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My Neighbour: James Potter by Hermionniny9
Chapter 29 : The longest lesson of my life
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 It was warm, way to warm for my liking. The room was stuffy and dust was floating in the air.

On a good day it was hard to stay awake in a History of Magic lesson. But today in the heat of summer it was near impossible.

Binns just floated at the front of the room scribbling away on the board, like he had done for ever.

For the first time in my schooling life I didn’t make an effort to make the appearance of paying attention. My mind was too distracted by other things and more pressing matters like James.

James had not been himself since I had split up with him, this was to be expected for the first few weeks, but now it had been four months. James was just not pulling back.

He had puffy red eyes a lot of the time, this was a very bad sign, James never cried, over anything (except splitting his head open and when I broke up with him). But the worst part was that he wasn’t even trying to disguise the fact that he was crying all the time.

He also hadn’t smiled in a weeks; James used smiled at everything. Then there was his lank and unkempt hair. Of course it was normally all over the place, but usually it was clean and shiny. Now it was dull and lifeless.

Sam and Rich had noticed that something was up and had asked me if I had an idea to get him out of it. We all knew why he was like this, he couldn’t stand to be apart from me and he hated the fact that I could waltz off with anyone at any time.

But the biggest and worst part about the whole thing was that everyone, and by everyone I mean everyone, stared at me and whispered all the time. Did they think I was blind or something? Sure the first few months after I split up with James was a legitimate time to whisper and conspire. But four months and still eyes followed me everywhere, and whispers flew around the place.

One of the worst ones was that I had ditched James for Sam. I’m guessing that someone saw me hugging him just after I had ended things with James.

There were other ones like I had put James under a spell and that it had broken.

Others were too graphic to mention.

Girls thought I was a cow and guys thought there was something wrong with me: why else would I dump the most eligible guy in the school; the eldest son of the Boy Who Lived? To them it was clear that I never liked James in the first place, but they didn’t even have a clue.

James was everything; it was just a shock to go from best friend to girlfriend. There was not transitional flirtation period, or warning for that matter.

There was a hint of inevitability to me and James getting together, but not in this hellhole of gossips, hormonal guys and compulsive liars.

I sighed, giving in and placing my head on the desk. There was no point even bothering, it was the last lesson of the year and it wouldn’t affect us any way.

The bell rang and an almighty cheer went up from the class. The year was over and the holidays were coming.

Everyone stormed out of the room and down the corridors to the Great Hall where lunch was being served.

I waited till James had slowly made his way to the door, his shoulder bag slung carelessly over his shoulder.

“James,” I called.

He turned round and looked at me, his eyes dead and blank.

“Look...” I started, but he walked out of the room and down the corridor.

“James!” I called louder this time.

He stopped and waited for me to catch up.

“James, maybe I didn’t make this clear, but...!” I stared.

“You did, you don’t want Me.” he said blankly.

“But I do,” I took a deep breath. “James I promise you that on the very day you get back from your holiday I know...start again with you.” I said, trying to convey that I did want him and that I was trying to make it clear.

I had had four months contemplation and I had realised that the outside pressures of peers, family and friends had caused so much harm that it wasn’t worth even trying to start a relationship. But if we started it in the summer where we could do what we wanted and not have eyes constantly watching and scrutinising us, things would work. Also I was mentally prepared for it this time and ready to accept that James was more than just a friend.

“Hum,” he said half heartedly.

“I promise with all my heart.” I said sincerely.

“Okay,” he said, smiling slightly.

“And you know I’ll be of age. We can go somewhere and be alone if you want.” I said. It wasn’t meant to sound like it did, but who cares.

James smiled at me and hugged me deeply.

“Just don’t find any hotties in Malta.” I whispered in his ear.

He chuckled deeply and let go of me.

“Let's go to lunch.” He said, throwing his arm round my shoulder and smiling properly.

“Let's go,” I said.

We walked to the Great Hall and sat in our usual seats. Sam gave me a curious look, which I returned with a smile and a wink.

So guys, there is only one more chapter...but for some reasurance there is a sequel and it is going to blow you away.

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