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My Neighbour: James Potter by Hermionniny9
Chapter 28 : The Hogwarts inquisition
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 People normally say that splitting up with a guy was a heart breaking experience, but also a relieving moment when a huge weight was lifted.

I on the other hand didn’t feel this weight loss, no, going out with James and just sticking with it would have been a lot easier.

I stepped through the portrait hole. There was a deathly silence as I walked through the common room. The seven sets of knowing eyes followed me round the room, it was rather disconcerting.

I literally ran up the stairs and dived onto my bed.

One small piece of advice, possibly the best advice I could ever give.

Never date a guy, who has a huge family, they will know everything.

I rolled over.

“Augh!” I screamed. Shia was bent over my face and was frowning deeply with a confused look on her face.

“Okay shut it Edgley.”  Shia said narrowing her eyes and sitting on the bed at my feet.

I covered my face with my hands.

“Rach, the world is not over. And you can stick the Weasley slash Potter clan any day.” Shia smirked, patting my leg in a reassuring manner. She wasn’t really that reassuring.


“Sam just lay off.” I shouted, storming off down the corridor.

It was two hours and thirty six minutes since I had ended it with James, and yet it had taken these few hours for word to get to Sam and my peace to be destroyed by him turning up and demanding answers.

Somehow I had managed to run from the common room and down the corridor, without him catching up with me.

Sadly for me Sam could run and he soon caught up with me and pinned me to the wall.

“Spill now Edgley!” he demanded.

“Why? Hasn’t James already told you?” I spat, though it wasn’t as defiant as I wanted it to be due to the fact that I was verging on tears.

“No, he hasn’t, because he loves you and doesn’t want you to get hurt.” Sam said, relaxing his grip on me.

I paused for a moment, and then looked up at Sam.

“It didn’t feel right, I need space and so I thought that I should break it off. I love him but I need it to be cemented and I need to get my head round it all.” It seemed pathetic in my view.

Sam looked at me, and then broke into a small smile.

“Through the years I have known you, Edgley, you haven’t changed much. I thought it was about, you know...” he smiled awkwardly and then realised I had no clue about when he was saying, so he pulled me into a tight hug.

“So, what did James say about you and Rose?” I asked after he let me out of his tight hug.

“He said to leave the family alone, unless I was willing to commit and possibly marry them.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck and smiling sheepishly.

“Wise advice there from James, I’m guessing that you and Natalia are over?”

“You think? She is sooooo horrid. Next time-”

“There won’t be a next time!” I cut over him.

We both laughed.

“Have you ever thought about committing?” I asked, pondering if I could slip in a good word for Shia. Although she didn’t know it the two of them were made for each other.

Sam just shrugged.

“Okay then, well I’m sure there is someone in Gryffindor for you.” I said in a leading way.

“So who knows about my break up?” I asked.

“Well... most of the school.” He said.

“It's been about three hours...this school..augh..!” I fumed, in a student body this small you couldn’t keep secrets, it was so bad.

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My Neighbour: James Potter: The Hogwarts inquisition


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