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Life, Love, & Berries by xXMissGrangerXx
Chapter 8 : Jake Garland, probably the only boy I don't hate
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Chapter 8.



S'up guys, this is Jake. He's too cool for you. and that's why he's taking me to the ...OH!! I cant tell you yet. Yes, im so mean.  




Today was two weeks away from the Christmas holiday. Which calculates one week away from the ball.


And I still didn’t have a date.


Two more people had asked me, but I just didn’t wanna go with them, so I ‘kindly’ rejected them. By kindly I mean I told them I was either lesbian or to piss the hell off.


At this moment in time I was sitting in the common room, Rose helping me to read through a text book as recently my dyslexia has been getting worse. It was Monday evening and I was surprised to see a nervous looking Jake walk right up towards me, and pull me aside from Rose.


“Can I talk to you?” He said as he led me to a private corner of the common room.


“No I’m sorry, it’s illegal.” I said rolling my eyes. “Of course you can you dumb arse.”


He smiled nervously. “Well er, I figured cause I don’t have a date for the ball-“


“You don’t?” I said quite literally shocked. I mean come on, Jake is pretty good looking. He shook his head.


“And neither do you, I thought if you er, wanted to. We could go to the ball, together, as just friends.”


I bit my lip and looked at him in consideration.


“Luiza told you to say this didn’t she.” I said nodding my head smiling.


“Er, well, um, yeah.” He said sheepishly. I looked at him closely. I sighed.


“I guess it’s not a bad idea. But just as friends?” I asked concerned.


“Totally. No offense or anything but I don’t really like you in that way.” He said.


“None taken.” I said beaming.


“Ok. Er….meet you outside the common room?” He said, I nodded smiling and walked back toward my seat where Rose sat expectantly.


She looked at me quizzically. Trying to interpret my expression. After a while of staring, she spoke.


“What was that about.”


“Miss Rose Weasley. For your information, I, just got, a date.





“So, West. You still ain’t got a date yet?” Al said, teasingly at the Gryffindor dinner table, as he stuffed his face next to me, and of course, smirking.


“Actually. I have.” I said rather proudly. I don’t fancy Jake, but it’s the best I can do. He stopped eating, smirk gone.


“What? You? Berry West has an actual date for the ball?” He said unconvinced.


“I wouldn’t be so doubtful Potter. For your information, five people asked.” I said confidently.


“So, who are you going with then?” He asked, fork still hovering near his lips. I rested my face palm and looked up at him.


“Your mate, Jake Garland.” I said with a crooked smile. He started fidgeting a lot and just decided to take it lightly.


“I’d say he’s out of your league, wouldn’t you?” Potter said smirking, stuffing the food in his mouth. I glared at him and threw my potato at his face. He scowled.


“I am not. Out of his league. Potter.” I spat his name and turned back to my dinner. I was just innocently eating when I felt something flick my face and roll down my top.


He did not. Just start the pea flicking again. I slowly turned round to him, anger radiating from me. I raised my wand, ready to hex him to oblivion, and in terror, he ducked right under the table.


So naturally, I followed him down there and threw a stream of hexes at him which missed his head by inches. He crawled speedily forward, turning his head wearing a smirk, and throwing a hex back in my direction which hit me just to the side of my face and onto my hair. My eyes flicked to my hair which was…




“POTTER YOUR DEAD!” I yelled throwing random hexes in front of me, and before we knew it, we were chasing each other madly with all the curses in the world, underneath the Gryffindor table.


It. Was. Chaos.


I scrambled forward, sending a hex his way. Suddenly he had a horse’s tail sprouting from his behind and he looked back in horror.


“You did not…” He began. He retaliated by showering me in……WATER! I growled, students heads occasionally popping under the table.


“ Berry is that-“ Rose began but I shoved her feet out the way with an impatient “MOVE”. I sent a bolt of blue light that hit his head and he turned round with his face caked in mud. He scrambled onwards, spat some dirt out his mouth and sent a bolt of white light to hit me square in the chest and I screeched as I felt flowers in my hair which he knows I hate. He shot me a smirk.




Racoonistia!” I whispered angrily, a purple light shooting from my wand, hitting a rather panicked Al in the back of the head. And at the speed of lightning, the fully grown boy shrunk into a magnificent black and brown racoon.


I snorted at my own amazement and sat down and watched as Al the racoon scampered around helplessly, occasionally giving me the evils as everyone laughed as they poked their heads under the table. I don’t really know how a racoon gives you the evils, but this one definitely was.


There was a lot of shouting and as Al scuttled stubbornly out from the table and right at the feet of……….*gulp*….Professor McGonagall.


Uh oh.


Well, I’m just gonna hide here and er…


“MISS WEST! GET OUR FROM THAT TABLE THIS INSTANT!” I heard the furious yelling from Professor McGonagall’s feet. I cowered, whimpering as I crawled out from under the table on all-fours, looking up at an enraged Professor, beady green eyes looked daggers at me.


She scowled and the squirming Albus, now raking his claws into my hands. With a wave of her wand, Albus swivelled round and turned back into normal Al, practically fuming steam.




“what-“ Al started literally shaking in anger.





So I got a very much sense of déjà vu as the Potter boy and I walked up the steps to the headmistress’s office, glaring madly at each other. She opened the door to her office frustratedly, slamming it against the wall.


She did even need to tell us to sit, as we assumed our rightful places and huffed at each other.


“You started it.” Al said.


“Did not! You, said Jake was out of my league.”


“Because he is!”


“No he isn’t!”


“Well you can’t talk, you turned me into a racoon!” He yelled across at me, fuming.


“YOU FLICKED FREAKING PEAS DOWN MY SHIRT!” I screeched, radiating fury.




“YOU TURNED MY HAIR BLUE AGAIN!!” I shrieked shaking my fists.






The voice thundered wildly round the room as we both sat there in stunned silence facing the sight from our nightmares. Minerva McGonagall, was standing up, nostrils flaring, white hair waving, and eyes reduced to slits. We both cowered and after a few minutes of silence she sat again. She breathed in, and spoke in a calm, but stern voice.


“You both have detentions for another month, for causing mass disruption in the Main Hall and for using unpermitted spells and for the transfiguring of a fellow student. I must say Miss West, I’m quite proud of that spell you used and with that you pass NEWTS with Outstanding. But that is beside the point, Now, off you go, back to your houses. Now.” She said waving her hands towards the door.


We both walked out in silence, heads down, and out into the corridor.


Neither of us spoke to one another, only exchanging death glares and cheated apologetic glances (well at least on my behalf) that neither of us saw.


When we reached the top of the staircase on the seventh floor I stated the password coldly and merely slammed the portrait hole door in Potter’s face. I stormed across the common room, followed by and equally angry Albus Potter who shot me the most poisonous glare I’ve ever seen before racing up the boy’s staircase.


Naturally I did the same, and we didn’t talk to one another for three days.


That’s right, you heard. Three whole days without Berry West and Albus Potter exchanging a single word.


But of course that didn’t last long because. Well. We’re West and Potter after all. Sometime’s a good old argument is just too hard to leave alone.


So I was sitting in the common room, noticing Albus walk in the room and immediately clenched the book in my hands tighter and pretended to read Rose’s ‘help dyslexia’ books. Oh yes, it’s so great writing a book to help dyslexics, and yet, they never thought, Hey! How the hell are they gonna read it?


Al sat in the couch next to me, ignoring me as he picked up the daily prophet and started to read. I could help but take a few glimpses of him, so statuesque as he sat so still, only his emerald eyes flickering left and right across the page.


“Ok. Since when did Albus Potter read the prophet?” I said, giving in, dropping my book into my lap, crossing my arms expectantly.


“Oh I’m sorry, are you talking to me?” He asked raising and eyebrow.


“Oi. Don’t do that on me. You’re the one that started the blanking thing mate.” I hissed. He rolled his eyes.


“Did not! You did!” He retaliated, huffing at me.


“Did too! And besides, how the hell does a person start a mutual agreement of silence anyway?” I asked rather confused at the turn of our conversation.


“Well! I dunno! Ask Rose.


“I’m right here!” Said a high pitched voice from a couch behind us.


“Right.” I began, turning my whole body round purposefully. “Rose, how do you start a mutual agreement of silence?”


“Er…You don’t.” She said, eyebrows knitting together.


“Rose, that was not, the answer I was looking for.” I said crossly.


“But you seriously just don’t.” She repeated, shaking her head at us like we were mad.


Al sighed, shaking his head with wide eyes like he’d just been slapped in the face. “Well, hey, I guess we were the first ones.” He said shrugging his shoulders turning back to the Prophet.


“Hey! High-five dude! We could be in the Guiness book of Records!” I said clapping my hands together.


“I’m sorry?” He said, confused. I sighed, loosening my shoulders in defeat.


“This is why you should take muggle studies, I’m telling you.” I said, with a half smile in disbelief. I’m not muggle born, I’m just too cool so I know all this stuff anyway.


“You sound like Rose.” Al said smirking.


“I’m still right here!” Rose said sarcastically. “And Berry , of all the things as being wizards that you could put in a muggle book of World records, you choose a mutual agreement of silence?”


She had a point.


“Well!….I’M DIFFERENT OK?” I said frustratedly.


“We knew that.” Al said, not looking up from his prophet.


“Hey dude I have plenty of hexes up my sleeve, and you, STILL HAVEN’T ANSWERED MY QUESTION!!” I yelled dramatically.


“I’m sorry?” Al asked, confuzzled.




“Oh…er..well…..cause today I’m in it?” He squeaked.



And that’s when he got chased around the common room, me holding my terror-generating dyslexia book and bloody hell he got the beating of his life. I’m not even scared to say that I would have made his mother proud.




“Who are you going to the ball with then?” I asked Al when we were at the Gryffindor table having breakfast, Al sitting directly opposite me, and Teri sitting by my right. I’d come quite late down to breakfast due to a bad night’s sleep, and wanting more rest till Teri, the last person in the dorm, had to throw water in my face to get me out of bed.


It was not a pleasant waking.


“Last time this conversation came up it didn’t end to well.” Teri practically sang the warning to us. I ignored, nudging for Al to spill the beans.


“I’m going with Emma Thirsk.”


“What, that slut-“ Teri slapped me. “I mean yeah! Good luck.” Teri slapped me again. I gave her a meaningless glare and continued. “Yeah, she’s really going for the provocative look-“ Teri slapped me again. “Would you stop with the slapping woman?!” I said, eyebrows higher than I thought they could reach. Hey, I could get in the Guinness World records for the hightest eyebrows. HOW COOL?! “Anyway. What I really meant to say is-“ Teri was kicking me under the table. I gave her a growl and gave Albus and exaggerated sweet face, leaning in across the table. “Have fun.” I said with the least enthusiasm. Before slamming my dyslexia book on the table and beginning to read. From the corner of my eye I could see him smirking.


“I can see you Potter.” I said voice muffled by the book. I could see him grin.


“By the sounds of it, West. Your, actually, quite jealous I think.” He finished folding his arms on the table smugly, leaning forward. For the effect, I dropped the book, mimicked his actions, and leaned closer.


“I’m not jealous Potter.” I said looking him straight in the eyes. (this is why I’m the best liar.) “I’m just warning you for what’s coming your way.”


And with that, I sweeped my book off the table, and strode out the room, confident, with my head held high, and then of course, naturally, that’s when i tripped over, books flying, crash landing head first.


Brilliant I am.


Soon I will need the ‘Etiquette’ book from Rose too.





I was limping my way off to Charms with Teri assisting me with all of my books and bruised and stinging knee. A seventh year brushed past me knocking all my books to the floor.


“Ugh! TOSSER!” I shouted back at the boy before bending over in the mass crowds to pick up all my quills and books to replace into my shoulder bag. As I collected my belongings I was surrounded by legs and feet all walking into me or over me, literally.


“Do you need some help?” Teri called down.


“No I’m perfectly-OUCH! YOU TROD ON MY HAND YOU LITTLE BASTARD!” I yelled at Slytherin boy drifting off in the distance. I huffed, zipping my bag before stretching upwards, hair dishevelled completely (it wasn’t blue anymore because Albus didn’t actually use the Caeruleus charm, he used a normal jinx and chose blue because he knew it would scare me, the evil prick) with a little smile.


“I’m all done let’s go off too-YIKES!” I yelled as one person knocked me to the banister rail, making me hit my poor little funny-bone. Why the hell do they call it a funn-ybone? Cause believe me, this ain’t funny.


“Could you animals please just for once WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!” I screeched as someone stepped on my baby toe. I breathed in to watch the reaction.


Nothing. Just continued chatter and swarms of students.


“Pleas don’t start shrieking down the whole of Hogwarts.” Teri said, poking my back, pushing me away from the crowds on the stairs and into the Charms classroom.


“Your late.” Flitwick junior said to the to of us. Unlike Flitwick the first, Flitwick juniour was the opposite of happy. He was always so very grouchy and grumpy, let’s just say it was never a pleasant lesson with Professor Flitwick II.


“Do I care?” I said shrugging. Because I was very angry at today’s events and today I was companioned with the knowledge that one more detention wasn’t going to make a difference. The short little grey man put his hands on is hips like some spoilt child, with eyes wide and eyebrows furrowed. “I’m sorry for ruining your class’s oh-so-wonderful beginning ceremony of misery but I just been knocked over, TWICE! And had my hand stepped one TWICE And had my foot trodden on TWICE!”


Flitwick was silent. Someone snorted.


“uh Berry that’s not actually true cause-“ Teri began ubt I sighed and covered her mouth before she ruined the effect.


“So, I’m going to sit down now and leave you be!” I said, removing my hand from Teri’s mouth and dragging her with me to the two empty seats in the classroom.


I threw my bag on the table, got our my ink and ink spattered quill and shoved my books heavily on the table. Once I finished this noisy arrangement I crossed my arms and leaned forward on the desk, boring my eyes to Flitwick. It was nice to have the thought that for once Albus Potter wasn’t in my lesson.


I heard the snort again.


I flipped my head round to see....NO! He’s not supposed to be in this lesson! NO NO NO!! I narrowed my eyes at him, took a quick glance round the room before speaking in a hissed whisper.


“What the hell are you doing here?!”


“West, I’ve been doing charms with throughout the whole term.” He said raising an eyebrow, smirking.


“No! That’s not true!” I whined. “This is special class with Teri! Disappear from my head already!” I screech-whispered at him.


“Huh. West, I’m not in your head.”


“Well get out of my face then!” I hissed, whipping round angrily. I turned to Teri, my expression cross but sort of doubtful.


“Has that devil child been here for all of this term of Charms?” I asked, arms folded, eyes narrowed, sort of pouting in annoyance.


“Yes.” Teri said sort of smiling at the fact I hadn’t worked it out already.


“Then how come I haven’t even noticed him in this class?! It’s not biologically possible for us to be in the same room and not even acknowledge each other.” I said, sort of worried what’s wrong with the world. I heard the snort again and turned round to give the Potter boy a filthy look before turning back expectantly at Teri.


“Maybe because he’s two whole seats behind you and your brain doesn’t stretch that far?” Teri said smirking.


“My brain is perfectly fine thank you! And he can see my back.” I said pointedly. So, still answerless, we turned on Al to answer our unanswered question.

“Don’t look at me!” He said, leaning backwards.


“We already are.” I said coldly, stating the obvious.


“Well, to be honest. I thought it’d be nice for once to not have to argue with you West for one lesson each day.” He said.


“That’s a good point.” Teri said turning back to me. I pouted angrily and fixed him a glare before turning back to the lesson. I started cursing under my breath about how I was going to kick his arse, unaware he could here every word.


“Hey West! Just so you know, you can’t prank me at all tomorrow since it’s my birthday.” Al said grinning as we walked out the class. I sneered at him before stomping off.


Well crap he’s older than me. That’s an extra person to add to my list of people I can’t bully by saying ‘respect your elder’s. Honestly it’s not legally fair.


But naturally, if it’s his birthday tomorrow, I will just have to prank him tonight. Because that’s just how, I, roll.





“THE BALL IS TOMORROW!” Luiza said jumping up and down on her bed as other’s pranced round the room in excitement, leaving me, all alone, by the door.


“Guys, I need you HELP!!” I shrieked that last part as Luiza jumped off from the bed, on top of me and we went colliding back through the entrance and started bumping down the stairs, one by one, me on the bottom, hitting me head each time till I blacked out completely.



Luiza’s POV.

Oh my fucking God. I think I’ve killed her.

“OH MY GOD. I THINK I’VE KILLED HER!” I yelled. See, I'm the kind of person who should really invest in that filter that goes between my brain and my mouth.

I was lying on top of an unconscious Berry after pouncing on her from the sixth floor of the girls’ tower and I had just skidded down all the steps, one by one, lying on top of her, all the way to the common room. Fuck, that was painful.

“Well, shit.” I heard someone say as a crowd developed around us. I began to stand up, my hands aching from trying to hold the banister as we’d fallen. I tried and tried to get Berry ’s limp body to sit up against the wall but she just had to be a fat bitch so I failed at that. Like I do at most things.

Albus, James, Fred, Jake, Will, Lily and Rudy Steiner (another seventh year) had all come over to the tragic little scene along with the rest of the girl’s who had just previously been dancing around like crazy people up in our dormitory.

“What the hell were you doing, sitting on her?” Rudy Steiner asked. I’d gotten to know him recently for as well as James, he was a close friend of Fred’s.

“I was excited about something or other so I went all high and she came in and I kinda leapt on her in happiness and the door was open and we kinda….”

“-fell down the stairs? Plus, since when are you NOT high?” Lily asked as she checked Berry ’s pulse.

“Yeah, basically.” I said a little nervously in my neutral accent. "And, by the way, Lils, I'm not high... erm... sometimes..." It wasn't that I was always high on drugs or anything. I'm just naturally high on life. It's all good. Fred came over to me, aware of my guilt and threw his arms round me kissing my hair. Don't I have the best boyfriend ever? Yeah, that's right. Be jealous.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll be alright.” He said soothingly, the sound of his silky voice muffled by my brown, wavy hair. “Are you okay? That was quite the fall.” He said laughing gently.

“Yeah, just a couple cuts and bruises. It's all casual.” I said shrugging, still looking at Berry ’s motionless form as Al and Jake scooped her limp but healthy-ish-looking body up. “Is she alive?”

“Yes, she’s fine.” Said Lily, resuming her comfortable position in her soft cosy armchair.

“Oi! Lils! She’s practically dying! Come help us because if she wakes up she’s going to nuts and kill us and your going to need to be there.” Al called after his stubborn and

“As Berry does." I sighed with a tinge of humour. Then I turned to the amazing tan boy beside me. "Fred, I'd better go." He nodded reluctantly and let me go after the little weird group waddling out of Gryffindor tower.

“Ok. How the hell do we get her down the steps?” Albus Potter said, truly stumped.

“You carry her.” I said, smirking at my own brilliance.

“Well, no shit.” He said sarcastically. “But how?” I rolled my eyes.

“Let me do it.” I said, taking Berry easily from their grip and carefully levitating her down the steps before replacing her into their arms. “Happy? You should be the one carrying her anyways, you DO love her and all.” I said sarcastically before walking onwards with the group. Al reddened considerably but didn't deny it.

“I still don’t understand why I have to be here.” Lily growled.

“Do you hate Berry ?” I asked, rather confused at her grumpiness.

“No! I just have… things… to do.”

“Things to do?” I said suspiciously and knowingly. See, I know Lily and her 'things' normally meant 'boys'. Albus stopped mid-step, still holding Berry , and turned on Lily.

“You’ve got a date for the ball, haven’t you?” Al said hyperventilating slightly.

“Well, not specifically true seeing as-“


“Yes I am and it’s none of your business who I’m going with.” Lily said stubbornly, crossing her arms, daring him to continue.

“It is my business and your going to tell me.” Al said, I never knew he could be so scary. Lily squeaked something un-understandable.

“What?” He spat, still holding Berry ’s unconscious form. I just love how Al's so over-protective and stuff. Being one of his friends, I get to see it all the time with Lily, so I conjured up some popcorn and started chewing happily on my salty snack.

“Bruce Wills.” She squeaked, coming weaker by the second.

“Aw, that’s so cute!” I said but Al cut me off with a glare. Jeesh, PMS-ing much? Then again, Albus is normally mad monthly... Holy shit, he's on his period! He turned back to Lily. "You know, Al, if you need tampons, just ask me." I heard some sniggers from the side but Albus continued to death-stare his little sis.

“What?” He hissed.

“You heard me.” She said in a small voice, trying to remain confident.

“Bruce Wills? Who the heck is he?” Jake asked.

“The guy Lily’s going out with.” I whispered, stating the obvious. He nodded in realisation but before Al could start having a fit about how he needed to tell James about Lily’s love life, Berry , saved the day.

“WHERE AM I?!” She demanded angrily as her eyes fluttered open. We continued down the stairs and Lily, now rather greatful at Berry ’s awakening started trying to cool her down.

“What the - WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME ALBUS POTTER?!” She ordered short-temperedly. Al sighed as they carried her along the corridor, with me closely following. We are so used to Berry 's annoying over-reactive screeching that it goes from funny to abslutely tiring after a while. She is like a child. A very annoying, so-obviously-in-love-with-Al child.

“We’re just taking you to the hospital wing. Now calm your-“

“NO! Not the hospital wing!” She whimpered. I rolled my eyes. Berry has an almighty fear of the hospital wing and Madame Pomfrey especially. During her last visit, she managed to smack her head against the poor, innocent old lady.

“Yes. Yes, the hospital wing.” Albus said smirking at the terror in her eyes.

“NO!” She screeched, writhing frantically in Al’s arms. “I will not have this! PUT. ME. DOWN.” She declared, huffing and puffing in her usual angry ways.


“Bussy better be careful. She’s gonna explode any minute.” I whispered and Jake nodded in agreement and we both turned back to the scene.

Berry was currently thudding her hands against Al’s chest, practically crying for him to put her down. But Al, being the pompous, stubborn git he can be, ignored her and continued to the hospital wing entrance.

When we arrived, I knocked on the door of the hospital wing, whilst Bery passed me despaired looks. And the door opened to a rather dishevelled Madame Pomfrey.

“Ah! My favourite customer.” The woman said, the closest to sarcasm as she could get.


I love Poppy, even if she can be a miserable old hag. Same with Berry . Those two are so alike in so many ways. The only problem with Berry was that she could be a stubborn bitch. The only problem with my was that she's my stubborn bitch. As I thought about my dear loon and the ball, I had a bad feeling in my stomach. An inkling, if you will. But I'm a stubborn little tit, so I ignored it.


That's right, I said tit.


Suck on it, hos.


I love you guys, really.

Berry groaned in despair, gave an evil look towards Al and I before slamming the door in our faces, so hard a gust of wind nearly blew us over. A second later we could still hear the voice of a shouting Pomfrey, yelling at Berry to be more careful in her department, but that old dear Poppy should really know by now that Berry isn’t careful anywhere.






An hour later when I reached the dormitory to see my friends jumping around about the ball (déjà vu? Anyone?) and I decided to specifically avoid Luiza and discuss my plan.


“Guys. I’m going to need your help. And we’re going to need…” I gulped. “Make-up.”


They were shocked.



Afterwards, they were all rather pleased to go along with the plan, they may not have hated Al as I, but they were definitely hungry for revenge.


Except. Emma. Stubborn little Emma. Because now that she’s going to the ball with Albus, apparently, she’s dating him and can’t hurt or annoy him in such ways.


Firstly. That really wasn’t the impression I got from Al’s words.


Secondly. I think she annoys him all the time, so there isn’t much difference.


And thirdly, SHE CAN’T HAVE HIM!


Great. Now your back.


Yes, yes I am.


Of course she can have him, It’s not like I’m jealous or anything…..


NOT JEALOUS? Your practically bleeding inside!


NOT TRUE. Go away Berry .


Sorry Berry but your stuck with me, me being, YOURSELF.


I’ve decided to ignore you.








I shook my head to pull myself away from this nonsense world as we crept up to the boys dormitory at 11o’clock with the taste of revenge in our mouths.


“Ok. Shhhh. I say, we do it to all of them. Deal?” I whispered, quite pleased with my plan.


“Yeah alright. I guess it should be funner that way.” Said Luiza, shrugging.


“Luiza! You can’t even speak proper English. There’s no such word as ‘funner’. It’s ‘more fun’.” Rose said harshly. Luiza, swivelled to her and walked right up to her in her usual confident attitude.


“Well then! It’s too bad I’m a Brazilian that speaks Portuguese, and American accent. That would equal, very much, NOT ENGLISH.” She said, not be able to resist of tinkle of a lugh at the end before leaving a rather angered Rose on the stair and continuing upwards. I rolled my eyes. Luiza and Rose do get on well. Just a few er….Posh vs Chav fights every now and again.


The four of us reached the dormitory practically peeing in excitement (or maybe that was just me) and opened the door slowly. Allowing a few, tense creaks.


We gazed around the room to see four boys, all packed rather messily into the most untidy room I’ve ever seen in my life.


Yes I had been here before when Al mucked up my shampoo but I wasn’t looking at my surroundings! I was looking at Al.


And all his glory.


I’m ignoring you!!


Anyway. He lay there, snoring sweetly, his round glasses on the table top beside him, with his hair as messy as ever. His lids were closed, hiding those unforgettable green eyes, with his lips sealed into something close to a smile. His head lay perfectly on the pillow, looking like an angel child, sound asleep. I couldn’t help but smile.


“Ok! Luiza, you take this, you can do Jake. I’ll do Wood. Berry , because your so evil minded you can do it for Al. And Rose you can do Scorpius.”


Rose practically squealed with excitement and anxiety, before rushing over to Teri to collect a make up bag and danced over to Scorpius’s beside, unzipping the small bag.


I took some make-up items from Teri’s open palm, most I didn’t even know what they were, but that wasn’t the matter at hand, for our performance, knowledge on how the make-up was used was unnecessary.


I walked over to Al, kneeled by his bedside, and it frightened me how I couldn’t help but sigh at his peaceful position, bound far away from me, guarded by the gates of dreams.


I took up a black pencil thing from my hand and laughed to myself as I started to paint the strangest of things onto his face. Just a couple of girly stuff, you know, like hearts, rainbows, unicorns, everything BUT manly. I brought out some glitter stuff and brushed it onto every inch of his face when suddenly he shifted his position. I forze from brushing his face and all I saw was him turn his face a bit, and watched his smile grow bigger before he settled down again.


I let out the breath I hadn’t realised I had been holding and continued with my work.


When we were all finished, we stood by the door, gazing proudly at our own work before sharing a few high-fives.


I was the last to leave that room on that day. I glanced at my watch, seeing it was now midnight. I looked back once more at Al’s peaceful state and whispered ‘Happy Birthday Albus’ before turning out the room.


Because of course I knew it was Al’s birthday. Something like that was learnt long ago, with no need of reminding from Al earlier that day.


A/N – Hey! I thought this chapter was a bit dull but I needed to give you that filler. Sorry if all the different places and quick switching was a little confusing. :/ hope you liked it all the same. I have to say I liked that last bit. I mean come on, a little credit, Berry was softening up!! LOL. Anyway, you know I always love your reviews so………all you have to do is scroll down to the little white box and BOOM! Give me your criticism, your comments, and complements! I love them all.





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Life, Love, & Berries: Jake Garland, probably the only boy I don't hate


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