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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 2 : BURFDA
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Screamed from Rose Potter’s bedroom awaking James and Lily from their room at the opposite end of the hallway.


“No, please just five more minutes, I need my beauty sleep” moaned James whilst pulling his pillow over his head.


“Aww come on James” sighed Lily as he sat up, “we can’t deny her presents much longer after all I faintly remember you and Sirius promising her a pink unicorn”.


“Yeah, but you should of seen her face”


“James! That’s your daughter you’re teasing” she argued before hitting her husband with his pillow.


“What I meant to say my dearest wife, was that my daughters face is so very beautiful and is growing increasingly more like yours everyday”

After stealing a kiss of Lily, James threw on some denim jeans and a shirt and went to fid his daughter. He found Rose in her favourite pink pyjamas which were covered with tiny red roses, sitting on her bed with their tabby cat Jinx.

“Hello, Princess”

“DADDY!, do I get prezzies now?”

“hmm, not sure maybe if you come and give your daddy a big hug and a kiss”


She ran over to him practically throwing their cat on the floor and James lifted his daughter up into his arms, pushing her auburn hair out if her brown eyes which he proudly could say she had inherited from him.


“so princess Rosie, how does it feel to be four, any grey hairs yet”


For this remark Rose gave him a look that strongly reminded him of her mother, which he couldn’t help but laugh at.


“Alright I’m sorry how about some breakfast”


After taking Rose downstairs for breakfast they started to open her presents from her parents. Which included a silver necklace with a heart shaped locket with an ‘R’ engraved on the front, a red photo album which had a few photo in it already from when Rose was a baby, some pale pink dress robes and as Lily would not allow James to get a proper broomstick for their daughter, he grudgingly agreed to get her a child’s broomstick which to Lily’s relief only rose one meter of the ground.


At around midday James and Rose, in her new dress robes, where in their living room with Rose’s new broomstick, which to James delight, Rose could fly to a very good standard.


“James please be careful” announced Lily as she entered the room


“Come on Lily, im just training up the future Grffindor chaser and Captain” he remarked proudly.


“Well, I just don’t want any broken bones and don’t forget the others are coming around soon”



At that there was a muffled sound from the fireplace followed by a storm of soot from which came a beaming Sirius Black and a very red faced looking Emmeline Vance.


“Emma it will be our secret forever I promise, it was…”

“Sirius please just, shut up”

“aww Emms don’t be like that it was just a little…”


“SIRIUS” screamed a delighted Rose before running over to two of her godparents.


This was followed by an equally loud “PADFOOT” from James who embraced his best friend while Lily and Emma hugged next to them.


“Look what I gotted for my Burfda” announced Rose showing them proudly her new broomstick.


“Wow, I see your dad is training you up young” he noted before turning to James “good to see mate” giving him a pat of the back.


“Sirius please don’t encourage him as well” Lily complained.


“Its in her blood Lily, there is not point denying it”.

“Ah, I see James has decided to start the chaser training” added Emma with a grin.


The conversation was short lived as a tired looking Remus Lupin arrived at the door followed by Peter Pettigrew arriving ten minutes later looking as frightened as always these days. After the usual greetings they all sat down in the living room to have some of Rose’s chocolate cake followed my more presents. A new copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard from Peter, a bracelet from Emma, a children’s potions set from Remus and a very large selection of honeydukes finest from Sirius.




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The Torns on the Rose: BURFDA


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