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Her scent His eyes by Scabior_girl_for_life
Chapter 3 : Caught in the night
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Her Scent


Scabiro’s girl for life

I don't own Harry potter or the movie where some lines were lifted

Chapter 3


                Since the forest but the snatcher Scabior was always at the back of Hermione’s mind.  And Ron seemed to be growing increasingly angry and distant from Harry and her.  He seemed angry and angrier and Hermione was at a loss.  These thought when through her mind as she cut Harry’s hair until she really looked at her scissors.

                Hermione soon remembered that the sword of Gryffindor was goblin made.  She was so excited that she didn’t even think to include Ron.  Harry joined her quickly as well and excited to know they found a way to destroy the Horcrux.  Soon they were in a very dark tent.  And so an argument ensued and Ron was gone

                They left soon knowing they had to keep moving but Hermione decided to leave her scarf so Ron could find her, if he ever came back.  They stayed for a while Hermione’s reluctance to leave was due to a hope that Ron would comeback. But now Harry was pushing to go to Godric’s Hollow.


               It has been highly uneventful since the woods.  The scent still lingered in his mind.  He never forgot it.   But there was Snatching to do, and money to be made.  Fenrir hadn’t had any episode lately.  But then as they neared another forest Scabior Caught Glimpse of a red Scarf.  He told the others to stay behind as he approached it last thing he needed was them losing their newest bounty and it was a good one.

               He could smell it before he even touched the scarf.  It was her again.  That faint hint of Vanilla and old books.  It was a scent he even still remembered from his time in Hogwarts.  When his potions class made Aromortia.  He inhaled deeply then took the Scarf for his own.  He waved for the two to follow.  Fenrir stopped near the Tree.  And, Scabior knew that he had recognized the scent as well.  Maybe he would actually get to see her.


               Hermione sat at the tree angry with herself.  She had not only broken Harry’s wand but now there was no way for Ron to follow now she didn’t leave anything behind for him in the chaos.  These thoughts ran through her mind as she sat awake.  And to make matters worse harry had been gone for a long while.  Then she heard voices outside.  She ran quickly knowing who it was.

               Then she proceeded to beat the newly returned Ron.  And with harry not giving her his wand she was even angrier.  So she walked off to get away from the two infuriating boys.  At least they had destroyed a Horcrux.  And before she knew it the Tent light up like a Christmas tree she couldn’t leave those boys alone for a minute.  She was on her way back to the tent if there would be on by time she got there.


                “Why do you keep that thing” Cosgrave asked.

                “Why do you care” Scabior asked tucking the scarf back in to his jacket.  He had taken to wearing it now.  Her scent had since left the scarf but it still reminded him of it.  At this point he was sure she would never see her. 

                “I smelled that in the woods the night I got loose” Fenrir said more like growled.

                “What of it” Scabior asked.  He felt protective or like she was his already whenever they brought it up.

                “She smelled like a mudblood they have a different scent about them” Fenrir nearly yelled.

                “And we will take her in if she is on the list.”  Scabior said, “Now let’s take this lot in and get our money.”

                Fenrir nearly dropped the young girl he was carrying.

               “Watch it we need the lovegood girl alive and in one piece” Scabior said angrily they had already lost two good bounties thanks to Fenrir he wouldn’t lose this one.  Her price was high as she may have info on where potter is or she could be used as bait for him.

              As they stopped to make camp the Lovegood girl woke up.  She kept watching the scarf around Scabior’s neck.  He didn’t notice at first until Cosgrave nudged him and pointed to her.

             “Do you know this scarf Darling is she in your class” Scabior asked.

             “No she is a year ahead of me” Luna said.

             “Ahh so you do know her who is she” Scabior.

             “I’m not sure I can tell you” Luna said quietly

             “And why is that” Scabior asked

             “She is my friend I don’t what you getting her too” she replied

             “I think I may get it out of you yet” Scabior said walking away.

             “If I tell you will leave my father alone” she asked quickly

             “Of course” Scabior said.  The Death eaters didn’t want her father just her.

             “Hermione, Hermione Granger” Luna said sad at what she had just did.

             “Well goodnight little one and your father will be safe I never break my word” Scabior said walking away he threw her a blanket something none of his other captors ever got.  Now he had a name to the woman that haunts him.


              With a small pop they arrived to where Hermione left her Scarf.  But it wasn’t good just after Ron when to set up charms they saw the snatchers

             “Hello, Beautiful” Scabior said watching Hermione.  This time she didn’t look at him with the admiration she had in some of her dreams the night He unwittingly saved her from Greyback.  But with a look of fear.  She, Harry, and Ron did the only thing they could. They ran.

              Hermione heard Scabior yell to the rest of the snatchers to go after them.  but all she could think to do was fire as many hexs as she could behind her hoping they would hit their mark.  But she heard them miss several times but soon Snatchers where coming from straight ahead.  She turned quickly to send a stinging jinx at harry.  But they were soon on top of them Hermione and Ron yelling at the Snatchers to leave the other alone.

              “Your Boyfriend will get worse than that if he doesn’t learn to behave himself” Scabior said walking up to the group.  Hermione looked on with fear as he approached Greyback and Harry.

              Scabior walked up to Harry and Fenir commenting about Harry being ugly but soon realized the he had also insulted Fenir.  And soon set about asking Harry’s name.  and he of course was given a cover name.  the Scabior turned his attentions to Hermione.

              “And you, my lovely what do they call you” Scabior walking up to her. Then he caught a hint of her scent.  He couldn’t help but reach out.  Hermione was both repulsed by his touch but at the same time wanted it.

              “I know you Hermione Granger”   Scabior said.  She looked straight in to his eyes with fear.  But she saw the same fear looking straight back at her.

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