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After Dark by DJjazzyCarlton
Chapter 19 : The New Addition
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Author’s Note: I first want to take the opportunity to apologize to all of you for how long it has taken me to get this new chapter out! Life has been crazy hectic but I’m excited that it has finally calmed down and I am able to devote more time to this story again. With that said, I hope that all of you enjoy chapter 19! Oh and I apologize in advance for any grammar or spelling errors that may have been overlooked in the editing process!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Twilight.

The New Addition
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That evening, Harry met briefly with Professor McGonagall to set up quidditch tryouts for the upcoming Saturday morning. She had eyed him with a curious and scrutinizing stare throughout his short visit before he quickly exited her office without any additional conversation.


If he were honest, Harry was both looking forward to and dreading tryouts. He was excited that both Charlie and George were going to be present and that both had already whole-heartedly offered to help in any way they could. But he was nervous about taking time away from practicing with the Cullens and the pack.


And there was also Ron’s nerves. Harry grimaced slightly before remembering Ron’s last successful tryout. Ron was a good keeper; he just needed to believe it for himself and Harry hoped that he would be able to pull through once again. And also that Cormac McLaggen didn’t intend to try out.


Harry entered the Gryffindor common room to find Ron, Hermione, Neville, George, Charlie, the Cullens, Bella and the pack all scattered around the area. Hermione was reading a book intently while Neville and Ron grimaced over their homework. Emmett was speaking animatedly at one of the tables with George and Charlie while Jasper looked on with an amused stare. Rosalie was sitting with Esme and Carlisle in a few of the arms chairs around the fire. Rosalie would cast a glance at Emmett every once in a while and Harry couldn’t tell if she was amused by her husband’s antics or annoyed by them. Edward and Bella sat on the couch while Jacob, Seth, Leah and Embry lounged around a game of wizard’s chess. And Alice…Alice was sitting with her head buried in her lap on the staircase leading to the dormitories. Harry couldn’t see her expression, but he imagined that it wouldn’t be good.


Casting a sad glance at Alice, Harry turned to Ron, Hermione and Neville, his brow furrowing as he realized that another red head was missing.


“Where’s Ginny gone?” he asked and Ron tore his gaze from the parchment in front of him to look up at Harry.


“’Dunno,” he said, frowning slightly, “She mentioned something about going to find Luna—”


Alice let out a loud and sudden gasp as her head shot up from between her legs and she stared forward, her eyes glazed over and her lips slightly parted.


“Alice?” Jasper demanded in panic before dashing to her side and grabbing one of her hands tightly with his own, “What is it? What did you see?”


At the same time that Jasper spoke, Edward let out a threatening hiss and quickly stood, his eyes alert and burning. Hermione and Ron stood up and Hermione grabbed Ron’s arm, clutching him tightly. Everyone in the room was now standing stiffly except for an entirely flabbergasted looking Neville.


“What is it?” Carlisle asked, “Edward…Alice…”


“One of them is here…” Alice said, her voice barely above a whisper as her eyes continued to stare ahead, not seeing the room in front of her.


“What?” Jasper asked, his voice more of a menacing growl than anything.


“He’s with Luna,” Edward continued for Alice, “Why would she bring him here?”


“Damn…” Emmett muttered, “She really is loony…”


“So what do we do?” Rosalie demanded, “Is he in the castle? Should we find him?”


“Definitely!” Emmett and Embry both said.


“Hold on,” Carlisle said firmly holding out a hand to steady Emmett, “Perhaps Luna knows something that we don’t.”


“Like what?” Jacob demanded with a frown but Harry wondered if Carlisle might be right. Luna did tend to think on a different wavelength than the rest of them; she may have a reason for bringing one of the vampires from the group that they were against to the castle. Harry frowned as Jacob’s question repeated itself in his head: like what?


“Ginny’s found them—” Alice began again before Harry, Ron, George and Charlie all let out strangled gasps and groans, “—She’s coming back here alone to tell us to meet Luna in the Room of Requirement—”


A few still and tense seconds later, the portrait to the common room swung open and Ginny scrambled in, her face pale and her breath heavy from apparently running.


“Ginny!” Charlie said as Harry and Ron both rushed forward to grip her arms.


“I’m fine,” Ginny said quickly, brushing Ron’s arm away but allowing Harry to keep a hold on her. Ron noticed this and shot Harry a quick frown. Ginny’s eyes went to Alice before narrowing in comprehension, “You’ve already seen, haven’t you?”


Alice nodded and Ron let out an exasperated sigh, “Ginny, what the bloody hell is going on?”


“I don’t know,” Ginny said, shooting him a glare, “Luna didn’t say much of anything; I ran into her outside of the Room of Requirement and she said had something really important to show us.”


“Yeah, an evil vampire!” Ron cried.


“We need to go see her. Now.” Harry said firmly and Jacob nodded behind him.


“I think a few of us should stay here,” Edward said, looking pointedly at Bella who gazed back at him in disbelief.


“Edward, I don’t see anything bad happening…” Alice said; she then gave the pack an annoyed scowl, “…but I can’t really see as much when they’re planning on going.”


“Maybe Edward is right,” Esme said, “What if this is a trap?”


“Alright,” Ron said, “Ginny, Hermione and Neville should stay here.”


“Hey!” Hermione, Ginny and Neville all cried indignantly.


Ron turned his head towards Harry and shrugged before commenting, “It was worth a try.”


“What if the vampire decides to attack because he feels surrounded or threatened?” Esme continued, looking at Carlisle whose own gaze was flickering between Alice and Edward. It was obvious that Esme was concerned for everyone’s well-being and Harry felt a bit of gratitude that she was trying to look out for everyone.


“That would be a suicide mission,” Jasper said wryly.


“We’re wasting time!” Emmett finally bellowed, “Let’s just go!”


Harry started for the portrait hole and heard everyone begin to move to follow him. Their walk to the Room of Requirement was short and as he quickly paced back and forth in front of the wall where the door would appear, Harry felt his heart accelerate. He drew his wand, as did Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Charlie and George while the Cullens and the pack tensed, ready for anything.


Harry opened the doors to the room and everyone filed in quickly after him. He hesitated when he saw Luna beaming at them from across the room. Beside her, and holding her hand, was a tall and dark haired vampire. He had a lean build and was wearing dark and disheveled clothing. His crimson eyes moved nervously over the apprehensive group behind Harry and he turned his head to Luna and stared wonderingly at her.


“Hello, everyone,” Luna said cheerfully, “I would like all of you to meet Rolf.” Luna turned her own gaze to Rolf and squeezed his hand before giving him a reassuring smile; “I met him in the forest while I was feeding the thestrals. He’s very interesting to talk to; he’s Newt Scamander’s grandson.”


Hermione gasped from beside Harry while Ron looked bewildered, “Who?” he whispered to Hermione.


“The author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” Hermione moaned as comprehension dawned on Ron’s face.




“Well, what’s he doing here?” Rosalie demanded, “Aren’t you one of the vampires in the group we’re about to fight?”


“Are you?” Luna asked looking at Rolf with curious eyes, “I never thought to ask, really…”


Rolf looked away from Luna before looking around at all of them, “I—was,” he said slowly, “But, to be honest, I never really considered myself a real member of the group.”


“I don’t get it,” Ron blurted from beside a just as confused Harry before Edward spoke.


“You were…drawn to them?” It came out as more of a question as Edward scrutinized Rolf with intense eyes.


“I suppose that’s the right way to put it,” Rolf said, pausing to consider Edward’s phrasing himself.


“What the hell does that mean?” Jacob asked as Leah huffed impatiently beside him.


“I sort of found them—or came across them rather and have ever since been traveling with them,” Rolf’s brow furrowed as he thought back, “I never did much to help them. I’m not even really sure why they kept me around. Only Briony ever liked me. The others felt that I was useless and weak. Insignificant and hazardous to their plans,” Rolf’s eyes brightened as he took in the faces of the Cullens and their golden eyes, “I suppose that since I’m here with the lot of you now, their assumptions were correct.”


“So, you’re going to help us, then?” Emmett said, blinking, confusion still outlining his strong features.


Carlisle moved slowly forward and placed a hand on Edward’s shoulder. Edward continued to scrutinize Rolf, his gaze concentrated and his mouth set in a firm line. Rolf looked back down at Luna who met his gaze with a serene smile. He gently gave her hand a squeeze before returning his focus back to the large group standing in front of him.


“Yes…yes, I would like to help.”


Embry let out a bewildered scoff as he rolled his eyes. Emmet’s mouth was open and his brow furrowed until Rosalie reached over and pushed the bottom of his jaw up with a single, thin finger.


“Edward…Alice…” Carlisle murmured, as if asking for their approval; his chest was brushing Edward’s arm as Edward continued to hold onto Bella and stare at Rolf. Alice let out a sigh and turned her head towards Edward who finally took his eyes off of Rolf and looked down at her. They seemed to be having a silent conversation with each other. Harry glanced over at Ron and George, who were wearing matching frustrated expressions, the corners of their lips turned down and one brow pulled up. Eventually, Edward turned his head to Carlisle and nodded almost unnoticeably.


“We would greatly appreciate that,” Carlisle said smoothly to Rolf, as he gave Edward a light pat on the shoulder.


Rolf tipped his head in a half nod while Luna beamed up at him, her fingers still tightly entwined with his.


“Erm, great then!” Charlie said breaking the momentary silence that fell over the group, “Well, we should probably update Rolf on some of our strategies then!”


Harry watched as the group dispersed, preparing to begin practicing again and to fill Rolf in on all of the attacks and plans that they intended to use. He felt Edward’s presence beside him as he looked on and in his mind he asked Edward a silent question.


“Alice didn’t see him betraying us at any point—although, she is still having trouble seeing anything,” Edward frowned at this before continuing, “but I wasn’t able to find anything suspicious about his thoughts. Also…he is…attached—I suppose that is the best way to phrase it—to Luna.”


Harry shifted his gaze to Rolf who seemed to almost be mirroring Luna’s movements. As she took a step to the left, he seemed to take an unconscious step to the left as well. It was as if he was in sync with her.


“He’s drawn to her and fascinated with her as well,” Edward said before a dry smile covered his face, “It’s comparable almost to the wolves’ imprinting. He’s already somewhat protective of her.”


“This is good, then?” Harry asked, this time aloud as Jasper crossed over towards himself and Edward, his hands clasped together behind his back.


“Greater numbers are always better,” Jasper said, “and he seems eager and content with helping us.”


Harry nodded to Jasper and Edward before brushing past them and moving to stand beside Ginny who gave him a genuine smile when she felt his presence. He wasn’t entirely sure how or why Rolf had found his way here in the first place, but he trusted the Cullens’ judgment and once again he found himself divulging into a more optimistic outlook.


Just as he and Ginny were about to practice the stunning spell on Rosalie, Alice let out a shocked gasp and froze beside Carlisle. The entire room fell silent and Harry held his breath, his heart sinking as Alice opened her mouth and in a rushed whisper let out the news he was dreading to hear the most.


* * *  


 Jareth stood stiffly beside a round, concrete pillar, his arms folded tightly over his stone chest as he watched Gavin taunt a few of the newborns. Elizabeth was laughing coldly, her eyes sparkling as Gavin pinned one of the newborns to the ground and gnashed his teeth in the young one’s face. The other newborns were practicing fighting techniques with one another. Jareth had to admit: the group was coming along very nicely. They were newborns, and obviously lacking in wisdom and skill, but overall they were a strong and stealth group.


His crimson eyes shifted and darkened as he looked at Briony who was lounging in a leather chair as she watched the group. Jareth noticed that her gaze seemed distracted: she appeared to be unfocused on the scene before her even though she would at times call out random and impatient directions to individual newborns. He wondered if she was distracted because Rolf had not returned yet from wherever he had disappeared to. Or perhaps it was because Tom had vanished as well.


Jareth had no idea why Briony had taken such a liking to the scrawny newborn but she seemed to grow more and more attached to him everyday. He’d be lying if he said it didn’t annoy the hell out of him. But for the first time since he had been created, Tom was not faithfully by Briony’s side. Jareth had also noticed earlier that Rolf had seemed to have an aversion to Tom as well—probably because he was no longer Briony’s pity pet or charity case.


Shaking his head, Jareth turned his attention back to Gavin and the newborns. His thoughts had seemed to take a jealous and bitter turn when left to wander. However, he couldn’t maintain his focus on the training going on before him because Tom entered the warehouse. He loped across the large space, easily dodging the fights going on between the other newborns, while Jareth, Gavin and Elizabeth all watched with interest, and, in Jareth’s case, with narrowed eyes. 


Briony sat up, a genuine smile tugging the corners of her soft lips up as he kneeled before her. She reached out and stroked his dark hair affectionately while he stared into her eyes, his own expression mirroring her adoration. Jareth ground his teeth together and fought the growl that was building in his chest.


 “Where have you been, dear Tom?” Briony asked, lightly, although she was unable to mask her curiousity. Tom, however, seemed entirely unaware.


“Oh looking to see if Rolf ever found that newspaper. I used to enjoy reading quite a bit and wondered if he would share,” Tom replied casually.


Jareth heard Gavin snort at Tom’s ingenuous remark while Briony’s eyebrows pulled together.


“And did you ever find him?”


“Oh yes; I spotted him on the outskirts of a small village—Hogsmeade, I believe it’s called—but only after he threw the paper away,” Tom said, gazing up at Briony with a completely innocent expression, “And then he ran into the forest. I assumed he was coming back here but he instead went towards a large castle.”


Briony’s expression went from confusion to fury as Elizabeth gasped in horror. Jareth and Gavin were instantly on either side of Briony. Rolf had gone up to a castle? The only castle around Hogsmeade was Hogwarts, where Jareth was absolutely certain that the naïve group of wizards and golden-eyed vampires who dared to fight them resided.


What did you just say?” Gavin demanded harshly, his eyes flashing as he bent forward slightly, leaning in towards Tom.


Tom turned his wide eyes to Gavin, his calm expression unwavering, “He went towards a castle,” he repeated smoothly, “I could smell a human as well. And I heard them conversing. They seemed to form a friendship.”


Jareth glowered down at Tom, suspicion beginning to take shape, “And why didn’t you stop him?”


“I assumed that was not my place,” Tom said simply, his head tilting as he gazed up innocently at Jareth.


“A friendship?” Gavin cried, stealing Jareth's attention from Tom, “Well that’s just bloody perfect! I knew that little bitch was useless to us!”


“He abandoned us?” Elizabeth squeaked in disbelief and disgust, “To help them?”


“It would appear so…” Jareth growled while Gavin cursed loudly.


Briony was no longer looking at Tom as she stood swiftly. Her eyes were murderous as she turned back around to face Jareth and Gavin. “Silence,” she said to both of them and Gavin abruptly cut off his string of profanities, “This news will not deter our plans in the slightest.” Jareth nodded as Gavin huffed. Elizabeth flitted to Gavin’s side, wrapping her thin arms around one of his own.


“We will continue our plans,” Briony continued, her voice wavering slightly with her rage, “And we will make sure that Rolf knows that his actions will not go unpunished.”


“You want to set a date?” Jareth asked, his brows lifting in disbelief. Briony had not confided too much in him about her plans (or lack thereof) but he had assumed that they were not setting a specific date in order to prevent the psychic on the other side from knowing their exact plans.


“Yes,” Briony said, her eyes gleaming vindictively, “It is time.”


Gavin’s lips pulled away from his sharp teeth as he grinned wickedly, “Yes, let’s let this pitiful little group fret over our arrival.”


Jareth continued to stare apprehensively at Briony. Did she really wish to let her plans be known as a way to let Rolf know they were coming for him? Had the news of his departure really wounded her that much? Jareth knew that Briony had had high hopes that he would bring some great benefit to the group and that Tom’s news must have been a great blow to her and her confidence, but was she really interested in making a finite decision to get some sort of twisted revenge? “Are you certain, Briony?” he asked and her eyes, now pitch black, flickered up to him.


“Do not question me, Jareth. This will work perfectly.” Jareth’s lips tightened into a firm line as he nodded. “Get ready,” Briony continued coarsely, “We strike a week from Saturday.”


Author’s Note: Ahhh we’re getting closer and closer to the climax! I hope that all of you enjoyed this chapter and I would like to thank everyone for reading! I also want to thank all of you that have stuck with this story for so long. It absolutely means the world to me! I greatly appreciate all of the wonderful reviews and feedback that I have received and I would love for you guys to keep telling me what you think of the story so far. Advice and criticism are absolutely welcome! Thanks again for reading, everyone! :)

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After Dark: The New Addition


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