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Grey Eyes by Seriously_Sirius93
Chapter 2 : Smiles and Lollipops
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Before I even finish knocking, the door opens, revealing a smashing young man in dress robes. He’s around my age, with dark hair and regal features. “Hello,” he smiles at me. “I’m Sirius Black. This is my, er, home.” I smile in turn. “I’m Farren Rivers, and these are my-” I get cut off by a man and a woman rushing past the door to my parents.


“Henry! Julianne! How lovely to see you!” The women air kiss, and the men grip hands. “Orion, Walburga, thank you for the invitation!” My mother motions for me to come over. Sirius follows, looking at his, apparent, parents worryingly. “This is my daughter, Farren. We’ve kept her in home school, so that is probably why your Sirius doesn’t know her.” She nods at Sirius and he smiles, politely.


“Sirius! Take Ms. Rivers inside and sit with her! She’s the only one your age here!” Sirius smiles and makes a crook in his arm. I take it, and he takes me inside.


He laughs as we sit at a table, complete with cheese and wine. I smile at him, questioningly. “It’s… nothing. So, it’s true you’ve been home schooled?” I nod, happy I’ve quickly made a friend. Well, maybe not, I’m not good at reading people.


“Damn, I’m already bored. Isn’t this supposed to be a party? Where are teenagers?” Sirius smirks, showing me he isn’t all smiles and lollipops. Lollipops, I like lollipops.


“Erm, Farren?” Sirius waves a hand in my faces. “Hmm, whuh?” I mutter. I’m not good at this. I need to be on anti-ADD medication. Or is it ADHD? Shit, I’ve really must pay attention.


“Just… Farren! Jesus, do you need some anti-insane meds? Because, I’ve got some.” I shook my head, smiling. “No, no, no. I’m just bored. You have friends, right? Invite them. I’m so fucking bored. Jesus Lord almighty, I’ve gotta stop cursing.” Sirius laughs, obviously. I’m so hilarious. Wait, was he laughing with me or… Yeah, he was laughing with me.


“Yeah, you want me to get them?” I nod, smiling. He walks off, to owl or something. I’m a smiler. Smiley, smiley, smiley. “I need a drink.” I sigh. I pick up the wine glass. It’s only Chardonnay. “I was hoping for something a little bit stronger. I don’t know, like Bacardi 151.” Yes, I’m looking to get wasted. BUT NOBODY’S FRICKIN’ HERE!!! I’ve must stop ranting. Oh, he’s here.


“Well, that was quick.” He smiles. WE’RE ALL HAPPY! SHUT UP! I have bi-polar or something. “Yup, they were all at James’ house. They’re on their way. C’mon, upstairs.” I grin, ready for da partay. I think drunk. I feel like a drunkard. A drunken pirate. I like pirates.


“JAMES! GET THE FUCK OFF THE CHANDELIER!” Sirius screams as soon as he opens his bedroom door. The guy in question was, in fact, swinging on a chandelier. He had black hair and, from what I could see, hazel eyes behind a pair of glasses. Another boy was sitting on a bed, massaging his temples. He had light brown hair, but I couldn’t see his eyes. The last boy, who was lying on a shag carpet, had medium brown hair and shiny blue eyes, like marbles.


“OI, MATES!” Sirius once again yells. “I’m gonna introduce someone to you. This is Farren Rivers, just met her, looking for Bacardi 151. Anyone got any?” A bottle of gold liquid appeared just above the windowsill. A female voice shouts out, “Got it. James, get this! Wait, you’re in the chandelier. Peter, get this. Wait, you’re asleep. Remus, get this.” The boy on the bed hops up and walks over to the floating bottle, grabbing it, and hoisting up its carrier. Sirius groans.


“Prongs, why’d you bring Evans?” James, the one in the chandelier, sighs. “She’s my chick! I can’t leave my chick! Sorry, Lily. My babe? My hun? Okay, my hun.” The girl was shooting him glares on each attempted pet name.


“Hey, I’m Lily, Lily Evans. I’m James, this freakin’ ignoramus here’s girlfriend.” She holds out her hand to shake. I accept it, saying, “Farren Rivers, this guy here,” I point behind me at Sirius, who is currently attempting to throw things at James, “Brought me up here because I’m so fucking bored. STOP CURSING! Sorry, I have ADD, or ADHD, or bi-polar, or something. Maybe all four… wait, three. I also have dyscalculia.” I sigh, Lily covering her face, shaking with laughter. Hey, I am pretty da- DON’T SAY IT- ahem, darn funny.


“Can I have some of that?” I weakly ask the boy on the bed, Remus I think. He has the alcohol. I need alcohol. Did you know Bacardi 151 has an alcohol content of 72.5%? I know all about alcohol. As you’ve probably guessed, my parent’s attempts to keep me a nun have failed.


“Sure, you want a glass?” I shake my head. “How ‘bout a drinking game?” I ask. At least we’ll have some fun out of it.


A/N: OKAY!!! This is the second chapter to my story. I bet no one has read it and, if you have, I WOULD <3 YOU IF YOU COMMENTED! I would read all your stories and comment on the chapters. Yes, I'm that desperate. So, um, if you will, comment? Nowadays, that it's almost summer, I'll have a lot more time for my stories. Going into the last year of senior high, baby! So, yeah, the next chapter won't come out until summer. It's going to involve drinking, snogging, and drinking while snogging. Okay, that quote wasn't mine, it was starless_glamour's from Hitting the Fan. Thanks, ta-ta for now.

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