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An Inperfect form of Perfectness by Lindsey Lovegood
Chapter 1 : Opposites Attract
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All of the other girls at school would have loved to be me. Or at least, most of them. Well, maybe a little less than most of them. Okay, make that only three of them. But that’s a start.
    My name is Katherine Lovegood. That’s right, my brother is Xenophilius Lovegood, the soon-to-be first year with his head buried in the clouds. I, on the other hand, will be head girl at Hogwarts this year, have the neatest handwriting in history (Jane even did a survey during our second year to prove this), and am the biggest teacher’s pet anyone has ever seen. In other words, I’m perfect.
    Sixth year Laura Brown and Lily Evans, and seventh year Jane Koller are probably the only girls at Hogwarts who are actually okay with my my perfectness. I have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or in other words, I am a total perfectionist), so I don’t even have a choice. And strangely enough, I’m still in Gryffindor.
    “Kathy! Kathy, today will be your first day of head girl, and my first day at Hogwarts!” Xeno screeched as I carefully poured orange juice into my glass. He sloppily dumped a bowl of some form of cereal, spilling puke-green droplets all over the table, which as far as I could tell, probably contained meat of some kind (I’m a strict vegetarian at home, and for good reasons). I cleaned the table with a quick, non-verbal “scourgio”, then placed the plate carrying my wheat bread on it. I then flicked my wand to lightly brown the side of the bread that was facing me and flipped it over to do the same, resulting in a perfectly browned piece of toast.

“Kathy, aren’t you excited!” Xeno’s voice broke my concentration.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Kathy?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady. “For the four hundred twenty-ninth time (yes, I actually count), Kathy is an informal version of Katherine, and is not appropriate for anyone over the age of eleven (which is when I first started asking to be called Katherine instead of my childish nickname).”

Xeno didn’t seem to be listening. He was humming a noisy and out-of-tune version of “A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love” by Celestina Warbeck (although it didn’t sound too much different from the actual song, considering the fact that Celestina Warbeck could seriously use some music lessons). I flicked my wand at him, non-verballing doing the “Silencio” charm and he was suddenly dancing and randomly waving his arms to silence as I ate my toast in perfect sized bites. After I had finished, I used my wand to wash and guide my plate back onto the correct shelf.

“Are you two packed?” It was our stern mother’s voice shattered the peaceful silence. Next to her stood our father, grinning at Xeno’s messy place. I sneakily countered my silencing charm on Xeno, and he was again humming noisily as if nothing had happened.

“I packed last week, remember?” I answered impatiently.

Xeno, on contrary, panicked. “Of course, mom! Let me go get it!” he squealed unconvincingly. I smiled at my brother’s clumsy gallop down the hall, then raised my wand to clean his dishes which he had left untidily spread out on the table.

Mother silently laughed and Father chuckled heartily. “Leave it to me. Help your brother pack,” Father suggested, using his hand to lower my wand and raise his own. I nodded gratefully, and left at a perfect, quick but not rushed, walking pace.


After an hour and a half of chaos, we all stood by the column which hid platform 9 ¾, with Xeno’s bag ripping at the seams (my undetectable extension charm was clearly not enough for all of Xeno’s stuff).
    “Katherine, take your brother’s hand and lead him through,” my mother advised me, but apparently Xeno needed no guidance. He charged through the barrier as if it weren’t even there, then poked his head back through, attracting a muggle’s attention to prove that he had made it through.
    “I’ll take care of that,” Father sighed and non-verbally obliviated the confused muggle with his wand behind his back.
    I walked steadily through the wall (after waiting five minutes for the perfect time), and met up with Xeno who was already sprinting around the station asking random people if they had seen any nargles over the summer. Rolling my eyes, I walked over, put my arm motherly on his shoulder, and walked him back to where my parents had just appeared.
    Smiling, Father leaned over and hugged both of us, one at a time. “Have fun, alright? And don’t forget to write!”
    My mom on the other hand, exploded in tears an kissed Xeno sloppily on the forehead.
    Xeno didn’t seem to mind. He was just explaining to our parents that he would be sure to use my owl, Adam, to send all of his mail (which, although I wouldn’t tell them, I would not let him do on any circumstances, for fear that he might get get carried away and send him to Bulgaria or further, as a “scientific experiment” to test his endurance), when my watch (which is perfectly on time), chimed, telling me that I had two minutes to get to the head boy and girl cabin on the train.
    “I have to go. Bye Dad! Bye Mom! See you at school, Xeno!” I said, quickly before taking long strides towards the train.
    “Don’t stress yourself over schoolwork!” Father called after me.
    “Watch over your brother!” Mother reminded me as I climbed carefully onto the train so my skirt didn’t snag.
I turned around to wave to my family before walking to the back of the train, and joining David Clearwater, the head boy from Ravenclaw. He smiled softly at me, then went back to organizing his quills by colour, length, and width. Being perfect and boring yourself is enough, but being in a room with another equally perfect and (maybe even more) boring person makes it a bit overwhelming. When David had finished organizing his quills, he waved his wand, creating small indents in his velvety quill box where each quill lay so they couldn’t roll around, closed the box revealing a mahogany shell, then slipped it neatly into his pack and folded his hands neatly in his lap.


After a long and boring ride with David, I was finally able to wave to Jane, Laura, and Lily, who rolled their eyes in unison with me as David tried to walk as tall and rigid as  possible on his way to the front of the train. Laura broke out in a fit of high-pitched giggles that were not quite what you’d expect to come from a sixth year, but of course Laura’s a bit of an exception for that.
    “Second years and older, over here!” I yelled after everyone had left the train.
    “Second years and older!” David echoed, importantly.
    I looked down to see Laura standing on her tip-toes to reach my height with a mock-serious face to my right. To my left, Jane grabbed my hand and began skipping playfully, and Lily, who was even further to my left, dutifully smiled at me. David walked quickly ahead of us, and behind us was the mob of second years and older.
    “I’m supposed to be walking up with David,” I pointed out.
    “Oh, come on!” Laura whined.
    “Just this once?” Lily suggested.
    It was Jane who acted. “If she was to go up with David, she can.”
    I looked at Jane in disbelief. She was one of the biggest trouble-makers at Hogwarts, yet here she was, letting me follow the rules. “Ummmm...thanks.”
    I spoke too soon. “Come on then!” she replied, dutifully, pulling Lily and me by the hands as she skipped up to where David was walking. She didn’t even have to bother pulling Laura along, because like a loyal puppy, she was always at my heals (literally, because she’s so short).
    David rolled his eyes at us, but continued his steady march. “Guys, really?” I asked, watching his discomfort.
    “Compromise!” Jane explained.
    Lily shrugged. “She has a point.”
    Laura simply continued hopping happily at my side, nodding her head at everything they said.


After a peaceful carriage ride to the campus, Jane, Laura, Lily, and I were sitting in our usual spots in the middle of the left bench of the Gryffindor table. Dumbledore practically skipped to the front of the room, with his famous grin shining on his face. “Welcome first years, and welcome back to the rest of you. Now without further ado- and to refrain from filling those bright faces with boredom, let’s begin the sorting!”
She placed an ancient looking hat upon the stool that sat front and center of the room. The first years eyes popped open as  this ordinary hat began to sing.

“Remember when we were first years?” Laura recalled dreamily, mainly to Lily, who had been a first year with her. Jane and I were a year older than the two, but we had still became best friends with them in our second year.

Lily chimed in. “I was thought you were a Ravenclaw until I saw you sitting down at the Gryffindor table to watch sorting.”

“Didn’t you want to be in Slytherin with that grease bag, Snevelus?” Jane pointed out.

Lily bowed her head, clearly wishing to disappear. Acting on instinct, I hushed them and faced the front.

“Abbott, Jacob!” McGonagall’s voice boomed, as the timid wizard by that name scooted up to the stool on which was the sorting hat. I felt bad for the boy, being the first and all. With his shaking left hand, he guided the hat onto his head and closed his eyes.

“HUFFLEPUFF!” Grinning, he sprinted towards his new house.


The sorting continued with numerous beaming Gryffindors, mischievous Slytherins, grinning Hufflepuffs, and geeky (and yes, I this category seems most ideal for me, but as I’ve mentioned, that hat is insane) Ravenclaws, all who would be training to enter the wizard world (which is totally sexist, because there happen to be witches too) with us. Although I kept a perfectly interested mask on, I could hardly ignore my stomach growling.
“Lovegood, Xenophilius!” I raised my head to watch my white-blond haired brother skip up to the stool. I had decided to expect him to be put in Hufflepuff, or perhaps Gryffindor.

However, the hat, which was thoroughly covering the underweight boy’s eyes, seemed to think differently. “RAVENCLAW!” Xeno was a bit smarter than the average wizard, but I still have a feeling that hat has “wrackspurts,” (one of Xeno’s totally made up creatures) in its ears. On the other hand, I’m not sure if the sorting hat even has ears.


Dumbledore yet again took the front just to say four words: “Let the feast begin!”
Food appeared instantly on our plates. Jane began shoving all food in sight into her mouth (and somehow, she’s still super skinny), Laura started nibbling on a piece of corn, Lily grabbed a mouthful of salad, and I began cutting my turkey into bite-sized, perfect squares.

    My concentration broke when Jane’s knife came slashing across my plate, slicing my turkey in a messy, diagonal line. My OCD wouldn’t allow me to eat it. I glanced at Jane’s mischievous smile before dumping my turkey on her plate and grabbing a new piece to cut into perfect, square pieces.
    “So the OCD is still there, huh?” Jane asked, disappointed.
    “Thanks for caring, but yes.” I inspected at perfect turkey for mistakes, then continued my tedious work. “I don’t know if it will ever go away, Jane.” I truly did appreciate that she cared about me, but not even the best healers at St. Mungo’s could help me.
I speared the piece of turkey at the top left of my perfect grid with my fork, and began to chew it when out of the corner of my eye, I saw David stand up from the Ravenclaw table. This was an unusual thing for David to do, because he generally stayed seated until he had eaten every bite off his plate and other people had already started clearing out. He never stood up during the meal, except for now. I disregarded this, but still, quite a few people were staring at David to see his next move. I ate the top second-to-left piece of my turkey, then looked up to see David above me. Staring at me.

“Ummm... Hello, David,” I said, surprised at his sudden unexpected move.

He knelt down as if he were proposing for a marriage. Then, he pulled out a small red rose, and held it above his head. Jane stifled a giggle, Laura stood up to see what was going on, Lily looked at him disbelievingly, and I simply raised an eyebrow.

“Do you, Katherine Lovegood,” I raised my other eyebrow. “Want to accompany me to the Hogsmead visit on Saturday?” Jane and Laura burst out in little girly giggles.

“Ummm...” I repeated, feeling awkward. I didn’t even like David, but on the other hand, he may be the only guy in the world who might ask out someone like me. Even Laura, who is probably as immature as a second year, has a boyfriend. I had seen she and Peter Pettigrew disappear into broom closets several times already. “I’ll have to see about that...”

David looked bewildered. I suppose based on the fact that I had always given straight answers to questions in class made him think that this would be just as simple.

“Of course she will!” Jane exclaimed, patting David on the back (which he was not comfortable with one bit).

“You guys will have sooo much fun!” Laura added.

Lily shrugged. “Why not?”

David smiled (but not a big one, because that is out of David’s ability. Everything he does, including smiling, must be serious) and thrust the rose into my hand. “I will expect to see you there.” Was that a threat? Or simply a polite way of saying, “I’ll meet you there?” Whatever it was, that was that. I was going to Hogsmead with the only person in the school, and possibly in the world who is geekier than myself. What happened to “opposites attract?” Doesn’t he want a girlfriend that is actually popular?

“Omigosh!” Laura screamed after David had returned to the Ravenclaw table.

“Your green eyes will go brilliantly with his blue ones...” Jane pointed out dreamily.

Lily smiled. “Your straight blond hair will make his dull brown hair shine...”

“I knew he was perfect for you...” Laura added.

I had enough. “Guys,” I started a little too noisily. Everyone looked up to see what was going on. This was probably mostly on account of the fact that I hadn’t yelled since Fred and George had turned my transfiguration homework orange in my second year. I lowered my voice, and one by one, heads turned back to their meals, uninterested again. “I. Don’t. Like. David. Clearwater.” I explained in staccato, picking at the rose’s delicate petals with every word.

“Denial!” Jane teased, much too loud.

“Would you just be quiet?” I asked, anger bubbling inside of me. I saw David glancing suspiciously in our direction.

Lily placed her arm gently on my shoulder. “Come on, you’ll have fun,” she said reassuringly. Not even sensible Lily understood.

I just love my friends... And that’s how I, Katherine Lovegood, ended up with the most boring boy on the face of this Earth. And worst of all, I didn’t even love him.


A/N: Yes, I started a new story even though I’m still in the middle of Annoying Love. I will still work on that one, but I just couldn’t resist starting one with the Lovegoods. Cyber hugs to you all! Please rate and review! :D

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