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Death, Love,During another year by sailormoon
Chapter 5 : Going Back too School
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 Today was our last day of summer vocation, and honestly I couldn’t be happier to go back to Hogwarts. This last week has been stressful enough, with Ron still being mad at me, preparing to leave Serenity, doing last minute homework. Like I said I’m not the best student ever.  And I still haven’t made my mind up about the Malfoy’s. Recently I had received a letter from Aunt Narcissa hoping that I would come down and that we could reconnect. I didn’t know what to think after I read that letter; I briefly remember meeting her one time not knowing she was Draco’s mom but that was it. I still had the letter in my hands I kept re-reading it as if it I was imagining the whole thing.


                Dear Pandora,

                I really do hope that you decide to come and visit us over break; I haven’t seen you in years. If you do come over I’ll make sure that Draco is on his best behavior if that is what is keeping you from coming. I don’t blame you; sometimes he can act like his father which isn’t always a good thing as you have seen. And if it is Harry that is keeping you from coming, I can assure you that our Grandchild will be safe. That is why we have asked you to come, we figured that since Serenity is barely a year old that she hasn’t had a wicanning yet and that we should as soon as possible. If you don’t want Voldemort to touch her that is. That’s what I would do if this was Draco’s situation. We will need you to bring the Book of Shadows to the house and we will make sure it safe also; considering it’s the only connection that you have left to the Halliwell’s. I do send my condolences to you, even though I should’ve done this two years ago. I didn’t know if you knew who you were yet so I was playing it safe a suggestion from Lucius I might add. He really cares for you Pandora, and so do I. this isn’t some kind of plot to get to you or your child so you can reassure Harry if you already haven’t. I really do hope you consider coming, it would be a pleasure seeing after all of this time, what has it been 14 years? I hope you have a good year at Hogwarts and that you and Draco will at least try to get along. I love you with all my heart and soul my dearest niece.

                Love your Aunt,

                                Narcissa Malfoy


Well this letter certainly changes things. I decided to write back, without Harry’s consent but with the letter I’m sure he’ll change his mind about both of us going. I grabbed some of my parchment from my school bag and a quill and began writing.


                Dear Aunt Narcissa,

            I have considered going to your house over break and like you said I am concerned for Serenity’s safety as well as my own. The only thing that is stopping me is Harry I would really like him to come to prove to him that nothing will happen. Lately I have been having dreams about my belated mother Miranda. Yes I do know she is dead. That was one of the many dreams I have been getting. I know you two want what’s best for me like any Aunt and Uncle should but from learning about your past I am not so trusting yet. Working for my father is a really taking a huge risk in trusting you well not you Lucius for that matter. I know he is the one that took me to the Halliwell’s but that was only because of my mother who wanted that for me and I am grateful for her that she did. If I could convince Harry to come with me will that be okay with you? If not then I want you to talk to him personally about us going alone. You see Harry is very over protective of us and would always want to be by or side, even though at some points in life he can’t. I want him to know that everything will be okay and it’s not a trap in my brother’s Ron’s terms. I am deciding to go and I’ll give you the official okay as soon as I can. Thank for the reassurance it means a lot to me.

            Love your niece,

            Pandora Halliwell – Malfoy


I decided to use the last name Malfoy for her sake but of course I kept the original. I heard someone coming in the room as I was trying to tie the letter to my owl Athena. It ended up being Hermione with Serenity, I used my telekinesis to open the window and she flew off to the Malfoy’s.

                “Who did you write too?” Hermione asked sitting down the rocking chair with Serenity.

                “My Aunt Narcissa telling her that I will be seeing her this break with Serenity.” I said laying back down on my bed. We arrived back to the Burrow not too long ago but the Aruors had placed protection spells on the entire property.

                “Does Harry know?” 

                “No not yet but look at this letter I really do think it is a wicanning for Serenity, Hermione, I think they really do care about me minus Draco.” It sounded weird to say his name in front of her.

                “Well from the way it looks it looks legit.” She said looking at her goddaughter. “Can I ask you something?”

                “Yeah sure Hermes. What’s wrong?” I asked getting back up.

                “Why did you make me the godmother of her?” that was the first time she has ever asked that. Not once since her birth has she questioned it.

                “well  for a lot of reasons Hermes, reason one you’re like my sister too me, and two I feel that if anything ever happened to me you will stop at nothing to help take care of her.” I smiled. “I didn’t choose you just because you were my best friend.  A lot of thinking went behind this decision regarding godparents. But I knew immediately who the godfather was going to be.”

                “You knew it would be Ronald?” she smiled back still looking at Serenity.

                “Yeah I did.” I sighed lying back down. “Is he still mad at me? I never thought he was mad at me till a couple of nights ago.”

                “No not really I told Harry what happened and he talked some sense into Ron. He told him that whenever you’re stressed that sometimes it isn’t best to express everything that’s going on in your mind in fear of your powers going off. “

                “Good I’m glad you did honestly, he’s scary when he’s mad.” I laughed a little “he sometimes reminds me of Chris, cause of his caring nature and he worries a lot.” I laughed at all the memories of our fights or the ones Wyatt and I used to have

                “Does it make you sad to think about your family?” she wondered. “I would go bonkers if I could never see mine all of the time.”

                “Sometimes yeah it does, but then I think I have my own family now and that they would want me to focus on them.” I smiled looking at Serenity. She’s grown a few inches over the summer and recently has started talking, but she hasn’t said momma or dada yet.  Her black hair was down to her shoulders and her skin is still as pale as mine. She started playing with Hermione’s curly hair but she didn’t mind.

                “I’m really glad you picked me to be her god mom Pan it means a lot to me. I love her so much.” She kissed her forehead.

                “Your welcome.” My smile grew larger.  It was cute seeing these two together in way it reminded me of Piper and I. not a little while later we heard a knock on the door it was Harry Ron Ginny and the Twins. I haven’t seen the Twins since the attack it was good to know they were alright.

                “Hey sis are you alright?” Fred wondered. He sat beside where Hermione was along with George, Serenity saw him and reached out for him, I think reluctantly she passed her over to him.

                “Yeah I am why wouldn’t I be?” I asked him. Harry came to sit next to me I moved so he could be right beside me I laid my head on his lap and he started fiddling with my hair.

                “Well mom told us that you had a really bad head injury and some blood loss so we got worried.” George finished

                “As you can see that I am- it wasn’t as bad as your mom made it out to be.”  I calmed them. “You have nothing to worry about.”

                “Um… Pandora?”  I looked over at Ron he was looking away from me mostly at Hermione who just nodded.

                “Yes Ron?”

                “I wanted to apologize for my behavior the other night, I was out of line.”

                “It’ okay, Ron, really.”

                “Are You sure? I didn’t look like it. This is the first time we talked since the fight.”

                “yes I am Ron, but if you try something like that again I will explode something and it might not be furniture.” He just rolled his eyes trying not laugh while everyone else did  

                “Pandora.” Harry said about to argue

                “Harry, don’t start with me.” I smiled at him biting my tongue the whole time

                “yeah whatever.” He looked at Serenity who was in Fred’s arms now.

                “You okay babe?” I asked looking up at him. He seemed worried for some reason, I tried using my empathy and as I thought he was worried scared and stressed but he didn’t look like it at first.

                “Yeah I am nothing you need to worry about. Stop using your Empathy on me! It’s annoying.”

                “Well it’s kind of hard when those emotions are so negatively charged, now you better tell me what is wrong with you Harry James Potter.”

                “Just worried about tomorrow alright?”


                “Yeah,” he looked over toward our daughter and I immediately took the hint.

                “Oh, well I’m sure she’ll be fine Harry she’ll be with Rosalind...” I flinched; I still don’t like the idea of it. “And anyway we’ll still get to see her every other weekend if we choose.”

                “If you choose?” Ron laughed. “You’ll probably see her every weekend if they’ll let you!”

                “Ha-ha you got a point.” I laughed getting back up. Harry seemed to be calmed down with the reassurance. Should I show him the letter from Aunt Narcissa? I think I should “hey Hermione?”

                “Yes Pandora?” she asked “can you hand me the letter from Aunt Narcissa?”

                “Aunt Narcissa?” Harry wondered “since when did you start calling her that?”

                “Since this letter now read it.” He did as he was told; I carefully watched his facial expressions and emotions so I knew what to say next. I figured the more I practiced my Empathy the easier I can control it.

                “Well I honestly don’t know what to say to that.” He sighed finally defeated. “I guess you can go. But would I be able to just in case?”

                “Okay, you can come, but your gonna have to deal with my annoying ferret of a cousin.” I said.

                “I’m prepared we have to deal with him at school so I don’t particularly mind, I’ll just ignore him but if he does insult you or Serenity I will go off.” I had to blush as he said that good thing no one noticed it.

                “No Problem I would be the same way.” I playfully nudged his good shoulder.

                “So I’m on my own for break?” Ron asked a little saddened by the idea

                “Yeah sorry Ron.” I forgot about him again. “But hey you have your sister and Hermes.” I tried not laughing while looking at Hermione.

                “Your never not gonna stop calling me that are you?” she rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms. “I’m gonna have to think of one for you then.”

                “Cool! Go right ahead!!” I exclaimed

                “You’re annoying as usual.” She tried not to smile but it failed.  The day went on as normal, I finally played a good game of Quidditch later on that day, and damn I was rusty. Serenity stayed behind with Hermione as I played. I was on Harry’s team along with Ron, with Fred, George, and Ginny on the other. Our team won with two points to spare. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time I almost forgot how much I enjoyed this game, now I wish Katie made me Captain. We landed not too far from the porch as to not scare Serenity but she was fast asleep in Hermione’s arms.

                “You were incredible up there Pan!” she handed Serenity over too me and I gave her my Nimbus 2000- a gift from Professor Dumbledore in second year after my first one broke during a demon attack   

                “Thanks.” The others weren’t too far from me Fred and George were the last to land.

                “Yeah I agree with Hermione on this I don’t think I have ever seen anyone play like that!” Harry exclaimed out of breath.

                “Really Harry? I thought I was a bit rusty I almost fell off of my broom a couple of times.” I rolled my eyes.

                “Yeah really!” he smiled taking Serenity from my arms. “You think we should take her to bed?”

                “Probably be the best idea, how long ago did she go to sleep?”I asked Hermione.

                “Like twenty minutes ago I believe.”

                “Okay we’re gonna go take her up too bed then!” I shouted to the others.

                “Okay sis!” I heard all of them say, even Ginny, I found it odd because we’re not even that close like I am with her brothers. It didn’t long to get upstairs and up too my bedroom. Harry gently laid Serenity down in her crib she was still fast asleep. I still felt some worry form Harry but I’ve learned with him if he ever wants to talk he does on his own.

                “I don’t wanna leave her.” He said after five minutes of silence.

                “I know but she’ll be safe with Rosalind.” I forced out that sentence.

                “Yeah but you hate her, I can tell you forced out what you just said.” Damn he’s good.

                “I know I have my issues with Rosalind but Harry, babe, she’s an Elder and she’ll do anything to protect her. Cause she has too.”

                “Yeah because she has too. Does she even care about her?” he asked sitting down on my bed.

                “I wouldn’t know Harry.”  I sighed sitting down next to him. “But like I said before it’s an Elder’s job to have unconditional love for everything and anything, well except evil.” I joked trying to make the situation better.

                “Pandora I’m being serious here!” he almost shouted forgetting Serenity was asleep.

                “I know I’m sorry, but hey at least we can see her every weekend if Dumbledore will let us.”

                “I thought Dumbledore wasn’t the one to decide that? I thought it was the Elder’s?” he asked

                “I don’t know I kind of figured it might be him.” I shrugged my shoulders.

                “oh.” He said. I can tell he wanted to say something else

                “What?” I asked

                “Nothing we should probably start packing for school we do start tomorrow.” He smiled thinking about Hogwarts; honestly I was excited to go back as well.

                “Okay.” He got up too leave but stopped at the door. “I love you.” He said

                “I love you too Harry more than anything and everything” He left without another word he didn’t need too. The rest of the afternoon went smoothly nothing really to report until Remus showed up with Tonks. They apparently were gonna do round protecting the school while we there.

                “Are there gonna be any other Aruors protecting the castle?” I wondered. 

                “Yes Mad-eye Moody as well he will probably be doing most of the rounds especially the night the shifts.”

                “Is there anything in particular you want me to watch for Remus?” I asked I was in need of something to keep me busy other than my studies.

                “Well I was actually wondering if you can see if any students are acting out of the ordinary, you know almost the whole entire school so well, so I figured this would be perfect for you.”

                “Okay I’ll do it.” I shook his hand and then hugged him I can tell this was all he was here for. I heard footsteps coming from the hallway; it ended up being Harry.

                “Hey Remus I didn’t know you were here!” he went over to hug him

                “I was actually about to leave I just wanted to ask Pandora something.” He nodded and I did the same.

                “Um okay then.” He gave me a confused look.

                “Well um I must be off see you tomorrow.” He appariated off.

                “What was that about?”

                “He just wanted know if I can help and I said yes.”

                “With?” he prompted.

                “To see if anybody at school was acting strange.”

                “Does he think that Death Eaters are using students now?”

                “Yes I think so.” I said sadly. Dinner went without any event, all the kids went to go do last minute packing all I had was Serenity’s baby stuff; I would be seeing Rosalind any minute now

                “Are you ready to give her up to Rosalind?” Hermione asked packing tons of books into her trunk

                “No not really Hermione but I have to be.”  I told her as I picked her up from her crib.

                “Can I hold her?” Harry asked. I guess he wanted to say goodbye.

                “Of course you don’t have to ask you know she is yours.” He grinned a little. I heard some noise coming from the door way as I handed her over. As I figured it was Rosalind dressed in her Elder traditional robes, which were white with a gold trim down the middle and hood in the back.

                “Hello Pandora.” She said

                “Hi, Rosalind.” I said grimily

                “Is she ready to go?” she asked

                “Yeah just um give us a minuet will you?”

                “Of course I understand completely.” How would she know she never had a kid? Or did she?

                “Do we have to do this Pandora?” Harry asked not wanting to let her go he had a tight grip on her

                “Yes you want her safe right? Then she has to go.” I wanted to start crying ever since Serenity’s birth I have never really been that far away from her that long but Harry was starting to enjoy being around considering he hasn’t been able to be.

                “I know your right as always.” I honestly wish I wasn’t that time. I took Serenity from Harry’s arms slowly making my way too Rosalind. She had the same look I did, but why would she?

                “I promise to take very good care for her Pandora you can bet on that.” She tried smiling “where I live the Death Eaters and or Demons won’t know where she is.”

                “Thank you.” I got closer to her so Harry and Hermione won’t hear, “I swear if one single thread of hair on her head is misplaced I will find you and kill you and I won’t Let Harry Ron or Dumbledore get in my way.”

                “You won’t be doing that any time soon.”  She gave me a mischievous grin, I gave her Serenity’s baby things and she orbed out of the room.

                “Are you two going to be okay?” I was on the verge of tears but I blinked a couple times to brush them away.

                “Yeah we’ll be fine.” My voice shook a little; Hermione took the hint and got up too leave.

                “Well I can tell your not but I will leave you alone for the rest of the night and I’ll tell Ronald.” She hugged Harry and then me. “ like Ron said I worry about you, keeping your emotions in like this it’s not healthy, please at least for me talk to Harry.” She gave me a worried look and I had to obey.

                “Alright.”  She left the room and I went to my bed.  Harry didn’t say anything for the longest time actually we never really talked for the rest of the night. I lay down and he joined not ready to see anyone else yet.

                “You’re sure you’re alright?” I said chocking on the last word. Then I started balling out of know where letting everything I’ve been holding in. I just cried for the rest of the night in Harry’s arms.



I woke up the next morning to find Harry gone; I actually slept through the night with no dreams or night mares for a change. I got up out of bed and went downstairs to find everyone eating already. No one said anything as I sat down in-between Ron and Harry and begun eating. Ron was the first to say something.

                “How are you?” he asked with a mouth full of food.

                “I’ll be fine Ron nothing to worry about.” I smiled and he bought it but Harry didn’t. Ron wasn’t there for last night’s melt down; he hasn’t seen me like that since when my family died two years ago and I don’t want him reliving that.

                “Okay then, whatever you say.” He rolled his baby blue eyes.   

                “Okay kids you have half an hour to get ready and get changed in too your clothes and make sure everything is packed; some Aruors will be here to escort you to the Platform. “ Said Mrs. Weasley

                “It’s a good thing I have everything ready.” Hermione said

                “No one likes a show off Hermione.” I snickered the boys joined me she ended up throwing some kind of food I wasn’t really paying attention and hit me in the head

                “Whatever.” She rolled her eyes. Everyone finished breakfast quickly, it didn’t take long for a lot of us to get ready it was me who took a while. I ended up putting my hair in ponytail, a solid purple shirt that one of my cousins have gotten before the incident , blue skinny jeans, and black and white sneakers.

                “About time Pandora dang you act like you’re a girl or something.” Ron said helping with last minute packing.

                “Umm that’s because I am.” I said laughing. “Where did you put the Book of Shadows?” I asked when I didn’t see it in my trunk

                “In your school bag that’s where you always put it right?”

                “Yup thanks Ron.” Hermione entered the doorway

                “It’s time to go.” She said

                “alright.” We both said in unison, Ron helped with my things as we went down the stairs the only Aruors that were there were Remus and Tonks.

                “Hey you guys, I thought there would be more people coming?” I asked Remus as I hugged him

                “Nope a simple little mission like this only needs two people.” Tonks said her hair was a bright pink

                “Oh alright.” I said

                “Well kids looks like I won’t see you till break, so have a good term and enjoy yourselves but make sure not to go to the Forbidden Forest especially you three you here me?”  She said only looking at me Ron and Ginny.

                “Yes ma’am.” I giggled.

                “Yes mom. “Said Ron and Ginny.

                “Good now you better get going.” She ordered

                “Okay now all the girls with Tonks and the boys with me” Remus said, before Harry went by his side he pushed me out ear shot from everyone

                “Are you sure your okay to go back to school?” he asked worried

                “Yeah I am why you ask?”

                “Because of last night you cried for five hours straight!” he whispered a little loudly Ron even looked over too us. “I’m worried about you.” He lowered his voice

                “I’ll be fine Harry you have nothing to worry about, sure it may be first time being away from Serenity for too long but I know this is for the best and she’ll be fine.”

                “Really Pandora?” he raised his eyebrows.

                “Really now we better go or were gonna be late.” I walked away from him over by Ginny

                “What was that about?” Ginny asked.

                “It’s nothing Ginny.” The boys had already left to the platform and I’m pretty sure they’re waiting on us.

                “Okay we better get going Remus is probably getting worried.” She said reading my mind. Hermione was besides Tonks and Ginny by Hermione and I by Ginny I grabbed Ginny’s hand preparing myself for the pulling of Apariation. It didn’t last long thank Merlin for that when I opened my eyes I saw the bright scarlet train that was Hogwarts Express, steam was blowing from its pipes in my opinion making it look authentic. I saw a lot of familiar faces saying goodbye to their parent’s and hello to old friends or new.

                “Okay kids have a good year be safe.” Tonks said hugging each of us goodbye.

                “See you Tonks you be safe too.” I told her then appariated to her previous destination. I heard our names being called in the background

                “Hermione Ginny Pandora!” it was Harry and Ron

                “hey.” I smiled when I saw Harry, I rushed up to greet him giving him a kiss on the cheek he grabbed my hand.

                “Well you guys ready?” Hermione asked standing beside Ron.

                “yup.” We both said we started heading for the train leaving our stuff by the door as always. Ginny went to go find Dean Thomas; apparently they started dating towards the end of last year. We went to our usual cabin in the back of the train which thankfully no one has claimed.

                “I just don’t like it.” Ron muttered

                “Well your gonna have to get over it Ronald, Ginny is growing up rather you like it or not.” Hermione told him. I didn’t like the idea either, I can’t see it Ginny and Dean. It just doesn’t click for me

                “I don’t like it either, but like Hermione said we have to let her be.”

                “You’re supposed to be on my side sis!” 

                “I am most of the time.” I grinned and Ron rolled his eyes, the cabin door opened and in came my cousin and his too flunkies Crabbe and Goyle. I don’t think ever since first year I’ve since him without them.

                “What do you want Malfoy?” Ron asked getting up

                “No need to be defensive Weasley, I need a word with my cousin if you don’t mind.”

                “Yeah I do mind.” Harry said getting up next to Ron, they were both shielding me

                “What do you want?” I asked nicely as I could through them

                “My father wants an answer today Halliwell.” Malfoy said looking only at me or he tried to anyway

                “I already gave your mother an answer so he should just ask her.” I said glaring at him. “So why don’t you and your little flunkies just go away now before I blow your heads off into smithereens!” I said as I literally tried pushing him out.

                “You’ll never do that.” He smirked

                “Why do you think that ferret?”  He flinched, probably reliving when Professor Moody shoved him down Crabbe’s pants while he was transformed.

                “Because we’re family.” That was all he said as he stepped out of the cabin.

                “God he gets more annoying every year.” Hermione said sitting next to me. I never really paid much attention since I was focused on what Malfoy had just said to me. Was I that much as Snape would put it, a goody to shoes? If I had I know I wouldn’t be able to kill him or even harm for that matter. Stupid Whitelighter nature.

                “well I’m sure Malfoy won’t be that much of a pain to us knowing that Pandora is going to be around more often, if you think about it he only bullied us when she was fighting demons or going on her Elder missions.” Hermione said.

                “I don’t care if he is nice to us he still caused us hell, and even though she is here more that won’t change anything! He’s still Malfoy, he won’t change anytime soon.” Ron told Hermione, I kind of had to agree with him.

                “I kind of agree with Ron one this Hermione, even though he is my cousin and he knows I’m his he’ll still treat us the same. Remember Diagon Alley? He still treated us rotten even with his second cousin there! “I sure do miss Serenity at this point. When I didn’t think about her I wasn’t as depressed

                “True.” She decided to end the conversation with two against one it really wasn’t fair. Everyone eventually went their separate ways Ron and Hermione were made prefects the previous year so Harry and decided to stay behind and have some alone time which we desperately needed. Time went by very fast and before I knew it we were almost back to the school and I was getting very jittery but excited to go back and try to have a normal year for once.

                “We should probably start getting ready soon we’re probably almost there.”Harry said. The train was starting too slow down.

                “Yeah, we should, I guess I’ll go to the bathrooms before there’s a line. “ I got up to get my trunk but being as short as I am Harry had to help me. “Show off.” I muttered he just smirked.

                “Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked as I got the door.

                “I’m fine Harry, you have nothing to worry about with me this year.” I smiled he seemed convinced

                “I’m always worried about you don’t you get that?”

                “I do but I can take care of myself.” I went outside the cabin probably pissing him off. But I didn’t care. I’m not that same 12 year old girl who needs saving all of the time whether it was emotional or physical. Did I look that fragile to people? I finally reached the girls bathroom on the train and changed into my uniform and went back outside on my way back to the compartment I bumped into Draco again

                “Hey watch where you are going Halliwell.” I stopped to face him

                “You too, Malfoy.” I rolled my eyes as he continued walking back to my compartment Ron and Hermione were back already changed into their school robes.

                “Hey sis.” Ron said as I sat next to him, I laid my head on his shoulder already tired

                “Tired already?” Hermione asked.

                “Yeah I am I didn’t sleep well last night.” I looked at Harry all he did was shake his head we finally arrived at the school and we saw Hagrid doing his usual job escorting the first to the castle for their sorting. Hagrid greeted us hugging each of us briefly and we headed on in inside. Harry hasn’t left my side since we left the train. I didn’t mind though I need his comfort. We finally reached the Great Hall the sky in the ceiling was crystal clear only with a few clouds but you could mostly see the stars that were shining. We took our seats at Gryffindor table, eventually all of the first years filled in. Professor McGonagall went up to the front with the names of students and a stool and hat and began calling names

                “Leslie Hollister!” she shouted a girl with short brown hair and decently tan skin stood up from the crowd looking very nervous. As she stepped up to the stool she started to shake almost tripping on her way up. She sat on the stool as Professor McGonagall placed the sorting hat on her head it didn’t take long for the hat to make its decision.

                “RAVENCLAW!!” it shouted the Ravenclaw team cheered as a new member joined their house. The sorting continued for a while I didn’t think we would get any new students since most of them ended up in Slytherin or Ravenclaw. So far Slytherin had 5 new students Ravenclaw 3 and Hufflepuff two Gryffindor 0 until the last 6 were called up at least. After the sorting was done Professor Dumbledore stood up for the announcements.

                “Welcome all to another year at Hogwarts for those who are old students welcome back from your summer vocations, as for new I hope your years here at Hogwarts are ones too remember. As for beginning year announcements I would like to inform you all that the forest outside the castle is indeed forbidden.” He turned to our group as he said we just looked away blushing well mostly me and Ron anyway. “And any things for Weasley Wizard Weases joke shop will be confiscated and taken by Mr. Filch our caretaker. I believe that is all for now so I bid you farewell and hope you have pleasant dreams, and remember the only way darkness can enter this castle is through you and no one else.” He waved his hand dismissing us.

                “Well that was cheerful.” Ron said. Hermione started gathering first and leading them to the Gryffindor corridor. Harry grabbed my hand as we reached the Gryffindor tower, the Fat lady was there in a pinks sparkled dress ready for the password which Ron had to give since Hermione had beaten us inside

                “Lemon squeeze” he said as the portrait swung open we entered the portrait hole all the first were gone already so it was mostly kids from our year or older  are still up

                “Hey guys I think I’m gonna retire early tonight.” I told them as they sat down near the fire.

                “Alright I hope you feel better Pandora.”Hermione said hugging me goodnight along with Ron. Harry walked with me to my dormitory to say goodnight.

                “You’re a very good liar Pandora.”

                “Sometimes I have to be.” I looked away from him.

                “I knew you weren’t alright, “he sighed and hugged me tightly my arms were down mostly out of exhaustion “maybe when I see Dumbledore I can ask him if we can see Serenity again.”

                “Thank you.” I tried smiling but I was too tired wanting to sleep.

                “I can tell your out of it, I’ll see you in the morning.” He kissed me on the cheek.

                “I love you Harry.” I told him as he went down the stairs,

                “I love you too.” He said as went back down to Ron and Hermione. I entered the girls not much has changed; there were four beds at least all covered in red and gold sheets, four posters I might add. Mine was near a window with Athena, my owl, right next to it. My stuff was right under it; I grabbed my trunk and grabbed my pj’s curtsy of Mrs. Weasley. I hurriedly climbed into my bed eager for sleep to come. Preferably one with no nightmares.  Eventually it did and all I thought of where the father of my child and my daughter herself.



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