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Beauty from Pain. by HannahLizzieeex
Chapter 1 : Once a Dork, Always a Dork.
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A/N - One-Shot story to help me revise for my history exam on the 7th June with the help of my two favourite characters, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. The two are married and expecting their first child.

"In 1909 Lloyd George tried to increase taxes in order to pay for his Social Reforms. The House of Lords refused to pass the Budget because the new taxes would hit wealthier people like themselves. Asquith, the Liberal Prime Minister, decided to call an election. If the Liberals came out on top, it would prove that people supported Lloyd George's budget. The Liberals did win but the Lords still refused to pass the budget. King George was forced to intervene. He told the Lords that unless they gave in then he would create lots of new Liberal Lords who would be able to out vote them. Asquith then took the-"

"Dork." Draco chuckled, interrupting his wife.

"I am not a dork!" Hermione protested, "I just enjoy reading."

"I'm almost certain that none of the books we keep in the library contain any muggle activity, especially muggle activity from 1909, therefore, my dear, you are still and forever will be, a dork." Draco chortled, gently lifting Hermione's soft chin to plant a kiss on her plump lips. She didn't protest against the kiss, she never did, however she did protest to Draco nicknaming her "dork". Always.

"There's nothing wrong with being educated, my love." She pointed out.

"But this stuff is in the past, Hermione." He smiled at her softly, "I'm perfectly educated of what's happening in this day and age, with unemployment and the credit crunch, but what use is the knowledge of Lloyd George?"

"He helped make Britain more democratic, Draco!" She frowned at him. Draco couldn't help but laugh at her agitated expression, this only made her even more irritated.

"I'm sorry, Hermione." He said, "I didn't mean to make you mad, it's great that you're educated in muggle history. You've always been the smartest out of the two of us." She smirked at this. She had always been the smartest, and this usually worked to her advantage, especially in their schooling days when she would often use her knowledge of stunning spells against Draco whenever he made a ignorant remark towards her blood status.

She had mixed feelings towards those days. Obviously she loved remembering back to the days when she would wake up and be greeted by her three best friends, Harry, Ron and Ginny, where they would walk to classes together, laughing about something Neville had done. She remembered this one time where Neville had tried unsuccessfully to whisper to Ron for help on how to ask Luna out, only a crowd of Gryffindors heard and Neville was the centre of all jokes for a week. That was until Luna heard and asked him out herself. That soon shut everyone up. They were happily married now, with 3 children; Prue, Ellise and Leo.

"You filthy little mudblood." was another memory still fresh in her mind. A memory from her second year at Hogwarts, when her and Draco loathed each other. Who would of thought the two would be sitting in their own living room, in their own house with Hermione carrying their first child.

Draco crossed the short space seperating the two, joining Hermione on the suede sofa they had picked together from the Spring/Summer collection in the Argos catalogue Hermione had brought home one day. A very muggle thing to do.

He wrapped his arms around her, sitting up as she rested herself half on the sofa and half on him, staying up until the early hours of the morning, discussing baby names and looking through catalogues for childs furniture. Ready to embrace parenthood and take on new responsibilities.

"So I was thinking, if it was a boy," Hermione looked up at Draco who was smiling down at her. The two had made up a game for themselves, well, more of a challenge really. Hermione would come up with a list of girls names, and Draco would come up with a list of boys names, they would compare the names and consider every angle of naming their child that perticular name. Draco had the most fun with this game as he enjoyed coming up with the nicknames their child could gain. Hermione couldn't help but laugh at Draco's adventurous imagination. "We could name it Lloyd? Second name, George?" He smirked down at his pouting wife and grinned heartidly, "You do look adorable when you're mad." Her face broke into a smile, Draco had always known how to make her smile.

That was one of the reasons Hermione knew that Draco was the one. He knew her imperfections but still loved her nevertheless. He could make her laugh on the most dismal of days and would always offer a shoulder to cry on on those rare occassions were he was unable to prevent the tears from gliding down her cheeks. She would rarely cry. The last time she had been reduced to tears was when she recieved a letter from Harry, anouncing the passing of Ron. He had suffered a heart attack and died hours later in St Mungo's. Hermione and Draco had both attended the funeral and were both deeply saddened by the news.

"Draco?" She asked lightly.

"Yes, my love?"

"I know this is your job, but.. if it is a boy, why don't we call it Ron?"

"That is an excellent idea, Hermione." He said delicatley whilst stroking her bronze curls, "A beautiful way of remembering Ron." Hermione didn't reply to this vocally, but instead reached up and caressed his cheek with the back of her hand.

"What about Piper, for a girl?" He offered.

"Beautiful." She whispered, stroking her stomach.







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