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How Far Would You Go? by Pepper Finn
Chapter 11 : Waiting
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We surrounded Draco's house, the barriers no longer an obstcle now we knew his secret. In just a few moments we would be upon her, destroyer of my hopes and dreams, stealer of my man, wrecker of our world, filthy muggle.

The Leader gave us the signal and we moved silently forward out of the shadows and into the garden. All that was left was to go through the doors and take her to pieces. I burst the door open with a spell and stormed into the house, taking the first room to my right.

Standing by the fire was the muggle, her eyes wide with surprise at my sudden appearance. I smiled as I raised my wand, a look of shock and horror crossed hers before the voice of Harry Potter shouted "NOW!" behind me.

Casting a quick glance over my shoulder I saw that spells were hitting my comrades from behind as Aurors appeared in the garden and the hallway to subdue us.

A trap! That no-good sneak! Still..... she is here all defenceless. I thought to myself.

I turned back towards her and raised my wand to finish her only to have her smile and feel myself blasted off my feet. I crashed into the wall behind me and then felt myself get petrified.

"You didn't think you would win that easily, did you?" and she gave a derisive laugh.

The Granger muggle doesn't laugh like that. I thought as I struggled against the curse binding me. Listening intently, I could hear as the rest of the group was captured, all except our leader. I heard the crack of disaparation and knew he would have waited at the back of the group, to watch us, to protect himself.

Mentally cursing, I watched as one by one all the others were brought here to this room, to await transportation to Azkaban while we were to be processed and tried for our crimes. Eventually they bound us with ropes and released enough of the spell to enable us to talk and to get our names as they put three drops of verataserum on our tongues.

My last vicious thought as I was lead away was You might have us, but you haven't got all of us. And you will never find Draco Malfoy! Mmm Hmmm Ha!



I waited quietly in the kitchen area, humming softly to myself as I waited for the examination to be finished. It was a stroke of luck that the castle near where I had set up camp had a fireplace and I was able to floo to the nearby inn for assistance.

It was not everyday that your camping was interupted by fighting or that you found your friends husband in the middle of it and being attacked by a dementor. I had driven off the dementor but I could not tell if Draco had been kissed or not.

Levitating him to my tent I had quickly gone for help and a handsome young guest had accompanied me back to my camp and even better said he had healing knowledge. I sighed inwardly, trying to keep my hopes up and my tension down.

At long last the guest came out of the bedroom area and sat across the table from me. I conjured up some tea from the stove and placed a mug before him.

"Is he.....?"

"He is still himself, but very, very weak. We will need to keep him here for a few days before we move him, at the moment he hasn't the strength for it." He replied heavily.

"Thank you, Mr ......?" I started.

"Scamander. Rolf Scamander. And I am guessing you are the famed Magizoologist and magazine editor, Luna Lovegood."

We spent the next few minutes talking before deciding that I should get some sleep and he would take first watch of Draco. He showed me how to administer the draughts Draco would need every 2-3 hours until he was strong enough to be transported to St Mungos.

We spent the fitful night and a few days together, watching Draco mend, though slowly. After 3 days, Draco was strong enough to travel. I prepared to leave, packing up my tent and belongings. As I was about to levitate Draco to the fireplace at the nearby castle, I felt Rolf's hand on my arm.



"Once he is alright, would you like to owl me and let me know?"

"Of course I would. Besides, I've not heard your opinion on the positive properties of Gernumbly saliva yet."


I could feel the light and warmth before I saw it. I felt so soft, so comfortable, so warm.

I must be in heaven. But that doesn't make any... Ow!

My body caught up to my awareness and I realised how stiff, sore and weak I was. Opening my eyes, I saw I was staring at something blurry white and a blonde womans head came into my view.

"You're the angel, but this isn't heaven." I mumbled.

"Shhhh. You're in St Mungos now, Draco." A familiar voice reassured me. Then adding quietly to herself "They must have hit you with something good."

"St Mungos?"

"Yes. Are the wrackspruts troubling you?" She asked

There was only one person I know who would say that. Screwing up my eyes I tried hard to focus on her and Luna Lovegoods face started to become clearer. She was leaning over me, feeling the air around my head.

"There. No wrackspurts." She smiled

I smiled weakly back at her before grimmacing in pain. "Thank you, Luna." I whispered before I was slipping back into sleep.

The next time I awoke, it was dark in the room but my eyes were better able to focus. Looking around I could see I was in a small room with no other beds. There was a small table near my bed full of potions and against the wall was a few chairs with a small huddled shape. I realised it was Luna and she was sleeping.

I decided to let her sleep while I tried to remember what had happened. I remembered the castle, the escape, making my way to the clearing and then..... nothing.

I wonder how long I have been here? I wonder what happened to the Dark Balance? HERMIONE! My thoughts quickly jumped and I tried to sit up but I was still too weak; all I could do was feebly stir.

My cursing soon woke Luna and she pushed her hands lightly down on my shoulders as she watched me struggle to get out of bed. I struggled against her for a few seconds before giving up.

"Don't let the wrackspurts upset you. Everything is alright. I will tell you everything." She spoke calmly.

And she did. She told me how she had found me in the woods in the north and saved me from a dementor, how she and Rolf Scamander had made me well enough to travel, how upon arriving at St Mungos she had gotten help from an old DA member to keep me off the books and in a private room for the past month.

Luna also told me how almost all the Dark Balance was captured when they raided my home. Hermione of course was not there, she was still safely hidden at her old house. Instead the Dark Balance had met with almost the entire Auror Office. My plan had worked perfectly.

"The Dark Balance thinks you are dead and you'd be safer that way until you are stronger." She explained.

She told me about Hermione and Scorpius, how she was safe and back at work, but devestated as I was still missing and turning to Ginny, Harry and Ron for support. My heart ached as I heard that piece of news.

"How soon until I can see her again?" I asked

"The healers say at least another fortnight. I'll let you get some sleep."

Luna left the room, and left me alone with my thoughts. All I could think about was how close it had been, how close it had really been.

In the forest when the leader was probing my mind, I had to fight, to resist showing him what really lay in store for them at my home. It had left me so weak and drained that I might have told them where she really was, if I had been the Secret-Keeper.

Hermione, I almost betrayed you. I can't let that happen again. You and Scorpius deserve better.

With that, I made up my mind. Draco Malfoy was dead.

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