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That's just life.. In Danish by ekroman
Chapter 5 : Wizarding Christmas
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Disclaimer: No I don't own anything. Did you siriously think I did?



“Lærke look!!” Lily Potter had just finished reading a letter from her parents and now she was talking very excitedly about it. “-and they invites you over for Christmas!” This statement forced me back to reality. “They what?” I asked not believing my own ears. “Invites you over for Christmas! Isn’t that amazing?” she asked, and not waiting for an answer she continued. “I told them, that you were staying at Hogwarts over the holidays, and they thought it could be nice to have you over. Here, you can read it yourself.” I took the now neatly folded piece of parchment from her hand and opened it up to read the letter.




Dear Lily




I’m glad to hear, that you are doing well in classes. We will be staying at the Burrow Christmas Eve, so nothing has changed on that matter. I couldn’t help but notice that your friend Laerke is staying at Hogwarts over the holidays. Isn’t that going to be awfully lonely for her? I mean she’s only a first year after all. What about you invite her home for the Holidays? I’ve discussed this with Dad, and he seemed quite keen to meet her. I’ve also asked Grandma and Grandpa Weasley, and they told me that nothing would make them happier. You know how fond Grandma is of guests. Well, write me a quick note back as soon as you know if Laerke will be coming with you home.




Kisses Mum xx




I beamed up at her. Go to her place for Christmas? That would be so cool. “Are you sure they mean this Lils?” I asked her, not quite believing my luck. “Of course” she said smiling. We discussed it a little, and then I hurried off to find the Deputy Headmaster.




“Professor Longbottom, can I talk to you?” I asked him, when I located him at the teachers table.




“Of course miss Norgord” he said, standing up “I was just about to leave for the green houses, but if you can be quick.”




“Oh of course Professor. Well as you know, I put my name on the Holiday list, but I have been invited home to Lily Potter, sir. I just wondered if it was possible to remove my name from the list?” I said the last thing as a question.




“How wonderful” he said, now beaming down from where he towered over me. I’m not that tall okay!




“So is it possible, sir” I asked him again after a few minutes, where he looked lost in thoughts.




“Of course it is miss Norgord. I’ll do that after dinner. But you better hurry of to class.”




Grateful that my mission was accomplished, I hurried down to the dungeons for Potions. Here I met Lily, who was waiting for me outside the class room.




“So?” she asked. “Did Professor Longbottom agree?”




“Yes he did! Wow this is really amazing!” I said. I mean I had never experienced a Wizarding Christmas. It was going to be so exciting.








I boarded the Hogwarts Express with Lily the last Saturday before Christmas. Of course it wasn’t only Lily, but the rest of the Potter-Weasley clan as well. I ended up in a compartment with Lily, Roxanne, Rose, Lucy, Molly and Dominique, while the boys; Hugo, Fred, Albus, James and Louis sat with Scorpius Malfoy in a compartment across from ours. This was apparently some sort of family tradition that had started back in Victoire’s third year when Dominique and Molly had started Hogwarts. Lily told me that it was only at Christmas, but I thought it really nice anyway.




We were set to arrive at Platform 9 ¾ at 16:30 in the afternoon where Mr. Potter would pick James, Albus, Lily and me up. The rest of the cousins would be picked up by their parents respectively, and they would all go home for a couple of days, before we were to arrive at Nana and Grandpa Weasley’s house, the Burrow on Monday 23rd of December. I couldn’t wait!

When we finally arrived at the platform, we had all changed back to our Muggle clothes, and were ready to go to wherever we were set to go. It wasn’t hard to find Mr. Potter, because all we had to do was follow the crowd of redheads. He would probably be somewhere in between them. I was wandering around in my own thoughts, when Lily who had previously been on my side suddenly took of in a run yelling ‘Daddy, daddy there you are!’ I looked up to find a man around 40 and with a strong resemblance to Lily’s older brothers James and Albus, but when I looked closely beneath the slightly greying but otherwise black and messy hair, I could see a faint lightning shaped scar. That was when I realised that most of the platform was staring in our direction.

“Hi there Lily, where are your brothers?” asked Mr. Potter

“They were just saying goodbye to the Scamanders and Malfoy...” The last thing came out as a hiss. She had still not forgiven him for he had said about Albus, even though Albus had forgiven him long ago.

“Lily Luna Potter!” a voice sounded from behind us. “I will not hear you using that tone again. Scorpius is a very nice young boy, and he doesn’t deserve to be treated otherwise just because of his father. Do you understand me?” Mrs. Potter said with as much force she could without reaching an octave only dogs could make out. Now I knew where Lily had her temper from.

“Yes mum,” she muttered, before lighting up “Anyway mum, dad, this is Lærke” she said, giving my hand a squeeze. I realised that it was my turn to say something, so I offered Mr. Potter my hand and presented myself. I did the same to Mrs. Potter.



“Please call me Ginny. The name ‘Mrs. Potter’ belongs to someone much more worthy of it” Mrs. Potter... Ginny said to me. I knew without asking, that she was referring to Lily Evans-Potter, Lily’s grandmother and namesake, the woman who had sacrificed her life to save her son.

Mr. Potter looked over at his wife, and gave her shoulders a slight squeeze. She offered him a watery smile in return.

Just when Mr. Potter had decided to go looking for James and Albus they found us, both wearing wicked grins. This couldn’t be good.

“James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, where have you been? And why are you grinning like your Uncle George on April Fools Day? Out with it!” Ginny said, her cheeks quickly matching the colour of her hair brilliantly, but the boys just shook their heads. “Just looking forward to Christmas, mum” they chorused, perfectly synchronized. She shook her head, but proceeded to help her husband shrinking our suitcases.

“Well shall we go?” Mr. Potter said, seeming happy to be able to get away from the staring crowd. “Ron, Hermione, Percy…” he nodded goodbye to the only Weasleys still left on the platform, before grabbing James and Albus and apparating away. Lily had told me of apparating and how it worked, and I couldn’t wait to try it.

“So it’s only us left girls. What do you say; apparating or flooing?” Lily looked over at me, and I blushed.

“Apparating” I suggested with a small voice.

“Okay, apparating it is” Lily’s mum said. Lily took a tight hold of her arm, and I hurried to do the same.

“Now be sure to hold on until we arrives, okay girls?” Both Lily and I nodded. A simple twist later, we were standing on a road in London. Lily had already told me how to get in, so as I stood there thinking ‘The Potter residence can be found at 12 Grimmauld Place’ the building in front of me seemed to split right where number 12 should have been, and only a moment later we were ushered inside a warm and welcoming home.


A/N So what do you think? I know I haven't updated for a while.. 10½  months to be precise *blushes* sorry :( Please say you can forgive me ^^'
Thanks so much for reading and please review :) It makes my day! Even though it's just to correct something!


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