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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 3 : The Edge of Glory
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Hello everyone!



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I am happy to present you the third chapter of this fic. I am aware that the plot has not been that interesting and I am sorry to announce that this chapter is along the previous one's lines. Please, bear with me for just one more chp before the real action and fun begin, these introductory chapters are necessary to set the mood of the fic and give you an insight of the character's lives and thoughts. I promise chapter four will make up for all the descriptive narrative.






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I could feel Narcissa’s glares stabbing my back throughout the entire lesson; however I did not turn to look at her once. When the class was over, Lily and Jo joined me and we walked out. I saw the blonde Slytherin and her minions out of the corner of my eye. She was explaining something to them in quiet whispers; probably her plans on how to get me to join them. Poor thing, she actually believed she had a chance to get me on her side. Sometimes I couldn’t help but to be amazed at other people’s ingenuity.  Our next lesson was Transfiguration. Everyone was in that class so; again, I had to think of the sitting arrangement. As we walked down the corridors I felt someone drop their arm around my shoulders right before Black’s voice whispered in my ear.






-“You did not sit with me in Charms, sweetie”- he said. That was it. Truth be told, it didn’t really bother me that he kept calling me sweetie but I couldn’t let him get away with it. It would have been a sign of weakness and you can’t build an empire on weak pillars.



-“I warned you”- I said before pulling out my wand and hexing him with a tongue binding spell. It was so quick he did not have time to react.



-“Hey! What are you doing?”- Potter asked, half amused. I raised an eyebrow.



-“Isn’t it obvious?”- I retorted. Lily and Jo were looking at me wide eyed. I smirked and kept walking, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Potter stayed behind to fix Black. Lily and Jo followed me.



-“Why did you hex him?”- Jo asked. I glanced at Lily who was clearly fighting a smile.



-“I told him if he ever called me sweetie again I would”- I replied, bored. Lily laughed.



-“I think that’s the first time someone actually does hex Black and gets away with it. I’ll pretend I did not see it but you better be careful around Potter. He is Head Boy after all”- the red head said. I looked at her. She had finally given in and was smiling widely.



-“Well, I don’t really understand why no one else has tried before”- I wondered out loud. Hexing people who deserved it was one of my favorite amusements.



-“Because he is Sirius Black!!”- Jo squeaked. Oh God, that girl does have some issues.



-“So what?”- I asked. If I was completely honest, I knew what she meant. I just could not bring myself to admit that I wasn’t oblivious to Black’s charm.



-“He’s like… everyone’s in love with him, I told you!”- she looked like she was about to faint. By this point we were standing outside the Transfiguration room but it was early, so I did not go inside. I used to have punctuality issues at Beauxbatons, as in, I was always late. Lily would not allow me to do such thing here though. She was the perfect student, I was certain that if I looked up the definition of excellence in a dictionary, Lily’s name was right next to it.



-“Yeah, you told me. And I don’t give a shit who he is. He can be the Son of Merlin as far as I’m concerned. If he deserves it, I’ll hex him”- Lily held back her laughter as Jo looked down.



-“Hey! How was charms?”- Rhea greeted, coming from the opposite corridor. I half smiled. She was too sweet, way too sweet.  



-“It was good”- I replied. Lily waved at her as she approached us.



-“Oi!”- I did not turn around even though I knew exactly who that was. Will this boy ever leave me alone?



-“Naomi, I think Sirius’ calling you”- Meg, who had just joined us, said. I smirked.



-“Yeah, I know”- I waited for the four Marauders to get to where we were. Someone had to teach Black a lesson. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what it was that bothered me more, the fact that he was too handsome for his own good or the fact that he was fully aware of it. Either way, I wanted to crush his ego.



-“Hey, Ivy, you didn’t have to do that”- he said, running a hand through his ridiculously shinny black hair. I raised an eyebrow and glared at him.



-“I told you I would”- I replied coldly. He looked at me for a full two seconds before smiling.



-“I like you”- he said. Jo and Meg giggled.  



-“Everyone does”- I retorted. He chuckled loudly. I realized that by then my four friends and the other three Marauders were smiling at us, witnessing our weird conversation. I felt a sudden urge to hit someone; why I felt so uncomfortable, I had no idea.



-“Yeah, I noticed that”- he said nonchalantly.



-“How perceptive”- I sneered. He smiled widely again. I swear, he’s going to have serious wrinkle issues in no time if he keeps doing that.



-“McGonagall’s coming”- Peter whispered. I looked at him, cute little boy.



-“So, should we do the same as for charms?”- Jo asked. I saw a glimpse of dreamy hope in her eyes. I walked passed her and they followed me in.



-“No, sit with Meg”- I told Jo. She nodded and both the girls sat together. She did not show any signs of disappointment, she was not allowed to complain to the Queen. Then I thought about it. Rhea could sit with Black; they were good friends after all. I would sit with Lily.



-“I take it you are sending me to sit with Sirius”- Rhea said. I nodded.



-“Why wouldn’t you sit with him? He’s asked you twice”- Lily asked me as we found a desk.



-“Oh, because she likes to play hard to get”- I heard him say. He and Rhea had taken the desk right behind us. I rolled my eyes.



-“You can’t afford me, Black”- I retorted. He chuckled.



-“Yeah, that’s right. You’re too good for me”- he conceded. Lily looked at him, surprised. Rhea just laughed.



-“So, Lily… I was wondering…”- I turned to look at Potter, who was to our right and trying to approach the red head. Before he could finish his sentence; she glared at him and interrupted.



-“Forget it”






Transfiguration was interesting. I liked McGonagall. She was the kind of woman who enjoyed teaching, no matter how scary she looked she felt fond us her students. I was fairly impressed by her skills, too. She was one of the best teachers I had ever had. After that lesson we had the most boring class of my life: History of Magic. It was only Rhea and I. Since Professor Binns did not seem to be paying any attention to us, Rhea used the time to explain a couple of things to me. It was mainly gossip about Narcissa’s minions and some of the Marauder’s greatest pranks. When the class was over, we walked to the Great Hall for lunch. Lily, Meg and Jo were waiting for us outside.






-“So, are you going to sit with Narcissa?”- Lily asked me. I smirked. This was going to be a very amusing lunch.



-“Not in a million years”- I sneered, raising an eyebrow.



-“Well, if you are invited to sit with Narcissa and her lot you do not even think of not going. Sitting with them for lunch is the best thing that can happen to you, popularity wise”- Meg said, matter of factly.  



-“So I thought”- I motioned for them to follow me. We walked in and, same as that morning, I felt most eyes on us. I could tell people had already noticed that something had changed. Lily and her friends must have been the quiet type, I guessed.



-“Narcissa’s coming”- Rhea whispered. First round I thought. She intercepted us when we were passing Ravenclaw’s table. Two girls stood by her.



-“I thought you got my message this morning”- she said, flicking her hair.



-“I did”- I replied, looking at my nails.



-“So? What are you doing?”- she questioned. I looked at her, faking surprise. I saw some people staring out of the corner of my eye. Good.



-“I’m going to have lunch”- I replied very slowly, as if she were retarded –“Isn’t it obvious?”- she blushed furiously in anger. The girls next to her looked worried.



-“You were formally asked to sit with me”- she said. The amount of people staring had increased.



-“So?”- I made an effort to put as much boredom as I could possibly master into my voice. Some people gasped in shock at my lack of interest in the blonde’s invitation. I tossed back some dark tresses of my hair.



-“What do you mean so? You cannot ignore one of my invitations. Let me make this very clear: I honor you by inviting you to sit with me and you do as told in eternal gratitude”- the two minions nodded furiously, as if Narcissa had just found the cure to cancer.



-“Let me make this very clear: I do not take orders from anyone, blondie”- I retorted. I walked off before she could reply.



-“You are going to regret this!”- I heard her yell at me. I did not bother to even look back at her. By the time we sat on Gryffindor table, the entire Hall was whispering excitedly about the little encounter between Narcissa and I.



-“I think this is the very first time someone’s defied her in public”- Lily said, casually. I put some vegetables on my plate.



-“Has she not asked you to sit with her?”- I asked. She chuckled.



-“Do not forget I am a muggle born. She cannot ask me”- she replied. Oh, right, I had forgotten. How ridiculous.



-“Does that mean that all her minions are pure bloods?”- if that was the case, bringing her down was going to be too easy. All muggle borns were mine.



-“Yeah, and some half bloods. It’s mainly Slytherins and Ravenclaws”- Jo confirmed. I looked over at her table. She was fuming and her friends were trying to calm her down.



-“Meg, Jo, make sure you let everyone know that I don’t make such stupid distinctions”- it was the first task I gave to them. They looked at me and smiled.



-“Everyone will have heard by tomorrow”- Meg replied. Jo nodded.






-“She’s going to try to get back at you, you know that, right?”- Rhea said.



-“Of course. I expect some kind of rumor about me to go around no later than today’s evening”- I replied, bored.



-“She’s mean”- Lily warned me.



-“I am meaner”- the Marauders came in the Great Hall that very second. And I had the best idea.



-“Rhea, why has Lupin never dated Narcissa?”- I asked.



-“He doesn’t like her. All four Marauders hate the Slytherins, pretty much like any other Gryffindor, really”- she replied. I glanced at her plate, horrified. She was eating a Jack potato. I’d need to explain a couple things to her, but not in public. Humiliating your own minions could only happen in private; if it had to be public you had to have a really good reason for it. Besides, I did not really think of Rhea as a minion. She was more like… a friend. Kind of, anyway.



-“So house rivalry is enough to keep him from dating a really hot bimbo?”- I questioned.



-“Yeah. None of them has ever dated a Slytherin”- Lily replied for her. I looked at them again and smiled at Potter, who was looking our way.



-“I think it’s about time we make some allies”- I said. Rhea smiled.



-“You are good. If you can get the Marauders on your side, there’ll be nothing Narcissa can do against you”- she said. I looked at her.



-“I know. I was thinking on doing this in a only girls way… but this is not an only girls school so I guess I’ll have to adjust my plans to the environment”- I explained.



-“And they are so much fun”- Rhea added. Her eyes flickered with happiness at the idea of me trying to get closer to The Marauders. I understood that she was giving up some quality time with them for me, so this was good news for the sweet blonde.



-“Hey, how’s it going?”- Black asked, sitting next to me. He won’t give up, will he? I rolled my eyes to make a statement of just how annoyed I was, which of course I really wasn’t.



-“Amazing, Naomi just defied your cousin in front of the entire hall”- Rhea said. Black looked at her and then at me, impressed.



-“You rock girl! That’s two in a day”- he said. Meg looked confused.



-“Two?”- she asked.



-“She hexed Sirius this morning, defied Narcissa at lunch”- Potter said. Reaching for the fries. Oh, greasy feast. Peter was already stuffing beacon in his mouth. I had to look away in order to keep nausea to a minimum. I felt beyond repulsed by the thought of oily, greasy food.



-“How did it happen?”- Lupin asked, curious. I turned my attention to him, partially because he had just spoken, partially because I remembered he was the only one with manners.



-“Oh, Nacissa asked her to sit with them and when we walked in and she saw that Naomi wasn’t going she came and told her that she could not just… like, go away! So Naomi told her that she did not take orders from a blondie”- Jo explained. Meg nodded.



-“You should have seen her face”- Lily added, amused.



-“Why did you not go and sit with her?”- Black asked me. I looked at him; I was not expecting that question.



-“Do I really have to explain?”- I replied in aggravation. He sure could not have missed all our conversations, right? I mean, we had been plotting against Narcissa last night when he was bloody sitting next to us!



-“Well, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking. You sure know what being popular means and you know how that world works… why would you not want to have a chance to find out things about Narcissa?”- he said. I realized he was really eager to hear my answer. His deep stormy grey eyes bored into mine.



-“Because no matter how badly I need to know things about her, I do not take orders from anyone”- I replied nonchalantly.



-“But you still want to be her”- he insisted. I raised an eyebrow. Lily looked at me. Suddenly, all of them were paying a lot of attention to me, leaving their food forgotten.



-“That was the stupidest statement of the century, Black”- I retorted. He quirked an eyebrow.



-“How come?”- he was so bloody irritating!



-“I would never want to be anything like that”- I said, coldly –“I don’t do ridiculous giggling or blood type discrimination, among other things that I can see she does. However, the natural balance of society will inevitably put me in her place although there is more than one way to rule a kingdom”



-“She doesn’t stand a chance against you”- Rhea said, smiling. I looked at her and saw Lily smiling, too.



-“I had my doubts about you, to be honest; but hearing that, I’m so up for this with you”- Lily said, excitedly. Of course, at some point they had discussed that they had to make sure I would not turn out to be a copy of Narcissa before they continued to support me. I tossed back some tresses of my dark long hair and smiled.



-“Good”- I drank some juice. Jo took a bagel.



-“Jo! You can’t have a bagel”- Meg said. The Marauders looked at her. I noticed that Sirius had been staring at me until then. The guy was weird, handsome and charming, but weird. And irritating. Don’t forget irritating.



-“But…”- Jo stopped herself and sighed, putting it aside –“You’re right. Thanks Meg”



-“Why can’t she have a bagel?”- Pettigrew asked. Lupin was just enjoying a particularly big one himself.



-“It makes you fat”- Meg explained. I chuckled lightly, amused by the way she pronounced the word fat. Lily looked thoughtful.



-“I guess this war you’re starting is going to require some sacrifice on our side, right?”- she said, looking at me.



-“You cannot be an ‘it girl’ if you do not fit into a small size. Or have the wrong nail polish color, or have not taken good care of your hair”- Meg replied. Jo looked like she was making mental notes of everything she said. I wouldn’t be surprised.



-“This is going to be so much fun”- Rhea muttered, sardonically.



-“It is!”- Meg exclaimed, clearly oblivious to Rhea’s sarcasm. I looked at her. She was minion material, too. The type to get your manicure appointments, spa sessions and beauty care products all sorted.



-“I do not like this”- Rhea moaned. I looked at her.



-“Oh, my dear Rhea here has no idea what nail polish is”- Black said. Rhea looked sheepishly at me.



-“Oh, and you know?”- I retorted. He laughed. His laugh resembled a dog’s bark. I couldn’t decide if it was cute or annoying.



-“He dated Deirdre Roadside last year for a month, he learnt what it was”- Potter said. The fit of laughter from the Marauders told me that it had been quite an amusing month. Too bad I had missed it.



-“Who is Deirdre Roadsite?”



-“She is a sixth year, fifth year when she dated Sirius Black. Pure blood, Ravenclaw. Blonde, curly hair, blue eyes; typical Barbie beauty. She’s one of Narcissa’s minions”- Jo replied. So Meg was the ‘help me with my beauty issues’ minion, Jo was the ‘I need information on someone’ minion.



-“Wow, how do you know all that?”- Pettigrew asked, surprised. Rhea chuckled.



-“It’s what girls do, Peter”- she said, smiling.






The rest of the first day was uneventful. I attended my classes and walked around the school with my girls. Hogwarts was far bigger than Beauxbatons. I expected Narcissa to try and do something to me that very afternoon but nothing happened. I figured she was planning on either asking me to join her once more, as in an ultimatum, or ridiculing me publicly; either way I would find out the day after. Since we were doing a girl’s night, we did not go down to dinner. Instead, Rhea said she’d get some food for us and bring it to the room.






-“Where’s Rhea going to get the food from?”- I asked as I took out all my beauty products. I had almost everything a girl could possibly need.



-“The kitchens, I guess”- Lily replied.



-“Can students go to the kitchens?”- I asked, horrified. Of course, Beauxbatons girls did not even know where the kitchens were. Why would anyone go in there, anyway?



-“No, we are not allowed. We don’t really know where they are. The Marauders found out and well, Rhea is almost one of them so she knows”- Lily explained. She was sitting on her bed, looking a little conscious. Meg disappeared into the bathroom saying something about moisturizing and tweezers and Jo was not back from her latest class yet so I took the chance to ask her.



-“What’s bothering you?”- I questioned. I had never been good at subtleness.



-“What?”- she looked at me.



-“I can tell you are not okay and I want you to tell me why”-I stated. She raised an eyebrow.



-“You are a little too straightforward, you know that, right?”



-“Subtleness has never been my thing. Now, spit it out”- I said, glaring at her. She gave in.



-“I am not sure I can do this, with you, I mean”- she looked down.



-“Why?”- I know I should have tried to hide the exasperation in my voice, but I did not have time for this crap.



-“Because you… I am… I am not… I can’t afford it”- she said in a very low voice. I raised an eyebrow.



-“Honestly, I thought you were smarter than that”- I retorted. She looked at me, puzzled.



-“Excuse me?”- she blushed furiously. I rolled my eyes.



-“I am not giving up a great asset just because you are poor”- I explained. I should have not said the ‘you are poor´ part but, again, there was a bitchy side of me that was dying to get out of its cage. I could see Lily’s eyes narrowed slightly at my rudeness.



-“A great asset?”- she chose to ignore my comment and focus on the important stuff. Good girl.



-“You are beautiful, an excellent student from what I’ve heard and you are Head Girl. I cannot build my entire empire on minions, a need at least two people with proper brains and a personality”- I said nonchalantly.



-“I told you, I want Narcissa gone because she makes life terribly difficult for everyone, especially muggle borns. I would love to be popular and, you know, be one of those girls… but I know it takes money and I cannot do that”- she looked defeated. Was this girl not listening to me at all?



-“What part of ‘I am not giving up a great asset because she’s poor’ did you not understand?”- I said, annoyed.



-“Well, then how do you expect me to keep up with all this?”- Lily stood up; she was offended and irritated now.



-“I don’t”- I said flatly.



-“Oh, come on! You said it yourself! Hair treatments, manicure, clothes! For Merlin’s sake I saw you unpacking yesterday, you own a bloody Hermes bag that’s worth more than my entire trunk”- she snapped. I glared at her and moved closer. I knew I was scary so I wasn’t surprised when she paled slightly. However, she did not back off which was good. 



-“Two things: first, do not yell at me ever again or else you’ll regret it. Second, I am taking care of you. I will provide for you as long as you stay loyal to me”- I turned around and sat on my bed. Meg came out of the bathroom.



-“Is everyone okay? Did I just hear screaming?”- she asked. She was holding a basket full of different products.



-“No, everything’s fine. Lily, get the cushions on the floor”- I commanded. The red head was still frozen, looking at me. She did not move. Meg took the cushions.



-“You do not have to that for me”- Lily whispered. I guess she was too shocked to speak properly. I did not turn to look at her as I was busy arranging my nail polishes.



-“I am doing it for myself. I am a selfish person”- I clarified.  



-“But…”- she mumbled.



-“Shut up already, you really are annoying me”- I said. The door opened and Jo came in, followed by Rhea.



-“Thanks”- Lily muttered before sitting on the cushions on the floor. I ignored it.






It was a great night. We did our hair, nails, worked on our skin and talked about the school’s gossip. They filled me in on all I had missed during the past six years. Rhea complaint almost constantly, but I made it very clear that she could not walk around with me without getting her makeover completed. By the time we went to bed, I was happy with my job with everyone.






And I hate mornings. I dragged myself out of bed again and into the shower. Once I was out, I woke everyone up. We had agreed that we would help each other get ready in the mornings to ensure no one failed to look as required. As Meg took care of Rhea’s hair and Jo applied some makeup, I approached Lily.






-“Here, put these on”- I handed over a pair of bangles. She looked at me.



-“You’re not going to let me complain, are you?”- she sighed.



-“Absolutely not. You do as I tell you, full stop. If I say you walk, you walk. If I say you jump off the Astronomy tower, you jump”- I replied. She sighed again and took the bangles. Then I dragged her over to my side of the room.



-“What now?”- she tried to sound annoyed, but I could see she was happy. Of course, my wardrobe could make any girl happy.



-“I have noticed you carry your books in a bag that looks a hundred years old, that’s unacceptable”- I said. I showed her two different bags, one from Abercrombie and one from Bimba&Lola. She stared blankly at them for a minute.



-“Oh… I like Abercrombie’s”- she said. I threw it in her direction carelessly. She caught it.  



-“Take it”- I picked my own bag and looked at the others. Rhea was almost ready. Meg and Jo were waiting. We were a good team, or so it seemed.



-“Naomi, really, I do not feel…”- Lily mumbled, again. Ugh.



-“Suck it up and leave me alone”- I snapped. Merlin, she was intense.






-“Lily, I think that we’ve all understood there’s no use trying to change her mind by now”- Rhea said, sighing. Meg chuckled.



-“I had never seen anyone so determined in my life. Seriously, Naomi, can you recall a time when you did not get things your way?”- she asked. Lily finished putting her books in her new bag and I motioned for them to leave the room as I spoke.



-“Not once”- I replied. We walked down the stairs and out of the tower.






I walked as if I owned the place already, followed by my girls. As we made our way, everyone we passed by stared. We were making an impression. Lily had finally agreed to leave her hair open and to shorten her skirt a little. She had put on some mascara and transparent lips gloss which, combined with the blush made her glow. Jo and Meg had always looked good, but I had made sure that they did combine their uniforms with the correct accessories. The great surprise, however, was Rhea. We had moisturized her hair and skin as well as done her nails and plucked her eyebrows. Her skirt was short and her blouse hugged her body. Her makeup was a light as mine or Lily’s but she did not need more than that, she was a natural beauty. Just as we were about to enter the Great Hall a girl approached me. She looked shy and a little scared.






-“Excuse me, Naomi Ivy?”- she asked in a very low voice.






-“Narcissa Black sends me”- she said. I raised an eyebrow.



-“Whatever it is that she wants, I am not in the mood”- I replied. The girl looked terrified.



-“She will kill me if I do not deliver the message”- she whispered.



-“Don’t go back to her, then”- I said. She looked at me, puzzled.



-“She will go nuts”- she said. I analyzed the girl before me. She was a minion. A shy, terrified one. She was not going to be very helpful but I knew it would annoy Narcissa to no end and it would open the door for other girls to leave her and join me. Besides, she was damned pretty. She had dark, tanned skin and almond hazel eyes.



-“What’s your name?”- I asked.



-“Lorena Walt”






-“Hufflepuf”- she said. Oh, that was a surprise.



-“Why are you with Narcissa?”- I questioned. The girl looked at me, confused. She did not know. I looked at Jo, who stepped closer and started explaining.



-“Lorena is pure blood, which makes it okay for Narcissa to have her around but since she is a Hufflepuf, she was not recruited until last year… when we found out that Benjamin Walt, Lorena’s father, was named Head of the International Quidditch Commission”- she informed me. I understood.



-“So, Lorena, you do realize Narcissa is only using you because of your father, right?”- Lily said. The girl looked hurt.



-“I… well… “- she muttered.



-“You know what; I’ve seen you around her. She doesn’t really talk to you at all, does she?”- Meg asked. Lorena looked at her, then at me.



-“She only talks to Penelope, Letty, Amy and Grace. She doesn’t even talk to Deirdre that much anymore…”- she replied, staring at the floor. I laughed coldly.



-“Naomi talks to all of us”- Jo said, nonchalantly. Lorena looked surprised.



-“Listen, I am not going to hear whatever it is Narcissa asked you to tell me”- I said icily –“So you have two options: you either go back to her and tell her I am an annoying bitch who can’t be bothered to listen to whatever crap she has to say or… you can come have breakfast with us and never go back to her again”



-“She can’t kill you if you are not her minion anymore”- Rhea stated. Oh, the obvious. Whatever. Lorena looked thoughtful for a moment. Then she looked at me.



-“Narcissa is the most popular girl in the school. She is Queen Bee… being around her makes you look cool”- she was hesitant. I was bored.



-“Lorena, no offense… but no one really knows you are around her anyway because she pays even less attention to you than to the other minions”- Lily said. Wow, that was a very good one. I was sure Lily was a good investment.



-“Oh… well… yeah, you are right about that…”- she looked mortified. Almost mine.



-“Besides, you must have noticed that everyone is talking about us and it’s only been two days since Naomi got here”- Meg added. Lorena nodded.



-“Yes, Narcissa is fuming. How do you do it?”- she asked, curiously.



-“It comes naturally, my dear”- I retorted. She gaped at me in awe –“I am going to be late for breakfast, you coming or not?”



-“Yes, yes”- she moved hesitantly towards Jo and allocated herself next to her. I smirked and we finally made it to the Great Hall.






That was my first move as Narcissa’s enemy. When the rest of the student body saw Lorena sitting with us for breakfast, during which I made a point of including her in our discussion, rumors spread like fire powder. The following four days were everything but quiet. Narcissa and her minions tried to pull pranks on us almost constantly; however, I came from an only girls school in which the levels of bitchiness were almost impossible to surpass. Therefore, I was always able to keep me and my friends out of trouble. Lorena stayed with us and we treated her nicely. I did not bother trying to get back at Narcissa for the pranks she organized, it was playing it cool.



We would walk around the school as if we had already overthrown the blonde are her lot. I got Jo and Meg to spread stories about my time in Beauxbatons and I asked Lorena to find out if Hufflepufs girls were interested in this popularity game we were in.






Lily and Rhea were the only two I confided in. I did not trust them, for that I didn’t trust anyone but my father. I told them enough for them to know they were special, nevertheless. Lily had stopped complaining about me getting her things when I explained my father had more money than we could spend in two life times, but she committed herself to helping me with homework as a payback. She was extremely clever, the best student in our class and possibly the school. Rhea was still not used to all the girly stuff, as she called it, but she did not protest that much.






The Marauders were more difficult to handle. I had never had to deal with a group of boys. I had dated a good amount of them to know the basics, but I knew nothing about friendship between people from opposite sexes. Luckily for me, Rhea knew all about it. We sat with them for lunch every day and talked about general stuff. I had noticed that sitting with them made us look cooler than Narcissa’s group because they had never been close to them. House rivalry and all that crap. I had finally gotten Lily to explain that James Potter had been asking her out ever since they first met. She had no idea as if he asked her only to piss her off or if he actually did like her that much. She refused to give in though, so she thought she’d never find out. Peter Pettigrew was dating a girl called Hannah. She was a short brunette from sixth year. Sweet and quiet. She had bronze skin, pretty much like Lorena but her hair was longer and her eyes were blue which made a rare but beautiful combination. She joined my army of minions on the Thursday of that first week of school. They made a nice couple; Pettigrew was what you could call the perfect boyfriend. It was surprising how someone who seemed so nervous and active could become the most caring person in the world when Hannah was around. Remus Lupin was the serious one. He was almost as good as Lily when it came to school work. He had an air of maturity that all other three Marauders lacked. I knew that it was him who gave them advice when they were in trouble. As quiet as he looked, however; I could also tell that he did not like to miss a good prank, so he was always in the stories I had heard about them.






Then there was Sirius Black. That boy was the most mysterious person I had ever come across and it bothered me. His deep grey eyes sparkled, his smile was the kind to make you get on your knees and beg for some attention from him and his hair was just ridiculously shinny and soft. I knew he had too many secrets for anyone to handle, but he did not seem like the tormented type. He was funny, easygoing and a good friend. And he was also the worst womanizer I’d ever met. He was the most handsome boy alive and he knew it. My determination to crush his ego had not faded; I took any chance I saw to make a point of how uninterested I was.






Friday morning. I still did not like waking up, but a Friday was a Friday and nothing could bust my good mood. We got ready and left Gryffindor common room, as usual. By the time we arrived at the table, Lorena, Hannah and two new girls were waiting for us, standing next to our usual spot. I was glad to see that everyone had respected it; the place remained clear until we got there and sat. No one dared to invade that side of the table.






-“Morning”- Rhea said cheerfully. Lorena smiled at her. Everyone loved Rhea.



-“Hello”- Hannah’s low voice greeted.



-“Hi, good morning everyone. These are Odette and Silvia”- Lorena said. I looked at them. They were both okay, not stunning or even close to it, but above average.



-“What do they want?”- I asked, sitting down and grabbing an orange. Lily sat next to me.



-“We… we were wondering if…”- the one named Odette struggled.



-“We want to be friends with you”- Silvia said, stepping forward. I raised an eyebrow and glanced at Meg and Jo. They knew what to do.



-“You are sixth years, aren’t you?”- Jo asked. It was Jo and Meg who interview people, I couldn’t be bothered.



-“Yes. Hufflepuf”- Odette replied.



-“You’ve never been with Narcissa”- Meg added. They looked afraid.



-“No… well, she wouldn’t take me and… Odette stayed with me… we’re best friends”- Silvia murmured. I turned to look at her.



-“Are you a muggle born?”- I questioned. Silvia looked defeated.



-“Yes”- she whispered, looking down. I frowned. I thought I had made it very clear that I did not ditch people because of their blood status, which was totally unimportant to me. Jo and Meg would have to explain this.



-“Get your arses on the bench”- I said. They both looked at me adoringly and hurried to sit. Lorena smiled.



-“I told you, she’s nicer than Narcissa”- Hannah said, taking a loath of bread. She was the only one who did not watch what she ate. She was so tiny that it was impossible to her to get fat. A lucky girl, Meg said.



-“Oh, don’t be fooled. She is just as mean and bitchy as the blondie”- I heard someone say. I did not bother to look, I knew who it was. Fighting with Sirius Black had become almost a hobbie. Not that we were ever serious about what we said, but it was just too much fun to annoy the crap out of each other.



-“Why are you annoying me so early in the morning, Black?”- I asked.



-“I want to talk to you”- he announced. Some heads turned in our direction from the surrounding tables. Sirius Black was the best way to get attention, whether I liked it or not.



-“And what, exactly, makes you think I want to listen?”- I sneered. He chuckled.



-“You, my dear, will be very interested in hearing what I have to say”- he replied. I glared at him over my shoulder and saw that look in his eyes. Marauder look. He was up to something.



-“Okay”- I stood and turned to look at him –“So talk”



-“Not here, come”- he walked towards the doors.



-“See you in potions”- I said to the girls. They nodded and I followed Black out of the Great Hall. He was waiting for me next to the stairs.






-“It’s the first weekend of school”- he informed me.



-“Oh, really? Did you find out yourself or someone helped you?”- I retorted.



-“Isn’t it a little too early for you to be so insufferable?”- he replied, smirking.



-“I don’t take holidays”- I said –“Now, did you bring me here to say something I didn’t already know or was it just that you don’t know how else to get me alone in a corridor?”



-“Now, now, sweetie… I know you’re dying for me to pin you against a wall, but what comes easy isn’t worth keeping, right?”- he said, coming closer. I did not move an inch. There was no way on Earth I would late him think he intimidated me. Which he didn’t, anyway.  



-“I’m bored”- I spat. He smiled and backed off a little. Not enough for me to feel absolutely comfortable again, though. I was certain I was the only girl in Hogwarts who did not get jelly legs when Sirius Black stood closer than two meters away from them but I was not made of stone. At least not entirely.



-“You are quite a challenge, Ivy”- he said.



-“Stating the obvious again, well done. Are you practicing for some sort of contest that I haven’t heard of?”- I crossed my arms, taping my forearm with my fingers.



-“Very funny. Now, to business”- he said, coming even closer. He smelled nice. Armani, I recognized –“We always organize a party to celebrate we are back here”



-“And you want me to host it with you”- I understood. I liked the idea, a party was always nice.



-“Yes. Just to make this clear, we do not get involved in popularity contests between girls but my cousin is a pain in the arse and she’s been making life difficult for a hell of a lot of innocent people here”- he clarified. I tilted my head ever so slightly to one side causing my hair to fall in a shinny cascade. His eyes jumped to it for a second before coming back to my face.



-“What makes you think that I am going to make life easier for them?”- I raised an eyebrow. If he thought I was going to be a nice and sweet queen he was totally wrong.



-“I can see you terrorizing girls because they do not wear the appropriate accessories or because their hair looks bad. That’s okay, girls stuff, we don’t care”- his eyes darkened and then he said –“Narcissa bullies people because of their blood status or their family wealth. That is not acceptable”



-“I get it”- I said. I was definitely not that kind of Queen. I was mean and bitchy but never cruel. I did not bully people; I just banned them from popularity which basically meant not acknowledging their existence. I did ridicule girls when they deserved it, but I never used family issues against anyone. Not once. And I only hexed those who deserved it.



-“You are mean and cold and almost as arrogant as I am. But you do not hurt people and enjoy their misery”- he said. I smiled at his acceptance of his own arrogance.



-“Enough, I get your point. So, party”- I waved a hand to dismiss the topic. I did not need Black to tell me how I was or try to tell how I was. He had no idea. Besides, I wanted him to be finished and go away; he was still too close to me.



-“It was Rhea’s idea. We want to do something big, something epic. It’s our last year here and all the parties we’ve hosted have been memorable. However, we’re short on ideas. Rhea said that you sure know what a great party has to have so if you help us with this, we’ll make sure everyone knows you are hosting a party with The Marauders”- he explained.



-“Keep going”- I had to congratulate Rhea for this one. It was a great chance to show off a little, not only for me but for all my girls.



-“Just so you know, no one has ever thrown a party with The Marauders and our parties have always been the greatest ones. Everyone comes”- he smiled proudly. I wasn’t surprised that they threw great parties, they were the Quarterbacks, after all.



-“Even Narcissa?”



-“Yes, she comes, too”- he said. I smirked.



-“Cool… when do you want this party to take place?”- I asked.



-“Tomorrow night. Saturday is always the best day because teachers go to bed early and there’s Sunday to recover from the hangover”- he informed me.



-“I assume you know how to sneak in alcohol”- I taunted. He smirked.



-“We are not The Marauders for nothing, sweetie”- he said. I sighed, irritated. The sweetie really annoyed me.



-“Are you that desperate to be sent to the hospital wing?”- I spat in aggravation. He moved away a little and I realized just how close he’d been standing. Really close.



-“No, thanks. Now, what we need you to come up with is the theme and the location of the party”- he explained.



-“What themes have you already done?”- I asked.



-“We’ve done almost everything, that’s why we don’t really know what to do now”- he said. I thought about my own parties. I had done almost everything, too. The good thing was that none of these people had ever been to one of my parties.



-“What about the location? There can’t be many places to party here in the school”- it sucked, but I still did not know the entire school. Hogwarts was ridiculously gigantic.



-“It can be anywhere. We’ll take care of that. You can choose a beach, a mountain, a club… anything”- he smirked again. This boy was way too mysterious for me. He gave me headache.



-“Let’s do a beach party then”- I suggested. He nodded, I kept going –“We’ll have it Hawaiian style. We’ll need torches, wooden torches, and those wooden stalls that are used as bars. We also need hammocks and chairs, all wooden or white. Bamboo looks nice and summery so that we can dismiss it properly”- I said matter of factly. He nodded in agreement.



-“I like it, what else?”- his eyes sparkled and I lost my concentration for a very brief moment. He did not notice, of course. Yes, I was immune to his charms but come on; he was Heaven’s gift to Earth. Even I could see that it was impossible to be more handsome than he was.



-“Everyone has to come wearing white and white only. This means that anyone wearing any other color will not be allowed in”- I said. He nodded, again.



-“Sounds pretty cool. I’ll find you after dinner tonight so that you can come with us and help us get it ready”- he said.



-“Works for me”- I turned around and left.

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