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All This Time by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 5 : Mistakes
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Okay, obviously, these characters are not mine. And yes, for those of you who wondered this is loosely based off of the novel/ movie Something Borrowed to those of you who caught on, props! :) Well I hope you all keep reading and enjoy.


I didn't know how to react. He was kissing me. Draco. Was. Kissing. ME. Oh Merlin how I loved him.

My first instinct took over and I immediately reached for the back of his neck and began kissing him back with a fierceness I didn't know was possible. Kissing Draco was natural I didn't want to be anywhere else but right here on my couch with him.

He deepened the kiss by parting my lips with his and our tongues seemed to know this dance all too well. I could feel my heartbeat rise to what seemed like an impossible speed as he shifted our position so that we were lying down and he was on top of me. We both kicked off our shoes and I could tell he wanted this as much as I did.

His hands began to explore and I felt a shudder run through my entire body as his hand ran along my stomach under my shirt. I let out a soft moan and I could feel him smile against my lips.

His hands continued to explore under my shirt and next thing I knew he was pulling me up to a sitting position and practically ripping my top off. I obliged and he threw my shirt to the ground. He picked me up and walked me down to my bedroom where he practically threw me on the bed and took his own shirt off casting it aside. He then jumped on the bed and began to undo my pants. The next thing I knew I was completely naked and Draco was removing his boxers.

God he was gorgeous. His arms were toned and his six pack was glistening with sweat. Oh how I'd wanted this for years.... And it was happening, I the Gryffindor Princess was about to do unmentionable things with the Slytherin Prince.

I awoke with a feeling of pure happiness and found the reason why. Draco Malfoy was in bed next to me. I had slept with Draco Malfoy. I huge smile formed on my lips and I snuggled up next to him, burying my head in his chest. I made a mental note to tell Ginny.

Ginny! Oh. My. Fucking. God. Ginny. Shit shit shit shit shit fuck shit. I the WORST fucking friend in the world. I immediately jumped out of bed and retrieved my robe from the hook on the back of my door and ran to the bathroom. I jumped in the shower and turned the water up to a scalding temperature hoping to wash away everything but knowing it wasn't possible.

I began to sob uncontrollably and put my back against the far wall letting the water run over my front as I slid down the wall to a sitting position. What had I done?!? I just slept with my best friend's fiancée! What the fuck was wrong with me? I debated on drowning myself but knew this was too dramatic.

As my tears turned to heaving sobs I stood up and washed my hair and body clean of everything from the previous night. I stepped out of the shower dried myself off and put the robe around myself. I wiped off a section of the fogged up mirror and looked at myself. I didn't look any different yet I felt like the ugliest person ever. How could I do this? Ugh. Deep breaths Hermione.

I walked back into my bedroom to find Draco slowly stretching. Upon seeing me he sat upright and smiled.

"Morning sunshine." He said.

"MALFOY!" I shouted, "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT WE DID LAST NIGHT?!" I practically screamed at him trying my hardest to fight back tears.

"Umm. We slept toge- FUCK!" He said and jumped out of bed. Immediately grabbing his boxers off the ground and putting them on. He looked at me and I knew he too was at a loss for words. “Umm…” He started, “Ginny?”

“I don’t-“ I started unsure of where to go with that sentence, “I think maybe we just keep this under wraps I mean we were both totally drunk. Right? It was a mistake I mean neither of us was thinking straight.” I lied. I knew exactly what I had been doing. I’d wanted it for years. I just hadn’t been thinking of Ginny.

“Errm right. Sounds good to me.” For whatever reason I heard some disappointment in his voice although I knew it wasn’t possible. Why would he be disappointed in me suggesting that we don’t tell his fiancée we just slept together? I shook it off as I could tell he wanted to as well. He continued to dress himself and I could tell avoided looking at me at what seemed to be all costs. Ugh.

I walked over to where my pants lay from the previous night and retrieved my cell phone from the front pocket. Despite being a witch it was always to convenient to have my cell phone especially with muggle parents. 27 missed calls?! I scrolled through the missed calls and ALL of them were from Ginny. Shit. The phone began to vibrate and guess who? Ginny.

“Gin?” I asked hoping my voice wouldn’t give anything away.

“HERMIONE!!” She shouted, “DO YOU KNOW WHERE DRACO IS?!” God I could still hear her even though I was now holding the phone about a foot away from me.

“Errm yes actually,” I started uhh what was a good excuse? “he stayed here for the night, when he came back to look for your wand he was a little drunk and I wouldn’t let him apparate back, I mean we don’t want him splinched do we?” What the hell? Who would buy that excuse?

“Oh my god thank you. As soon as he went to get it I was worried. Mione want to bring me some coffee? We’re all out and I have the WORST hangover right now.” I let out a huge sigh of relief, she had bought it.

“Of course Gin. We’ll be there soon. Love ya.” I hung up the phone and looked to Draco.

“So,” he started, “I’m assuming she just bought that lie?” He asked.

“Umm looks like it. We need to go grab some coffee. Your fiancée is a little hung-over.” I said. Still trying not to look directly at him. Ugh.

Flashback to 7th year (Draco’s POV)

I sat there in shock. This little Weasley thought she was going to get me to ask her out? Couldn’t she tell I was in love with Hermione? Well that’s odd to admit yet still the truth. Not that I had anything against this Weaslette but here Hermione was sitting in front of me and I had been waiting all day to tell her that I loved her.

Hermione stood up and practically ran out excusing herself.

“Ermm.” I started, “I’ll be right back let me see if Hermione is alright.”

Ginny nodded and I got up to run after Hermione .By the time I made it through the front door Hermione was barely in sight. My heart dropped. I had never felt so disappointed in my life. My heart was breaking and there was nothing I could do but face the music and make Hermione happy by going back to her best friend. I’d have to talk to her later.

“HERMIONE!” I shouted hoping beyond hope she would hear me but of course she didn’t even glance over her shoulder. Fuck my life.

(Draco’s POV)

Ugh did she look gorgeous even when freaked out.  And wet. EARTH TO DRACO! STOP STARING! God this was hard.

“Hmm well alright then better get going. There’s a coffee place close to our place we can stop at.” I said.

“Right,” Hermione started, “I’ll go change. Be out in a second.”

She walked to the bathroom and on the way gathered an outfit from her drawers before glancing at me and immediately going red. God this brunette was going to be the death of me. I never felt this way with Ginny. Don’t get me wrong, I love her but not the same way.

I sat down on the edge of the bed waiting for Hermione to come out of the bathroom. This was going to be the start of an interesting few months until the wedding.

Hermione came out of the bathroom and looked as gorgeous as ever even though she was wearing jeans and a simple shirt. Amazing how well she could pull off the simplest outfit in a way that seemed- DRACO! Snap out of it. She’s not your fiancée! Ugh this was going to become habit wasn’t it? I walked over to grab Hermione’s arm before disapparating.


So what did you guys think? Be brutal I really need it especially for this chapter. I've never written anything like this so I need the feedback. It just takes a few seconds and it helps me immensly. Thank you guys for reading! I love you all. 

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