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Seventh Year by zoeey
Chapter 6 : Planning a Party - Sirius
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“Yeah, we just got here. Sum’s playing with Jamie in the front room,” My Adriana’s voice rang through the cell phone that Ade made sure I had before she left. So that we could speak more often and her friends wouldn’t question the owls flying in and out of their house. It wasn’t ideal but I could live with it, as long as some contact was possible I don’t actually care.

“Okay baby, I’m in the Common Room with Moony and I think he’s got a crush,” I teased Remus lightly, hoping to let Ade know that everything was alright here, even if it wasn’t with her. I knew her too well to think that everything was fine between us. There was something up with her, she was always on edge and backed away whenever I went to touch her.

Broke my heart, it did.

“Don’t wind him up Siri’! Wanna say night to Summer?” she laughed lightly, I grinned. Even though we weren’t good me and my Summer where; we always will be as she’s my baby girl and I adore her more than life itself.

“Yeah, course,” I told her, I waited for my daughter to get on the phone. In the background I heard a familiar masculine voice and Summers beautiful tinkling laugh that lit up my world every time I heard it. ‘say night night to dada!’ I heard Ade coo and pick her up.

“D-A-DA!” My baby girl shouted down the phone to me,

“Hello beautiful, how’s your day?” I asked her, just wanting to hear more of my babies voice.

“Uky Jamie let’ted me play wiv ba-ba’s toys!” She gushed, I could even imagine that cute look of shock that she would be wearing upon her face!

“OH! Really!? Are you going to let baby play with some of your toys?” I asked her happily, out of the corner of my eye I saw Remus smirk, probably at the excited expression on my face!

“NO! ba-ba will b tooo likkle! Mum-a and A-ti Cat say so!” She replied and I saw her pull her toungue at me in my head.

“Ohhhh! When you come home can I play with you?” I jumped up on my seat happily as her laugh tinkled down the phone

“Dad-dddy! You tooo big!” She laughed happily

“Silly me!”

“Muma say I need to sleep now! Nighty night dad-da!” Summer said, almost sadly. I missed her so much

“Night night baby, love you!” I told her, bringing myself back down to earth realising that shes at the other side of the country not the castle.

“L0-ve you!” Sum giggled happily before coming off of the phone,

“Bye Sirius,” Her mothers voice replaced hers,

“bye Ade, love you,” I told her, desperately holding on to the immense relationship that we used to have together,

“Love you,” She replied before hastily shutting the phone off. I laid my head on the back of the chair.


Yeah, something was seriously not right with her.






The plans sprayed out around the floor beside us in the Heads Dorms, I looked over the escape route… getting everyone inconspicuously out of the RoR quickly. Dissolution Charms, Sneak Charms, Sobering Solutions… the usual. But something didn’t seem to be clicking properly. The teachers are aware of the party and they don’t like the idea of course, but they’ve never found anyone coming too or from it; thankfully mind you, it would basically our expulsion report.


Tunnels or some sort of secret pathway would be perfect; none of the teachers would know about it and if they were in the RoR then we could proportion out the amount of people getting in and out… now just a way to figure that out, oh and the route.

I looked up, going to run the plan over with the others, you know so I don’t do more work than necessary. The guest list,

“Yeah but she came last year and nearly blew the escape mission, we can’t risk that again,” Prongs told Moony, I assume they’re talking about Ginger Carmichael in Hufflepuff now sixth year, the only person to ever nearly blow up the operation,

“But the only other girl in that year is Wendy Griffin, who is not nice to be around at all,” Moony argued, rightfully. She was a bore.

“Jenson Pickles? What’s he like?” Prongs asked,

“Apparently going steady with Slytherin bad girl Jamie Button,” I said out loud, I don’t know why but I know everything about the Slytherin’s. I know I shouldn’t give a fuck about any of them, but I can’t help but wonder what my life as a Slytherin would be. For starters my biological parents would love me.

But no! Can’t dwell on that, I don’t agree with anything that they stand for… and I never will.

“If we invite him, then he’s sure to invite Button that’s two bullets one stone,” James said confidently.

“But… she’s the number one girl to be in Slytherin, she doesn’t get a special invite then that’s the whole party down the drain,” one of the muppets in the corner shouted over, wanting to be heard. We were training party planners, they were to sit and watch how the masters worked not interfere.

“This is your lecture, you do not speak unless spoken to,” I snapped at them, patience and obedience were enforced.

Remus laughed,

“Don’t listen to him lads, he misses his girls!” He laughed like he had no care in the world. I snarled… course it was true, I did miss Sum and Ade but really undermining me.

“Plus Pads he’s got a point,” James pointed out,


Yeah he did, but that’s not the point.



“Button gets a separate invite, then theres no point including Pickles because he’ll surely get the plus one of Button,” I concluded, running my fingers through my hair

“Yeah, and Carmichael is not getting a separate invite, under any circumstances” James sighed. Party planning as hard work I tell you…

“Boys, any suggestions?” Remus asked the midgets, there was a small meaningful pause. One that made me turn and look at the boys… they obviously had something up their sleeves.

“Well, word is that theres going to be a hot exchange student in Hufflepuff Sixth Year now, but there keeping her all to themselves,” One of the boys smirked. Yes we’d heard about that. Oh yes, this ultimately shows our status. We invite the exchange student that hasn’t even been introduced to the school yet,


“We can show her what a real party looks like,” One of the others grinned,


You know what, I think these boys are really starting to grow on me.











I was in the library my head crammed into a book, many passers by seemed to be shooting me disbelieving looks. What I did come into the library!? I’m not doing school work of course, who would be that stupid ey? No I’m researching my tunnels idea, Moony thinks it’s possible so its up to me to sort it.

Sketching a direct route from each common room to the RoR, whilst keeping it completely inconspicuous and somewhere the teachers would not here the noise that the occupants would surely make. I was get to master the soundproofing spell, course Silenco would work but only for a few hours… and still there was no guarantee with that. I supposed there’s no guarantee with any spell, but that’s not the point!

What I really needed was to be in the common rooms myself. To see the openings and everything else that would need to be sound-proofed.

Stuffing my things into my bag I walked over to the table of fourth year Hufflepuffs… I can sort theres out easily.

“Alright ladies?” I asked them happily, girls ate out of the palm of my hand still; even though they no I’m a taken father!

“Hi Sirius,” They all gushed, I tried not to be to creeped out by the fact they all called me my first name…

“You’ve heard of the Marauders Halloween Party right?” I winked at one of the girls and she slumped back against her seat immedatiately.


I think she may have just fainted.



Whoa, I guess I still have it then.


“Hehehe, yes of course!” One of them laughed so falsely it could have been the actual words ‘he he’, which is creepy.

These girls are creepy.

“Were planning a new entrance method, can you take me to your Common Room please?” I asked, keeping my manners in check. No matter how much I wanted to run away screaming and crying… they were that creepy.


Of course they happily led me to their common room, I even let them brush there hands up my arms and feel my biceps. It was really creepy. It was times like this where I truly wish I wasn’t as handsome as I am, of course I wouldn’t give it up but still! Is there any need for these creepy girls.

Inspecting the left walls, I laid my hand and ear against the wall I heard a movement behind it. Banging of metal of some kinds… whoa, the kitchens. You could hear the kitchens from the Hufflepuff common room!

That means, we could ajoin a tunnel through the kitchens and up enroute to where the food would be appearing in the RoR! That means that I’ve got one house done!

Honestly it was more than I expected to!

I sat on one of the sofas and pulled out the sketch I had done earlier in the library. I ignored the girls squealing laughter that surrounded me and marked out the route clearly labling it Hufflepuff,

“Black? Why you in our common room?” Ludo Bagman was standing over me, attempting to look intimidating.




He’s trying to look brave in front of them girls. Even he knows he’s got no chance when its me he’s going against. I shook my head and smacked him on the back.

“Party business mate,” I told him, effectively leaving the common room hoping that the girls would stick around and talk to Bagman and hopefully secure themselves a date with him rather than me. Course I’m not that lucky!


“OH SIRIUS!” They all giggled, actually running after me.


Gee why couldn’t they just get the hint! I do not want them!









Remus has a crush.




No doubt about it.


I just cant seem to figure out who. Neither can James…


See we’ve given the midgets some jobs to do whilst we relax for a bit. We’ve both noticed that Remus’ eyes keep glazing over when he’s got a little half smile on his face; we’ve noticed that he’s become easily distracted when a group of fourth years come into the common room. Course we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a fourth year, we just have no clue who.

He wont even tell us, he’s insisting that there is nothing wrong with him and we just want to make up more drama.

“Pfft, mate why would we even do that?” James scoffed, he did have a point. If we wanted drama we’d go an pick a fight with our girls… course we’re not that stupid but still the trigger is there.

“You can tell us Mooney, we’re your very best friends!” I squealed happily like them girls that were following me before; several heads in the Common Room turned to stare at me in outrage… oh yeah. Most gorgeous and popular guy in school just squealed at the idea his best mate had a crush.




I’m manly.


You can literally feel the testosterone that I’m pumping up.



Like the good friends Prongs and Mooney are, they laugh.




Even pointing at me and laughing.


I mean whoa man, that’s a whole new level of low.


Yes I did just squeal, but get the hell over it.


I’m a father.




I got someone pregnant!


I’m a man!



Adriana and Summer would be disappointed in me if they had heard that squeal… yes I admit. That was so gay.

“Shuddup,” I huffed at them, I just wanted to get to the bottom of my friends sudden happiness and interest in the opposite sex.

Remus suddenly sat up very straight an smiled in the direction of the Portrait Hole, immediately James and I turned around to see two fourth year Gryffindors enter the common room; Bill Weasley and Nymphadora Tonks, my cousin Tonks! I looked at James in glee, unless Mooney was gay then we absolutely no who he’s crushing on. Yeah, Remus likes my cousin!

Thinking now wouldn’t be the best time to get up and start boogieing around the room, especially because my man hood is being questioned.

“So Rem, you wanna ask her to the party?” James grinned and elbowed him in the side, playfully. Remus looked at us straight away, knowing that we now knew. He let out an exasperated sigh and ran his fingers through his hair… told you he was a true marauder! He gave in straight away,

“Guys she’s a fourth year!” He said, obviously dealling with the age issues. They were seriously not important I mean there’s loads of people who are with people younger than them, it’s fine!

“Oi! Nymphy!” I shouted to my cousin, she hate me calling her that… but I think its cute and funny! Remus’ head shot up to stare at me incredulously

“Padfoot, what the fuck are you doing?” he hissed, noticing my glaring baby cousin heading straight this way… I laughed at the look of shock on Mooney’s face.

“Well Mooney my man, I think he’s giving you the opportunity to ask his cousin out,” James told him, grin staying upon his face; he leant over an high fived me for my genuis thinking skills.



Remus just looked terrified.


“What do you want Jiz Face?” Tonks stood in front of up hands on hips an her curly dark hair narrowing out into a reddy colour, shes a Metmorphagus my cousin is. Charmer isn’t she.

“Hello darling, Remmy wants to talk to you,” I told her snaking my arm around her waist, she moved away from my touch straight away, and I noticed how her hair went back to normal when she looked at my mate,

“Oh, hi Remus,” She smiled happily, I could see a blush rising from his neck. And so could James apparently, we both burst into hysterics.

“Hi Tonks,” He grinned, causing us to have another fit of hysterical laughter. “Oh fuck off you two,”









Reclining across the sofa, just staring up at the sky I thought about my life. How everything that could have gone wrong for me hasn’t; mostly my life has been brilliant, I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend, a beautiful daughter and the best mates you can ask for… so why do I have a sinking feeling that everything’s about to change for the worse.

The cell phone that Ade gave me made the same weird noise as it did the other night, so I think that she’s calling me now. I reach over an click that button she told me too…


“HELLO?! ADE?” I shouted, hoping that she could hear me…


“For fucks sake Sirius stop shouting,” She hissed, oh so I’m guessing she can hear me if I just speak?


“Can you hear me?” I question using a normal voice, you’d think I’d get used to this after 6 days worth of phone calls.


“Yes I can fucking hear you,” She growled, well someone’s not a happy bunny.


“What’s up babe?” I ask, hoping to bring her sprits up, after all its party day tomorrow we need to start hyping it up around the castle. Tunnels and invites all sorted and sent out… and everyone’s got their costumes, the Maraduers Lil and Marl went into Hogsmede the other day and got them… a good day actually.


“I’m just calling to say that we’ll be home in an hour, just gunna go say bye to everyone,” Adriana said, she didn’t sound happy or upset; more indifferent.


“Okay, you sorted for tomorrow night?” I asked her, hoping that she hadn’t forgotten,


“I haven’t got an outfit,” She sighed, obviously she’d forgotten about one of the most important events for me.. Good job I’m an amazing boyfriend isn’t it.


“I’ve sorted it,” I laughed knowing that a look of shock identical to my baby Summer’s would show on her face, “When I say ‘I’, I mean Lilly and Marlene… we went into Hogsmede the other day and sorted everything,” I told her, hoping that she wouldn’t freak over the Marlene concept in the sentence… knowing Ade though she probably will.


“Oh how long did it take for Marlene to jump in the dorm ey?” She said her name in a sickly sweet voice… I rolled my eyes and scoffed… she always thought of the worst when it came to me.


“Its not like that and you know I would never do that,”


“Do I?” She questioned and that kind of threw me over the edge, I get it she doesn’t want to be with me… her iciness has proven that I just wish she wouldn’t make things up to fuel it.


“I get it; do you want me to say something happened just so you’ve got an excuse to end everything!” I said angrily… I can’t believe she would do this though… making me lie to her.


“You know what, I’m not having this conversation over the phone. I’ll be getting to Minnies office at 7” and she hung up.


Ade just hung up on me.





About half an hour later I went to check on the RoR, to make sure everything was all set up so that I could spend tomorrow sleeping and getting ready so that everything runs smoothly. Unsurprisingly all the boys were in there moving things around and getting the set-up sorted and making it as special as we can do… after all this is our last chance to leave with a bang. One of the midgets was leaning against the wall in frustraition, bet he didn’t think this much work went into the parties ey. Walking over I happily smacked him on the back,

“We haven’t even got to the hard part yet mate,” I told him truthfully, theres a guest list for a reason… people will try and sneak in and its our job to stop them. “You checked the tunnels?” I asked him, I should really learn there names shouldn’t I?

“Not yet, James was waiting for you to do it,” He said, wiping his hand across his forehead and moving his slight fringe he had going on…

“PRONGS! Me and miget will go check the tunnels and then I’m meeting Ade and Sum,” I told him, he saluted me to say that he understood.

We started with Gryffindor, you know the least looming house of all; considering it was ours if really shouldn’t be. There was a steep hill, and it all looked that steep; getting back drunk wouldn’t be very easy or clever…

“Mate, do you know a spell to even out the floor without changing the route of the tunnel?” I asked the midget, course I know the answer, I’m not a Marauder for nothing… but if this guy was going to be taking over from me then he needs to know everything there is about spells.

“Er, well illuiso gives and illusion of something so if we combine ardua which is steep; so will illuiso ardua make the steep illusion?” He asked nervously, I was impressed. The kid almost got it in one.

“But wont that make the illluison steeper? How bout the other way round… it will cancel out the steep illuison?” I asked and I practically saw the light bulb flash in his head, I grinned. This was actually quite rewarding.

ardua illuiso that would get it yeah?” He asked, his eyes widened happily as he looked up to me… I actually truly smiled,

“Go on then kid, try it out. You figured it out?” I told him and his face lit up to much….

Unsurprisingly it worked, we used it again for the Ravenclaw tunnel, you know because its higher than the seventh floor… walking towards the Hufflepuff tunnel, Ryan - I learned midgets name - started rattling on about an idea that he had.

“Would this one be praeceps illuiso?” he asked happily,

“Try it mate,” I laughed, he was really starting to grow on me actually.


I need to go now, I need to go and get this argument done with. There’s no denying it now, I hit a nerve on the phone before and she’s pissed me off this week; if she wanted to end things then she could have talked to me and I would have tried to get back to normal, to make everything better again. But no, she has to be a stubborn bitch and run of for a week; the most important week of my school career. Then again, I’ve always known she doesn’t give a shit, always known. I’ve wanted to believe different yes, but Adriana’s life revolves around Adriana… and sometimes Summer.



Walking down to Minnies office, the walk seemed so much more prolonged than it actually is. It’s probably the suspense, I didn’t want things to end… and ultimately I’m walking the path of destruction. Destruction of everything I’ve tried so hard put off and reverse. Ade is and always will be the only girl who I’ll ever love, and Summer? Well she’ll always be the only girl I can count on.

I knocked on the door politely, not in the mood to play games with Minnie.

“Enter,” She replied, I looked at the clock on the wall above her desk, one minute to seven.

“Sorry to disturb you, are Adriana and Summer due back here?” I asked her, the formality obviously a shock to her. Honest to god she actually gaped at me in shock, “Come on Mins, you know I have manners!” I winked playfully, and her head shook out slightly, happy that I’m back to normal.

“Yes, they’re due back at seven. Feel free to wait,” She answered smoothly before turning back to the homework essays she was obviously marking. I leaned back against the door and twiddled my thumbs nervously.

There was a flash of green light just as the clock struck seven, an out rolled Ade with a crying Summer in her arms, she swayed around trying to soothe my baby.

“Summer!” I called happily and swooped by baby daughter straight from her mother and wiped the ‘dust’ away from her face playfully and continued to smother her face in kisses. She calmed instantly and began laughing that gorgeous laugh that gets me completely hooked on her.

“Daddddy!” She laughed and pushed my face away, I pouted sticking my bottom lip as I held her close to my body. She poked my lips before laughing happily.

I turned and looked at Ade whilst she buried her head in my neck, sub-consciously I smiled.


My baby girl was my world.


“Hi,” She practically whispered to me,


“Thank you for this opportunity Minnie, see you soon,” Ade turned and spoke to our professor an we walked out. I reached my hand out wanting to feel the skin on skin contact that makes my heart race. She shot me a doubtful look before accepting and sqeezing my hand/ my heart nearly broke… we all know where this conversation is going to lead us.










Summer was asleep in her nursery that I honestly loved. It was very similar to my own as a child, little animals running all over the wall and the new family tree painted happily behind the crib, just so when she wakes up the faces of her mummy and daddy will always be there. Her toys left all over the floor, just because I cant bring myself to ruin the little display that she’d done all by herself. Standing at the door I was unwilling to leave, because in this room everything was alright. The toys that were going to be broken would be fixed in a second, the teddys going to be loved with all her heart and where mummy and daddy were going to be together forever.


“Sirius,” I heard Ade mutter, calling me over to her.


Now was the time.


Reluctantly I closed my daughters bedroom door tightly, I did not want her witnessing or hearing anything that was about to happen hear. It tainted her mother, that was something that I would not wish on anybody… parents splitting is something every child dreads. Turning I walked over and sat myself on the sofa slowly…

“Good time away?” I asked her, noticing the acid that sprung out hoping that they would get to her.

“Can I talk? Or are you going to interrupt me?” She spat back, just as icy. I just shrugged, indicating that she could speak all she wants. Nothing I say would ever make any difference anyways.

“Whilst I was away I realised some major things about me and you. Were good as couple, we put Lily and James to shame when we want to. When its just me and you we work so well…” She paused and looked up at me. She was right… we worked so well as a couple, we were the power couple of Hogwarts and people practically worshipped us. I took a closer look at the face that I love so much, the tears freely flowing down her sweet skin, piercing in my hearty; I know that these tears are my fault and there’s nothing I can do to stop them.

“Baby, its not just me and you anymore. We’ve got Summer to think about now. An-and we do-don’t work as well as we used to. We har-hardly work at all now. We always fight, we always moan and my heart cant take it any more. I love you so much, but Summer is the most important person in the situation and we’re hurting her by being like this an-and…” She went to continue but I placed my finger over her lips sadly.

I wore a sad smile even with the vast amount of tears that were leaking out of my eyes. I shushed her and leant my forehead against hers, starring into her big brown eyes that crushed my heart so much. She had a point though, our arguments had gotten to much. I couldn’t take them, she couldn’t take them so I can only imagine what effect this has made on Sum.

“Shhh, its okay baby. It’s okay. I love you but your right… it’s time,” I whispered and kissed her edge of her nose, and her forehead. Pressing my lips to the damp cheeks that I will never forget.

“I love you so much,” She whispered kissing me back. Her lips leaving ice cold marks on my face… it would sting later. It would sting and I would cry because I know now I’ve lost the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And there’s nothing I can do to change any of that. Because she’s right… its time to give it all up and let the fates take over.

“I know, I know” I told her sadly, “Babes, I’m going to go. I cant stay here anymore… I’ll be back tomorrow to see Summer before she goes to Poppy.” I told her and went to stand up, Ade kept a firm grip on my shirt though, still sobbing.

“Si-sirri!” She cried. I kissed her lips for one last time, savouring the soft lips that would always hold a place in my heart.

“We-were friends?” She asked nervously, I nodded my head,

“You havent got a choice about that,” I answered and walked straight out of the portrait hole, praying that my legs would hold me up until I got to James.




A/N - Hope you like this chapter, i thought Sirius needed some more bonding time with his friends; and i hope you like the Remus/Tonks ship in this chapter. I had fun writing the little bit thats there! Also, the break up between Sirius and Adriana? yes? no? you like?

anyways pleas reveiw i really appreciate it:)


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