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Big Brother by Drummergirlred
Chapter 1 : Big Brother
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She tapped her fingers on the desk only to stop to flip a page in her transfiguration book. However she was not reading her text but staring across the room at a group of boys.

“You better concentrate Sara that parchment isn’t going to have ink appear on if magically,” he laughed at his own lame joke and turned around to see what had held his little sister’s attention. He sighed as he turned back to his work. He said nothing for a moment but looked back up to his sister, “Mum said you’d probably notice boys this year. I argued with her about it since you’re in Ravenclaw and,” he stopped midsentence looking a bit perturbed.

“Sara,” he said sternly while waving a hand in front of her face in attempt to get his sister’s attention without disturbing the other students studying in the library.

“What?” she looked over to her to her brother confused tucking a piece of sandy hair behind her ear.

He looked at Sara with a mix of annoyance and concern, “I’ve been talking to you but you did hear anything I said because you’re looking at,” he turned around again to take a look at the targets of his sister’s eyes, “of course it would be them.” He ignored her eye roll and continued, “I don’t want you pinning for that idiot Sara, and you could do better.”

“He is your housemate,” she interjected.

“I would think you would be smart enough to know how many girls Black has dated and I say dated rather loosely. Have you ever talked to him before? You could outwit him with your little finger Sara.” Sara opened her mouth to speak but her brother kept lecturing, “I know I can’t stop you from noticing boys and Merlin forbid snogging one or two but I will stop you from going down a road of heart break with some moron who could never,”

“Eric,” she finally interrupted. “I don’t give a newts tail about Black,” she whispered firmly.

A look of relief overcame the muscular Gryffindor, “Thank Merlin.” He then turned back to his assignment he was trying to complete. Sara quickly fell back into the routine of staring at the Marauders and page flipping her book at her brother’s silence. Eric glanced back at his sister back to work and then realizing she was still staring at the group of younger Gryffindor boys set down his quill, folded his hands had placed them on top of the table glaring at his sister.

Sara flipped though more pages in her book not breaking the gaze she held on the Marauders. She finally noticed her brother looking at her, “Can I help you?” She asked with a bit too much sass for Eric’s liking.

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to notice me,” he said sarcastically.

“What is your problem?”

“No, not my problem,” he said pointing to himself, “your problem,” he pointed at her.

“I don’t have a problem,” she said this time picking up her quill to write.

Eric learned over the pulled the quill out of his sister’s hand, “Yes you do little sister and you will explain why you are lying to me, your only brother.”

Sara’s features soften trying to avoid an argument, “Please give me back my quill I need it to write this essay.”

Eric ignored his sister’s slight plea and glanced behind him. “Since I know no creature in their right mind would ever consider Pettigrew I won’t even venture down that alley. You do know that Potter is in love with Lily Evans. You know, Lily Evans, the pretty red headed fifth year Gryffindor prefect. “
“I’m telling Kate,” Sara teased.

“Just because I’m dating Kate doesn’t mean I’m blind little sister. I don’t even like red heads. They have got a temper as fiery as their hair and I don’t want anything to do with that; especially Lily Evans’ temper. Now back to your situation. “

“If you must know I’m not looking at Potter or Pettigrew,” she spoke through gritted teeth trying to hide a bit of embarrassment.

“Then who, if not the playboy, the athlete, the follower,” his eyes grew very large and a small smile came across his face, “the responsible one,” he said with a bit of excitement. “Of course! I don’t think a brother could imagine a bloke for his sister more perfect than Lupin. I’d bet he’s never even kissed a girl let alone, well we won’t think about that.”

Sara’s face turned red as soon as her brother had mentioned Remus Lupin and she tried to bury her face into her text so her brother wouldn’t notice.

Eric leaned back in his chair placing his hands behind his head with a pleased expression on his face. Sara took the opportunity to grab her quill and write some lines. “Have you ever talked to Lupin?” Sara ignored her brother’s questions. “You want me to call him over and introduce you?”

“No!” she shouted with wide eyes causing the whole library to look over to her. “Please don’t Eric,” she begged in a whisper. But her cry was not needed because Eric has already waved for the Marauders to come over to their table.

“Christenson,” James Potter spoke has he sat down next to Eric, “Ready for Saturday’s game against Slytherin?” he asked making conversation. The rest of the Maunders took chairs around the table, Remus sitting next to Sara who did not notice.

“Born ready, I’ve been making saves in my sleep. I can’t wait to beat those snakes,” Eric said rather serious. “You blokes know my sister Sara?” he said changing the subject completely ignoring the evil glare his sister threw his direction.

“I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of being formally introduced to your pretty sister,” Sirius said rather seductively for Eric’s liking and he let him know with a glare causing Sirius to cower back a bit into his chair.

“Sara, stop studying for two seconds and be sociable.” Sara looked up at her brother hoping her face wasn’t too red from embarrassment and anger.

Eric smiled at her rather pleased with himself, “Good girl; this is James Potter, Sirius Back, Peter Pettigrew,” he motioned to each boy as he said their names quickly, “and last but certainly not least this is Remus Lupin, sitting right next to you,” he spoke with a bit more emphasis and added a wink in her direction.

Sara’s head quickly whipped to her left to see if in fact Remus Lupin was sitting next to her. Her heart rate increased and she hoped no one could hear it.

“I’d love to go back to forth year,” Remus said glancing over Sara’s text book not noticing how terrified the Ravenclaw looked as she blatantly stared at him. “I think the O.W.L.S. are going to be the death of me.”

“I’ll be taking those next year,” Sara responded going back to her parchment hoping that her awkwardness wasn’t noticeable. All the Gryffindors chuckled but Sara didn’t seem to notice as she was trying not to think about the fact Remus Lupin was sitting next to her and had actually spoken to her.

Eric, noticing his sister’s anxiety, changed the subject back to quidditch before any of the boys could chime in on her comment. Sara continued putting her energy into working on her essay trying not to pay attention to boy’s conversation.

Remus not very interested in hearing his housemates go on about the upcoming game against Slytherin turned his attention to Sara’s book. “Metamorphmagus, that was a good chapter,” he said aloud in Sara’s direction. “Have you ever met a Metamorphmagus?”

Sara froze when he spoke to her and she looked to Remus to make sure that he was actually talking to her, “no,” she answered quietly, “have you?”

“No, but I’d like to meet one might be kind of fun.”

Sara had relaxed quickly as the conversation turned to school work, “How do you even know what a Metamorphmagus truly looks like? Someone could just be many different many people and I don’t think that would be very fun for everyone else,” she almost at an integrating tone to her voice but looked at Remus as if he would know the answer.

“Well I suggest you keep reading. The answer is in there,” he said smiling at her motioning to her text book.

“Where,” she asked picking up the book flipping through the pages frantically. Remus leaned over Sara a bit and turned a few pages back and pointed to a section titled ‘How to Tell a Metamorphmagus’s True Form’. “Oh, the pages must have been stuck when I was reading earlier.”

Eric looked over at his sister and Remus Lupin and a small smile crept across his face, “Lupin you sure you’re not suppose to a Ravenclaw? We,” he said motion to himself and the other Maunders, “are talking about sports and you focus in on the closest school work.”

Remus laughed and sat back into his chair but not without his hand brushing against Sara’s arm causing Sara to turn fire engine red as goose bumps traveled across her body. “Well I’m just confidante of the team’s impending victory I don’t see the reason for continued conversation.”

“That’s the right attitude Mooney,” James said with gusto standing up. “Well gentleman, lady,” he spoke nodding to Sara, “I think I’ve had enough of this library for one evening.” Jame’s words were almost like a command from a king as the Maunders all stood up to leave.

“See you in the common room Christenson,” Sirius said over his shoulder as he went back to their table and gathered up his things.

Remus was a bit slower to get up, “It was nice to meet you Sara,” he said smiling at her, “good luck with your essay.”

Sara’s eyes widened a bit, “thanks,” she mouthed as no sound came out as she looked at Remus. He smiled at her said bye to Eric and was out the door with his friends.

“Sara, you can stop staring now, he’s gone,” Eric laughed.

Sara looked at her brother and exhaled, she didn’t know she had stopped breathing, “I could kill you for that.”

“Why? I think he might be interested, isn’t that what you want? You want me to ask him?” he asked teasing her a bit.

“Please don’t,” she begged.

“Alright I won’t say anything but if he asks me I’m giving him the go for it but don’t hurt my little sister talk. You two looked good sitting over there together.”

“Really,” Sara asked rather excited. “I mean he did ask about me about my school work and he helped and,”

“Come on little sis, I think you’re done studying for the night this conversation is going to be best to be had with one of you girl friends,” he said with a certain tone of disgust and playfulness. “I really don’t want to know how you feel about the 5 minutes Remus Lupin sat next to you.”

“Was it that long,” she asked with more enthusiasm packing up her things.

Eric laughed again shaking his head, “Merlin what did I do, come on let’s go” The siblings left the library together and continued to walk together.

“You don’t have to walk me to my dorm you know.”

“Yes I do,” he said matter-o f -factly.

Sara stopped to address her brother, “Eric, I’m 15. I am more than capable of navigating the halls between the library and my common room.”

“You’re nearly 15,” he corrected. “I would not be doing my duty if I didn’t make sure you made back to your room safe. What would mum say if something happened to you?”

“What would she say if I told her were trying to set me up on dates,” she asked him with a smirk.

“I’d tell her it’s a preventative measure. I figure if I get you hooked up with a bloke I know and trust I won’t have to worry about you. I mean I don’t want you dating any Slytherins.”

“I’m Muggle-born; the whole Slytherin house hates me.”

“I can’t be too careful; you’re the only little sister I’ve got,” he smiled down at his sister, “And here we are Ravenclaw Tower. I do this out of love you know, not that I would admit that to anyone else,” he quickly added.

“I love you too, but please no more walking back to my dorm, it is not very conducive to attracting boys.”

He laughed giving his sister a hug, “Why do you think I do it, because I enjoy walking across the castle.”
Sara smiled, “I guess not but last time right?”

“Last time no more Thursday evening escorts to your room,” he said with a sigh.

“Thank you,” Sara turned and ascended the stairs.

“I’m just trying to be a good brother,” Eric shouted up to her before heading back off to the Gryffindor common room.

“I know,” she smiled speaking quietly aloud to herself as she continued up the spiral stairs, “I know.”


Author's Note:

I was feeling brave today I guess, no beta and written in two days. Hopefully someone finds this enjoyable.

I dedicate this to my brother, Eric, who even though NEVER put me in this situation I know he would have if given the opportunity.

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