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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 7 : Blown Cover
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"Oh Won-Won!" Lavender squealed, rushing into Ron's office, using the (rather annoying) nickname she had used during their sixth year romance, "hurry up! We're going to be late!" She squealed, smiling, obviously happy about the fact that Ron was in his office and Hermione hers.

Ron jerked his head up, sighing when he saw her.

"What?" He asked, groggily.

He was exhausted. He got zero sleep the night previously.

The girl he loved more than his own life was dating his mortal enemy from their first meeting, and the man he had assumed she had a natural hate for to until she saw them playing tonsil hockey right in front of his shocked face.

Lavender glared and put one hand on her hip and the other on her stomach, tapping her foot.

The St. Mungo's visit was this morning.


"Oh, right. The doctor's visit." He said, half yawning, rubbing his head.

"Yes, the doctor's visit!" she squealed, excitingly.

He sighed. "What are we going there for?"

She rolled her eyes, "Come on. Don't you want to see the baby's first picture?"

'No,' he thought.

"Well, of course I do it's just..." He never finished that sentence.

Lavender squealed in obvious delight.

She grabbed his hand and started pulling him towards the door.

'What is she five?' Ron thought, rather annoyed to be drug out of the room like that.


1 Hour later

"Lavender." A brunette nurse chimed, coming out into the lobby with a clipboard in hand.

Lavender and Ron exclaimed glances; Lavender looked giddy with joy while Ron looked like he was about to be sick,

Lavender leaped up out of her chair, with a huge grin spreading across her face.

Ron slowly staggered to his feet, looking seasick.

"Come on, Won-Won." she said smiling, placing a hand on her stomach.

He sighed.
He followed Lavender over to the nurse who gestured for them to go down the hallway with her.

He had been to St. Mungo's before, but never this section.

There were posters everywhere of intimate photos of pregnant women, families, mothers and babies, fathers and babies, etc.

The long hallway seemed a lot longer than it actually was.

He passed several women that looked part hippopotamus.

'Is that what Lavender's going to look like?' He wondered.

He looked over to her, sure, she had a bump, but nothing, nothing like that.

She still looked like the girl he used to be with in sixth year except with a few extra pounds.

These women looked like they were aliens.

Ron had absolutely no experience with babies or pregnancy and what he was seeing his terrified him.

He passed several women who held screaming babies, and even a couple women who were chasing small children down the hallway that seemed to be trying to escape.

'This is my future.' He thought.

He shook his head.

"Right in here." the nurse announced, gesturing towards an open door.

Lavender giggled and rushed in the room, clapping her hands.

Ron sighed and went in to the room, taking a seat beside Lavender.

The nurse closed the door and came to stand by Lavender.

"Alright Lavender," she said cheerfully, the opposite of the way Ron was feeling.

"Now have you had any real symptoms or anything you were concerned about?" she inquired.

"Not really. Except," she put her hand on her stomach, "a have gained some weight." she said, giggling.

The nurse smiled.

"Alright, now if would, please get on the table for me," she said gesturing to the table.

Lavender nodded.

She got on the examining table and laid down.

The nurse had her raise her shirt, revealing her stomach.

"Alright, now this is going to be kind of cold." the nurse said as she put a liquidy substance on her stomach.

she put the purple-blue liquid on her bump and smeared it around, looking at her television-like appliance, that looked exactly like a muggle appliance that his father had some experience with.

Who knows?

Maybe it was the exact same thing.

Does it really matter?

"Alright," the nurse continued, "now I'd say that you are just about.....12 weeks! Congratulations!"

Lavender beamed.

Ron's eyes widened.


It had really been that long?

He was thinking somewhere around 8 or 9, but with how much firewhiskey he had drunk it was a surprise he could still figure out their names that fateful night.

"And there, would be your baby!" the nurse said pointing at the screen.

On the screen there was a blurry black and white picture.

Was that seriously what she called a baby?

The nurse obviously saw that he was completely confused, so she decided to help him out a little.

"Alright, there are there's it head," she pointed to the circle on the screen, "and right it's little ears and you can see a tiny hand there." she pointed out the features.

Lavender's face softened.

She completely lost the evil glint in her eyes.

They sparkled for an entirely different reason.

Tears sprang to her eyes, tears of joy.

She smiled.

Ron felt something different too.

'Wow', he thought, 'this is my baby.'

He almost let a small tear of joy escape but quickly caught himself.

He never thought this moment would affect him like this.

"Wow," Lavender gasped.

The nurse smiled, "congratulations," she repeated.

He still wasn't exactly thrilled about this whole situation, but it still pulled on his heartstrings seeing that image on the screen.

"So...what is it?" He asked, still gawking at the screen.

The nurse and Lavender both looked thoroughly confused.

"What do you mean?" they asked in unison, looking at each other when they answered.

He rolled his eyes.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" He asked.

The nurse laughed, "Oh, that, well, it's a little too early to tell. You should be able to find out around the twenty week mark" she said with a laugh.

"Oh," he sighed.

Lavender giggled.

"Well, at least we have something to look forward to." she said, smiling.

He grimaced.

"Yeah, I guess you are right," he sighed, honestly disappointed.

The looked at the screen again.

This was the start of something big.

30 minutes later

They walked out into the lobby, grins not wavering from either of their faces.

This was the first time he had really smiled, honestly happen, not sulky and withdrawn, in quite awhile.

They kept walking and talking, actually not wanting to kill each other like they had felt several times in the past few days.

This had actually been a good morning.

"So what do you want?" Lavender asked, suddenly.

Ron was confused, "What?"

Lavender giggled, "Boy or girl?"

"Oh," he said, running his hands through his hair, "Um..."He was cut off.

"Ron?" the voice questioned.

Ron's eyes widened and he gasped.

He spun around to look straight in to the face of some one who happened to have one of the world's largest mouths, who he had forgotten was helping his father run errands, some to St. Mungo's: his nosy older brother: George.

"Hey Ron what are you..." he trailed off when he saw Lavender.

He looked up and down and suddenly his look changed.

Ron knew what he was seeing.

The bump.

His eyes widened.



Alright so what did you think??

Did you like the Ron/Lavender focus?

I know it's still early, but what are you thinking: is it a boy or girl?


I'm thinking I know what those answers will be but I still sometimes change my original ideas.

What are your opinions: boy or girl?

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