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Forbidden Thoughts by frobz91
Chapter 14 : Never Let You Go
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Chapter 14 – Never Let You Go

Disclaimer - Harry Potter is not mine.  He belongs to J.K. Rowling.



                Scorpius emerged from the library as the bell signalling the end of the period echoed through the hallways around him.  His free period was over, which meant, on this particular Friday, that his day was finally over.  Veering around a group of third years, Scorpius hurried through the halls in the hopes of beating the end of day rush that always left the main corridors clogged with students.  As the halls began to fill up, Scorpius became aware of the fact that more people than usual seemed to be staring at him.  He grinned, knowing full well why.  News travelled fast at Hogwarts.  If you let anyone in on a secret of yours, the whole school would most likely know by the end of the day.  Still dodging students and praying to Merlin that he didn’t run into Tatiana, Scorpius practically sprinted up a flight of stairs, taking the steps two at a time. 

                Why exactly was he in such a rush?  Well, the answer was simple. 

                Somewhere, – hopefully in the head common room – Rose Weasley was anticipating his speedy arrival. 

                Scorpius grinned as he began to imagine his lips on Rose’s, his hand up the back of her shirt and the other sneaking its way under her -.

                Scorpius shook his head in order to clear his thoughts.  Focus you idiot.  You are going to have to say all the right things to Rose or you are never going to get any of that.  But Merlin’s beard, he was still unable to describe how he had felt after breaking it off with Tatiana.  As soon as he had left the Great Hall at lunch, he had felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders and that he could finally breathe again.  He had gotten rid of the first obstacle between him and Rose and suddenly he felt as if he could tell his parents everything that he had been keeping bottled up for years. 

                As the minutes passed and the crowds of people filing into the hallways began to thin, Scorpius rounded yet another corner and entered a hallway that was virtually deserted, save the one person sitting cross-legged against the wall; their eyes closed in thought.

                “Nora?” Scorpius exclaimed in surprise, his current problems momentarily forgotten.

                Nora’s eyes popped open and she turned her head to look at him.  “Hey, Scorp,” she greeted.  “Long time no see.”

                “I thought you were in London?” Scorpius questioned as he rushed over to her.

                Nora sighed as she lifted herself to her feet.  “The meeting finished earlier than expected.” 

                Scorpius stared at her as she wiped her hands on her pants, her demeanour still somewhat detached and aloof.

                “And?” Scorpius insisted.  “What happened?”

                “Not much,” Nora exhaled noisily.  “They talked to me about being responsible, what people think about me, my future goals, blah, blah, blah.”

                “But what about staying in school?” Scorpius asked fervently.

                “Oh, that,” Nora said casually.  “I get to stay.”

                Scorpius stared down at her in confusion.  “You’re not happy about that?” he asked.

                Nora heaved a sigh.  “I am.  Believe me,” she replied.  “It’s just the conditions that go along with staying that I’m worried about.”

                “Conditions?” Scorpius questioned. 

                Nora gave him a look before grabbing his arm and dragging him down the hallway towards the nearest empty room.  As soon as they were in the room, Nora promptly closed the door behind them before turning back to look at him.

                “What’s going on, Nora?” Scorpius asked.  “You’re clearly bothered by something.”

                “They-,” she stopped and made an unpleasant face; as if the words she were about to say gave her an odd taste in her mouth.  “They want to test my abilities.”


                “That’s exactly what I thought,” Nora said in an affronted tone.  “It’s like they’re just asking for trouble.”

                “Wait,” Scorpius said.  “That’s not what I meant.  I thought they already tested you before you started your sixth year?  Why are they testing you again?”

                Nora huffed unhappily and seated herself on one of the classroom’s vacant desks.  “They did.  However, they only designed tests based on what they thought I could do at the time.  For example, they asked me to lift a large box with my mind, and I did it.  Now, since they never measured the limits of my abilities, they’re starting to wonder how much I can really do.”

                Scorpius stared at Nora’s angry expression as he tried to imagine what she was thinking, while getting himself settled onto the desk in front of Nora so that he was facing her.   “And you’re worried about that?”

                “Of course I am, idiot,” Nora exclaimed.  “I don’t even know how much I can do, since I’ve never been allowed to try.  What if I terrify the people watching into having heart attacks?”

                “You must have an idea of how much effort you’ve used for your magic in the past,” Scorpius said softly. 

                “I do and I don’t,” Nora said.  “My telepathic abilities are still somewhat of a mystery for me and we both know I have certain skills that I didn’t even know I had until I accidently used them.”

                “That’s true.”

                “But my telekinetic abilities are a different thing,” Nora replied, a thoughtful look gracing her features.  “I know I’m capable of inflicting a lot of damage.  You saw how I blew out the windows of that classroom just from not using my powers for too long.  Well, I blew out an entire wall, and injured several people, when I was still going to the Academy back in Canada.  But those events were just excess energy or emotional stress that built up to the point where I popped.  These days, just lifting something like a desk, without my hands, is so easy I barely need to concentrate, so I have no idea what I can accomplish if I actually put 100% effort into something.”

                Scorpius stared at Nora, her expression wistful as she stared off into an empty corner of the room.  So, that was the problem.  Nora was worried about the test because she was afraid of how much she would scare people.  However, she was also excited at the same time.  To be finally given the chance to do things she had never been allowed to do was probably making her more anxious than what other people may think after she did those things.  Scorpius wasn’t even sure if she realized this fact herself.    He let out a small chuckle before asking her a question.  “Is there something in particular you’ve always wanted to try?”

                Nora stared at him in surprise.  “What?”

                “Is there something you’ve always wanted to see you could do?” Scorpius asked again.

                Nora stared at him for a moment, her expression confused before turning pensive.  “I don’t know,” she admitted.  “I’ve never really thought about it.”

                “Well, now’s your chance,” Scorpius replied with a grin.

                Nora gave him a sour look before her gaze moved towards the ceiling, quickly becoming lost in her own thoughts.  As the seconds ticked by, Scorpius watched Nora’s expression for any spark of happiness or interest that might clue him into her making some kind of breakthrough.  While he had never admitted it to Nora, it was getting easier and easier to figure out what she was thinking as the days passed by.  Maybe it was because the wall that she had once had built up around her mind was no longer there or just because he understood her better.  Either way, Scorpius could tell by Nora’s expression that she wasn’t used to imagining a life where her abilities were a major part of it.

                “While you’re busy imagining new activities you could possibly try out,” Scorpius said, as he remembered that he had yet to tell Nora about the day’s events.  “I have some news.”

                Nora looked at him in surprise.  “News?  What kind of news?”

                “It’s good news.  Well, at least I think it is.  Some people most likely have different opinions,” Scorpius said with a grin.

                “What did you do?” Nora asked, her gaze turning suspicious.

                “I chucked, Tatiana,” Scorpius replied, his grin growing larger.  Merlin, just saying those words out loud was enough to make him blissfully happy.

                Nora gaped at him.  “No, fucking, way,” she exclaimed.  “You dumped the bitch!  This is amazing news!”

                Scorpius laughed.  “I thought you would say something like that.”

                “This completely makes my day,” Nora gushed.  “I can forget about stressful magic tests and mandatory lessons with shady former auror’s, because I know that later, you will be making out with Rosie somewhere in the castle.”         

                Scorpius couldn’t help his face flushing over Nora’s comment, but his embarrassment was quickly chased away by the first part of Nora’s comment.  “Lessons with shady former auror’s?  Are you talking about Grant?”

                “The one and only,” Nora said with a moan.  “Apparently, Monroe isn’t enough to prep me for my future life in the spotlight and he has things to ‘teach’ me about the politics of being an auror, as well as what’s been happening in the Ministry these past few years.”

                “And you’re allowed to know about that kind of thing?” Scorpius asked in bewilderment.

                “Apparently, yes,” Nora answered.  “I’m of age and Al’s dad has made it clear that he is willing to accept me into the auror training program come graduation, as long as my grades are there best, my conduct remains flawless and being an auror is still the occupation I wish to pursue once I have finished school.”

                “And Monroe and certain people at the Ministry want you to be ready for your position as the Ministries mascot in the coming years,” Scorpius finished. 


                “Merlin, Nora,” Scorpius said with a sigh.  “Your life would be a lot easier if you just became a bartender or something.”

                “That is also true but being an auror is what I want to do with my life.  I can’t help it if they want to turn me into some sort of respectable role model for kids.”

                Scorpius snorted at her comment, which earned him a glare from Nora.  “Well,” she said.  “I think I should go find Al and tell him the details.  He was more nervous about today than I was, which means he’s probably at his wits end by now.”

                “You’re the one dating him.”

                Nora smirked as she hopped off of the desk she was sitting on.  “And every single girl in this school despises me for it.”

                Scorpius snorted again.

                “You should try getting along with him and all the rest of the Weasley’s because, if you plan on dating Rose, you’re also going to have deal with her family.  And I have a feeling they may be a bit shocked by Rose’s choice in boyfriends.”

                Scorpius gave her a stony look.  “We’ll leave that problem for later.  I still have to talk to her.  She hasn’t officially agreed to be my girlfriend just yet.”

                “True,” Nora said with a sigh as she walked towards the classroom door to open it.  “Anyway, I best be off.  Good luck my friend, you’re going to need it.”

                “You’re hilarious, Wilson,” Scorpius replied sarcastically.

                Nora just grinned and winked at him, before opening the door and disappearing into the hallway. 

                Scorpius chuckled softly as he got off of his desk, stretching slightly as he peered uninterestedly around the dimly lit room he was standing in.  “Get along with the family, huh,” Scorpius murmured to himself, slowly walking towards the rooms exit.  “Sounds like fun.”



                “Excuse me,” Rose exclaimed, her voice echoing through the crowded hallway.  “Head girl coming through!  Make a path please!”

                “What’s your rush, Rosie?” Al asked.  “Important head meeting you need to get to?”

                Rose glared at him.  “Not a word from you, Albus Potter.”

                With the days classes finally over, Rose was in a hurry to get back to her room, in the hopes that Scorpius would already be there waiting for her.

                “Don’t tease her too much, Al,” Alice said as David began clearing a path for them through the crowd.  “If it took her this long to admit to us that she fancies Malfoy, we have no idea how long it’s going to take for her to tell her parents.”

                “Would you lot shut your mouths,” Rose hissed.  “We are surrounded by people right now.”

                “Sorry, Rose,” Alice apologized.

                Rose sighed as she shouldered her way past a group of giggling girls.  “It’s fine.  Just make sure David keeps doing what he’s doing, so I can get out of here quickly.”

                Alice nodded and began urging David forward.  Rose could honestly admit, at least to herself, that she didn’t mind all her friends knowing how she felt about Scorpius.  She had only been lying to herself and everyone else about how she truly felt about Scorpius because she had been trying to forget about him.  But now that she had accepted that how she felt about Scorpius was probably not going to change anytime soon, she was starting to have more of an urge to let everyone know why she felt the way she did.

                After struggling her way through hordes of students, Rose parted ways with everyone and quickly made her way towards to the head dormitory.

                “Water chestnut,” she said out loud upon reaching the head dorms entrance.  The wolf and golden retriever perked up as they always did upon hearing her voice and the portrait swung open allowing her to enter the room.  Rose quickly rushed in, her insides fluttering with excitement over seeing Scorpius waiting for her in his armchair, only to find the common room empty.

                Rose let out a disappointed sigh and sank down onto the only couch in the room.  It wasn’t as if Scorpius had told her a specific time to meet him.  All he had said at lunch was that they would talk later and since he wasn’t in her last class, she had no idea where he was right now.

                Resigning herself to the fact that Scorpius might not get back to the room for some time, Rose decided that it would be in her best interest to figure out how she was going to act when Scorpius arrived.

                Ten minutes later, Rose still hadn’t come to a conclusion about how she should act when Scorpius arrived.  Did she act indifferent to the point where she had him grovelling at her feet or just throw herself at him.  Rose huffed impatiently as she stared at the old grandfather clock.  Rose wasn’t sure if she was nervous, excited, hormonal or all of the above, but there was one thing she did know, and that was that Scorpius needed to hurry the hell up before she went crazy from anticipation.

                As if on cue, Rose’s ears perked up upon hearing the audible sound of the portrait hole creaking open, followed by footsteps echoing down the small corridor into the common room.

                Rose couldn’t help but hold her breath as she straightened in her seat and when Scorpius’ figure appeared from around the corner, Rose let out a sigh of relief so loud that Scorpius chuckled at the sound.

                “Hoping I wasn’t Monroe or Longbottom coming to talk about our patrol routes,” Scorpius replied brightly.

                “Maybe,” Rose admitted nervously, as she tried to contain the sudden urge to throw herself at Scorpius.

                Obviously noticing her impatience, Scorpius walked towards her and took a seat on the coffee table in front of where she was seated, so that he was facing her.  Hesitantly, he extended both of his hands towards her, his shoulders tensing slightly.  Without saying a word, Rose placed her hands in his and watched as his shoulders relaxed.

                “Sorry I took so long,” Scorpius apologized. 

                Knowing that he was talking about breaking things off with Zabini, Rose squeezed his hand reassuringly in response.  “S’okay,” Rose said softly, some of her impatience retreating.  “Your indecisiveness is somewhat cute.
                Scorpius snorted before smiling at her.  “Cute?”

“I said somewhat,” she reminded him and he dropped his head slightly to stare at their entwined hands as he awkwardly cleared his throat.

                After a moment of silence, Scorpius lifted his head and stared at her, his expression serious.

                “I’m going to say this again,” he said.  “It won’t be easy dating someone like me.”

                Rose heaved a slightly exasperated sigh.  “I know.”

                “My family will be hard for you to deal with,” he added.

                “I know.”

                “And everyone is going to be on our case.”

                “I know, Scorpius,” Rose repeated with a reassuring smile, as Scorpius anxiously started rubbing her palms with his thumbs.  “I’m not going to be easy to date either.  My families huge, obnoxious and will always be in our business, and I’m short-tempered, slightly dense about my feelings, and jump to conclusions very easily.”

                “That’s true,” Scorpius said with a nod.

                Rose gave him a dark look before continuing.

                “Nevertheless, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think any relationship is supposed to be easy,” Rose said thoughtfully.  “You just have to love each other and work from there.”

                “You have a point there,” Scorpius replied, his expression brightening slightly. 

Happy at the change in his expression, Rose continued to argue her point.  “I mean, look at what Al has to go through with Nora and he’s still happier than I’ve ever seen him in a long time.  Then again, Dave and Alice have no problems whatsoever and they’re bloody happy all the time.”

                Scorpius chuckled lightly before responding.  “You’re rambling, Rose.”

                “Oh,” Rose said.  “That’s another flaw of mine, the tendency to ramble.  You’ll have to watch out for that.  And I really have a thing for chocolate.  I’m not sure if that’s a flaw, but you will definitely get in my good graces if one day you show up at my bedroom door with a giant carton of chocolate frogs.”

                “Rose,” Scorpius said, a slight hint of amusement hanging off her voice.


                “The way you’re talking right now, makes it sound like we’re already dating,” Scorpius replied, a smirk appearing on his face.

                Rose blinked in surprise before stuttering a response.  “W-Well, I’m sorry.  It seems that I got ahead of myself,” she replied irritably.  “Would you like me to ask for your permission first?”

                The laugh that erupted from Scorpius at her question left Rose slightly dazed.  He had sounded so carefree, so happy.  Merlin’s beard, she could get used to hearing that.

                Scorpius leaned forward, while pulling her towards him so that she was half falling off of the couch, leaving only about an inch or two between both of their faces.  “Yes, please,” he answered with a crooked smile.

                Gah!  Rose could hear the thump of her speeding heartbeat echoing in her ears and she was pretty sure Scorpius could hear it as well.  Rose gulped, trying her best to calm down.  Wasn’t she supposed to have been seducing him or at least be slightly peeved at how he had been handling things?  Nevertheless, as she stared into his intoxicating grey eyes, she found herself forgetting about all her problems.

                Merlin, he was good.

                “Alright,” Rose said slowly in order to keep her voice from shaking.  “Would you like to go out with me, Scorpius Malfoy?”

                Upon finishing her question, Scorpius’ face broke out into a radiant smile before closing the distance between the two of them and capturing her lips in one of the most mind-blowing kisses she had ever experienced in her short seventeen year life.  Scorpius pulled his hands from hers, only to use them to take a hold of her face; his fingers tangling themselves into her curls. 

Rose felt as if she were on auto-pilot.  All of her senses were so focused on what Scorpius was doing to her, that she failed to notice that he had left his seat on the coffee table and had managed to manoeuvre their bodies so that she was now lying on the couch and he was on top of her, all the while keeping his lips firmly attached to hers. 

Unfortunately, since they both needed oxygen in order to continue living, Scorpius pulled his lips away from hers, panting heavily as he rested his forehead against hers.

“Well,” Rose squeaked as she tried to catch her breath.  “Consider me properly seduced.”

Scorpius let out a laugh as he moved his head away from her forehead and buried it in the crook of her neck.

“I’m not kidding,” Rose stuttered, as she felt Scorpius’ lips press themselves against her neck.  “Right now, I’m pretty sure I’m willing to let you do anything to me right now.”

“There’s plenty of time for that,” Scorpius muttered huskily.

“Merlin, Scorpius,” Rose gushed.  “If you don’t stop, I’m going to lose it.”

Rose felt Scorpius’ lopsided grin appear against her skin as he continued applying light kisses to her neck. 

“You also haven’t answered my question,” Rose said shakily.

“I thought the answer was obvious,” he mumbled.

“Let’s pretend I’m an idiot,” Rose said with a huff.

With what looked like a lot of effort on his part – something Rose was very pleased about – Scorpius lifted his head from her neck and stared down at her.  “Yes, Rose Weasley,” Scorpius replied slowly.  “I will go out with you.”

Rose felt her insides light in triumph and she couldn’t help but grin stupidly up at him.  “You do realize that officially, out of the two of us, I was the only one who was able to properly ask one of us out.”

Scorpius just stared down at her blankly for a moment before responding.  “You talk way too much for a person who is currently pinned to a couch.”

Rose stared at him in confusion for a moment before noticing that with Scorpius half on top of her and her arms stuck beneath him, she was going nowhere anytime soon.


“So, while you may have been the first out of the two of us to make our current relationship official,” Scorpius continued, his expression slowly morphing into, what Rose believed, was how a predator looked while stalking his prey.  “Let’s never forget how much of an ass you were before you realized you actually fancied me.”

Rose couldn’t help but laugh nervously.  “Right.  How about we call it even then?”

“My dear, Rose,” Scorpius said with an exaggerated shake of his head as one of his hands began to move from its position by her head and towards her side.  “Have you forgotten that I’m a Slytherin.  It’s in our nature to be unforgiving.”

“You can always go against societies norms,” Rose said quickly as she felt Scorpius hand snake under her oxford.

“I’m dating you aren’t I,” Scorpius replied honestly.

Before Rose could give a response, Scorpius wayward travelling hand took a hold of her side and, much to her surprise, began to tickle her.

“Bloody- !  Scorpius g-get off me!” she laughed as she tried to wriggle away from his assault. 

“Don’t want to,” he grinned.

Rose tried her best to glare up at him but with him tickling her side, she was failing miserably at it through her laughter.  “You,” Rose wheezed as Scorpius’ other hand wound its way to her other side.  “Are a sadistic bastard, Scorpius Malfoy.”

Scorpius just grinned down on her with a smile that lit up his entire face before recapturing her lips with his.

As Rose reciprocated the kiss, she couldn’t help but feel as if she could never be any happier.  While she wasn’t sure what the future was going to bring, there was one thing she was sure of.  She was meant to end up with Scorpius and she wasn’t planning on giving him up anytime soon.


A/N- Hello all.  Let me begin by saying that I am very sorry it took so long for me to update this time.  Unfortunately, life has been getting in the way of writing.  Anyway, Scorpius and Rose are now officially a couple and Nora is going to be showing us all what she can really do in the near future.  Excitement.  Please read and review as always and I appreciate everyone who has reviewed so far.  Over 100 reviews and counting.  :) 


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Forbidden Thoughts: Never Let You Go


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