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Big Girls Don't Cry by PurpleDusk
Chapter 13 : Tarantallegra
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A/N: Disclaimer: I do not own anything you recognise! I’m not J.K Rowling –even though I wish I were! I only own Scarlett Turner, Haylie Myers, Violet Turner, Ely Jane, Professor Hale, Professor Carn –a whole bunch of other OC’s- and the plot.
Enjoy and thank you for reading :) (this is the unedited version of this chapter, sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes!)


Saturday, March 18th 1978


The warm water pelted down on my soft, porcelain skin as I washed the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair. I felt more awake than I had all day.

I hadn’t slept at all the night before. I’d spent the long, dark hours tossing and turning under the velvety soft covers, my hair becoming lightly covered in sweat due to me being so uptight and anxious about tonight. About being in a crowded area, alone, with Sirius, listening to our favourite band together. It sounded like something you’d do on a date, and not with a friend, but still, he’d chosen to go to the Tarantallegra  concert with me over his beloved girlfriend, Katie.

I felt a smug smile pulling at my lips as I wrapped myself up in a towel and stepped out of the shower, making my way to the mirror that had fogged up a little with the steam from the shower.

I stared at myself for a minute. My long, midnight and purple coloured hair was soaked with water, making it look shinier as the water reflected off the lights in the ceiling. Rivets of water slowly ran down the sides of my face and my round red lips were curved up into a smug looking smile.

Drying myself off with a quick spell, I shrugged on my bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom, only to be pushed out of the way by a running Paige who shouted a quick,
“Sorry I gotta go to the loo!” as she passed.

My already smug smiled turned into a chuckled as I jumped onto my bed, grabbing a piece of parchment that was sitting on my pillow.

Meet me outside the Fat Lady’s portrait at 10pm, I’ll borrow James’ cloak.


It read. I giggled at the name he’d signed, it was amusing that he was being so secretive about this and using his nickname to sign. Ten o’clock was about fifteen minutes away so I figured I better start getting ready.

Disposing of the note in the bin next to my bed, I rose from the comfortable position I was in and moved to my trunk at the end of the bed. I flicked the two old brass latches open and the lid flung upwards so fast it almost hit me in the nose.

I buried my head in my nicest clothes that I’d bothered to pack –a few skirts, two dresses, lots of pretty shirts and –of course- my fishnet stockings.

By the time I resurfaced from the clothes pile in my trunk, I’d put together three outfits but settled on one as soon as I saw that the other two outfits I’d chosen didn’t include anything black.

“Cleaning some clothes out, Scar?” Paige asked me as she walked out of the bathroom and saw the clothes laid out on the bed.

“Nah, I might be sneaking out tonight.” I flashed her a cheeky grin and she giggled,
Ooh, with who?” She exclaimed, jumping on her bed and hugging her favourite fluffy green pillow.
“Sirius,” I giggled. I was so giddy today, even Professor McGonagall had noticed, which got me thinking –was I always so gloom and doom?

Oooh! Is it like a secret date? Is he going to dump Katie for you?! How romantic! I always knew you two would end up together. I mean, the whole house is betting on it –even James and Remus, Peter had a bet at the start of the year but he cancelled it due to Sirius asking out that bloody Hufflepuff, Katie. Haylie’s currently winning though,” she gushed.

I stared, bug eyed at her.

The whole house was betting on me and Sirius getting together?! Was there no privacy left in the world!?

“Oh, that’s interesting...” I mumbled,
“Oh, oops, I wasn’t supposed to tell you. Oh well.” She smiled, bouncing out of the room, her blonde ringlets swaying side to side as she did.

I shrugged, determined to not let anything bother me today, I was not going to be in a bad mood for Sirius tonight. Tonight might be my last chance to show Sirius he has an option besides Katie, a better option, at that.


I carefully and self consciously shrugged myself out of my bathrobe and shimmying into the fishnet tights, mini black shorts and a tight Tarantallegra band tee shirt that I’d gotten two years ago when I’d gone with Sirius to their first tour concert in London. I quickly visited the bathroom once again to apply some light make up –mainly eye liner and mascara-, brush my teeth and tug a brush through my hair.

When I emerged from the bathroom the dorm was still empty, so, I grabbed my leather jacket, zipped up my ankle high black boots and skipped down the stairs, into the pretty much empty common room (everyone was either in their dorms, or in the Room of Requirement tonight due to a sloppily last minute Marauder party) and out the portrait where I met Sirius, who was already under the invisibility cloak.

“Sirius?” I asked, reaching around like a blind person to see if I could feel the silky fabric of the cloak.
“Right here.” He whispered, taking the invisibility cloak off and wrapping it over us both. It was cosy underneath its thin layer. I almost couldn’t remember the last time I’d been under here with any of the Marauders, but then a memory came to mind.

Fifth year, the last day before Christmas break. The Marauders, Haylie and I had waged war on each other in the days counting down to Christmas. We called it ‘the Christmas Prank-a-thon’, needless to say, it was cancelled the next year due to Sirius being disowned and we hadn’t continued it this year.
Remus and I had decided to swear a truce to each other and gang up on James and Sirius who had also sworn a truce to each other.

I couldn’t remember the prank, sadly, but I could remember it ended up with James as a black bunny and Sirius as a human sized cat. Quite hilarious –and the best part, we never got caught. To this very day, Professor McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey thing the black bunny and human-sized-cat incident was a spell gone wrong.

“You ready?” He whispered, I shivered at Sirius’ warm breath in my ear. I nodded eagerly. Part of me was thrilled to be going anywhere alone with him, another part was terrified. And another part altogether was half hoping we’d just get caught by a teacher so rumours would spread about Sirius cheating on Katie so she’d break up with him and I’d have another chance.

Not that I’m desperate or anything...


Sirius and I walked as best we could underneath the protection of the cloak and towards the nearest suit of armour where one of the most used Marauder secret passage ways were. I looked Sirius up and down for the first time we’d been under the cloak. He wore black denim skinny jeans, combat boots and his own Tarantallegra shirt. His face gleamed with a mixture of excitement and mischief. I almost melted when he caught me staring at him –practically checking him out-  and then winked at me, giving me a big, slow, weakening at the knees grin.

I grinned back at him shyly and suddenly become very interested in the shoes I was wearing.

When Sirius and I arrived at the suit of armour, I shrugged the cloak off and pulled my wand out of my bra, blushing lightly when I caught Sirius watching me pull it out.

“You keep your wand in your bra,” He thought aloud, “kinky.” He smirked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. And I would’ve taken him up on that suggestion if we weren’t standing in the middle of the Hogwarts hallways. Oh, and the girlfriend thing too.

I whispered the incantation that opened the door behind the armour and it opened with an almost inaudible click; I pushed through, Sirius close behind and heard the door click as it closed behind Sirius.

We walked in a comfortable silence for about twenty minutes, occasionally being stupid and running around each other as if we were seven years old again, our musical laughter filled the secret dusty passage way to Hogsmeade and for the first time since I’d admitted to myself that I loved Sirius, I felt as if I really had a shot with him.

Smiling to myself in the dim light of Sirius’ wand, I caught sight of the ladder that ended up in the Honeydukes cellar.  

“Ladies first,” Sirius gestured to the ladder,
“No way, Padfoot,” I laughed,
“Aw, what’s wrong? Worried I’ll look up your skirt?” He teased,
“That’s precisely why.” I beamed and pushed him to the ladder.

Sirius chuckled, “fine.”

He climbed up and pushed the trap down open and pulled himself up, me close behind. He took my hands and helped me lift myself out of the tunnelled passage way and he closed the door behind me.


It took us a while to get out of Honeydukes. All Sirius could think of was to smash a window to get out, or kick down the door. It took him a while to come around to the idea of just picking the lock –or better yet, since we’re wizards, why not just use Alohomora. I called him a ninny after he said it was a stupid idea, pulled my wand out and did it myself.

“Race you to the Three Broomsticks.” Sirius said,
“Loser buys drinks?” I bet,
“And chips!” Sirius declared.
I laughed, “Bring it on.”

And with that, I shot off in the direction of the Three Broomsticks, Sirius hot on my tail. We ran and ran. Running into a few other Tarantallegra fans as we did, they groaned and grunted, shouting curses and jinxes our way which we dodged and shot back at them for fun.

Once again our laughter sounded like that of a child’s and I found myself missing the days where a boy could be your best friend without any questions being asked, there was such thing as cooties and cootie shots, and where the biggest problem in life was when someone stole your crayon. Smiling at the happy times I remembered, mostly of me and Sirius since we almost never spent a day apart from the day we turned three to the day we entered Hogwarts together, holding hands and both terrified of where our fates would lie.

Sirius and I, of course, ended up in Gryffindor. Which was both good and bad; good for me, my parents were so proud, but on Sirius’ side of the pond, not so much; when he returned home from Hogwarts for Christmas, he was beaten until near death –he ran all the way to my place and I wouldn’t let anyone go near him until I saw that he was fit and healthy again.


My day dreams had cost me the race. By the time I arrived at the Three Broomsticks, Sirius was waiting inside, having already given out tickets to the bouncer –which was really just the owner, Ozzie.

Tonight, the Three Broomsticks had been turned into a full blown Goth-muggle nightclub scene. Dark drapes hung everywhere, a thin layer of mist hung in the air –about waist height Sirius and about chest height for me. The bar had been covered in black and fake spider webs, and the only drinks on the menu were fire-whisky and red wine.

A loud applause erupted suddenly as I saw Jezebel –the singer of Tarantallegra-, Alabaster –the lead guitarist-, Constantine –the bassist-, and Enigma –the drummer- all walk onto the small platform that only just rose them over us to give us all a better view.

Jezebel was her normal Gothic beauty with her thick black hair and fringe hanging almost over her eyes, a long, flowing red dress clung to her petite figure that Haylie and I both envied. Alabaster was his handsome blonde self, his blonde and black streaked hair hanging over one eye as he stood there in all his leather clad glory. Constantine was just about the same story except for his head which was shaved and had been tattooed all over.

But perhaps the prettiest of all the Tarantallegra band was their shy drummer, Enigma. She had long red hair that flowed down her back like a silky waterfall, her face was flawless and her black skinny jeans and red tank top may have looked casual compared to the other members of the band but it looked just as good as any wedding dress or tuxedo would. But then, everything would, because Enigma was a vampire, and everyone knows vampires created and perfected the art of fatal attraction.

“Hey guys! Okay, so let’s get this party started, so you can get your money’s worth!” Jezebel said and launched into their set.

Sirius and I swayed and sung along as Jezebel did, her soft, melodic voice hypnotising us and making us move in sync. Her mouth voiced the lyrics to one of their oldest, but most loved songs; To Change the Stars.

I stared at Sirius while he danced all throughout the song, mesmerised by both the movement of his strong but graceful body and Jezebel’s beautiful voice.

Sirius suddenly held his hand out to me and pulled me into his embrace and we swayed together and Alabaster and Constantine harmonised together. I felt as if my own body was an extension of their music, my arms flowing in time with the guitar’s chords and my heart thudding in time to Constantine’s bass’ low notes.

“To change the stars / Don’t change who you are / Just stay the same / Everyone else is to blame.”

Jezebel’s voice was back in control of mine and Sirius’ bodies. He spun me around, pulling me back to his body, my back pressed against his chest as his hands ran around my body, exploring the undiscovered world that was me. His touch made me want to melt into a bubbling gooey liquid, every place he felt was left with a dull burning ache for him and I moaned in pleasure, wanting more of what I knew I couldn’t have. As if sensing this, Sirius backed off and disappeared from my sight.

I felt as if half of me had been taken away when he left me. I started to panic and think that he’d left me here on my own. But then I caught sight of him at the bar ordering drinks from Mason, the bartender.

I made my way over to Sirius and Mason, who was in all his leather. I had to laugh at him. He looked absolutely ridiculous as a Goth. Mason was an out there and hilarious gay guy who lived to make people laugh, he just didn’t fit in with the Goth crowd.

“Hey Mase!” I called over the music, he smiled handed me a drink,
“Hey Scar, fancy seeing you here.”
“It’s Tarantallegra, why wouldn’t I be here?” I giggled.

“You guys know each other?” Sirius asked,
“Yeah, Mase and I go way back.” I smiled,
“Yeah, I still remember having to change your diapers.” He teased, Sirius gave us a strange look.

“Mason was my babysitter until I was ten, then I didn’t see him ‘til our first Hogsmeade trip.” I explained. Sirius made on ‘oh’ shape with his mouth and moved back to the dance floor, having downed his drink on the spot.

“Well, I better go with him. Nice seeing you, Mase.” I said and hugged him over the counter.
“You too, Scar.” He grinned.

I quickly followed Sirius back to the dance floor and as Jezebel gave up the microphone and passed it to Constantine for a few of his songs, Sirius pulled me back into the position we’d been in before he’d nicked off. My back pressed up against his warm, perfectly sculpted chest. His hands roaming around my body, leaving a burning ache everywhere he touched. I moaned once again and leaned into him, tilting my head back and resting it on his chest.

A million thoughts dance around in my head.

Did he know about my true feelings for him?

Who had told him?

Was he doing this just to get to me? Play with me like a toy?

I decided against all of them, the only person that knew was Haylie and she wouldn’t have told anyone, Sirius was just about as clueless as a boy could get so he couldn’t have figured it out for himself. And Sirius wouldn’t just play with me like a toy, we’d been friends for too long and he wouldn’t risk that... Would he?

I shook my head against Sirius’ chest and he pulled me in closer –if that was even possible. His hands slowly kneading into my hips. I was in almost unbearable lust. I didn’t know I was I should do.

Should I turn around and kiss him?

Should I confess to my feelings for him?

Should I stop this?

Before I could even stop myself I pulled out of his embrace as if knowing it was wrong –and I did. But I didn’t want it to end, but I continued heading to the girl’s bathrooms, panting like I’d just run a marathon and needing to think for a bit.

I burst into the bathrooms and stared at myself in the mirror, my face was flushed and two beads of sweat ran down the side of my face, I wiped them away and stood there, trying to remember how to breathe correctly and trying to calm myself down and join him out there again.

I couldn’t. It was physically impossible. I stood in the bathroom until I heard Tarantallegra stop playing and then headed out.

Sirius was waiting for me outside the Three Broomsticks.

“Are you okay?” He exclaimed as soon as he caught sight of me,
“I’m fine, I just felt a bit claustrophobic,” I lied and he took the bait,
“Okay, you’re positive?”

I nodded and he squeezed my hand caringly.

“Where to now?” I asked,
“Well, I think it’s a bit dangerous to go back to Hogwarts tonight so we’ll have to stay at the Hog’s Head for tonight.” He said,
“Okay.” I nodded,
“I already got the room while I was waiting for you,” He told me, “I could only afford one room though, so...”
“One bed?” I squeaked. He nodded.

“It’ll be okay, Scar, it’ll be just like old times, like the sleep over’s we used to have.” He reassured me. I laughed and nodded, looping my arms through his and walking to the Hog’s Head.


“I’ll take the floor,” I declared as I opened the door to our room,
“That’s not necessary, Scar, we can share a bed –we’re adults.” Sirius said.
I sighed, “fine.”

Sirius closed the door behind us and I pounced on the bed, kicking my boots off and jumped under the covers, snuggling into the blankets that were silky smooth against my skin.

Sirius joined me after a few minutes, wearing nothing but his boxers and a loose white singlet. He awkwardly shimmied himself under the covers and I giggled at his awkwardness.

We lay there in a weird silence for what seemed like hours but couldn’t have been more than ten minutes. I was fishing in my brain for anything to talk about.

So, Sirius, how’s Katie? No.

Sirius, what are your plans after Hogwarts? No, that just makes me sound like McGonagall.

Sirius, do you think I’m pretty? No. But apparently, my mouth had ideas.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” I blurted, immediately shoving my head under the covers as I said.

Sirius didn’t answer immediately.

“How could you ask something like that, Scar?” He asked.

Oh, no, he’s going to tell me off for asking something that could jeopardise his relationship with Katie and look for a nice way to tell me I’m ugly.

“Scar, you’re the prettiest girl at Hogwarts. You’re gorgeous inside and out, sometimes I wish some of your inner beauty would rub off on me.” He said, his voice completely honest.
“You are already beautiful, inside and out,” I replied, “you’re perfect. Everything about you is perfect. Sometimes I stare at you and I start to ache because you’re too perfect.”

Oh, Merlin did I really just say that!?

“Not as beautiful or as perfect as you, Scar.” He rolled over, facing me. I stared at his round lips, the apple I was forbidden to have.

But apparently, fate or destiny had other plans.

Sirius wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close, crushing his lips to mine. A white and golden fire of pure happiness erupted inside of me. I reached my hands up to his face, rubbing my hands lovingly over his gentle stubble, running my hands though his silky black hair. Our kisses started off slow and loving, and got faster and hungrier.

And for once, my brain stopped, I wasn't thinking, I was just going with what my heart was telling me.




Sunday, March 19th 1978


Sirius and I rose early the next morning, we didn’t speak a word of what we had done just a few hours before. I wanted to kiss him again and I wanted him to hold me in the delicate way he did last night, he’d held me as if I was a china plate and if he dropped me I’d break.

I sighed, and walked up the hill and back to Hogwarts with Sirius in a comfortable silence. And for some reason, in that moment, it wasn’t Katie I was cursing. It was myself.

I cursed myself for not telling him how I really felt. 


A/N: Man, I bet you guys half love me half hate me at the moment, huh? So you guys and Scarlett both got what you wanted, but it ended up in a bit of a mess didn't it? But don't worry, it gets better I promise! 

Anywho, questions about this chapter? Who's your favourite character so far? Who do you see as Scarlett? I see her as a young Amy Lee (lead singer of Evanescence) with purple streaked hair.

Before I go, the song mentioned in this chapter 'To Change the Stars' belongs to me! Yes, I wrote it :).

Fun Fact: Tarantallegra is a spell/jinx created by J.K Rowling in the Harry Potter series, it forces people to start dancing uncontrollably.

For all of you people that have stuck around for this insanely long author's note, that's for reading and that you too my editor Ely for everything she has done for me :)
P.S: The next chapter is called 'Happy Birthday, James'.


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