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Her Sight's on Sirius by EnigmaticEyes16
Chapter 2 : Ivette
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Thanks to nouvelle @ TDA for the amazing chapter image!


Chelsea had the info on Cadence Appleby in record speed; when she was free, where she would be at that time, what she would be doing there, who she would be with, etc.

She had it all by the time dinner was over.

The girl was a pro. Anything I needed to know, she could find it out. Even I don’t know how she does it. She just does.

I debriefed her on the plan later that night.

The next day, during our free period just after lunch, we met in front of the library and walked in together. We found Cadence inside, just like Chelsea said we would, at the exact table she said she would be sitting at, and doing precisely what she said she would be doing there, which was, not surprisingly, reading the latest issue of Witch Weekly.

I had to admit I was impressed; the girl really did her research on this one.

I knew there was a reason I chose her to be my best friend six years ago, when we first met on the Hogwarts Express.

What? Did you think I’d just pick any girl to be my best friend? Do you know who I am?

I’m Ivette Stone, the queen of manipulation, and I choose my friends wisely.

Er, friend, I mean. I only have Chelsea. But that’s because I only need Chelsea. A girl like me has got to have at least one friend, so I’m not stuck ranting to myself about my wonderful plans. Otherwise, I’d go mad. But one friend is enough; too many friends and one could be discovered for what one really is. Only Chelsea knows how I manipulate others and that’s how I intend to keep it.

I inspected every single first year girl on the train that day, and Chelsea was the only one even remotely worth my time. Unlike all the other annoying girls, talking loudly and laughing gracelessly, trying their best to mingle and make new friends, I found Chelsea sitting alone, minding her own business, intently reading Hogwarts: A History.

I knew no gossip-obsessed, boy-crazy, not-so-self-respecting girl would ever be found dead in such a situation, so I opened the compartment door, sat down, and started a conversation with her. Testing her with my well-thought-out questions to see if she was really worthy of being my best friend, and if she had what it takes to be my partner-in-crime.

Anyway, back to the present.

I signaled to Chelsea with a curt nod, which she returned. With that, I began making my way over to my next victim, with Chelsea following closely behind.

Reaching the blonde waste of space, I stopped and placed my hands on the table, leaning on them so that I hovered over the girl. She acknowledged my presence by freezing up, but she didn’t lift her eyes from the magazine.

“Hello,” I spoke up, keeping my voice even with just a hint of kindness.

Finally, she glanced up at me. “He-hello,” she replied, timidly, stuttering a bit.

I smirked inwardly, wondering if the girl was actually afraid of me. It wouldn’t be anything new. Because of my exclusiveness, most girls were unsure of how to act around me.

“Are you Cadence Appleby?” I asked, faking honest curiosity.

She nodded, still hesitant. “Yes, who wants to know?”

I smirked.

As if she didn’t know who I was.

“I’m Ivette, and this is my friend, Chelsea,” I stated, introducing the two of us as if I intended to make her one of the group.

She nodded to Chelsea, who smiled a genuine smile at the anxious blonde. I mentally smirked even wider at her excellent acting abilities, knowing that Chelsea’s magnificent display of sincerity would make her believe us for sure.

“Is it true that you’re dating Sirius Black?” I asked next, forcing Cadence to redirect her attention back to me.

“Yes,” she stated, befuddled. “He asked me out just before we all left for Christmas break. We’ve been going steady ever since.”

I nodded, putting on an air of solemnity. “Do you love him?”

“Of course,” she replied instantaneously.

Foolish girl, I thought.

“Why do you ask?” Cadence questioned, looking confused yet also slightly curious.

Shaking my head sadly, I let out a deep sigh. “I didn’t want to be the one to have to tell you this…” I trailed off.

“Tell me what?” she asked, worry etching into her forehead.

“Your boyfriend’s not as faithful as you might think,” I stated, apathetically.

“What do you mean?” she questioned. When I didn’t respond immediately, she became defensive. “You’re wrong,” she said. Apparently, I hit a nerve. “Sirius would never cheat on me. He loves me…”

She was starting to have doubts; I could see it in her watery, blue eyes; hear it as her words trailed off instead of being firmly asserted.

“If he really loves you, then where was he yesterday on the train?” I questioned boldly. “Did you see him at all yesterday?”

“N-no…” she was stuttering again.

I had her cornered now.

Wherever Sirius Black really was yesterday, I have not a clue, but neither did she and that was all I needed to set my plan into motion.

“You see, that’s the difference between you and me,” I stated, confidentially. “I saw Sirius Black yesterday on the train and you didn’t.”

“You saw him?” she asked, her curiosity building. “Where?”

“In the very last compartment,” I replied.

Finally, she asked the question I had been waiting for, “Who was he with?”

I stared down at her, trying my hardest to hide the smirk on my face but this was just too easy.

“Me,” I answered smugly. “And Chelsea, of course,” I added as an afterthought.

“You were with him, too?” Cadence asked, looking to the girl at my right. Her sad, watery eyes were practically begging Chelsea to say no.

But everyone knows we’re practically inseparable. Unless she’s on a mission for information, I rarely ever let the girl stray from my side.

Chelsea only nodded in the affirmative.

“What were the three of you doing in the last compartment?” Cadence asked.

“What do you think we were doing?” I asked. I knew she wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but I was pretty sure she knew exactly what I was talking about. “Sirius spotted us just as we were boarding the train and invited us in for a little fun. We had no idea that he was dating you at the time,” I explained, faking sympathy.

“We felt awful once we found out,” Chelsea added, putting on her sad face. “We were afraid to tell you,” she said, looking down, as if embarrassed, and then back up to meet Cadence’s desperate gaze, “but we knew we had to.”

I nodded in agreement. “No girl deserves to be treated that way. Sirius made a fool out of both of us yesterday,” I stated, gesturing to Chelsea and myself, “but he’s making an even bigger fool out of you by cheating. I mean, we were only with him for the length of the train ride. Who knows where he was or who he was with during and after the feast.”

“Or who he was with during the past month while we were all on break,” Chelsea pointed out.

Cadence took all of this in with a heavy heart, becoming more and more upset with every word we said.

“I can’t believe this,” she stated, more to herself than to us.

She better believe it, I thought, annoyed. I didn’t do all of this for nothing.

“It’s the truth,” I stated miserably. “You can’t deny that you haven’t wondered about Sirius’ faithfulness. He goes through girls faster than a child goes through a box of Every Flavor Beans. He’s a player.”

“And you know what they say,” Chelsea chimed in right on schedule. “Once a player, always a player.”

I nodded fervently, “He can’t be trusted.”

“You deserve so much better, Cadence,” Chelsea said, pleading for the girl to believe us. “We only want what’s best for you. That’s why we had to tell you the truth.”

“I believe you,” she suddenly said, looking up at Chelsea and me. There was no stuttering, no hesitation. She had asserted that she actually believed us. “But what am I supposed to do?” she then wilted, unsure of how to handle such a situation.

“Break up with him,” I stated firmly. “You can’t stay with him. You deserve to be loved, and by someone who’s worthy of you. Sirius doesn’t love you.”

“But how can I break up with him?” she asked. She was a whining child in need of some serious guidance.

“It’s simple,” I replied. “At dinner, you march into the Great Hall, go straight up to him, and tell him it’s over.”

“Then you walk away,” Chelsea added. “Don’t let him try to stop you or hassle you. If he demands an explanation, don’t even bother. Just. Walk. Away.”

“Men like him don’t deserve explanations,” I continued. “He’ll only try to pull you back in and then you’ll be the laughing stock of Hogwarts. Do you want that?”

She shook her head no.

“Of course, you don’t,” I said. “This is very simple. Don’t let him get a word in and he can’t trick you into believing his lies. Just do as we said, tell him it’s over and walk away. Leave the Great Hall if you must.”

“But what about dinner?” she asked, just like the pathetic excuse for a human being she was. God forbid the fat girl miss her dinner!

“Don’t you know how to get into the kitchens?” I snapped.

She flinched at my harshness and then nodded.

“Well, then you will get your dinner.”

Author's Note: And there's chapter two for you. Thank you all so much for reading and please leave a review before you go. If you found any misspellings or grammar issues, please let me know. Also, I'm still looking for title help. If you like the title then please let me know. If you have any ideas for a new one, feel free to share them.


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Her Sight's on Sirius: Ivette


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