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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 4 : Good on Paper
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 Hello everyone! As promised, chapter four is here!

Since some of you have mentioned it in your reviews, I would like to clarify that I am taking literary licences in the writing of this fiction - I am perfectly aware that the clothes the girls use are not what people wore in the late 70s, many of the brands mentioned did not even exist at the time. Also, if we are perfectly accurate with the timings Narcissa Black should not be in the same year as the Marauders but, again, she is the perfect vilain so I took the liberty of including her. 

Thank you so much for the lovely reviews in previous chapters, hope you enjoy!

Potions was the perfect class for plotting because we could all move around and talk while preparing whatever it was Slughorn wanted us to do. I told Lily and Rhea about the party, though Rhea already knew that Black was going to come to me. Lily looked somewhere between concerned and thrilled; her lips wanted to smile but her eyes were pretty serious.  

-“You do realize I am Head Girl”- she said matter of factly.  


-“So? Don’t tell me you’re not coming! Lily, we cannot have a party without you!”- Rhea exclaimed, looking fairly worried. I chuckled. Sweet innocent Rhea.




Truth be told, Lily had been slightly harsh on me when it came to school rules; the only thing she had overlooked so far was my smoking. I needed to gain her trust soon, though. You see, I had some ‘respect the authority’ issues that led to a vicious tendency to ignore any set of established norms. I would never let myself get caught and she knew it, yet she felt guilty that she was not being as good a Head Girl as she should, or thought she should anyway.  




-“She wouldn’t miss it for the world”- I retorted, adding the mouse tails to the cauldron. Lily spread some moonlight powder on it before replying.


-“You are jeopardizing my position by dragging me into this. I am responsible for maintaining order”- she complained. Rhea started chopping the willow roots, paying more attention to us than to the task. The red head sighed and took the knife from her –“Rhea, focus. If you cut them too big the potion won’t boil at the right rate”


-“Whatever you say Miss Excellence”- she joked. We all chuckled. Lily worked on the roots in silence. I gave her a moment to consider the whole party issue before pushing her again. She had to comply because, of course, I would not have it any other way.


-“Potter is organizing the party, too and I do not think he’s concerned about his position”- I highlighted, going back to the discussion. Rhea nodded enthusiastically.


-“Besides, Lily, we won’t get caught. We never do and it’s not like you’ve not been to a Marauder’s party before”- Rhea added. She did not reply for a minute, during which she bit her lip.


-“Yeah, but I was not involved in it, as in, hosting”- she said. Her eyes flew to Potter momentarily before coming back to our potion. Rhea groaned slightly in annoyance. I poured the willow roots Lily had just finished preparing.


-“It’ll be fine”- I waved my hand to dismiss the topic. Lily sighed.


-“If anything goes wrong I will make YOU responsible for it, so you better make sure everything goes according to plan”- she replied, hastily. I nodded solemnly. I did not really like the fact that Lily’s voice suggested she would hand me over to the authorities if she thought it would save her own ass. Come to think about it, I knew she would because, of course, I would too. I liked the red head; she had balls if you get me.


-“Fair enough”- I said. Rhea smiled, happy.


-“So, it’s settled! You are coming! I can’t wait”- the blonde exclaimed.


 I rolled my eyes and looked around; sure Rhea’s enthusiastic outburst had attracted some attention. I saw Narcissa out of the corner of my eye. She was talking to a fairly good looking boy with a flirtatious smile playing on her lips. She kept tossing her hair and biting her lip in what I’m sure she thought was a seductive way. Yeah, okay, it was, kind of. Not that I would never admit it.


-“You guys are going to be the death of me!”- Lily said half heartedly.


I did not really pay attention to her. Why was Narcissa flirting with someone during a lesson? Was she that desperate? Of course she wasn’t, I mean, she was still Queen Bee and hot. I would be an idiot if I tried to deny that she was pretty. It made no sense. Unless… Oh no. Fuck.



-“We need dates”- it hit me that moment. This was where Narcissa had an advantage. I was not used to this: in Beauxbatons we organized the parties and people came and you found someone in the party. Here you had boys around so you had to come with someone to the party. No?


-“Yes, we do. It’s not like... you have to have a date for every party but this is the annual Marauder’s homecoming so…”- Lily informed me. I groaned.


-“Does everyone take a date?”- I asked her. She nodded, silently –“Then we’ll need to find dates”  


-“Well…”- Rhea blushed. Lily chuckled. I frowned.


-“What?”- I was panicking, although they would never be able to tell. I was the best actress this world had seen. I deserved an Oscar, at the very least.


-“That’s going to be difficult”- Lily said. I raised an eyebrow. Rhea felt a sudden and really intense need to stare at the cauldron as if it was the most interesting thing she’d ever seen in her life.  


-“Why?”- I demanded to know. Lily glanced at the short blonde, looking hesitant. After a few seconds, Rhea detached her eyes from the boiling potion and looked at me, obviously mortified.


-“I have never dated anyone before”- Rhea blurted. I blinked twice. Then again. I could feel all the muscles in my face trying pretty hard to get my lips to form a very expressive ‘O’ to show my shock, but fish style was not what I would call attractive so, instead, I just widened my eyes. A lot.  




-“I’ve always been their friend. Like, the… you know, boys always saw me around the Marauders so…”- her stuttering only made it worse. Had she really, honestly never ever had a date? Where on Earth had she been hiding? Rhea looked down, a little ashamed. Well, she should be.


-“Are you totally serious? Not even a ‘let’s go for coffee’ date?”- I couldn’t believe her. She was one of the best looking girls in the school for crying out loud! It was impossible that the boys in Hogwarts had missed her.


-“I was asked a couple times… they stopped asking when Sirius sent the third one to the infirmary”- she explained, resigned. Oh no. No, no. Why were the Marauders always involved in everything that happened in this school?


-”What is he, your bodyguard?”- I snapped.


-“Well, he’s kind of my brother… you know, ehm… well, he promised he’d leave me alone this year though! I just…”- she was fidgeting nervously and chewing on her lower lip. I stared blankly at her. Ugh, okay, I got it. It wasn’t her fault. I would have to step in and fix the no boys situation.


-“Yeah, I get it. Don’t worry, you will find a date”- I reassured her. Lily stopped taking notes on the potion and looked at me. I could see she was surprised that I had said something almost nice to Rhea but she wisely chose not to comment on it.


-“Who are you going to go with?”- she asked. That was a good question. A very good one indeed.


-“I need Jo”- I said. Rhea nodded and ripped a piece of parchment. She then wrote a short note on it and threw it to where Jo was working with Meg. I swear Rhea’s sport skills were amazing. Now that I thought about it, she had picked up some habits from the Marauders. Some not very girly habits. I would have to polish her.  While we waited for the reply, I looked at Lily.


-“Who are you going to take?”- she returned the glance and tilted her head slightly to the side, thinking.


-“I don’t know. I have not been interested in anyone for quite a while now”- she admitted. I half smiled at her, allowing a glimpse of mischievousness to flicker in my eyes.


-“I think you should take Potter”- I informed her. She glared at me with such intensity I thought she would spontaneously combust right there and then.


-“Not in a million years”- she snarled. Wow, she could actually use a frosty tone when needed. Good to know.  


-“Lily, I think you actually do fancy Prongs”- Rhea said. The red head was about to complain when the note came back from Jo and Meg.


“We will have a list with the most suitable candidates by the end of the lesson – Jo&Meg”


-“These girls are perfect minions”- I muttered to myself. Lily and Rhea frowned but I just shrugged. What were they expecting? That I said they were my… friends? Merlin forbids.


-“So, Lily, no James whatsoever?”- Rhea asked, beaming at her. Head Girl crossed her arms ferociously, making a statement.


-“No”- she said, coldly. I smirked.


-“Well, we have to find you a date, too. The only one who’s got a boyfriend is Hannah”- I said –“I need to make sure everybody finds someone good enough”


-“Silvia’s got a boyfriend, too. A guy named Danillo”- Lily informed me.


-“Oh, good then, easier”- I replied. Rhea looked thoughtful.


-“We could get Remus and Lorena together”- she suggested.  


-“No. Bad idea”- I replied, quickly. They both looked at me, puzzled. I began to peel the cucumbers. Yeah, cucumbers. Do not ask. We were preparing the weirdest potion I had ever come across.  




-“Narcissa fancies Lupin. Lorena is her ex minion, ergo she must know. If we get her with Lupin her ego will boost and there’s nothing more irritating than a minion who thinks she’s special”- I explained.




Rhea’s eyebrows approached each other as she tried to make sense out of what I had just said. Lily, being the smart ass she was, just rolled her eyes and opened her mouth. A moment later she decided against it and said nothing. After all, I was the expert in armies.


-“So, who’s going with Remus?”- Rhea asked.


-“Well, that’s for Lupin to decide. I do not want to arrange their dates… for now. The only way to successfully manipulate people is if they do not notice you doing it”- I poured the cucumber in the cauldron and the potion turned the bright pink it was supposed to. Lily looked impressed.


-“You’re good with potions”- she said, approvingly.


-“Well, half the beauty products we use are potions. I need to know how to take care of myself, don’t I?”- I replied. She chuckled. Rhea groaned quietly, but I heard her anyway. My questioning look got her talking.


-“You are obsessed with yourself. You are worse than Sirius, that’s why you guys hate each other so much”- she said. I rolled my eyes.


-“I don’t hate Black. I just enjoy his public humiliation”- I retorted. Lily laughed and Rhea just looked away.




That day at lunch Jo and Meg displayed their list of ‘suitable candidates’ for me. There were two Ravenclaws, one Hufflepuf, three Slytherins and two Gryffindors. The Marauders were not included. I went through the names only to realize I had no idea who these people were. So I asked Jo to show them to me. We spent half an hour of our lunch period scanning the Great Hall and analyzing said candidates. One of them was the guy I’d seen talking to Narcissa during potions so I scratched him immediately. I couldn’t decide. To be honest, I did not care who I took with me, so it was hard to just pick one. Being totally indifferent made them equally boring and, since I did not know them personally, I couldn’t make a guess on their conversation skills.




-“Why are there Slytherins in your list?”- Lorena asked, sitting down next to Meg.


-“I don’t care about the House rivalry shit”- I replied. She nodded frantically.




The thing with Lorena was that she was so grateful I had rescued her from Narcissa that she overdid the worshiping. She kept telling everyone how nice, smart, beautiful and a hundred other things equally ridiculous I was. This had two effects on people: some agreed with her just because, some said that I was only the new face and that my charm would lift in a couple weeks, when they grew used to having me around. I did not like that but I knew it was true. I had to make the most of it before the ‘new arrival shock’ vanished and I lost that advantage.  




-“I am going to ask Frank Longbottom, is that all right?”- she looked at me.


-“Who is he?”- she pointed at a tall boy who was just leaving the Hall with two of his friends. He was cute.


-“That one. He’s Gryffindor, seventh year, too”- Jo explained. I nodded and Lorena smiled, happy.


-“Thank you”- she exclaimed before turning her attention to her food.


-“Okay, so we have Hannah with Peter, Lorena and Frank and Silvia and Danillo”- Meg counted.


-“Luigi asked me out yesterday… I was thinking on suggesting we’d go together to the party”- Odette said, shyly. I had not noticed her. Ugh, I had to work on it if I really wanted them to think I was better than Narcissa. Anyway, Luigi? Before I could ask who he was, Jo came to my aid. She was bloody good when it came to this.


-“He’s Hufflepuf, that blond bloke over there”


-“Looks all right. Good, then you’re sorted, too”- I said, bored. This was easy. My minions in Beauxbatons were way less intelligent. I had to make all their decisions for them; which was rather tiring. I was glad these girls had brains of their own. Some of them, at least. I piled some vegetables on my plate and started eating while trying to decide which one to pick for myself.


-“Lily, can I please talk to you for a second?”- I looked up to see Potter standing behind Lily.


-“What do you want?”- she asked, irritated. I had to fight the chuckle that pushed to come out. It was amusing, any Evans – Potter encounter was a social event. Endless entertainment guaranteed.


-“Well, since you are Head Girl and I am Head Boy… I thought that we should go over the details, you know, ehm… for the party to make sure everything’s under control and we... well, break as few rules as possible”- wow, that was unexpected.




Rhea chocked and went into a coughing fit. Odette hurried to save her from asphyxia. Everyone else was still blinking stupidly and waiting for Lily to say something. Was James Potter being mature? The red head had chocked on the juice she was drinking, too. Merlin, even I was surprised and I had not met Potter at his worst (fourth year, my minions had told me).  




-“Su… su… he, yes, of course”- she finally managed to say. She stood up and followed him out of the Hall, head held high. A few people turned to look at them but she did not give in to nervousness. Well played, Lily.


-“Wow, is James finally growing up?”- Meg whispered. Rhea shot her an evil glare. She was a little too over protective of them sometimes. Most of the times.


-“He’s much more mature than you think”- she said, proudly.




I did not pay attention to their conversation on Potter’s maturity levels, one: because I was not interested and two: because I noticed someone staring at me. He was sitting on Slytherin table with the boy The Marauders called Snivellius and a few others. His hair was the color of chocolate and his eyes were as green as emeralds. I looked straight at him and twitched my lips upwards just enough to have him think I was going to smile before turning my attention back to my vegetables.




-“Girls, I have to go see McGonagall before this afternoon’s classes. See you later”- Rhea said, standing up and rushing out of the Hall. I saw Lupin and Black join her. Last glance of Rhea I caught was her arm hitting Black on the shoulder. Mental note: get her to stop punching them. Or anyone for that matter.


-“Oh My God”- I heard Jo say.


-“What’s wrong?”- Lorena asked. Meg and Jo were trying to supress a fit of giggles.


-“You are so not going to believe who is coming”- Jo whispered. Meg glanced over her shoulder, then back at me. The excitement was beyond obvious and fairly irritating to be honest.  


-“Naomi, Josh Ripley is coming”- she hissed. I glanced at the list and saw that Josh Ripley was the very first name.


-“Jo?”- I said.


-“He’s a seventh year Slytherin. He is the only one who matches Sirius Black’s looks. He’s also quite the womanizer, plays Quidditch: chaser. He’s a pure blood, ridiculously rich and his parties are almost as good as The Marauders”- she explained. Hum, sounded all right. Good on paper, just what I needed. There was only one more question.


-“Why is he not going with Narcissa, then?”- I inquired.


-“He is Lucinda Hollis’ ex. Narcissa has not dared to ask him out, although she is always flirting with him. Besides, I don’t think he likes her. Something related to her older sister, Bellatrix”- Lorena explained.  Oh my God, that was great.


-“He’s mine”- I declared. Lulu H’s ex. That was a good catch. If any boy had to meet a standard, that was Lulu’s. Thinking of which, I was going to write to her. I could really use her advice on how to handle Hogwarts. By the time I was done gathering information, I heard their steps. He wasn’t coming alone.


-“Excuse me, I don’t think we’ve met before”- Josh said. I turned around and looked at him through my thick black eyelashes.  


-“We have most certainly not”- I replied, smiling.


-“I’m Josh Ripley”- he said, flashing me a well rehearsed smile. It was too perfect to be a natural beam, but I was not the one to complain about such details.


-“Naomi Ivy”- I glanced over his shoulder to see two other boys standing there –“And you are?”


-“Dom Lance”- the blond one said.


-“Regulus Black”- I scrutinized him, curious. Yeah, he looked like his brother, only that he lacked the mysterious aura that I found so annoying. He was thinner and… darker. Probably Slytherin’s poison.


-“I heard this year’s homecoming party is going to be quite the event”- Josh said, claiming my attention. I raised an eyebrow.  


-“Is that so?”- I looked at my nails, pretending to be uninterested.


-“You would know, I was told you are throwing it along with Potter and his lot”- he replied. I smirked. Good, word was already spreading. This was beyond fantastic.


-“I am”- Jo and Meg looked like they were about to have a heart attack, I noticed. Minions, always about to faint when the hot guys showed up. Whatever.


-“I understand you’ll need someone to hold your drink while you are busy greeting the guests”- he said, casually. Hum, he was good. Nice approach.


-“Yeah, probably”- I agreed nonchalantly.


-“You are quite a challenge”- he stated. I looked at him a little startled. Black’s words. His voice replayed in my mind for a split second, and then I felt irritated. It wasn’t the sentence that distracted me; it was the fact that I remembered Black had said the exact same thing.  


-“Indeed”- my reply was colder than I meant it, Merlin only knows why. To soften it, I grinned at him and brought a playful look come to my eyes. You know what they say; you cannot be a true Geisha until you can stop a man in his tracks with a single look. Well, my eyes were the most powerful weapon I had.


-“I like challenges, and I believe you and I would make a good match for that party. What do you think?”- he ventured. Then, as if I had not seen enough of it, he smiled again.


I had to give it to him, he was almost as charming as Black’s. Honestly, there was no need to overdo it; I had already decided that I was going to go with him – regardless the amount of beaming he engaged himself in.




-“Pick me up at seven”- and I turned my attention to my vegetables once more. He didn’t need anything else and was not offended in the slightest by my attitude. After all, he had dated Lulu. Right before they left, Dom got closer to us.


-“Excuse me… Megan?”- he asked. She turned around, shocked, dropping her fork in the process. I rolled my eyes.


-“Yes?”- her voice was more like a squeak, but oh well, Dom was fit.


-“Would you be my date for the party?”- he said. She blushed furiously. Ugh, I hate blushing. In fact, I have never blushed in my life. Not once.


-“Of course, I’d like that”- she replied. I was almost relieved to hear that she was capable of coming up with a full answer, without giggles. Thank Merlin.


-“Cool, I’ll come with Josh to pick you up at seven”- he said before leaving.


-“Oh my God!”- ah, so the giggling comes after the boy’s left. Great. I stood up.


-“Where are you going?”- Lorena asked.


-“I am not in the mood for giggling”- I said, leaving. They hurried to follow me. That was the worst part of having an army of minions. They were always there.







-“I cannot believe the world”- Lily said, dramatically. She sat next to me and grabbed a piece of bread during dinner that very evening.


-“What happened?”- Odette asked. I looked at Lily.


-“James Potter knows how to be a good Head Boy”- she replied in a whisper, looking around as if afraid anyone would hear her. She probably was, come to think about it.


-“Why is this a surprise? If Dumbledore made him Head Boy it must be because he could do the job”- Silvia said, biting an apple. She had a point. I had to admit that Dumbledore was one of the wisest man in the entire globe. My father spoke wonders of him and it was not very often that dad praised anyone but me or himself.


-“He used to be so immature”- Lily frowned. Her voice was tainted with a mixture of annoyance and shock.  


-“Go with him to the party”- I told her, again. I had no particular interest in her going with him; I just found it amusing to watch her reaction. She looked at me in horror. That’s what I meant.


-“I can’t do that”- she hissed. Although she tried to make it sound cold and indifferent, I noticed she wasn’t as determined as that morning.


-“Why not?”- Lorena questioned. She was having some chicken, plain roasted chicken.


-“Because… because he’d think he’s got a chance and then he wouldn’t stop asking me out!”- she replied, raising her voice a few more octaves than necessary. Rhea joined us that moment.


-“Well, he is constantly asking you out anyway, isn’t he?”- Hannah said. Rhea chuckled and took a jack potato. This girl needed to fix her eating habits, honestly.


-“Talking about Prongs, no?”- she said, lightly. Lily blushed.


-“Rhea, are you going to eat that?”- I asked. She nodded and started piling cheese on it. I looked away, disgusted. You see, I don’t like eating. I just do it because it’s necessary.


-“Only because you have a serious eating disorder doesn’t mean that the rest of the world doesn’t need to feed properly”- she informed me quite frostily.




Ugh, kill me. The only reason Rhea was allowed to eat that much was because she played Quidditch and she got into punching contests with the boys so she burnt all the calories. By the way, I had to remember to tell her that punching contests were to be alwayskept  in private in the secluded darkness of the Marauder’s room.


-“I do not have an eating disorder”- I retorted –“I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner”


-“You have fruit and coffee for breakfast, fruit and one bite of plain roasted chicken for lunch and fruit for dinner”- Rhea counted –“Oh, and if you’re really starving then maybe you’ll have a wholegrain toast with sugar free jam, but that’s only happened once in a week”


-“Shut the fuck up”- I really did not know why but any time anyone mentioned food or my eating habits I got really annoyed.




I did not have a disorder, let’s just make it clear. I indulged sometimes. I could eat chocolate once a week. I could have a skinny blueberry muffin for breakfast once a week as well. And I would have two normal lunches in a month. By normal I mean pasta or steak.




-“I don’t like that, it’s dangerous”- she insisted.


-“Rhea, leave me alone”


-“Maybe I will”- she said, defiantly. Oh, God damn it.


-“Look, I’m fine, I’ll be fine. Just don’t worry about it”- I tried to smile, that is, a true smile. The result was something between an awkward grin and my usual smirk, but it did it.


-“Whatever you say”- Rhea muttered, too busy with her meal to argue with me now.


-“So, ask Potter”- I told Lily again.


-“No way”- she refused. Odette sighed. Silvia giggled.


-“You cannot be dateless, Lily. You are like second in command… or third… or… why do we have two first mates?”- Lorena asked, clearly confused.


-“Because I want to”- I replied icily. She nodded. Rhea chuckled.


-“Who are you going with, again?”- Lily asked Odette.


-“I asked Luigi, he said he’d love to come with me”- she smiled –“And Frank agreed to go with Lorena”


-“By the way, Naomi, is it true?”- Rhea asked all of a sudden. I remembered I had not seen her all afternoon so she hadn’t had a chance to confirm the rumors.


-“Yeah, he came right after you left”- Hannah told her. I nodded slightly.


-“Why did you agree?”- she questioned. I raised an eyebrow.


-“Why would I not?”- I did not like anyone to judge my decisions, no matter how ridiculous they could seem.


-“He’s a Slytherin”- right. I had forgotten Rhea was almost one of the Marauders. She had this whole fight against the snake’s thing going on, too.


-“Get over it. He’s hot”- I replied. She looked away, irritated.


-“You’re not making me very happy today”- she murmured. I chose to ignore that. Getting into a fight with Rhea a few hours before the party was not the smartest move.  


-“Josh Ripley… that’s such a good one”- Lily said. Hannah nodded. Silvia and Odette glanced at me dreamily.  


-“I know”- I replied. I checked the time. Black would come pick me up in twenty minutes.


-“Where’s Jo?”- Meg asked, sitting next to Silvia. I did not bother to look their way.


-“She’s going to be late, said she had something to do with Binns for History”- Odette replied.


-“Yeah, I heard she’s working on this project on her family… she wants to be a historian apparently”- Silvia added.


-“Hey, Rhea, that bloke over there’s staring at you”- Hannah said. Everyone went silent and gazed at Rhea who had turned a bright shade of red in a matter of seconds.


-“Who?”- she whispered. I could sense her nervousness. I just hoped she did not start fidgeting again or something.


-“The one with the dark brown hair and blue eyes. Ravenclaw table”- I informed her. He was good looking. Not my type, definitely not my type, but good looking anyway.


-“Oh dear”- she blushed furiously. I raised an eyebrow.


-“That’s Amos Diggory”- Lily said. I tilted my head, confused. I had not heard that name in my life.


-“Where’s Jo when I need her?”- I complained. Silvia quickly filled me in.


-“He’s a prefect, seventh year, too. He’s quite smart and a good Quidditch player. A little too arrogant, but that’s okay considering he’s the most handsome boy of his house”- then she lowered her voice a little –“He dated Narcissa for two weeks at the beginning of last year but cheated on her so they split up”


-“Cool! Rhea, you have a date for the party”- I announced. She paled and shook her head, looking genuinely terrified.


-“I can’t”- she whispered.


-“Rhea, don’t be ridiculous. You handle all four Marauders at once without problems, you sure can handle one Diggory”- Lily said, visibly exasperated by our friend’s lack of initiative.


-“He’s coming”- Hannah hissed, excitedly. Before anyone had time to react, he was there.


-“Hi, Rhea Sun, right?”- he asked, smiling. He was a womanizer, I could tell. However, I needed Rhea to start acting a little more feminine and getting a date was a hell of a good starting point.


-“Yes”- she replied. Thank Merlin she did not squeak.


-“I was wondering… would you like to be my date for tomorrow’s party?”- that was straightforward. I liked it; it made things so much easier.


-“Ehm… yeah… I guess, sure”- she replied. Well done woman! She had not only picked bad habits from the Marauders, apparently she was brave, too. He smiled at her again and she felt a little more confident so she kept going. Thank God –“Can you come around seven?”


-“Sure, see you tomorrow then”- when he left, Rhea let out a long sigh I had no idea she’d been holding.


-“Oh my God, I can’t believe I have a date”- she said. Lily smiled, happy for her, however I could see a glimpse of fear in her eyes.


-“Red, you need a date”- I stated. She glared at me; only the Marauders called her Red. She did not say anything though.  




Black was waiting for me on the same spot as this morning. I had to give it to him; he knew exactly how to make a girl fall for him. It was ridiculous how good he looked just leaning against the wall, with his arms casually crossed and his black, silky hair slightly messy. He flashed me a dazzling grin and motioned for me to go after him with his head. We did not speak. I followed him up the stairs and through some weird passages I had not seen before. I guessed their sneaking around had been fructiferous, six years of pranking had to had some good outcomes, after all. I was sure they knew quite a few good tricks.




He stopped in the middle of a random corridor, or so I thought. Then, he walked back and forth three times. I waited, curious. A door appeared and he opened it for me. I walked in, confident. I had no idea where he was taking me, but I was so not going to let him think I wasn’t absolutely cool with the situation.




-“This is awesome”- I said.




I was on the beach I had been thinking of. Potter was there already. Lupin had agreed to pick up the girls a little later and Pettigrew was spending some time with Hannah, or so they informed me. I looked around and decided I’d check the bar first. It all looked good so I joined Potter in allocating torches and hammocks. I took out my wand and began working straight away.




-“So… you like it?”- Black asked me.


-“I have to admit it’s quite impressive”- I said without looking his way. I was busy levitating a couple of chairs.


-“It’s going to be a great party”- Potter said enthusiastically.  


-“Of course it’ll be”- I retorted. I saw Black smiling out of the corner of my eye.


-“Do you have a date?”- he asked. I looked at him. Was he planning on asking me? He couldn’t possibly think I would say yes.


-“I do”- I replied. He did not show any emotion in response so I guessed he was asking only out of curiosity.


-“Who are you coming with?”- Potter questioned.


-“Josh Ripley”- I said, flatly. There was a loud bang and I turned around, surprised. I did not like loud noises. The hammock Black had been levitating had fallen and crashed against a table. Pieces of wood were scattered on the sand.


-“WHAT?”- I looked at him, startled by the loud yell that I guessed was addressed at me. Black was staring at me, frozen. There was something dangerously close to hatred dancing in his eyes. I felt irritated, why, I didn’t really know but it didn’t matter.


-“I said I am coming with Josh Ripley”- I repeated as if he were mentally diseased.  


-“You can’t”- he said. It was almost a whisper, audible only in the tense silence of the room. The aforementioned hatred was now gleaming in his grey eyes. Potter moved towards him in extremely slow motion. He resembled a tamer approaching his still savage lions.  


-“Do not even try to tell me what I can and what I can’t do, Black”- I spat, walking towards him. It took quite a bit of effort to fight the sudden urge to hex him that was growing in me. ‘Don’t lose your cool, Naomi’ I chanted to myself. He managed to drive me mad in no time like no one else did; it was ridiculous just how much he annoyed me.


-“Padfoot, calm down. You knew he’d come anyway”- Potter said. Black shook his head angrily without taking his eyes off of me.  


-“He can’t be your date!”- he growled. I crossed my arms and glared at him defiantly. The arms gesture being mainly a way to stop my hand from reaching for my wand. I was confused and terribly upset by now. Who did this bloke think he was?


-“Why not?”- I asked him, utterly shocked that he’d actually said something that stupid.


-“Because he’s arrogant, he’s evil; he’s a FUCKING SLYTHERIN BASTARD!”- I thought I mastered the art of tainting my voice with disgust when necessary. Well, Black talking about Ripley outdid me by far. Not that I would ever let anyone know. I was always best at everything I did – if I wasn’t sure I’d beat everyone else, I wouldn’t do it. Life was that simple.


-“Oh, really? Well, guess what: I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK OF HIM!”- I snapped, angrily.


-“YOU CANNOT DATE THAT PIECE OF SHIT! IT’S NOT RIGHT”- Black kept going. I breathed, trying to regain control of myself. It worked. Partially.


-“It’s my bloody date Black! Not yours! It’s none of your business so shut the fuck up, NOW”- I snarled. He did not seem to take the hint that I wasn’t in the mood for a yelling contest so he ignored my request.


-“I WILL NOT HAVE THAT SNAKE DROOLING ALL OVER YOU WHILE YOU THROW A PARTY WITH ME! US! MARAUDERS! WHATEVER. I SAID NO”- his fists were strongly tightened and I could see that the muscles on his arms were tense. Those are the nicest pair of arms I’ve ever seen, by the way. Too bad their owner is an arrogant bossy dickhead!


-“Black, you are not making any sense!”- I cried in aggravation. This was just ridiculous and I was getting confused. I did not get his point at all. He didn’t like it, cool. So what? It wasn’t his date, it was mine!


-“No, YOU are not making sense”- he replied in a slightly lower tone. Thank Merlin he’s not yelling anymore, I was getting a headache.


-“How so?”- I raised an eyebrow in arrogance. Potter sighed.


-“You are dating Josh Bloody Ripley!”- he exclaimed. I rolled my eyes.


-“I am not dating him! He’s just my date for this one party! Oh, damn it! Why do you care?”- I said, staring at him and throwing my arms up in the air in desperation. I noticed Potter watching us in amusement. I did not like this situation. It was not the kind of situation I usually got myself into. No.


-“I don’t care!”- he cried, throwing his arms in the air, mimicking me.


-“Yes you do! If you didn’t we wouldn’t be having this stupid pointless, annoying yelling contest!”- I replied giving him the evil eye and quickly lowering my arms again.


-“I don’t want you to bring him to the party with you! I will not throw a party with him! And you could do better, just so you know!”- he said flatly. I raised my eyebrow.


-“Oh, really? And what would be better? You?”- I asked. I really, honestly, did not mean to say something like that. Black just drove me out of control, completely. To the point the boundaries between my evil, cold self and my normal self were a blur.


-“YES!”- he replied, clearly irritated. There was a moment of tense silence. Very, very tense silence.


-“What makes you think you can have an opinion on anything I do?”- I asked coldly, ignoring the last two sentences deliberately. His eyes narrowed as he glared at me.


-“You are absolutely and utterly insufferable!”- he exclaimed.


-“I know”


-“Whatever”- and with that, he turned around and stormed out of the room/beach leaving only Potter and me. I was beyond confused by this point, I must say.


-“What the fuck is wrong with him?”- I snapped at the poor boy, irritated. Potter looked at me.


-“Josh Ripley is the one who took Regulus away from him”- he replied. I let my lips pout slightly. There was too much drama in this school.


-“What do you mean?”- I sighed, trying to keep it cool with Potter.


-“Sirius had almost managed to persuade Regulus to be nice, to be… different from his family, just like Sirius is. Then Josh came in and he kind of stole Regulus away. Sirius and Josh cannot stand each other. Besides, there was a girl… or two. Maybe three… Oh, they are just archenemies Ivy”- he explained. Oh, this was beyond House rivalry then. I still didn’t care.


-“That doesn’t explain why I can’t date Josh. It’s not Black he’s going to be talking to”- I retorted. Potter looked thoughtful. I turned to the torches, murmuring under my breath to release some of the anger that Black had managed to get in me.


-“Fuck”- Potter said. I turned to look at him but just when I was about to ask him what his problem was the door opened again and Lupin came in with everyone else.








As soon as she said the name I knew this was not going to end well. I mean, Padfoot hates Ripley with a passion. As a matter of fact, we all do. He’s an asshole, full stop. Not only is he a filthy Slytherin, but he’s an arrogant evil bastard, too. Actually, all of them are. But Ripley is like their idiotic king, so he’s worse.




Anyway, I was not sure what to do. They were so caught up in their argument that I didn’t really want to interrupt. At first I thought this would end in tears, but then I realized that they… they seemed to be too engaged in the fight. It was really weird. I had noticed before that Padfoot had a soft spot for Ivy, even though they kept arguing and annoying each other all the time.




This fight was getting out of control but something told me that nothing really bad would happen. So I decided I would just watch the match. They yelled at each other a whole lot of none sense. I was sure a bomb could have exploded next to them, they wouldn’t have noticed. They were so caught up in each other that they did not even realize they were standing closer and closer. This was so much fun; too bad Moony and Wormtail were not here to watch.




-“Black, you are not making any sense!”- Ivy cried, visibly irritated. I had to give it to her, she had a point. Padfoot had never explained to the girl why he hated Ripley so much so I guessed this whole argument made little sense to her.


-“No, YOU are not making sense”- I wanted to laugh. Sirius trying to keep his voice down when he was so heated up was hilarious. Trust me, you should see his face. 


-“How so?”- Ivy raised her eyebrow.




I always found it amusing how she complained Sirius was too arrogant and blah blah when she was actually even more arrogant than he was. Or maybe the same. Either way, they were both in love with themselves. I sighed. Don’t think they noticed, anyway.  


-“You are dating Josh Bloody Ripley!”- Padfoot exclaimed. I smiled, couldn’t help it.


-“I am not dating him! He’s just my date for this one party! Oh, damn it! Why do you care?”- she asked. At this point, I was trying my best not to laugh. Honestly, this was just too funny to just watch it in silence. Where was the pop corn when needed?


-“I don’t care!”- he cried, throwing his arms in the air. Right, Padfoot, you are completely indifferent. Note the sarcasm. I should have brought my camera. A picture of both of them arms up and demanding to know what the other was on about was beyond epic.


-“Yes you do! If you didn’t we wouldn’t be having this stupid pointless, annoying yelling contest!”- the girl replied. She had a point.


-“I don’t want you to bring him to the party with you! I will not throw a party with him! And you could do better, just so you know!”- wow.




Hold on. What was that? You could do better? He wasn’t planning on asking her out, was he? He never mentioned it. Besides, Ivy is so not Sirius’ type. She’s too arrogant and confident for him; it would annoy him to no end. He dates beautiful, silly, shallow girls because they are easy to handle.  




-“Oh, really? And what would be better? You?”- Ivy asked. I panicked. Shit. And I thought this was not going to get out of control.  


-“YES!”- Padfoot replied. Shit. What the hell is going on? Does he fancy her? Why hasn’t he said anything? Oh, crap. Awkward silence. I hate this. I was ready to jump in, save my best friend’s pride somehow but it wasn’t necessary.




Ivy chose to ignore the last part of the argument and jumped back full on yelling mode. They kept going on about him not having the right to have an opinion on what Ivy did and then, all of a sudden, Sirius just stormed out. Just like that.




-“What the fuck is wrong with him?”- Ivy snarled. I looked at her. I guess she had to know, after all, she hadn’t done anything wrong. I mean, dating a Slytherin was wrong but…


-“Josh Ripley is the one who took Regulus away from him”- I explained.


-“What do you mean?”- I could tell she was still mad and wanted to yell at someone, but she kept it cool. 


-“Sirius had almost managed to persuade Regulus to be nice, to be… different from his family, just like Sirius is. Then Josh came in and he kind of stole Regulus away. Sirius and Josh cannot stand each other. Besides, there was a girl… or two. Maybe three… Oh, they are just archenemies Ivy”- I said. Sometimes girls just don’t really get our grudges so I am not going to go into a developed explanation. This will have to do.


-“That doesn’t explain why I can’t date Josh. It’s not Black he’s going to be talking to”- she retorted. Then she turned to the torches, murmuring under her breath. I just stood there, thinking. She had a point. What had this whole thing been about? Sure Padfoot hated Ripley with a passion but why did he care he was Ivy’s date. Yeah, well, it kind of bugged me that he was being her date when she was throwing the party with us but it wasn’t such a big deal. Then again, he… oh. Crap.  





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