in the air with glee. Because normally Scorp falls for these stupid, slags who he dumps after a week anyway. But this time he liked Rose! She wasn't stupid OR a slag! And they were PERFECT for each other!! I always hoped that they would fall for each other. On their wedding day, when I was Maid of Honor (because no way is Rose not letting me be Maid on Honor. I don't care who has to be "taken care of" I am getting that spot) I would have to make a toast about how I knew they were perfect for each other and how-


"ADDIE." A hand waved in my face, taking me away from the daydream I was having of their wedding. Whoever is doing this will die.


Oh it was Rose. She could live. It took too much time to break in a new best friend.


"Yes?" I said.


"You were kinda staring off and not paying attention to the conversation," Scorpius said. I tried to send him telepathic messages telling him I knew. I didn't think he is got them though. "You looked like you were going insane or something."


"Oh she's already insane."


Oh no.


No. No. No.


Not here. I didn't want to deal with this stupid tosser today.


Please Merlin? I was having a good day and didn't need HIM to ruin it.


He moved forward from the side of Scorpius. I didn't see him there before. How nice of him to come into the conversation now. NOT.


Right when Scorpius picks a nice girl to fancy, his idiot of a best friend is still around. Why is Scorpius best friends with him? He is nothing but a fucking arsehole-tosser-prick-know-it-all-Mr.-I-think-I-am-better-then-everyone-because-my-dad-saved-the-Wizarding-World.


"It's just another thing that is on her bad qualities list." Albus said, flashing me a smirk.






Thanks for nothing, Merlin.





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