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Salt Rocks by javct
Chapter 7 : For Good
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Hermione returned to St. Peters the next day, Dorian waiting for her at the school entrance.


“Welcome back,” He said, pulling her into a hug, “You look beautiful,” Hermione knew that was a lie. She hadn’t got a wink of sleep the night before because she was too worried about Draco, that, and Mrs. Weasley had forced down at least 5 hot chocolates. When Hermione had looked in the mirror just before she dissaperated, her hair looked like it did in year 1; an overally large birds nest, her usual delicate eyes were puffy and her face was red and looked flustered.


“Thanks,” She said, tripping up the stairs, Dorian, however caught her just before she hit the ground.

“Here, let me take your bag,” Dorian offered grabbing her over night bag and began hauling it up the stairs.

“Is Draco here?” Hermione asked. Dorian laughed and tucked a piece of his jet black hair behind his ear.

“Not that I know of, but there was some commotion in his room last night,” Dorian dropped the bag on the teachers landing.


“What! When?” Hermione asked, panic filled her head.


“Around midnight. Hermione are you okay?” Dorian asked, placing his hand overs.
Hermione felt electric shocks fly up her arm at Dorian’s touch, she flinched a little.


“Hermione?” Dorian asked, his brown eyes filled with concern.


“Yeah, I didn’t get any sleep last night. I found a really good book and couldn’t put it down,” That wasn’t a complete lie, around midnight Hermione had enough of tossing and turning in bed so she got up and walked down the stairs, as quiet as a mouse, and walked over towards their bookcase. Picking up a book at the random she began to read, the book, she found out when she finished, was called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.  Dorian studied her face for a minute before nodding.

“Well, I’ll leave you to sleep then,” Dorian said before leaving, bestowing Hermione was a small kiss on the cheek.


“You know where to find me if you need anything,”


“But I have to teach,” She protested already falling asleep.


“It’s Sunday,” Dorian laughed and closed the door quietly.

Hermione was already asleep, fully dressed, before Dorian shut the door.

Hermione hid her wand in her pocket and walked up to the house that her parents were staying in, only to find the door was already open.


“I told them to keep the door locked,” She said to herself, sighing, she pulled her wand out just a precaution.

She could smell her mother’s cooking coming from the kitchen and she could hear her father talking, no, pleading.


“I don’t know where she is. Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you,” He said. Hermione pressed herself up

against the wall, her wand at her side.


“This is your last chance Mr. Granger. Your daughter for your wife,” Someone snarled. Hermione knew that voice, it was Scabior, the snatcher.


‘I thought he died,’ Hermione thought to herself, ‘no, he vanished after the battle,’ She corrected herself.


“I don’t know where she is, how many times do I have to tell you,” Mr. Granger said. Hermione heard her mother scream.


“Let her go!” Hermione and Mr. Granger screamed at the same time.


“Ah Hello Beautiful. How have you been?” Scabior smiled when he saw Hermione. She just raised her wand to him.


“Let. My. Parents. Go,” She snarled. Scabior just smiled and toyed with her hair.


“Hmm, I would love to let them go Beautiful, but as you see, I can’t, unless...,” Scabior was taunting her, Hermione knew it but she had to save her parents. No matter what the cost.


“Unless,” Hermione urged him on, lowering her wand slightly.


“Well, Lucuis Malfoy would care for a word with you Beautiful,” Scabior smiled and attempted to grab her wrist, but she yanked it away.


“Tut, tut, tut, that’s not a very wise move Darling,” He said, reaching for her wrist again. Hermione felt herself bump into a wall as she maneuvered herself away from Scabior.


“I’ll give you one more warning Miss Granger, you can come and meet Lucuis Malfoy, or you can watch your parents die,” He said, putting his hands on either side of Hermione’s head and leaning in. Behind Scabior, Hermione could hear her parents muffled screams.


“Fine I’ll go with you,” She said.


“Out the door if you please,” Scabior smiled, indicating to the door that she entered from. Obeying, she left.

As soon as she stepped out, two flashes of green occurred, followed by two screams.


“Mum! Dad!” Hermione yelled, running back in. Scabior was standing over two lifeless bodies.


“I’m sorry about that dear-,”

Hermione woke up, jolting out of bed. Her breaths were shallow and her forehead had beads of sweat around her hairline.


“It’s my fault,” She said, rocking back and forth. She was in the feeble position until the grand father clock in the hall struck 12.

Hermione grabbed her wand and tucked it into her back pocket of her jeans.

She walked quickly through the forest, her wand acting a flashlight. She didn’t walking until she reached the rustic old door that lead to Salt Rocks.

“Alohamora." She mummered and the door automatically opened.


“Lumos.” She muttered to the old, lamp posts that were anchored around the old fountain and the seats. Pulling out her book that she had hidden underneath her cloak, she sat down and began to read Beyond The Night by Marlo Schalesky.  It was without a doubt, Hermione’s favourite book ever and never got sick of reading it.


They tell me it never happened. They say it couldn’t have. Some call it a dream. Others say I’m a romantic. But I know what they’re thinking: I’m crazy. Touched by grief. Making up stories to ease my pain.

But I have no grief. Not anymore. And my pain is only a single note in the symphony of my peace, for I know what’s true. I watched her hand reach towards him. I heard his voice in the darkness. I saw their love. Paul and Maddie. So call me crazy if you must. But I know the power of love. I’ve glimpsed its mystery. I’ve witnessed its light.

If you doubt, come with me. Step through the shadows of time to when it began. A cold night. And beyond the night... well, come and see.



It had been a week since Hermione had seen Draco last and she was really beginning to worry. No matter how many letters she sent to Mrs. Weasley she never learnt anything knew.


“Where do you go to after supper Hermione?” Dorian asked on Thursday. Each day, without fail, Hermione would sneak away after supper into Salt Rocks for several hours, re reading Beyond The Night. Hermione just shrugged her shoulders.


“Out for a walk,” She stated walking into her room. Dorian followed her.


“Where?” He asked.


“Geesh leave me alone,” She laughed, pushing him in the shoulder.


Beyond the Night huh? It’s a good book,” Dorian commented, picking up the book from her vanity and flicking through it.


“Uh Hermione, you got a letter,” Dorian called out to Hermione, who was changing into her pajamas in the bathroom,

“It was on your bed,”

Hermione stepped out of the bathroom and picked the letter up.


“Draco,” She whispered faintly, recognizing the hand writing instantly.

A/N: Thanks for reading :) I'm sorry this chapter is a MAJOR filler and it's only because Salt Rocks, St. Peters and Dorian aren't going to be in the next chapter and I thought it would be only fair to let them shine even for a chapter :)

I do not own anything except to O.Cs and Salt Rocks, the books Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and Beyond the Night by Marlo Marlo Schalesky do not belong to me and neither does the quote from the book, they all belong to the writers and publishers

So let me know what you think

From javct x

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