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The Blue Monster by American Ginny
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 Ron slammed the door shut behind him as he walked out of the house. He could still hear Hermione’s yelling half way across the yard. This was the last straw. He was sick of her. He was sick of everything. He was done.

 Ron turned on the spot and thought hard on a random location.

Ron appeared upon a hill of grass and began to walk away from where he appeared. He was furious. He couldn’t believe Hermione. He had had enough of the denial and secrecy. He was sick of everything he saw her do.

Her going out on “friend” dates with Harry saying they were just catching up on their lives. Her giving him hugs whenever she said goodbye. Ron tightened the grip on his wand. He knew everything they did together. He knew everything that was going on.

 Oh yes, Ron saw it all. He saw every little lie that had formed in their relationship. That’s all their relationship ever had been. It was what it was always going to be, a lie.

Ron stopped walking in anger. He yelled everything that he was feeling at the top of his lungs and threw his wand as hard as he could in front of him. It was all just too much.

Ron watched as the end of his wand hit a metal pull and sent red sparks flying out of it. Ron walked towards his wand and looked up at the tower it had hit. It was an interesting sight. The tower had four legs that seemed to be the main support of the building and a single ladder that lead to the round structure on the top.

Ron picked up his wand and stared at this building. What ridiculous thing has the muggles come up with this time? What was this building?

The building began to creak as it began to sway. The muggles must have messed up when designing a building like this. It shouldn’t be creaking when wind was pushing against it.

Ron froze. There was no wind today. It was perfect out. It wasn’t too hot nor was it too cold. It was a perfect day.

The tower began to sway more, and the legs began to uproot. What had he done?

Ron slowly backed away from the tower. The legs became free, and the tower turned around clumsily. The water in the tower seemed to throw it easily off balance.

 Ron had actually done it this time. He had done what everyone said he would one day do. Ron had officially goofed up so bad that he was about to destroy the city just down the hill with a monster he had created on accident. He was so in for it if that monster actually destroyed the city down the hill.

The monster stared at Ron. Maybe it wasn’t dangerous after all. Ron began to move closer to the monster. Maybe the monster was just harmless.

The monster puffed up the bottom of the container and let out a deep, horrendous roar. Ron froze. Oh what had he done?

The monster turned away from Ron and head down the hill towards the little town at the bottom. Ron was going to be in so much trouble for this.

Ron ran down the hill after the monster and shooting spells at it. There had to be a spell that got rid of this thing. It was created by a spell after all wasn’t it? There had to be a simple solution that would destroy it.

Nothing was working. Nothing was going to stop this monster. Ron slowed down and stopped falling back onto the hill. What was he going to do? He had messed it up big this time. He wouldn’t be able to fix it this time.

If only he hadn’t gotten so mad at Hermione? Was this what was happening to their relationship? Was it him that was messing up? Was he just throwing things around and creating a monster that was destroying their relationship? Was she going to Harry because of him?

Ron stood up. That was ridiculous. He hadn’t done anything to her to destroy their relationship. He was just letting his worry over come his sense of thinking. It was her fault their relationship was dying. It was her fault that he was even here. It was her fault that this monster even existed. Yeah! If she hadn’t made him mad, he wouldn’t have thrown his wand. He wouldn’t be here. This monster wouldn’t be destroying the city below him.

Ron watched as the monster went through the town destroying everything in its way. There was no way to destroy this monster. He just couldn’t let innocent people die though.
Ron turned around to walk away. There was nothing left for him to do. He had lost. He had destroyed his own relationship. He hated to admit it, and as much as he wanted to blame it on Hermione, the reality was that it was his fault. Everything was his fault. This monster was his fault too, and now there was nothing he could do to fix either of them.

“A wizard’s spell only lasts as long as he is alive. Harry’s parent’s house would be visible now because they are dead. The spell dies with him.”

Hermione’s words repeated in Ron’s head. She had been explaining the protections on the Potter’s house when they were talking about visiting it during their hunt for the horcruxes. She said the spell would die with the wizard which meant that if Ron died so would the monster.

That was it! That was how he would destroy the water tower monster. He would die. It would fix as much as he could.

Ron turned around and ran down the hill to the town below. He had to end it now. This was the one thing he had to fix before the monster ruined everything else.

Ron ran against the crowd towards the monster. He wasn’t sure how he was going to get the monster to kill him, but he would find a way.

"Hey, you stupid oaf! Look at me! Down here!" Ron yelled jumping.

The monster paid no heed to Ron and continued to destroy the city below him. Ron pulled at his wand and said incantation that caused fire to rise up and heat the metal of the Blue monster. The monster let out a load roar of pain and turned upon Ron.

“Yeah you Big Ugly, Blue Monster! You’re messing with my town, and I’m going to blast you into the next century if you don’t leave!” Ron yelled.

The monster laughed. well as a Water Tower monster could laugh. The monster used one of his legs to pick up Ron and dangled him threateningly over his mouth. The water splashed around in it, but Ron had no way of escape.

The monster dropped Ron into his mouth. Ron threw his arms in front of his face and braced for the impact of the water...

Ron jolted awake, breathing hard. He heard Hermione working in the kitchen and the birds chirping outside the window. It was a dream. It was all just a dream.

Ron dropped back down onto the arm of the couch letting out a deep breath. He really should stop eating pancakes before his naps...


A/n: This was a challenge from one of my friends a while ago. He told me that this one author was the only person that could write a story on a water tower. So I told him I took that as a challenge, and tada. Not my best story at all, but i do find it kind of humorous and a good break from my darkness. So if you haven't guessed the monster is a water tower. Please tell me what you think. I would love to know. Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed. Love, Am. Ginny

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