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How It All Started by nitenel
Chapter 4 : The Prophecy
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Godric stood in his parlor, once again waiting for his three friends. Tonight they were selecting the Divination Professor. Surprisingly, only one candidate had owled them back. It would certainly make their job easier.

Soon Smeagol entered with Rowena in tow. Godric nodded at her as she took a seat.

“What? Why no getting up and fawning over me?” she asked bluntly.

“I have realized the only way to gain your respect is to act as you would like me to,” Godric said smoothly.

Rowena frowned. “But what if-“

Whatever she was about to say was interrupted by the arrival of Helga. “Hello, dears. How are you?”

“Fine Helga,” Rowena muttered.

“Brilliant, and you?” Godric said cheerfully.

“Oh I’m peachy, Godric, just peachy,” she answered beaming.

“That’s marvelous,” Rowena muttered.

“Why are you so unpleasant this evening?” Helga asked frowning.

She glanced at Godric before answering. “No reason.”

“Hmmm, well the sooner we get started the sooner we can talk. Where is Salazar?” she said thoughtfully.

“I’m here,” a quiet voice said in the frame of the door.

Godric jumped up and shook Salazar’s hand. “How are you, Salazar?”

“I’ve been better,” he murmured, “I just came from Nottingham. There’s been another attack.”

Godric sobered up and said, “This is why we’re doing this.”

Rowena nodded sadly. “The sooner this school opens, the better.”

“Let’s get down to business then,” Helga said, “Call in the candidate.”

Godric nodded and walked out of the room. He soon came back with a tall thin man and motioned for him to sit in a chair.

“Name?” Helga asked.

“Jacob Wood,” the man said quietly.

“And why do you want to teach here?” Godric added.

“My brother died in a muggle attack when he was four. If this school opens then no more needless deaths will occur,” Jacob said sincerely.

Godric was silent for a moment before saying; “We’re going to put you through a couple of tests to see how well you know your stuff.”

Jacob nodded and Helga pulled out a crystal ball and handed it to him. “What do you see in this?”

“Nothing,” he snorted, “Crystal Balls are the biggest rip-off ever.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” Rowena snickered.

Salazar glanced briefly at Rowena before asking, “Why do you think this?”

“Never seen anything in them. My master used to ramble on and one about the things he saw in them. I’ve asked other seers and they’ve never seen anything either,” he elaborated.

“So I suppose you feel the same with tea leaves?” Godric chuckled.

“Yes!” Jacob said, nodding heartily.

Rowena nodded in appreciation before asking, “Well if you don’t mind me asking, what can you do?”

“Palm reading,” he said swiftly.

“Read our palms then,” Salazar demanded reaching out his hand.

Jacob took his hand and examined it. “Yes… A powerful man… A force to be reckoned with… Good at heart, but with a cunning edge… The desire to one day rule the world… A thirst for immortality, for greatness, to hold the world in the palm of your hand.”

Salazar removed his hand, trembling slightly. Godric reached out his hand and Jacob took it.

“Courageous, no? A desire to save the world… But no ambition to take control of it… A knight in shining armor rushing in to save the day… Ah yes… A woman… One who occupies your thoughts… But she is no ordinary woman… Powerful and beautiful… Ah and yes, compassion… Part of you wanting to save the world, no?”

Godric removed his hands, thoughfully and chanced a glance at Rowena. She started at him, her eyes unreadable, before reaching out her hand to Jacob.

“Hmmm… Oh yes… You are no ordinary woman are you? Powerful… And beautiful… You have layers too… On the outside a calm aloof witch… But on the inside stormy and passionate… And a man… A man who you try to ignore but distracts you and you wonder about… I sense the power in you… Wisdom too… And some cunning… You could kill me in five different ways right now, and that’s even without a wand.”

Rowena removed her hand, purposefully avoiding Godric’s eyes. Helga cheerfully gave her hand to Jacob.

“Ah yes… Very nice… Calm… Compassionate… Hardworking… Loyal…. No deception here… What you say, you mean… A desire to not save the world, but to help them… But yet, I feel hatred… A boiling inferno against house-elves… A traumatic event, perhaps?”

Helga daintily removed her hand. Jacob looked around. “Did I do all right?”

“I think I can speak for the rest of you when I say, I would love to offer you this job,” Godric said clearly impressed.

The other three nodded, though Salazar looked rather frightened. “Do you know by any chance Legillimancy?”

“Why yes, of course,” he said, confusedly, “I helped my master perfect it.”

“Your master?” Rowena asked, shocked, “And who was this master you speak of?”

“Why Farix Newton, the inventor of Legillimens, of course,” he said.

“Of course?” Rowena said humorously.

“Well, yes… I included it in my letter to Lord Gryffindor,” he said.

“No need to call me that. I must’ve missed that part,” Godric said thoughtfully.

Salazar turned to Godric and said exasperatedly, “Godric! How could you have missed that part?”

Godric ignored Salazar and motioned for Rowena to talk. “Ever made a prophecy?”

“Several,” he said cautiously.

“Can you give us one?” Helga asked respectfully.

Jacob closed his eyes and intoned in a monotonous voice, “There are four powerful magi. Dedicated to improving the world, they will stop at nothing to succeed. Through ups and downs they will do what they must. Then at the height of success, one will leave forever.”

Rowena looked wearily at Godric before asking, “And when did you cast that prophecy?”

“Now,” he said.

Helga looked concernedly at the other three before informing Jacob the interview was over and they would contact him. He left without a word.

“The prophecy might not have been about us,” Salazar said cautiously.

“So he just happened to prophesize about some other group of four with an impossible task?” Rowena snapped.

Salazar started to say something but cut himself off. Godric said, “We must go on like we normally would. Worrying about this will only distract us.”

A/N: Whoah an update. And I was just about to abandon this story. I’m feeling a second wind!

What did you think about the prophecy?


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How It All Started: The Prophecy


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