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The One That Got Away by AriellaGranger
Chapter 5 : Stormy Grounds
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“Ron, would you just go already. You’re going to be late.”

 “Are you sure it’s ok, Hermione.”
 The pair of them stood in the entrance way, rain pouring from the sky, thunder crashing around them. 



“Yes Ron. You need to go!” An urgent letter had arrived for Ron just as the rain had started.

 “I’ll write to you as soon as I can, ok?”
Hermione simply nodded and with a quick peck on the cheek, Ron ran off into the wet grounds.She stepped back and pulled out her wand to shut and lock the large front doors when red sparks out on the grounds caught her eyes.

“Oh! Impervius” She tapped her wand on her head, and ran into the rain, towards the sparks. As she drew closer she could hear raised voices, 3 by the sounds of them and slowly the forms of 3 people came into view, dimly through the rain.
“I cannot believe this. I REALLY hope for your sakes that Professor Weasley isn’t asleep yet, or there will be more hell to pay.”





“Oh, no worries there. I’m still wide awake.” She stepped up beside Draco who was giving a glare almost Snape worthy to the pair of fourth years, drenched in front of him. “What seems to be the problem here, Professor Malfoy?”

“These two seemed to think that it was a good idea to sneak out of the castle, for a late night dip in the lake. When the giant squid tried to push them out, they returned the favour, levitating it out of the lake and onto the shore, convinced that the rain would keep it alive while they swam. I got here just in time to get it back in before it died.” Now it was Hermione’s turn to glare at the two.





“Inside. My office. Right now.” The pair set off very quickly back towards the castle, Hermione and Draco hot on their tails. They passed Mr Criss, the caretaker, in the entrance hall, as he was about to shut the doors.

“Evening Professors,” he muttered and then almost waltzed away down to the dungeons.Once they were shut away in her office, fire roaring and two dripping teenagers in front of her desk, did Hermione only start to calm down and almost giggled when she felt Draco shivering behind her.


“Houses?” she asked.

“Slytherin” was the reply from both of them.


“Well then, it is a very good thing that Professor Malfoy is already here isn’t it? What do you think Draco?”


 “Letters home and at least a month’s detention just to start. I’m simply trying to count how many rules they’ve broken. Out of bed after hours, reckless use of magic, endangering the life of a creature that has been alive at this school for the last hundred years. Attacking a teacher.”
She raised an eyebrow at him.
“They attacked you?”
She watched Draco roll up the sleeve of his robe to show a nasty violet burn, covered in blisters.
“In that case, I think 3 months detention, letters home to your parents, and 400 points from Slytherin should cover it, ”Hermione said, making a note on a piece of parchment in front of her. “Draco, can you please escort these two back down to their dormitories. And then come back, I want to talk to you as well.” He nodded to her as he shut the door behind him.





Hermione was just putting the finishing touches to the letters when her office door opened again and Draco stepped back into the room.
“Butterbeer? Firewhisky?”

 “Firewhisky, please.” She poured them both a glass and sat down in the chairs before her fire.

“How did you manage to find those two tonight?”

He smiled.
“I had patrol tonight, and I was walking past the lake, and I tripped over one of the tentacles of the giant squid. I quickly put it back into the lake, and it wasn’t until I heard screaming and saw 2 naked bodies come running out of the lake I realised what happened.”
Hermione coughed into her drink.

“Oh yeah.” They both just laughed. “So um, where’s the husband gotten to? Thought you two would be, uh, well...asleep, by now.”


“No. Ron got called back to work. Some big Auror mission. He’d just left when I saw the wand sparks outside.” She sipped at her drink, the alcohol burning down her throat.

“Oh don’t worry too much Hermione. He’ll be back before too long.”


“I’m not worried, I just hate that we never get to spend time together. He always off working, or I’m here. We’re lucky if we get to spend more than 2 days together at a time. It’s hard on the kids too.” She stared at the empty cup in her hands and suddenly saw one of Draco’s hands reaching out for hers. She turned to look at his face and was shocked at the intensity she saw in his eyes. The burned like molten silver and before she knew it, his breath was on her face, his hand wrapped around hers and neither could look away as their lips connected.











AN:Sorry its taken so long to update. Hope you all like the new chapter :)



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The One That Got Away: Stormy Grounds


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