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A Snake No More by lilyandjamesfan
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Nineteen years ago a young woman named Narcissa Malfoy lay in her bed crying. Her husband Lucius lay next to her and tried to reassure her that everything would be okay.

“How can it be okay Lucius when I cannot seem to carry our children!” she exclaimed, breaking into more sobs.

“You will my love. I am sure that we will be blessed with a child soon.” He replied pulling his wife to him and let her cry on her shoulder.

Three months later the couple were once again expecting a child. This time the God’s heard their pleas and Narcissa Malfoy carried and gave birth to a healthy baby boy they named Draco.

During his childhood Draco had been taught many things. One of the most important of these was that witches and wizards who had no magical background did not belong in the wizarding world. It was something that had been instilled in him since he was able to talk. As he got older, Draco, much like his second cousin Regulus, strove to make his parents proud, and wanted to join the Dark Lord once he had returned.

It was during his time at Hogwarts that he met Hermione Granger; small, buck-toothed, and bushy haired muggleborn, who belonged to Gryffindor house. Over the seven years he was there, Draco had tried to work out why she did so much better than the rest of their peers. Her magical ability surpassed everyone else in their year and was quickly referred to as ‘the brightest witch of her generation’. He had written to his father about her several times over his first two years explaining that he didn’t understand how a muggleborn could have that much power.

Lucius had taken it upon himself to discreetly check Hermione’s background. He found that she was indeed of muggle descent, but one of her ancestors had been a powerful which and that was probably where her power came from. He had told his son this in the hopes that his obsession with her would end. Lucius Malfoy rarely heard any more of Hermione Granger in his son’s letters, or rants at home, apart from the occasional reference to ‘Potter’s Mudblood’, so he assumed his son no longer interested in her.

He found that he was sorely wrong when he looked at his son whilst Bellatrix was torturing her. Draco’s expression was fear mixed with repulsion, and he knew it was not because Granger was in his home, but because of what his aunt was doing to her. It was not the same expression he had seen on his sons face when he had been forced to carry out the deed Bellatrix was now doing, it was angry.

Lucius had carefully taken him aside after the Dark Lord had confined everyone to the Manor after Potter’s escape.

“Did you stop thinking about Granger as I asked?”

“No father, I did not. I tried, but I just couldn’t. She… she was always there, tempting me and I couldn’t resist.” Draco admitted.

“You will try harder from now on. If the Dark Lord ever found out you would be forced to torture and kill her once she was captured, and if you failed your life would be forfeit.”

“I know father, I will try harder this time.” Draco said knowing his father was right.

He had been obsessed with Hermione Granger since their first week at school where she had outdone everyone in almost every subject. The only one he was better at than her was flying, but then he had been doing that since he was a child. The constant fixation he had on her was confusing him. She was a Mudblood and not worthy of being a witch, yet here she was, the best of them all. He had struggled with his conscience for the whole time he had been at school with her. He wanted to hold her and tell her he liked her, yet at the same time he wanted to call her all the names under the sun. He teased her by calling her names and hexing her. Draco knew that it must have upset her feelings but there was nothing he could do.

After the final battle Draco went to his father and said that he wanted to marry Hermione, but had no idea how to go about it.

Lucius was not keen on having a Mudblood marry into his family, however, with her standing in the wizarding world it may bring the Malfoy name the power it had held was once before. Her intelligence, looks, and magical power were enough to look over her blood.

“I will help you son. We can try to acquire her hand in a betrothal agreement with her father.”

“Thank you father.”

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A Snake No More: Prologue


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