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As Read By, Gilderoy Lockhart by bri_5_stars
Chapter 1 : Magical Me
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Today Diagon Alley had a great boom in shoppers. The majority of them ladies and young girls all flocking to Flourish& Blotts.The reason being that something special was going to take place at the book shop, and everyone who was anyone wanted to be there. That something special was Gilderoy Lockhart, the gloriously handsome and heroic warlock, and he was coming delight his adoring fans with a reading from his latest book, Magical Me.


A large bustling crowd had gathered outside Flourish& Blotts, the inside already full to the brim since the doors opened at seven that morning. A sign was left to hold the front doors open, advertising Lockhart’s Book Reading and Signing at twelve noon with a rather large picture of him waving and blowing kisses beside it. The steady trickle into the shop shrunk as the amount of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of Lockhart who would be arriving at any minute. Any one who had planned on a nice day picking out a good read was surely out of luck unless they intended on barging in.


The ladies, young children, and few men, chatted and stirred as the shops few employees began moving about in the scarce space. They made as much of a space as possible from the entrance to the makeshift stage inside. This brought many a whisper to the waiting audience. Surely the guest of honor would be arriving soon. The oblong clock on the wall said that it was fifteen minutes till.


In the Leaky Cauldron, a very well dressed wizard stepped out of the fireplace causing a hush then inevitable outburst from the surrounding crowd. They rushed toward him, the photographers, the journalist, the avid fans, as he rearranged his perfectly coiffed golden hair and smiled widely with his perfect white teeth. One could not look more like the face of a toothpaste advertisement. The crowds did not faze him in the slightest; this is what he did make appearances, and flaunt his celebrity. And the fans ate it up.


He made his way out of the Leaky Cauldron, graciously signing his self portraits with his trusty peacock feather quill and jauntily waving to the swooning fans he passed by. With his expensive sapphire blue robes billowing out behind him as he walked up the cobblestone streets to the bookshop. He would be arriving perfectly on time, perhaps even a minute or so early.


The owner of the establishment awaited his arrival eagerly (and quite nervously, in fact). Using his wand to make a path through the loud cheering fans, to lead him to the small stage.


“Always punctual Mr. Lockhart. I wouldn’t have expected any less!”  he said proudly, and made way for the guest of honor to step up on to the stage.


“It is good to see me isn’t it? No need to respond, that was of course rhetorical.” Gilderoy Lockhart chortled pompously to his ever enthusiastic audience.


“Now if we could all settle for a moment Master Lockhart will be doing a brief question an answer, before he does a reading.” The owner announced.


“Of my latest release, Magical Me!” Lockhart exclaimed, much to the crowds enjoyment who all burst into happy applause.


After the applause finally died down again, the Owner opened up the forum for questions which the audience were happy enough to ask and hear the answers too.


“Let us start with you, the lady with the purple hat.” He pointed his wand at a lady in the second row who’s eyes began to flutter.


“Oh my. Well I think my question would be for Mr. Lockhart: Could you part with a kiss?”


The audience gasped, full of giggles and hushed tones. The lady waited expectantly, her cheeks growing ever red, as Lockhart stood for a second seeming to give it serious thought. He then flashed his perfect smile, and moved to give her a kiss on the cheek.


She nearly fainted at his touch, having to be caught by her nearby friend. Lockhart on his way back to the stage clapped along with the fans, his ego inflating tenfold, as the nearest fans tried to touch his robes.


“Next question? You there, the lady in a magnificent shade of green.” She was a sharp dressed, with just as sharp a nose, also holding a notepad and quill.


“Yes, thank you. I hear tell that you have been entertaining the idea of becoming a professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Is there any truth to this?” the lady asked with a wickedly knowing grin. 


“Ahh, Ms. Skeeter you do always have the scoop. Indeed! My great and adoring fans, this year I will be joining the ranks at Hogwarts as the newest Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. I clearly, was the obvious choice if you’ve read just one of my books.” Lockhart boasted.


Skeeter nodded as her quill went crazy. The rest of the audience was agreeing and laughing in response to his statement. Because who else but this enchanting, charming, and very talented man could teach their children to defend themselves from dark magic?


“Alright, one last question please. You there.” The owner pointed to a little girl in lilac.


“What is your biggest wish?” she squeaked out. The audience sighed at her cuteness.


Lockhart smiled warmly, “Firstly, I must say you picked out a very pretty dress miss. Now my biggest wish is to see that all evil wizards be vanquished. But when I’ve done that, I couldn’t say no to creating my own line of hair care potions Who wouldn't want to have hair like mine?”


The audience swooned and cheered. The owner set up a fancy chair in the middle of the stage, then joined the audience to hear the reading. Lockhart perused through the stacks of his books set up behind him, until he came across Magical Me. He looked at it for a second making a kissy face then winking at his self portrait, which copied him, then picked up the copy.


In a flourish of his robe he sat down in the ornate chair, showed everyone the cover (followed by Oh’s and Ah’s of course) and then cracked it open. Lockhart cleared his throat, then tapped his wand to his throat to amplify his voice.


“Magical Me. As read and written by: Gilderoy Lockhart.” He looked up and flashed a smile.


“The vampire drew closer, his pale complexion doing nothing for him in the firelight of the ballroom. I had just beaten him for the fifteenth time in a game of liar’s dice, he must have been rather impressed that not only could I resist his attempts to suck me dry but also beat him as one of his favorite games.


I was getting much closer to my goal, though he can hear my heartbeats he can not hear the sound of the wooden stake resting in my palm. He was quite a problem vampire in this little Romanian town, but I had befriended him.


Laddie, as I came to call him, stood in front of me in his ever intimidating manner. The look in his eyes called for blood.


“I like you, again. There you win, you can go ahead and do a happy dance or slaughter a goat, or whatever it is you do when you are happy… Though I think I will win soon enough!’ Laddie exclaimed, leaning down toward my neck.”


He looked up at the gasping crowd with a wink.


“Not this time you horrible bloodsucker!’ I shouted, and drove the stake into his long cold heart.


That was the first of my many adventures, "  He pulled aside to tell the audience "for more on vampires you can see Voyages with Vampires, in print now." " I had always, since I was a little boy wanted to become a great adventurer. Once I had finished my time at Hogwarts, and even some summer holidays in between, I got my chance….” 

A/N: Totally just editted the heck outta this one. Also noticed it didn't have an authors note. lol. anywho, this was one of my earlier one-shots so excuse any shoddy-ness. Hope you liked it! Thank you for reading and please review! :D 

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As Read By, Gilderoy Lockhart: Magical Me


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