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Potters Love Redheads by hermione_jane45
Chapter 1 : Prologue: Redhead Discoveries.
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 A/N: So, guys, this is my first next-gen fic! :) I hope that you love it!!! I'm very proud of it and I have big plans for it. Enjoy. 






“Redheaded Discoveries”





     I always wondered why there were different hair colors. What was the point of them exactly other than a reason for men to further discriminate women based in their appearances? None.


    Maybe I was biased. I envied girls with a different hair color other than my own. My dark, black hair wasn’t exactly the attractive type. That was the one thing I had inherited from my dad. Out of everything that I could’ve snatched from his gene pool? My hair pretty much sucked.

     You would think being the daughter of an international Qudditch star would give a girl a leg up with the boys, especially with the ones that actually played the sport and followed it. Maybe they just didn’t care about the fact that my father was Viktor Krum.

     It was a pity. At least if they cared about that a human with testosterone would realize that I existed. Honestly, being a sixth year with zero dating experience was on the verge of pathetic and crossing traffic into “I’m going to be an old cat lady that throws random hexes at the kids that come on my lawn” town.

     I guessed part of it was my fault. I had spent all six of my past years at Hogwarts with my heart set on James Sirius Potter, son of the savior of the Wizarding world, Harry Potter.


     Now, there’s more than one problem with this scenario other than the fact that I am a nobody.

     One problem might be the fact that James Potter is possibly the most popular guy to walk into this place since, I dunno, his father? Even if had the slightest ability to correspond with someone of the opposite sex I wouldn’t stand a chance in hell with James Sirius Potter. He’s the bloody captain of the Qudditch team. He has practically every girl in the school lining up just for the chance to touch his hair or something. When I thought about it, it was kind of pathetic.

     Look at me. I’m calling other people pathetic when I’ve spent the last six years of my life pinning over someone that still refers to me as Chasity instead of Cassidy when we’re partnered up in Potions class.

     I was beginning to think that, unlike my father, or mother for that matter. I just couldn’t attract people of the opposite sex. Or the same sex even. Maybe I was neutral. I was honestly convincing myself that the universe didn’t give me any sex appeal. Go figure.

     Anyway, as I was saying. The last problem on my list? Is a bit, complex, and it took a long time for me to come to the conclusion, no matter how obvious it may be.

     On the first day of my sixth year, I was on the platform when I noticed James’s parents. I noticed that his mother, Ginny was a redhead. She was gorgeous no doubt and James was practically the spitting image of his father.

     I’m not sure why, but seeing Harry Potter made me think back on all the research I had to do on him for my History of Magic classes, and I remembered the picture I had saw of Harry’s parents, James Potter the first and Lily Evans.

     Lily Evans was by far one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen and James Potter the first must’ve passed down his good looks to Harry, who gave them to James. I think I had spent an hour staring at that picture. I was wishing that it was James. But, hey, his grandpa’s close enough, right?

     Creepy, borderline telephilia filled thought aside, when I saw Ginny Potter, it made me remember that picture I saw of Lily Evans. I couldn’t help but notice a comparison between the two couples, other than the fact that Harry and James Potter the first could be identical twins, you know, if they weren’t father and son.

     I had studied the scene in front of me carefully. Yes. I did feel like a stalker. I probably looked like one too. If someone had noticed me, they probably thought I was a Potter fan-girl or something. Oh well, at least I would be recognized for something in my life time other than being wicked smart, and Viktor Krum’s daughter, of course. Not that those two things mattered much.


     Finally, after about ten good minutes of starting at the Potter-Weasley clan, trying to figure out what was the other similarity, it dawned on me. Ginny had red hair, just like Lily had.


     It didn’t take me long afterwards to figure out that James seemed to like the redheads as well. His latest girlfriend being the captain of the Ravenclaw Qudditch team, Ariana Brown, a gorgeous redhead that was James Potter in a woman’s body. She also happened to be the world’s biggest bitch. I was guessing that she had inherited it from her mother, Lavender. If you knew anything about Lavender Brown, you would know that she is totally crazy and I have no idea how she managed to get a man to sleep with her and create her very own mini-me. That’s just me.


     The only other things I know about Lavender Brown and Ariana are from what my Godmother has told me. My Godmother hates her with a passion.

     The ironic part about my Godmother is that she’s James’s aunt and yet, spending time with her never brings me any closer to James or the rest of the family. Can’t I catch a break?

     But, once again, I’m getting off track. I have a horrible attention span. Like I was saying, James Potter the first was in love with Lily Evans.


     Harry Potter, the boy who lived, is married to Ginny Weasley.



     James Sirius Potter is in love with Ariana Brown. She’s a redhead.

     I was beginning to notice a pattern here. It was official. Every single one of the Potters had thing for redheads. And I have, raven colored hair, and the raven is considered the bird of death. And I wondered why I repelled men.

     There was a tradition in the works. It seemed like it was a requirement in the Potter family for the men to marry redheads. That was going to change if I had anything to with it. Cassidy Krum was going to take a stand.

     In that moment when I was examining Ginny Potter when I thought to myself, “Potters love redheads, but not for long.”


A/N: That was the prologue. :) Hope that you enjoyed it. Chapter One should be up soon. 

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Potters Love Redheads: Prologue: Redhead Discoveries.


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