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Hero of War by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 60 : Growing Up and Moving On
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A/N: Ok so this is it! The last chapter of this story! Please read the author’s note, it would mean a lot to me.

I want to take this moment to thank you all for reading and reviewing and I really hope you enjoyed it. You were all my motivation; I started writing for myself but it was you all reading and reviewing that kept this story alive. I cannot find the words to express to you all how grateful I am for your words of praise and continued reading.

The idea came to me when I realised after my Pop died that when people lose those they loved, they were just gone. So I thought what if there was a way they could still communicate with them. So from there the idea was born. I wanted to use characters that weren’t used much and I wanted to introduce my own characters to give a little more definition to the story. Over the last 60 chapters, I’ve had different ideas pop into my head and in the end they all matched together like a puzzle which wasn’t planned but ended up coolly enough working :)

This chapter is similar in structure to chapter 16: Such a Likeness, it summarises what happens in the future, just a way to end it, so please don’t judge it on how its written just read it for what happens to the characters, I hope you have fallen in love with throughout the story. It’s been awesome fun and I’m really glad I now have If It’s Love to continue with as I feel like I’m losing some of my characters :) By the way If It’s Love is a Marauders era story, a prequel to this one, so if you ever wanted to read more about Sirius and Ruby, Remus and his mysterious past and Lily and James, give it a read. It is written for my fans, to let you all know how they began, and how they got to where they did in Hero of War.

I want to thank Secret Stag; who has helped me get to 300 reviews and always stayed with the story no matter what. You’re amazing for going back and reading reviewing just so I could have my dream of 300+ reviews, it means more to me than you’ll ever know. And Phillip who said he will make it his mission so to speak to get me to 300. Thank you both so much.
Also to special gratitude to Mef hplvr, Corko, GryffindoreChicky101, RosalieHaleDiggory, paddypaws, Kirsty Weasley, Spell Maker and Maanf for always reading and reviewing; you are all so amazing and I wish I could meet you all and thank you all personally for staying with my story from the beginning and reviewing nearly every chapter. :) Sorry to those who I didn’t mention by name but you are all in my heart. Also thanks to everyone else who reviewed I wish I could thank you all individually but unfortunately I can’t. Thank you to everyone who read this story and please give the prequel a read, it’ll be worth it I promise.

Now please enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think, but please be kind, this chapter was probably the hardest to write so far :)

Chapter 60

Fred Weasley stood in his room on the 3rd of May, the day after the Battle had ended, holding Ruby while Mathilda magically summoned all their possessions into the boxes in which they had been packed into originally when their home on Archer Way had been destroyed.

Mattie shrunk them all down and looked around at the room they had lived in for nearly a year, the room where their baby girl had been born. She wasn’t going to miss feeling imprisoned within Potter Manor but she was going to miss having her family around her at all times.

‘You ready?’

‘Yeah, I’ve got everything. It’s time we go home,’ Mattie said before Fred put a finger up to stop her talking. He leant down and kissed her lips gently.

‘Matt, I…’ Mattie looked at him carefully. ‘I’m so glad we’re still together and I didn’t have to go through what your dad went through.’

‘So am I. Now come on lets go say goodbye to everyone,’ Mattie put the boxes into the pocket of her jacket, tugging slightly at her denim skirt. She followed Fred from the room and down the stairs to the living room which had over the time become that of a meeting point for the group. She smiled as she took in her surroundings; the Potter family happily seated near each other, with Ginny perched on Harry’s lap, Ginny resting her hand on Harry’s which was placed on her thigh. Mattie caught Harry’s eyes and winked which made her brother blush an incredible red. She noticed the Weasley’s still sad looking but also looking very relieved and content all at the same time. Remus was bouncing Georgia on his knee while Tonks held baby Teddy, Georgia’s squeal of happiness making her parents appear to glow. Mattie looked over to her father who was sitting talking with James, holding Terra’s hand while Jonah quietly sat cuddled up with his mother.

‘We’re off,’ Fred said and the room grew silent, they knew they were all heading home today but verbalising it seemed shocking. Sirius stood up and walked over to Mattie. Something seemed too have been going on between them that couldn’t be described in words since they came home after the Battle. He looked at her carefully and it was like coming to turns with losing her all over again, as she got ready to leave him and their home and head into her own life.

She stroked the side of his face gently, and shook her head softly. ‘You mean everything to me. I…’

‘Matt, you don’t have to say anything…’

‘But I do. I am who I am because of you. I am happy, safe and loved because of everything you did for me. I am the person I am, stubborn, proud and sometimes irrational, because of you, you made me who I am. You are the most amazing person I know and I love you so much. So much Daddy,’ nobody spoke, nobody breathed as Sirius stood speechlessly looking at his child. He grabbed her roughly and hugged her firmly, as she gripped his back. The relationship Sirius and Mathilda Black had had always been awed by those who knew even some of the depth to it. It was strange to say the least, just how in sync they were and how much they loved one another. Everyone in that room knew of the struggles both Sirius and Mathilda had overcome individually and together and it just seemed to make them understand this irrational declaration of love.

‘I am very proud to have you for a daughter. I love you, Bub,’ Sirius said softly still holding her tightly. ‘You’re coming over for your birthday, right? Traditional family dinner,’ Mattie nodded, smiling.

‘We’ll be there, like always,’ Sirius beamed and put her in a head lock. ‘Dad!’ She squealed as she tried to force his hand away from messing up her hair. Everyone laughed, enjoying how one moment could be serious and full of emotion with the next been fun and full of easygoing laughter.

‘Matt, she’s getting cranky,’ Fred said taking Ruby from George who had been trying to calm her down.

‘Ok,’ Mattie said as with one final burst of strength she broke free and looked smugly at her father, who stepped forward and kissed her forehead. She took Ruby and bounced her gently as Fred said goodbye to his family. She hugged everyone before turning to Harry. ‘You know what?’


‘We both made it, Harry; we’re both alive and sane.’

‘Well I’m sane I don’t know about you,’ Harry said laughing.

‘You saved us all, Harry,’ Mattie whispered to him and when he shook his head Mattie hit him in the arm and glared at him until he nodded his agreement. Fred grabbed her free hand and led her away slightly. ‘We’ll see you all in a few days,’ Mattie smiled before following Fred from the room before they disapparated to their home.

They appeared in an alley way and walked the small distance to their 3 bedroom home. Mattie was slightly nervous about her home, but as usual that didn’t stop her as she barrelled inside. She walked into the living room and spun around happy that they were finally free to live their lives and raise their daughter, safely. Mattie placed her down in her bouncer and hugged Fred. She had wrapped her arms around him, just under his arms and had her head rested on his chest. He held her tightly, leaning down to kiss the top of her head before taking her hand and spinning her round. He stopped her spinning and reached into his pocket. He took her hand and set it flat before placing the object on her palm. Mathilda looked down and smiled as she saw her shrunken down piano.

‘Couldn’t leave that behind now, could we?’ She kissed him hard on the mouth before dancing her way up the stairs to put it back in its rightful place on the second floor of number 113 Archer Way.


Mathilda held Fred’s hand as she walked down the street of her mother’s childhood home. Ruby was in her carrier, her back against her mother’s chest, Mattie playing with her little feet as they walked along.

‘So we just have to remove the wards?’ Fred asked swinging their entwined hands.

‘Yeah,’ Mattie said as she knocked on the red door, waiting patiently. The door opened hesitantly and her aunt’s face poked out. Adelaide gasped and yanked the door open all the way leaping forward and hugging her tightly.

‘Look at you,’ she said grinning as she moved back, letting Mattie and Fred walk in. Fred pulled Ruby out of the carrier and bounced her pulling a fish face.

‘Hey Pop,’ Mattie said as she greeted him and the rest of her family including her twelve cousins. She turned watching as her baby was past around the room, giggling unexpectedly at the unfamiliar faces. She always was an easygoing baby. Mattie spotted Clare and grabbed her arm, pulling her aside. ‘I brought you something,’ Mattie said smiling at the confused look on her cousin’s face. Mattie took a few steps back and opened the front door, pulling someone inside.

‘Dean!’ Clare cried loudly, tears in her eyes as her boyfriend smiled at her. Everyone had turned as Clare leapt forward hugging her wizard boyfriend. She pulled back and they looked at each other for a moment, before he leaned down and brushed his lips against her own.

Mattie left them to it going outside to remove the protection she had placed around it, including the ward that stopped them leaving without her knowledge and returned to the house, she had grown so comfortable been in. She closed the door, feeling content that not only was she surrounded by her magical family but also her mother’s muggle family, and the family each one of her mother’s siblings had created for themselves.


Mathilda sat across from one of her closest friends, watching as Coraline let a single tear trickle from her eye. She got up quickly and knelt in from of Cora, grabbing her hand.

‘I can’t take it anymore, Matt. Derek can’t do anything, he just sits there. I’m trying to look after the kids and him but I can’t do it all.’

‘Ok, this is what we’re going to do. Audrey, Clarea and Benjamin are going to come and stay with me and Fred for a while. Meanwhile, you and Derek can have some time to grieve and come to terms with it all. I think the girls will listen to me, Audrey did when I first met her and it seemed to help,’ Mattie’s face was full of kindness as she smiled at her friend’s reluctance. ‘It’ll work out, Cora,’ Cora cried again slightly, standing and hugging Mathilda tightly.

‘Thank you, Matt. I’ll bring them by later today. Thank you,’ she said quickly hugging Mattie again before heading towards the front door.

Later that day at the sound of the doorbell, Mattie got up passing Ruby to George as Fred and her went to the front door. They opened it and Mattie smiled as she saw the two blonde girls before her and her friend holding a growing baby boy with dark hair.

‘Are you sure about this?’ Cora asked as Fred took the bags from her and the girls and started back into the house.

‘Yes, now get lost,’ Mattie said beaming as she took the 15 month old from Cora and moved aside to let Audrey and Clarea enter the house. She watched Cora walk away before closing the door. ‘So Audrey, Clarea, do you want to see your room?’ They looked at her carefully. They had seen her on and off since they had left the Potter family, but for a while they had spent six years being apart of a family who could give them a mother, a father, an aunt and later a little brother. Mattie past Ben to Fred and led the girls upstairs.

‘I’ll be right back,’ Mattie said to the girls as she heard George call her and Ruby screaming her little lungs out. When she came back into the room she found each girl sitting on their own bed, staring into nothing. Mattie looked at ten year old Audrey and eight year old Clarea and felt her heart melt for them.

‘I think I’ll go play with Benny,’ Clarea said hugging Mattie tightly around the waist before she left the room.

‘Audrey?’ The girl remained silent. ‘Talk to me, Audrey.’

‘I still remember my mum, my dad, Ozzi. Still remember the night I met you. Then we stayed with guys for a while and I felt at home. Then Holly and Derek wanted kids but couldn’t have them so they adopted us and then they had Benjamin and I stupidly thought they wouldn’t want Clarea and me anymore but Holly spoke to me and…And now she’s gone…’ Mattie sat down on the bed and hugged Audrey.

‘Audrey, it will get easier. It did with your own parents and Oscar, didn’t it? Not completely but enough so you could smile without feeling guilty. It will be the same with Holly, I promise.’ Audrey nodded and looked at Mathilda laying her head on her shoulder. Being ten and having already had to lose her family and then the mother figure she was given would be enough to push anyone over the edge. But Mathilda knew these girls would be fine, they were so strong and once Cora and Derek were ok they would be better too.


Sirius stood proudly watching as his daughter and godson brought in Yaxley. Sirius knew that during the second battle that had taken place moments before Harry had defeated Voldemort, Fred and George Weasley had defeated him. However his body had never been recovered and was then put on the list of escaped Death Eaters, who were going to be brought down by the Auror department. Mathilda and Harry turned as everyone cheered, Yaxley been one of the top ten to contain.

It had been about ten months and Mattie had been busy, joining the Auror department finally, looking after Audrey, Clarea and Benjamin for a month or so before they went home and she continued to check in on them, and of course raising her daughter. She made sure all her curls were still held in her braid before bidding her goodbyes to everyone and heading from the Ministry of Magic, into the streets of London.

She pulled her bag more firmly onto her shoulder as she pulled at the long sleeved dress and cardigan she had just pulled on, having wanted to change out of her work clothes. She strolled happily along the streets of London until she reached the Leaky Cauldron. She practically skipped through the pub and into Diagon Alley smiling as she entered her husband’s joke shop.


‘He’s upstairs,’ Beth said leaning down behind the counter.

‘Thanks, B,’ Mattie ran up the stairs and opened the door to find Fred and George laughing as Remus tried without success to talk to them about a large order. ‘Hey,’ Mattie said looking around spotting Tonks sitting on a couch, rubbing her growing belly.

‘Mama,’ Mattie turned and crouched down, pulling her 14 month old into her arms.

‘Dora, good news, Harry and I got Yaxley today,’ Tonks looked surprised but pleased as she pulled Teddy onto her lap.

‘That’s great, Matt. Was he a pain in the a…?’

‘The usual, but well Harry and I are brilliant, so he didn’t stand a chance.’

‘And very modest,’ Remus said smirking looking up from his work.

‘By the way, Matt, we found out that we’re having a girl. So you’ll have another goddaughter.’ Tonks said smiling.

‘Awesome, another girl,’ Mattie said looking around at the three and a half year old Georgia, smiling. ‘Well I’m going home, you be careful with my goddaughter you hear?’

‘Of course,’ Tonks said beaming looking down at her 5 month protruding stomach.

‘Yes, Ma’am’ Georgia said saluting her before Mattie reached forward and tickled before putting her down on the couch beside her mother. Mattie kissed her cousin’s cheek before turning to leave.

‘I’ll see you at home,’ Fred moved away from his brother to kiss her and Ruby before watching his nearly twenty year old wife leave the building.

She walked out of the pub and disapparated a town away from her own before subtly conjuring a pram and placing Ruby inside before heading down the street, heading for home. Mathilda hadn’t felt this content for a long time and it was to be honest a breath of fresh air. She knew her family was safe and she loved being a mum, a wife, an Auror. She loved being free to live out her life without fear.


Remus Lupin walked from the elevator his head held high unsure of why he had been summoned to the Minister of Magic’s office on an early Friday morning. He paused outside the door and knocked sharply. The door flew open and there stood Kingsley Shacklebolt, beaming at him.

‘Remus, come in. It’s great to see you. How’s the family? I heard congratulations are in order.’

‘Thanks. Dora just got home yesterday, so today was our first day with all three of the kids.’

‘It was a girl, wasn’t it?’

‘Yeah, we called her Ebony Lena Lupin. How have you been, Kingsley?’

‘Busy, but things are settling down now since my position as Minister was finalized. We’re in the process of organising the Ministry. That is part of the reason I asked you to come down here.’

‘By the way congratulations, it’s a huge honour and you’ll bring us all back to the way it should have been. But I don’t understand why I’m here?’

‘There is a position in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, as Head of Department. I need someone with dignity and sight to help lead us. I want that person to be you.’ Kingsley said his head held high. Remus looked at him, shocked. ‘Now I don’t want you to think that I want you in this position because of what you are, I want you because things have happened in your life that mean you know what’s special and how to make the wizarding world see how our magical creatures saved us in the Battle of Hogwarts.’

Remus Lupin continued to stare, shocked.

‘I’m speechless…’

‘I can tell,’ Kingsley said chuckling.

‘I…I’m honoured. Could I think about it?’

‘Of course, talk it over with Tonks. Get back to me, tomorrow,’ Remus stood extending his hand.

‘Thank you,’ he smiled before walking swiftly from the office, leaving Kingsley grinning behind him. Remus took off running, heading to where his family would be. He reached the fireplaces in the Atrium at a run and excused himself as he ran into Dirk Cresswell.

He arrived moments later at the Black home in Godric’s Hollow, where his wife and children were to meet him for lunch.

‘Dora!’ Remus yelled as he flew through the kitchen, surprising Terra as he flew through the backdoor. Tonks jumped up, making sure not to hit the pram holding her newborn baby girl as she flew towards her husband.

‘What’s wrong?’ She asked quickly her voice full of panic.

‘Kingsley offered me a job!’

‘Doing what?’

‘As Head of the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.’ The group froze as silence fell over them. Lily left her two and a half year old twins before turning to the group of adults. Mattie leaned down and put her 19 month old daughter down near Teddy before turning to hug Remus excitedly.

‘Congratulations!’ they all said happily.

‘I said I had to think about it.’

‘What?’ Sirius asked loudly.

‘Why?’ James yelled standing directly in front of his friend.

‘Cause it’s a big decision and…’

‘You’ve wanted something like this since we left Hogwarts,’ Sirius said.

‘But…’ Remus said turning to Fred, ‘You and George gave me a job when I needed it most. I can’t just leave you high and dry.’

‘We’ve worked together for what nearly three years? I speak for both of us when I say, get lost!’ Fred was smirking as he looked at Remus. ‘You’ve helped us out heaps but now you must spread your wings and fly for yourself,’ Fred said theatrically, though you could see in his eyes that the words he spoke were sincere.

‘Moony, you deserve this. It took you long enough to give in to the fact that you were falling for Tonks. Don’t do the same thing with this,’ James said and watched the thought process evident on Remus’ face.

‘Baby,’ Tonks said taking his hands in hers. ‘You have given so much to everyone else, its only right that you finally get given something in return.’ Remus looked at her and nodded. Nymphadora leaned forward and kissed him, gently on the lips. ‘Now go and tell Kingsley yes, then come home.’ Remus kissed her again before heading inside to the fireplace. He grinned to himself as he was swallowed up by the green flames.


Harry flew down to the ground on his broom, his feet reaching the floor at the same time as Ginny’s did. She looked over at him and dropped her broom just as he stepped forward and touched her face. She leant her cheek into his hand, her brown eyes full of devotion as he leant forward and kissed her. The ring on her finger, on her left hand catching on his hair slightly as she ran her hands through it, kissing him passionately. They were completely lost in one another. Twenty one year old Harry pulled Ginny’s t-shirt off her right shoulder, brushing his lips gently against her warm skin.

Someone cleared their throat and Harry and Ginny pulled apart quickly, their faces flushed.

‘Dad,’ Harry said his voice hard. James however was beaming like an idiot.

‘Dinner’s ready,’ Harry pulled a face as he wrapped an arm around Ginny’s shoulders, following his father into his childhood home. They sat down, Harry laughing at AJ who was trying to balance a spoon from the tip of his nose.

‘Aidan James, use your spoon to eat your stew,’ Lily scolded at her eleven year old son who was about to start at Hogwarts. She turned her back for a moment, turning back to find her husband, four children and soon to be daughter-in-law with spoons dangling from their noses. She shook her head as she sat down.

‘Here, mummy, you try,’ four year old Claudia said holding up her silver spoon to her mother. Lily hesitated before following her daughter’s request, Myles and AJ laughing loudly as the spoon fell from her nose the moment it had made contact. Irritated she told her family to eat or she would take it away. As they ate Harry played with Ginny’s hand under the table, running his fingers along the inside of her hand. She pulled her hand away and started to run her hand up his thigh, making him squirm slightly, a dorky grin planted on his face.

Later that night they found themselves with James and Lily in the living room, talking happily, Harry relishing having Ginny Weasley by his side, already having agreed to stay with him for the rest of their lives.

‘Come on James. We’ll see you in the morning for Ebony’s first birthday,’ Lily said nodding slightly at Ginny who grinned watching as Lily led her husband up the stairs and into their bedroom. Each room in the house was now full, one now not used as much as Harry had moved out with Ginny over 12 months ago. Harry looked at his fiancé before kissing her neck gently.

‘You know what?’

‘What?’ Harry mumbled into the side of her neck as she hung her head back slightly.

‘I’m really glad my brothers didn’t kill you when they first found out about us,’

‘Mmhmm,’ Harry replied distracted


‘Ginny, I’m doing some of my best work here and you’re talking right through it. Shhh,’ Harry said softly kissing her lips. Ginny still having things to say, decided they could wait till later and kissed him back, with every bit of love she had ever felt for him.

Together they were the perfect pair, so in sync, so very together. Everyone thought Harry deserved it after everything that had happened but all he thought was that he was lucky that this beautiful creature that had her legs wrapped around him, straddling him had chosen him, the supposable ‘Chosen One’ and made him happier than he thought he could be.


‘Now you must understand boys that what you did was wrong. You should know the difference between what is right and wrong,’ Minerva McGonagall said her voice rising before turning away from the fifteen year old Gryffindor’s and towards their parents who sat across from her on the other side of the desk.

Sirius Black and James Potter sat beaming proudly while Terra and Lily were looking at their sons, shaking their heads. Jonah Black’s hair had darkened but not by much, his grey eyes and his build identical to his father, along with Sirius’ characteristic smirk. Aidan was tall and muscular just like James and was the spitting image of him, minus the glasses.

Together the boys were carrying on their father’s legacy. The Marauder’s had returned to Hogwarts and were giving McGonagall hell, aging her quickly though entertaining her along the way.

‘Minnie, what is it exactly that our boys did?’ Sirius asked.

‘Don’t call me Minnie! Your boys, Sirius cursed the Slytherin’s so they had to crawl around the castle the whole day and made it last 24 hours, so it could not be removed,’ her tone was stern as she spoke. ‘It was completely unnecessary. They are definitely their father’s boys, they’re more troublesome than Mathilda and Harry and even the Weasley twins.’

‘What can we say, like father like son,’ James said his smile lighting up his whole face before his wife smacked his arm.


Remus looked at his wife as she held their now eight year old daughter in her arms as she cried. He had never thought he would be as lucky as to have her in his life, let alone be given three beautiful children to love and protect. He was forever grateful to Nymphadora Lupin for loving him, as much, if not more originally as he did. Remus was still astounded that he was married to an amazing witch who was 13 years younger than himself.

‘Teddy, why did you push her over?’ Tonks asked her voice hard as she looked at her ten year old son. Teddy looked petrified at his mother’s gaze and bowed his head slightly.

It had been 2 months since a nearly 12 year old Georgia had left for her first year of Hogwarts and Remus missed her tremendously. He had never discovered why his bond with his eldest daughter was stronger than perhaps his other two children combined. Ebony looked like Andromeda, with dark brown hair and a caring face; she unlike her mother and siblings did not possess the ability to change her appearance.

The day he found out that his friends had discovered his secret had been one of the most nerve-racking experiences in his life. However now, the idea of something happening to Georgia, without him being able to help her, made his skin crawl.

‘Go and play nicely,’ Tonks said watching her youngest kids run off, before collapsing down on the couch next to her husband, who was reading a novel. ‘Can I distract you?’ He looked up and saw her looking at him, her eyes twinkling. Remus put the book down and ran his hands up her bare arms.

‘You know you can…’ She leaned forward and kissed him. His arms grabbed her waist and pulled her closer until she was sitting on him. Remus grabbed his wand as Tonks kissed her way down his neck, casting a spell that would alert them to their children’s presence.

‘I love you, Remus Lupin,’ Tonks said as she felt her husband grab the back of her hair and pull her lips harder against his own.

‘I once hated the fact that I wanted you. But after being with you I could not imagine living without you.’ And with that Remus Lupin pulled his 34 year old wife towards him let his hands wonder, making Tonks squeal before pushing him back against the couch and kneeling on either side of him, looking down for a moment before kissing her werewolf.


‘Dad, will mum be ok?’ Ruby Weasley asked as her father came off the Hogwarts Express after having put her trunk in her compartment.

‘She’ll be fine. She’s fought worse. She’s just sorry; she couldn’t be here to see you off. So you got stuck with me and George,’ Fred said smiling.

‘I can’t believe it’s my third year,’ Ruby said spinning slightly, smiling. Ruby was tall, just like both her parents. She had long dark curls, which reached her shoulder blades and seemed to glow when the sun hit it and brought the red in her hair to life. Her blue eyes were wide as she saw Remus, Tonks and their three kids arrive. Ruby kissed her father and joined Georgia, fifth year and Teddy, third year in the compartment she had saved, waiting for Claudia and Myles, fourth year and Ebony, first year.

‘Bye, my baby,’ Tonks said hugging her youngest child. She looked down at her round face and shoulder length dark brown hair. ‘Have fun at school and don’t let Teddy pick on you,’

‘Ok, mum. I love you,’ Ebony said quickly before turning to her father kissing his cheek and hugging him tightly before climbing on the train. She sat down next to Ruby and the window and waved as the train rolled away.

She had been excited about going to Hogwarts since her parents had started telling her about their lives at school. Now she could hardly believe she was going but as she sat there laughing and talking with her family she knew that her life in Hogwarts was going to be very different from her parents and godparents, who had a very hard time during the first and second wars.


‘What do you think they’ll say?’ sixteen year old Victoire asked as she hesitated stepping off the train. She glanced out the window and saw the large group that was her family, her siblings running up to their parents, screaming happily.

‘I don’t know. But I reckon they’ll be happy,’ Teddy said, squeezing her hand.

‘Well mum was seventeen when she started things with dad and I’m sixteen so that wn't be too much of a problem right?’

‘Don’t worry so much,’ Teddy said pulling her towards him and letting his lips press against her neck. His lips moved to kiss her bare shoulder, grateful to whoever invented the boob tube. She pulled his face up and kissed his lips.

‘Come on,’ Victoire said smiling as she took his hand and led him from the train. She smiled as the large group froze, taking in the couple before them.

‘A Lupin and a Weasley,’ Ginny said smirking, her hand on Harry’s arm to stop him from leaping forward and killing his godson. Victoire smiled before leaning across and kissing his cheek.

‘I’ll see you in a couple days for Mattie's and Fred's anniversary party,’

‘You will,’ Teddy said kissing her lips softly before walking over to his parents and siblings and disapparating from Kings Cross station, leaving Victoire giggling nervously as she approached her family.


Mathilda lay on her back looking at the roof of her bedroom, her husband asleep next to her. Today the 4th of July they had been best friends for 27 years, a couple for 20 years and husband and wife for 17 years. As she lay there she thought of everything they had overcome as a couple, and knew that she was lucky to have fallen asleep to the sound of heart beating for so long.

Fred felt movement and opened his eyes to find his wife already awake and looking distracted. He moved his left hand under the covers and ran it along her stomach. After having had three kids, she looked bloody good in a bikini. Fred leaned over and kissed her gently, her arms automatically coming up to embrace him.

‘Happy anniversary, beautiful,’ Mattie smiled and kissed him.

’17 years with you, lucky me,’ this time it was Fred’s turn to beam. ‘Come on we should get up and get ready for our party,’ Mattie went to get up only to find Fred’s arms wrapped around her waist. He pulled her back down and rolled over on top of her, kissing her passionately.

‘Eww, Mum, Dad, kid in the room!’ nine year old Allegra cried from her position by the door. Mathilda pulled away from her husband’s lips and looked at her daughter.

‘Ally, Why don’t you go wake up your brother and sister and we’ll be in the kitchen soon,’ Mattie said biting her bottom lip trying not to squeal as Fred squeezed her hip. Ally turned and left the room heading for the stairs. They had added another room to the two original upstairs bedrooms when Allegra came along and it was a good thing because they could argue enough without having to live within the same walls.

‘I think we’ve scared our daughter,’ Fred said laughing as he watched Mattie get up and head to the wardrobe.

Ten minutes later Mattie and Fred walked into the kitchen to start breakfast to find it empty.

‘They get us out of bed and they won’t even get their own butts up,’ Fred said grouchily sitting down as Mattie past him a cup full of coffee. She wandlessly started breakfast and sat down to drink her own cup. When the food was down she served it and stuck her head out of the room slightly.

‘Ruby! Noah! Allegra! Breakfast!’ It had been a whirlwind over the last 17 years. Ruby had been four when things have settled down in the Wizarding world and their son had been born. ‘Come on guys, we need to get ready to leave!’ As she sat down Jace and Ally walked in followed by a sleepy looking Ruby, sitting down, talking happily.


Sirius Black stretched as he walked down the stairs into the mess that was the preparation for his daughter’s party. Lily and Terra were running around cooking and organising. He walked over to the couch and sat down next to James who was talking to Myles and Claudia who were now seventeen years old.

Today was bound to be a big family day. It took an event like this to bring the whole uncoordinated family together. Sirius and Terra were hosting with the aid of Lily and James, and couldn’t wait to see everyone. AJ now 24 was married to Eva who was expecting their first child. Jonah was also 24 and married to a witch called Sophie and had a son, Anthony who was now 2. Remus and Tonks of course had their three; Georgia, 18, Teddy, 16 and Ebony, 14. They were the Marauder side of the family.

Then of course the two families; Marauders and Weasley’s were brought together by firstly Mathilda, but secondly Harry who was now 33, married happily to Ginny Weasley. Together the pair had four children; Albus, 11, Tyler, 8, and twins; Jace and Addie, both 5. And of course Mattie and Fred had their three; Ruby, 16, Noah, 12 and Allegra, 9.

The Weasley’s already large family had also expanded, with Bill and Fleur having three; Victoire, 15, Dominique, 13 and Louis, 10. Charlie was married to Bridget who was also a dragon fanatic just like him, making them the perfect couple and together they had a little girl called Davanee, who was 7. George of course ended up married to Angelina and had twins, Levi and Roxanne, 6. And finally Ron who as every single person could have predicted married Hermione Granger and had two kids; Rose, 12 and Hugo, 8. The family still missing Percy but having filled the hole ever so slightly, though he would always have a place in their hearts, especially for having come back to them just in time.

They were one family that had been through it all together and were still standing, travelling through their individual lives together.

It was nearing eleven when everyone started arriving and lunch began. It was full of toasts, chatter, and laughter as they ate. Whether they were together or not they always knew that one another were there ready to help whenever it was needed, which since Harry had ended Voldemort, hadn’t been as terrifying as it had once been.

Mattie sat beside her husband looking from her children, to her godkids, to her nieces and nephews. Her eyes drifted over her father, godparents, mother, father brothers and sisters-in-law.

Life had continued for them all and they were all enjoying the fact that their once feared lives were safe and happy.

‘We need music!’ Rose said before running over to her mother and asking her to conjure her guitar. In the process Fred conjured Mathilda’s piano and led her over to it and Rose returned and together they started to play. People jumped up, enjoying the atmosphere, while Sirius played bubbles with the younger children, including his grandson.

‘Come dance, mama,’ Ally said tugging on her mother’s arm. Mattie went to say no but instead she enchanted her piano to continue to play while she got up and twirled her daughter around on the grass.

‘May I cut in?’ Fred asked and Ally giggled before she moved over to ask George to dance. Fred held her waist and moved his mouth close to her ear.

‘You are beautiful. I love you Mathilda.’

‘I love you too.’ Mattie said as she hugged him tightly, her arms wrapped around his shoulders. She pulled back and kissed him, her soft lips brushing his with the flicker of passion and memories. He held her tightly to him as she wrapped her arms around him neck as she deepened the kiss.

Sirius stood to the side with James and smiled at how happy his little girl was. James was thinking the same thing about Harry who was dancing with his little girl; Addie, her little arms clinging to his neck as he spun around, her red hair flying around her, her giggles filling the air.

‘It was about time those two got a chance to relax aye? With their kids finally getting older, they can sit back a bit more now,’ James said.

‘Yeah but if anything happens we both know neither of them will sit on the sidelines.’

‘Yeah, but nothing’s going to happen.’

‘I hope nothing does, we’ve all had enough trouble for a lifetime.’ Sirius said thinking over the loss of Ruby, raising Mattie, growing up himself with the Marauders by his side, marrying Terra and having Jonah, watching Mathilda get married and have a family of her own and kick ass in one hell of a battle.

They’d all grown up and Sirius loved been surrounded by this family oppose to the one he had been born into. In this case he couldn’t originally choose his family but at the end of the day he had chosen the best family one could find.

At the end of everything there was nothing as miraculous as family. And what was even more amazing was that they had come through two wars, they had stayed by one another’s sides through it all, blood related or not and had come through with a few battle scars and emotional memories but overall they were just one big, happy family. Together, mix-matched, they were truly an act of serendipity; a fortunate accident. Very fortunate accidents where they’re lives were intertwined by the choices they each made.

And as they danced and talked in the backyard of their Godric’s Hollow home those who had left them looked down, grinning at the absolute freedom that they all now had the pleasure of experiencing.

‘Life’s not bad, is it Prongs?’ Sirius said casually.

‘It’s not bad at all, Padfoot. Not bad at all.’



A/N: I’ve written a one shot about Sirius and Ruby as a sort of continuation of this story so please give it a read and let me know what you think. So overall there’s If It’s Love, Hero of War and A Meadow of Memories. I hope you’ve enjoyed Hero of War and I hope you enjoy the rest of my stories just as much :)


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