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The Human Factor by SexyDoorFrames
Chapter 7 : The One Where Damien Isnít The Favourite
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 Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter because I’m not awesome like that. Everything you recognize belongs to JKR.

Authors Note: Hello everyone! How are you all? I hope you’re okay. I can’t believe we’re up to chapter seven already! I hope you’re liking the story so far and the characters. Thanks so much for the reviews, they make me smile, the favourites, they make me happy and just for reading in general, that makes you awesome.

I’d love to hear what you think of the story so far or just anything really! I hope you really enjoy this chapter; I had a blast writing it.This is a rather short chapter but it builds up to the fun things that are going to happen in chapter eight!

Thanks so much for StEpH_M for being my beta.

Chapter Seven –
The One Where Damien Isn't The Favourite

Amazing Chapter Image By RyleeAnn @TDA

“Are you sure she’s not a robot?” Cassie Holmes

When I was a little girl, Damien was the King of my world and I was his humble subject who craved his attention. According to my parents, I only learned how to walk to chase him and he would be the first person I would run to when I cut my knee. He would smooth the tears away and tell me I’d be okay in a minute. Whenever he wanted to go, I would follow. The games that we played, I would always be the sidekick, waiting to kick ass for my King, it could have been worse though, Scorpius was always the damsel in distress, at least I was the sidekick. We all played our roles perfectly, Scorpius would always fall down from the imaginary dragon, Damien would battle the dragon to the death and I would peel Scorpius off the floor. We watch from the side-lines until Damien was victorious. Then we’d cheer until it was time for dinner.

 Eventually, as I grew, I realized I had put my King on a pedestal. Small flaws began to emerge in his character, the quirks I found endearing became an irritation and he stopped doting on me. Then Damien left for Hogwarts one cold September, I remember the excitement in his eyes and I waved him off on the platform trying not to cry that I was losing my best friend because I knew we would never be the same again because Damien was changing; he was growing up and no longer wanted to be part of my world where fairy tales could come true. He came back and I was more of an annoyance than adorable like I was before. He had got a life, he had friends. He stopped having time for me and that is something that has never changed.

Eventually, it didn’t matter as much because I had created my own little family, Cassie and Emilie. Eventually I found him and the gaping hole that was created that cold September was closed. I was whole, like a proper person. Until he left and I needed my brother more than ever but Damien had stopped understanding me. His scar free perfect heart could never connect to mine that was riddled with imperfections. He tried but he could never break through the wall. No one could, except Cassie which was something that surprised me. Cassie, the person who cries when flowers die and gives them funerals, has a coffee addiction and is afraid of commitment broke through. She told me I was her ‘person’ and thus would put up with me being a ‘mopey girlie girl’. That was about as emotional as we got with each other. Some friendships thrive without words that hold so much bogging them down.  Ours is one of them. Still though, I miss the closeness me and Damien had when we were children.

Occasionally, the closeness comes back for fleeting moments. The closeness is close enough to skim your fingers on but too far away to grab it. A lot of the time though, I wonder what I ever saw in my King. I must have been deluded with naïve childish innocence.  This is one of these times when I realized my King was more of a jester. Damien is having a marshmallow face stuffing contest against James. Whoever wins gets pride apparently but I’m not that sure. Whoever wins loses a little bit of my respect more. Not that they had much to begin with.

James currently has eight in his mouth, Damien has six. Damien was trying to stuff the seventh one into his mouth but it was a struggle.

“You two make me worried for the future.” I sighed as I watched them. “I fear there may be others like you.” Damien was practically choking and James was dribbling down his chin. Geniuses they were not. Idiots they were.

Cassie took a sip of her coffee. “I think James is the winner. Fred, declare it.” Cassie found the game amusing at the beginning but she soon tired of it, just like everything else.

Fred shrugged as he thought about it. We were sitting at the Gryffindor table for breakfast because Fred is trying to continue the evolving friendship. He had called me and Cassie over to witness the ‘manliest completion ever’.  Fred coughed to clear his throat. “James is the winner; Damien must bow down because he is a complete loser.”

Both James and Damien swallowed their marshmallows. Well, they’ve moved past the stage where they talk with their mouth full. It’s lovely to see personal growth.

“Dammit.” Damien cussed. “I will win next time.”  He vowed with a clenched fist.

James rolled his eyes. “You said that last time…and the time before that.” James is awesome at stupid games.

“Oh James,” I snickered. “You have my utmost respect. I don’t think you’re a loser at all.”

“It’s just because you’re too boring to join in.” James laughed. “And the fact that you don’t want me to beat you either.”

“No, it’s the fact, that as a young woman, I have to respect myself because if I don’t respect myself, then who will respect me? And –“ I began my ‘respect yourself’ speech that I had memorized from a magazine when I was thirteen.

“-What a bunch of crap.” Fred cut in and I glared. Sure, I didn’t really feel that my speech was all that, but it made sense in some ways. My ‘I am awesome’ speech is a lot better. “Just have fun, forget about this respect! Whatever that is.”

I rolled my eyes. “Respect is-“

“-I see your lips moving but I’m not really listening.” Fred cut in again. He just wouldn’t let me finish a single sentence! …Wait? He wasn’t listening to me? I huffed. I should be listened to. I am full of win. I change the world for the better every time I speak! Cough, cough.

“You’re mean, Fred.” I crossed my arms across my chest. “I can’t believe you don’t listen to me.”

“Sweetie.” He patronized. “I don’t think you listen to you half the time.”

“Otherwise you probably wouldn’t come up with so many idiotic schemes.” Cassie smirked as took a gulp of her drink. “I mean, there must be a sensible little voice in there somewhere.” If there is, it has yet to speak. Maybe I killed it when I thought it would be funny to lick a battery, in reality, it wasn’t because I received a small shock which made my hair frizzy and I’ve never done it again because I respect my hair. I did convince Damien to do it though, just to see his face. It was hilarious. My parents were fuming.  “Take what you did to Potter.” She smiled. She loves my schemes as much as I do, it’s just she would rather not be the person doing them.  “I mean, funny? Yes. Clever? No.”

“You’re just annoyed that you don’t have the guts to do it yourself.”

“Attack a sleeping boy? Yes, I can see why that would be frightening.” Cassie did a fake shudder. “You are so brave.” She rolled her eyes. “Excuse me while I bask in your glory.” She blinked. “What’s that? Nothing is happening? Cause you suck.”

“You are great for the self esteem.”

Cassie was about to reply but the flutter of owls entering the great hall distracted her. A letter dropped in the middle of her lap, it always does because her Muggle parents miss their only child too much. She smiled softly at the letter as she opened it. To my surprise, I found two letters crash on top of my head. Owls need to learn how to aim properly. What if I was a freak who was deluded that my hair was my life? I would so be freaking out right now.

I opened one of them. It was short, weird and I didn’t get the point.

Your time is ticking.

I stared at the four words for a while I pondered their meanings. I didn’t know who would write me letters in Hogwarts. No one would. I mean, if you want to talk to me, just find me cruising in a hallway while I dusted it with my emerald green duster. So, there was no need to write me a letter. I couldn’t analyse the handwriting because I have no idea what everyone’s handwriting looks like. I shrugged as I screwed up the piece of paper and threw it at a Hufflepuff. Perfect head shot, it bounced off rather nicely. I couldn’t be bothered to think about the letter anymore, It really didn’t seem worthy of my attention. I mean I had homework to worry about! I sniggered at my own joke.

James looked at me oddly. “What are you laughing at?”

“The fact that I am hilarious.” I shook my head.

“In your own head at least.” He smirked and I stuck my tongue out at him.  He went back to reading his letter, even though he was now in the seventh year, he had maintained a close relationship with his parents through weekly letters. At least that was the outside perspective; I don’t really have much interaction with the Potters and nor would I want to. To the world, they seemed to have it all together casually. We Nott’s seemed to have it together as well but we were an uptight bunch, well all the females in my family are. I seemed to take after my mother and Damien took after my father.

I poured my attention to the other letter. It was from my father.


I hope you’ve been having a good time at school and I hope you are keeping on top of your school work. I don’t want any letters from school like last year about you falling behind. If you feel like you’re struggling, write to me or talk to someone you can trust. Talking to your cat does not count by the way.

I just wanted to check if you were alright, we’ve heard from your brother three times but you’ve been silent on the letter front. I miss you and so does Binksy. I hope to hear from you soon. It’s not the same around here; I can eat biscuits and not get moaned for dropping a crumb on the floor.



Ps, your mom says she loves you too.

Ah crap! In all my confusion I’ve been having lately, I had forgotten to write to my parents to tell them I was alive and well. They always like to know that information. I have no idea why.  Maybe it’s because of this love crap they mentioned. I made a mental note to write back to my dad as soon as I remembered.

“Pippa!” Scorpius yelled out my name like a banshee. “There you are. Why are you sitting at the Gryffindor table? Have you switched houses? I didn’t even know that was possible.” He stood in front of me and suddenly became aware that I wasn’t being a loner and had friends. “Hi everyone!” He waved like an overexcited child.

A lot of people I didn’t even know greeted Scorpius.

Cassie smiled at Scorpius. “Hello.”

“What do you want?” I asked sharpish.

“I’ve come to see you.” He grinned. “You’re grumpy this morning aren’t you? You need to cheer up my little not so sunshine.”

“You need to go away. Your light burns me.”

“Stop acting like you’re full of angst.”

“Oh but I am dearest cousin of mine.” I folded my arms across my chest to make my point. “I’m a teenager; it’s what we do best but me, I’m darker than the rest.” Scorpius shook his head. “I’m so dark…I mean I think about dark things…like night, the colour black, dust-“

“-You’re weird.” He blinked at me. “Anyway, my dearest favourite cousin-“

“Hey!” Damien yelled. “Favourite? I’m the favourite! I’m always the favourite.” He rambled. I think Damien has issues. It is true though, people always seem to like him the best except with Granddad Nott. He loves me because I am not a blood traitor Gryffindor. I have yet to tell him about my muggle born best friend. That can wait until hell freezes over.

“Chill, Damien.” Scorpius ordered and Damien just scowled. “Alright, my favourite female cousin-“

“-I’m your only female cousin.”

“So?” Scorpius shrugged as he finally got to point. “I want you to accompany me to Hogsmeade later.”

I eyed him suspiciously. “Why?”

“Because,” He leaned down and whispered in my ear. “I want you to meet my girlfriend.”

“What?” I yelled. “You have a girlfriend?” Oups. I may have said that too loud. As in the whole Gryffindor table may have heard. I shouldn’t be so surprised but I was. I mean, according to Cassie, he was alright to look at and he did have a good heart I suppose. A heart that was too good. The boy needed to man up and be colder. It would be the only way he could survive in this world. I made a mental note to toughen him up one day but not today, I didn’t want to change him at this very moment. I didn’t want to break that smile on his face.

He was happy and I wouldn’t let anyone take that away from him.

“How the hell?!” Damien cussed. “How did you manage to get a girlfriend? I can’t even find one and I’m me!”

“Do us a favour and deflate your head a little will you? Otherwise you might find yourself in a world of pain and struggling to get through doors.” I told him sweetly and he glared.

Scorpius huffed. “I’m pretty-“

“-Dumb?” Damien interjected.

“-Awesome.” Scorpius finished as Damien rolled his eyes. Someone is a bit jealous and it’s not me. “Perhaps if you were born blonde and awesome, you might find yourself someone.” Scorpius gave Damien the thumbs up with a large grin. Oh my god, I have never been more embarrassed…okay, maybe I have but this is going in my top five. “And if you could do the hair flick like me.” Scorpius flicked his hair. Surprisingly, he does it with style. It’s the only thing he can do that isn’t completely embarrassing.

“Also if you worked on your personality as well, I think that would help.” I added helpfully with a grin.

“Are you sure she’s not a robot?” Cassie laughed at Scorpius.

Scorpius shook his head. “I don’t think so…I have no idea what that is.” He looked at me for help. I shrugged; I didn’t have a clue what a robot was either. Maybe it was a type of animal? Or maybe it was a brand of cheese? Mom is always bringing new types of cheese that taste like cardboard and have stupid names. “You’re going Muggle on us again.” Cassie stuck her tongue out at him.

“Well.” Fred paused. “I think it’s great!” Thank merlin for Fred actually giving support to my cousin unlike my stupid brother who just wanted to insult him.

James rolled his eyes at Damien who was sitting there grumpily. “Who is the lucky girl?” He asked as he took a sip of his drink.

“Her name is Harper O’Reilly.” Scorpius answered proudly. Fred and James gave a nod. The ‘You’ve done well Bro’ nod. Boys are weird. Meanwhile, I had never even heard of this girl. I racked my brain. Nope, I have never met a Harper in my life. Then again, I never really remember people’s names. I barely remember mine when I wake up in the morning.

“Who is she?” I whisper to Cassie.

“She’s a Hufflepuff and she’s got hair.”

“That’s very informative.” I rolled my eyes as Cassie grinned.

“So, Pippa, will you come?”  Scorpius pouted with puppy eyes. The boy was using his charms to change my iron will. It wasn’t working. Then again, I would like to meet the girl to decide whether she was good enough for my cousin.

I groaned. Did I actually just think that? Since when did I give a crap about what Scorpius got up to? I didn’t and I never will. Screw that. He can date as many girls as he wants. He can date hundreds for all I care.


I hummed a bit more. “Why do you want me there?”

“You’re important to me.” He stated simply.  “And she is also becoming important to me.” I raised my eyebrow, just for how long had Scorpius been keeping this secret girlfriend? “Important people should meet.”

“Okay.” I found myself giving in. I didn’t know why but I was curious. Plus, he wanted me to meet her and not Damien. That just made me smirk. “I’ll come but you have to buy me a drink.”

“Deal!” Scorpius ran up and hugged me. I froze against his touch. I just sat there limply until he let go. “I can’t wait. I’ll meet you inside the The Three Broomsticks at two.” He started to walk away but he suddenly remembered something. “Oh! Albus is coming! I’m sure you don’t mind.”

“Wait!” I yelled after my cousin but he was gone. He had skipped and everything.

Kill me now.

Just shoot me.

Drown me.

I don’t care.

Cassie sniggered. “That’ll be fun for you.”

I grabbed her coffee cup and tipped the liquid on the floor. “No, that was fun for me.”

Cassie laughed. “I can pour another cup of coffee. You meanwhile, cannot get out of this situation.”

I hate her.

Well not really.

“Just shut up.” I snapped as I thought about today. I had woken up in a good mood and now I had this dreading sense of doom building in my stomach.

Damn you, Scorpius.

The Next Time On The Human Factor


“Scorpius.” I tried to reason with the boy. “I’ll humour you, let’s just say that if aliens did exist, how would you know what one looked like? They could look exactly like you or I.”

Scorpius frowned. “Is this a subtle way of you confessing you’re an alien Pippa?”

Albus sniggered and I frowned.

“No, I am not a bloody alien!” I remarked, frustrated.

“That’s exactly what you’d say if you were an alien and you were trying to hard your existence. Like if a Muggle came up to me and said, hey bro, you a wizard? I’d say no wouldn’t I?”

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