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Vanishing Act by Bookworm045
Chapter 22 : Chapter 22
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Chapter 22

I don’t know what I expected when I got to the prison cell, after acting much like Lucy had, ten months ago. She’d told me that I had to go this time because she was kind of on the run as well. I stood outside for a moment, until Minister Macnair opened the steel door and shoved me inside. Rose looked up, a serene look on her mauled face, and it seemed as if she didn’t even notice the marks that completely covered her exposed skin and probably entire body. But I noticed that she did not get up, or shift at all other than looking at me, and realized that, whatever they were, they hurt a lot more than she was letting on.

“Rose?” I murmured cautiously, stepping towards her once Macnair left us alone, muttering bitterly about us blood-traitor Weasleys. “Rose? What happened?”

“Voldemort attacked me,” She said bluntly, after looking away from a seemingly-empty corner in the cell. I knew she must have been silently talking to whatever spirit was in there, though I couldn’t see. “He’s different, Dom, and he attacked me and left me alone and unconscious, slowly bleeding to death. Luckily I came too before I died, and I bathed in the creek outside the prison, washing myself as best I could.”

The way she spoke chilled me, as if she were explaining Transfiguration homework and not the fact that she almost died.

“Rose, you know far well that is not what I’m talking about,” I said sternly, “I mean about your life.” I lowered my voice and moved towards her, “We’d thought you’d have broken out by now.”

“I’ve got it all covered,” She informed me, as if we were planning a ball of some sort to bring in a new kid to our Elite. “You will see, Dom. How are Lucy and Callie?”

I dropped the subject I’d wanted to discuss and reluctantly went with her topic. “Lucy is… herself, and Callie is growing up. Spending a lot of time with Scorpius.”

She flinched but did not ask about him.

I told her anyway, because I knew she wanted to know. “Scorpius and Lily broke up. It wasn’t really Lily though, it was Indigo. Indigo Nott.”

I watched her face darken at the mention of Indigo, but she merely nodded once, as if she’d been expecting it. “Lily is the girl who was under Polyjuice potion in my coffin,” She told me suddenly, as if just remembering.

“I feel like this is going nowhere,” I confessed honestly, sitting down on her bed, facing her, after a few more moments of silence.

“That’s because it is going nowhere,” She responded, turning to me, her face twisting in pain.

“Rose,” I said suddenly, “Let me see your sores.”

“You can see them,” She muttered, half bitter, “They’re all over my face.”

“Let me see them,” I repeated firmly and she sighed, getting up off the bed with a heaving breath, turning her back to me and slowly undoing her shirt, slipping her pants off as well.

Her entire body was covered in the same burns and cuts that marred her perfect face, her right arm was dead and black and blue, twisting at a strange angle, and her stomach also still had the cuts in it from the fight that had gotten her arrested. I wanted to look away, but I didn’t want to offend her.

She smirked at me, stooping to pull her pants back on before slipping her shirt back on as best as she could, her smirk twisting in pain once more with every movement she made.

“You can grimace, Dom,” She said softly, finally getting the last button done. She continued standing there, her posture still perfect, her face still set in its familiar unreadable mask, and under the marks and the blood and the dirt, she still looked like Rose.

I did grimace, and she looked sad for just a moment.

“Is Callie alright?” She asked after a moment, “She hasn’t gotten into trouble, has she?”

“Callie is perfect,” I murmured to her, seeing Macnair walking towards us again; half an hour passed quickly. “She is so much like you sometimes, but others, she’s entirely like her father.”

“My daughter,” She said distantly, “Is growing up with her mother in prison, her father fighting a war. If she turns out normal, it will be a miracle.”

I instinctively ducked my head for just a second before I realized that I didn’t need too. Rose laughed at me, as if I’d done it in the safety of the burrow, and at the sound of her beautiful laugh, I couldn’t help a small smile curl my lips. If she could still laugh, in her position, she’s got a plan. She’s got an entire ‘whole-picture’ plan.

And she’s stronger than I’d ever thought.

As Macnair led me away, I realized, ruefully, that I hadn’t gotten any answers from her. Only answered her questions.

But hearing her laugh had been like medicine. I didn’t feel quite as worried. Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s still a war going on, and my cousin is in danger of dying, but she had to have something there.

If only I knew what.

Guess who's in a generous mood? ME!

SO, this chapter is dedicated to:
--dream_BIG (who, as we all know, is awesome)
--a rollerball
--Me (but not me me, the person who reviewed called 'me')
-- ---
Who are all the wonderful people who have reviewed at least once (most of them more often than that) and got this little story to 100 reviews! I barely expected ten reviews, so I'm pretty shocked and emotional. I might start crying now. I love you guys, I really do(: <3

Also, 22/28 chapters are posted!  Six left! Who's excited?


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