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Think of Me Naked by imaginary lines
Chapter 1 : Think of Me Naked
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Scarlett McDonald yawned, her eyes slightly glazed over as Professor Binns continued talking about something that was completely pointless. Honestly, she did not care one bit about why unicorns only lived in certain forests. It had something to do with the way goblins treated them or something like that. She had no idea, and the only way she had notes from this class was because she often charmed her quill to write down the nonsense Binns was talking about.

Her eyes drifted over to a red head that was sitting next to her, his brown eyes closed and his breathing steady. He was handsome, cocky even, and funny. His identical twin was next to him and winked at Scarlett. She flushed and looked back at her notes. While most people couldn’t tell the difference between the two, Scarlett knew that Fred Weasley had a scar by his nose, one she had given to him.

“I see you looking, Scar” he mumbled, and she jumped “I’m just so attractive, aren’t I?”

And that was when the moment was ruined. Once Fred opened his mouth, Scarlett usually forgot that she had once thought he was handsome. Now she remembered he was a conceded prat that got everything he wanted. “I was looking at the drool pouring out of your mouth, Weasel.”

Fred faked an insulted look. “Ouch, you’re hurting my pride. Care to join me for dinner this weekend?”

She blinked, almost not registering what he asked. He had always been smooth with the words, and she had always known that. Fred always seemed to manage a date into a conversation, and only once had she almost said yes.

“No.” She said, turning to face the chalkboard, knowing that Fred would not stop. He was a stubborn one, that red head. The class was dismissed moments later and she gathered her belongings before breezing out of class, hoping to avoid a confrontation with him. There was only so much Weasley she could stand.

As she made her way down to a double session of DADA with Professor Umbridge -insert her twitching here- she wondered where the hatred for Fred Weasley had grown from. And then she remembered what he had done to her.

Frankly, pushing someone out of the tree by the Great Lake and watching them almost drown on the second day of school was not a way to make friends. He had thought it would be funny and she had almost drowned into the lake. Something had picked her up and placed her on the ground though. She, in retaliation, had thrown a rather large stone at the Weasley twin, cutting his nose up.

The scar by his nose was nothing compared to her fear of water now. It was his entire fault. Suddenly, an arm snaked around her waist and she groaned, knowing who it was. “Come one, one date? It won’t be that bad.”

“I hate you.” Scarlett responded, moving out of his grip. Fred chuckled to himself, but kept up with her hurried pace.

“I don’t think you could ever hate me, love” he said, his voice sending chills down her spine.

She stopped and turned to him, her eyes blazing. “You’re right. I’m afraid you’re going to murder me.” Scarlett responded sarcastically.

He chuckled at her comment, which made her mad even more. Fred was not supposed to find her funny; he was supposed to be turned off by her negative comments towards him. But no, when she said ‘leave me alone’ it obviously meant ‘I love you, never leave me’ in Fred language.

“You know I would never murder you.”

“No, you would just threaten my boyfriend,” Scarlett responded, bringing up the time that Fred had hexed Roger Davis for taking her on one date to Hogsmead. After that little scenario, he had stayed quite a bit of distance away from her and the twins. Sure, she wasn’t interested in him and had only said yes to not be rude, but that did not mean Fred had a right to hex him. And sure, the date was horrid and boring, and the hex had brought some amusement, but it was just rude. Fred was the definition of rude. If Scarlett looked ‘rude’ up in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Fred next to the word.

 “Well, you may not be afraid of me but I’m sure you’ve thought about me naked, huh?” Fred carelessly tossed out, his laugh escaping his grin.

Scarlett’s face flushed a deep red and she stomped on his foot, her heel digging into his toes. He yelped in surprise and pain, and with that, Scarlett went has fast as she could to DADA. Maybe she had thought of him naked, but honestly, there was no way she was going to be admitting it to him.

And maybe she should have denied it, just to make it easier on herself, because the rest of the day was filled with images of a certain not dressed red head.


Quickly taking a sip of butterbeer, Scarlett made her way through the busy sidewalks of Hogsmead. Tricia was with some Hufflepuff bloke, and Lisa was with her boyfriend, leaving poor Scarlett by herself. Her scarf twisted in the wind, the blue and silver colors shining. The weather was already changing for winter, and it was only October. Scarlett loved the winter; she just hated the cold that came along with it. Couldn’t it be warm when it snowed?

Making her way towards Zonkos, Scarlett realized that for the first time since her third year, Fred Weasley had not made an appearance. He had not tried to woo her into the Shrieking Shack or buy her some candy. Actually, it made it seem as though he was dead or something absurd like that. And whether she would admit it or not, Scarlett actually missed the constant bickering the two would do when walking down the sidewalk.

Her eyes landed on the joke shop that usually brought joy to her, but when her eyes landed on a certain redhead and blond intertwined, Scarlett felt her emotions roar with jealousy. There was Fred, her Fred, snogging Katie Bell in front of her favorite store. Well, ex favorite store. The two were so close together she was sure that they would soon merge into one person.

Of course, there was no reason for Scarlett to feel jealous. She wasn’t dating Fred, and she didn’t even enjoy his company that much. Obviously, though, she was lying to herself. There was no way a dragon of jealousy would appear out of nowhere because the person she hated was having a good snog. No, that did not mean she hated him.

But liking Fred Wealsey went against everything she liked in a guy. Her first boyfriend, Matt, was a brunette who was smart and clever. Sure, she had gotten annoyed with his witty attitude all the time and how he was clingy, but that didn’t matter. And Roger had been her boyfriend for week, and he was blond and smart. Fred was a redhead; attractive, smart, sarcastic, funny…the adjectives could go on and on. But maybe because she didn’t think they belonged together was why she wanted to be his.

Scarlett turned and made her way down the opposite direction. Once she spots an empty bench across from the Three Broomsticks, she sat down and sighed. No, she was just making things up. Obviously she had drunken too much butterbeer too quickly. Fred was too immature for her, too not perfect. She was just surprised, that was all.

Her eyes traveled back to the distant shack, remembering the first time Fred dared her to do something stupid. Scarlett had wandered all the way up to the Shrinking Shack by herself in her fifth year, and had gotten trapped. Her screams had obviously gotten the attention of Fred, because he had saved her moments later. It was the first time she showed emotions in front of him, the first time he had kissed her and the first time she wondered if she really hated him or if the hatred was hiding her true feelings.

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted. “Thinking of me naked, love?” a voice asked and Scarlett glared at the red head next to her. Fred shrunk back, surprised by her hostile behavior. Usually she went along with his jokes, but her glared was enough to make him want to run and hide

Scarlett’s face grew red and she could almost feel herself grow in size. “Are you seriously going to pretend that you did not just snog another girl in front of me? You’re joking, right?”

Granted, she was making some things up, but that was alright. “God, how could I have been so stupid? You were just using me as a way to get close to Katie. I was just a pawn. I hate these stupid games that people play, and you dragged me into one! I thought that maybe….maybe I genuinely liked you, but pardon my stupidity. I won’t make that mistake again, Mr. ‘Let’s pretend to love Scarlett so that she can love me’.”

Her chest was heaving, trying to bring air to her lungs. Her face was red, and she was sure that there was a tear or two in her eyes. More emotions? She was weak. Obviously she meant nothing to him, absolutely nothing. Scarlett decided she was going to go strangle Katie and then dive off the Ravenclaw tower so that she would never have to see his stupid attractive face again. Yup, sounded like a brilliant idea to her.

She was about to stand up when a pair of lips met hers. Well, that wasn’t expected. But she could feel herself melting into his touch, her hands wrapping around his neck and pulling him close. He was so warm, so familiar, and tasted like cinnamon and apples. Wait, he had just been snogging Katie and now her? WHAT? Scarlett pulled back suddenly, grabbed her bag, and started to hit his shoulders.

Fred yelped. “Scar, stop. Please, love?”

“YOU. JUST. SNOGGED. KATIE. AND. THEN. ME. YOU. STUPID. PRAT.” Scarlett screeched, attracting attention from onlookers around her. Fred stood up and backed up, his eyes now settling on the wand that was in her hand.

“That was George, love. He’s here on a date with Katie Bell,” he said quickly, his eyes never leaving the wand. Scarlett stopped and looked at Zonko’s, surprised to see another red head and the blond snogging. George and Katie? That actually sounded cute. Maybe she could call them Gatie. Or Keorge.

Oh. Wait.

A maroon color travelled onto her cheeks. “Oh.”

The silence that was created was an awkward and tense one. Fred suddenly smiled and took a couple strides so he was directly in front of her. “You were jealous.”

Scarlett shook her head. “No.”





Fred looked at her.

“Does it matter?” Scarlett hissed. Fred chuckled.

“Not really,” he whispered, tucking a piece of blond hair behind her ear. “Want to know why?”

Scarlett shrugged, and he could tell she wanted to know why. “Because I love you and you love me. We’re the perfect dysfunctional match. And we’ll always be that way.”

Scarlett looked at him, really looked at him. No one had ever looked at her with that much passion, with that much want, that she was forced to believe him. And maybe, maybe, she loved him too. Or could at least grow to love him.

Yes, she could grow to love him.

“I’ll take your word for it,” she whispered, before finally closing the gap between them and bringing her lips to his. The kiss was the sweetest she had ever had, and she was sure she even heard some clapping and wolf whistling. In response, of course, Scarlett made an inappropriate gesture with her middle finger before wrapping her arms around his neck.

She broke the kiss apart for a moment before bringing her lips close to Fred’s ear. “And yes, I have thought of you naked.”

I edited it! Please review. Reviews are absolute love to me and they would totally make my day, if you have any interest in that haha.

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Think of Me Naked: Think of Me Naked


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