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Didn't you say you loved me? by mMalfoy
Chapter 2 : Advantages and disadvantages by dating Draco Malfoy
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When you’re dating Draco Malfoy, you have to get used to the attention he gets from other girls. You have to get used to the fact that he doesn’t reject them, because he likes the attention. He doesn’t flirt with them of course. But he smiles and smirks and it looks like he's flirting with them. But he doesn’t. He is with me. With me. Not with all the stupid girls who flirt with him and think they got a chance. Because they don’t, not at all actually. 

I look at him now. Or, maybe this qualifies for staring. He’s talking with a girl, a blond, pretty girl. Very pretty. Why is he talking to her? I’m not one of those crazy girlfriends who doesn’t let my boyfriend talk to other girls, but he doesn’t need to smile at her like that. He only smiles like that at me. Not this blond, stupid, very pretty girl. I have to go and talk to him. To show her that Draco Malfoy is mine. So I do.

“Hey you”, I say and lay my arm around him. He smiles and kissed me. Hah, he kisses me. In your face, bitch.

“Hey. It’s nice to see you”. Hah, he thinks it’s nice to see me. In your face again, bitch.

“Can I talk to you?” I ask and look at him with my most adorable eyes.

“Of course you can”. He grins. “See you later, Sarah”. He nods and smiles. Why the hell did he smile? She smiles back pathetically and waves her hand. Oh my God, stupid Sarah. We walk hand in hand down the corridor. I smile. Draco Malfoy is mine, mine, mine. I probably act like a thirteen year old, but who cares? I couldn’t care less; the most handsome boy at school is my boyfriend. My boyfriend. I like saying that.

“So”, he says when he stops and leans against a window. We’re alone, there isn’t anyone around. “What was it you wanted to talk about?”

“This”, I say and kiss him. He grins and kisses me back.

“I like that”. I smile.

“But there was one thing...”


“You’re talking with all these girls...”

He smirks. “Very hot girls."

I stare at him. Did he just say that? “Exactly. You’re talking with pretty girls all the time, and it’s not like I’m not allowing you to talk to girls, but you don’t have to talk to them like that”.

“What is "like that"?”

“You smile at them just like you smile at me. You smile and laugh and smirk, even if you know that they are flirting with you. I don’t want you to do that”.

“I don’t flirt with them”.

“You do, Draco!”

“No, Pansy, they are flirting with me. I’m not flirting back. I’m with you”.

“You are flirting. What you do is flirting, Draco. It’s okay to be friendly, but you’re not just friendly. You’re flirting”.

“Pansy”, he says in a serious tone. “I’m dating you. You are my girlfriend. I like you. Not the other girls. You”.

“Only me?”

“Yes. Only you”.

I smile in relief. I’m so stupid. He doesn’t flirt with those girls, of course not. He’s just nice. And he’s mine. “Okay. I believe you”.

“You'd better”. He smiles the way he only smiles at me, and kisses me. It’s a long, intense kiss. I hold my arms around his neck and he holds his around my wrist. It’s the best kiss I’ve ever got, I almost losing my breath.

“That was nice”, I whisper after the kiss.

“Yes it was”. He kisses me again, and if I didn’t know that I was in a corridor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I would have thought I was in heaven. Did I say the last kiss was the best of my life? Forget that. This one is. We’re kissing each other intensely, okay fine, we’re snogging each other. We’re making out in an empty corridor, and there's no other place I'd rather be. I’m where I’m meant to be, in Draco Malfoy's arms having an intense make out session. Happiness. So many girls would do anything to take my place, and that makes it all so much better. He’s mine for God’s sake!

Still kissing me, he’s starting to unbutton my shirt. “No, Draco, not here”, I mumbled between the kisses.

“No one’s here”, he answers, and continues to unbutton my shirt.

“But someone could come. Please, Draco”. I take his hands away from my shirt and take a step backward. “Not here”.

“Okay. Not here. Later then?”
I smirk. “Later”.

The next day was a Saturday. The weather was good and most of the students were outside enjoying the beautiful weather. I was not an exception. Together with Draco, Daphne and Blaise, I sat under a tree and talked about love, life and everything else. A brown-haired girl passed us, and both Draco and Blaise whistled at her. Daphne rolled her eyes and laughed, but I didn’t think it was funny. It hurt actually. “Why did you do that?” I asked Draco.

“Do what? Whistle at that girl?”

“Yes. Why did you do that?”¨

“Because she was hot of course!”

“I’m your girlfriend!”

“You’re very hot too”, he said with a smirk and tried to kiss me. I turned aside.

“And that’s why you shouldn’t whistle at other girls. You’re with me!”

“Come on, Pansy”, Daphne said. “Don’t bother about it. It’s just the way they are”.

“Exactly. Just because I whistle at them, doesn’t mean I want to be with them!” Draco said. “Don’t be mad. We talked about this yesterday, remember?”

“Whatever”, I mumble. Is this how my life with Draco will be? Do I have to accept the fact that he flirts and whistles at other girls?

“And while we’re talking about yesterday...” he leans toward me and whispers in my ear. “You said later, remember?”

“Yes, I remember. Maybe I’ve changed my mind”.

“What? No, Pansy, don’t be stupid. You’re my girlfriend, and I like you. I care about you”.

“You don’t care about anyone”.

“I care about you”.

“Yeah, right”.

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Like I said, you’re flirting with other girls all the time and you’re whistling at them! How do you think that is for me? Do you think I like it?” My voice was louder now, but I didn’t care.

“No, of course not, but it doesn’t mean anything. Please Pansy, calm down”.

“So why are you doing it if it doesn’t mean anything? Can’t you just stop with it?”

“Is that what you want?”

“Are you stupid or do you just pretend to be? Of course that's what I want!”

“Then I’ll stop with it”.

I stare at him. Just because he says he’ll stop doesn’t mean he will. But on the other hand, doesn’t he deserve a chance? “Fine. Stop with it”.

“I’ll do my best”. He takes my hand and kisses me.

“You'd better”.

He smiles and kisses me again. I can’t help but smile back. When Draco Malfoy puts his charm on, I don’t have a chance to resist. “And by the way”, I whisper. “If you’re good, maybe "later" will be tonight”.

He smirks. “That works for me”.

“Good”, I say and kiss him again.

“Get a room guys”, Daphne says and rolls her eyes.

“That’s the plan Greengrass, no need to worry”, Draco answers. We laugh, and I wonder if life can be any better.

On my way up the stairs from the Slytherin Common Room, I almost walk right into someone. I look up and I smile broadly. It’s Draco. “Hey, you”, he says. “Look where you’re going”.

“Oh, I’m so sorry”, I say with a way too serious tone. “I was thinking about someone”.

“Really? Who?”

“You, actually”.

A smile was playing on his lips. “You were, huh?”

“I was”.

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I was thinking of you too, actually”.

“It’s got to be a coincidence”.

He smirks. “Come with me”. He takes my hand, and I follow. We walk in silence up to the fifth floor. I smile. The Prefect’s bathroom. It’s one of many benefits of being a Prefect. Draco says the password, and we walk in. It’s empty. I close the door. Draco mumbles something and two blankets and some pillows suddenly appear.

“What are...” I start, but then I understand. We look at each other without saying a word for about ten seconds, but it feels like an eternity. Then, at the exactly same time we walk toward each other and our lips melt in a soft kiss. He tastes like coffee and chocolate, which is a perfect combination. I feel his arms around me, his strong and safe arms. His lips are perfect against mine, I could kiss him forever.

I push my lips closer to his. I feel his hand on my skin at my back. I know what he wants. I want it too. I stop kissing him, and start unbuttoning my shirt. He does the same. I throw it on the floor, and start kissing him again.

I want him so bad.

He takes off my singlet, I feel his breath. He takes his pants off and I take off mine.

Now we’re close.

He kisses me again. I walk backward to the wall, still kissing him. Each second, everything gets more and more intense. I’m lying on the floor without notice, and he’s on top of me, breathing heavily. “You’re sure you want this?” he asks between the breaths. I nod. He’s so sweet. Even if I have clearly showed that this is what I want, he still asks me if I’m sure. And I am. I have never been more ready for anything in my entire life. First of all; he’s Draco Malfoy, you don’t say no to him. Secondly; he’s my boyfriend, and he means everything to me. There’s no way I’ll stop here. He smiles, bends down and starts kissing me again.

It’s damn hot in here. He’s damn hot.
I’m lying next to Draco Malfoy in the Prefect’s bathroom. I lie in his arms, and feel his breath. If you’re not jealous, you’re a guy, a hetero one.

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Thanks to Danni, for being my editor!

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