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All This Time by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 3 : Conversations
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Again, I don't own the characters, they're all from the wonderful mind of JK Rowling. 


Damn. I emerged into the common room Draco and I shared only to find him sprawled out on the couch. I had tried sleeping on the couch the previous night but after Draco had apologized I wasn’t able to sleep at all so I went back to my dorm to read. When reading hadn’t helped I sat down and wrote Ginny, I decided it was time to face the demons seeing as she would be coming back at start of term and I wanted a friend. After writing her and apologizing for having not had much communication with her I put the letter down and made a mental note to visit the owlery the next day.  I then tried my luck with sleeping again and found that I was soon asleep. When I awoke I wished to simply sit by the fire and read but it looked like I would have no such luck.

Instead of making things awkward I decided I would join Draco but keep to my book. I sat down in the chair opposite him and began to read only to glance over the top of the book every few seconds.

“No need to stare Granger.” Malfoy said with a coy smile.

“If I intended to stare, I wouldn’t bother with the book.” I replied.

Malfoy sat up on the couch and gave me a puzzled look. Oh my, he was handsome. This was going to take some getting used to. I had never quite paid any attention to how Malfoy looked before aside from his hair and those steel grey eyes. Looking at him now however I saw there was much more than that. His eyes had a cool blue tint to them and he had a splash of freckles. His hair, no longer slicked back was a mess of blondes and whites. He had a nice jaw and his bone structure was quite nice. Oh shit. I was staring. I felt myself blush and looked back down to my book but not before I saw Malfoy smile.

“No need to be embarrassed miss Hermione.” He said and lay back down, still smiling.

“I’ve decided to forgive you.” I blurted out. Damn. Hadn’t meant to give in that soon.

He quickly sat up, looking hesitant.

“I’m sick of living in the past. I want to put everything, and I mean everything behind me. I want to be able to focus on my studies this year so I can go on and get my dream job. I see no point in living in the past with all the regrets, all the deaths, all the drama of the past years. I’m done.” I said so he knew that I meant it. A huge grin spread across his face.

“Well I’m glad that’s settled then. I was actually worried that perhaps you truly hated me and that you would never forgive me. I had hoped that it was worth a try and that I could possibly make a friend out of this, seeing as my previous “friends” are either dead or not returning.” He said. There seemed to be a look of sadness and loss on his face. He was truly hurting.

“Of course we can be friends. I’m going to need some company this year, and preferably a fresh face. Well fresher. One that I didn’t see everyday every year I was at Hogwarts. It’ll be nice to have someone to talk to.” I finished and smiled. I never knew how good it would feel to put something this big behind you. It truly was a great feeling, forgiving your former enemies. I was hoping this year would be better than the last one. No more war, no more drama over my blood status, no more running and hiding, it was all over. I truly felt at peace.

Around the time breakfast was to be served, I woke Draco and asked him if he wanted to join me, he quickly agreed and asked for a moment to get ready. He went to his room and returned a moment later smelling heavenly and his hair now looked amazing. Of course, of all the guys to get paired with as head boy and girl I was paired with Draco. Not only was he good looking, he was charming and knew how to hold a conversation.

As Draco and I made our way down to the new Dining Hall, we got several odd looks. Seeing as 99% of the students here were from our year and knew us well they had no idea how Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger could be walking together and acting civil no less.

The new Dining Hall was a little bit larger than the old one. In the front, behind the staff table, there were statues of the four founders. Below each founder were the hourglasses for each house for the house points. The large window behind the founders overlooked the giant lake; it was truly a magnificent sight.

As Draco and I sat down all conversation seemed to stop. Why did people seem to have such an issue with us being together? If I could grow up they bloody well could as well. The nerve of some people. It was strange how easily he and I could converse, our conversation seemed to flow. The talk mainly consisted of what we expected from the school year and what we wanted to do afterward. He wanted to work at the ministry or something he couldn’t quite figure out. He didn’t want to be his father though which is why he was hesitant about the ministry.

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. I was highly ambitious but wasn’t going to go for something like an auror position. At this point I was leaning towards something in the ministry but wasn’t quite sure what yet. Meaning I needed to do well in all my classes so that my options were open.

Draco and I seemed to have a lot of the same classes. This meant that the two of us would be able to study together in our dorm and not worry about looks or annoying people hanging over us. I was already excited for this year.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Draco asked as we were finishing up our breakfast.

“Sure! I need to get some fresh air. I’m sure it’ll be nice and warm outside.” I replied. Grateful for a chance to get away from the glares of our classmates.

Draco and I walked around the grounds. We both seemed to want to stay as far away from the castle itself as possible so we headed down towards the lake.  We sat down near the shore and began to talk. I could tell we were both still hesitant about this whole friendship. It’s hard to put that many years of hate and name calling behind you in a matter of days. I knew this was going to take some getting used to for both of us.

“Do you believe in second chances?” Draco asked me suddenly, catching me off guard.

“Of course. If the person is willing who am I to refuse?” I replied. “Worst case, whatever happened before happens again, hopefully this time you’ll be more prepared though so it doesn’t cause as much pain.” I added.

“Is that what I was to you before?” He asked, “A pain?”

“Well, I have to admit, your comments and insults all the time didn’t exactly make life easy for me. It made me want to try harder to prove that I wasn’t just a mudblood but that I actually had the ability to be a skilled witch. Of course, that never seemed to stop you. Quite the opposite in fact, it just seemed to make you hate me more. I was always in a state of confusion. Wanting to succeed but constantly bombarded with insults for doing so.” I said, unsure of whether or not I said to much and becoming embarrassed the minute I said it.

“I’m so sorry Hermione. I know it sounds stupid and cliché the “bad guy” realizing what he did was wrong and that he made a mistake but I mean it. I never meant to hurt you. You just had it so easy. I had to try and try to earn a passing grade and I was pureblood. Here you were with no magic background and you were the most brilliant witch I knew. You had the ability to do everything and you made it look so effortless. I was jealous. I know again, it sounds stupid.” He finished and I could tell he was unsure of what he had said. He looked over at me and I felt my heart skip a beat. Damn this boy.

“You have no reason to be jealous of me.” I started, “I was always a quick learner. Even when I was in Muggle school I was at the top of my class and everyone there hated me as well. It’s as much a curse as it is a blessing. No matter what I did I would be made fun of for something. It was just a part of my life. I figured when I went to Hogwarts all that would end, but well of course I was wrong.” I finished.

“Again, Hermione you have no idea how much I wish I could take back everything I said. I was stupid and trying to show off so that my friends didn’t know how I was jealous of a mudblood. Especially with my bloody parents and being so damn proud to be purebloods. I hated my life. I was just as confused as you were I’m sure. I wanted to do well and I wanted to be friends with people like you but I couldn’t be if I wanted to be accepted by my family and their friends. Of course then you throw Voldemort into the mix later on and everything became even more complicated.” He said. I had no idea how to respond. I knew he had it hard but I hadn’t thought about things like that. And now that the war was over purebloods were looked down upon. I suppose life would never be easy for him.

“I think this is going to be an interesting year.” I said, still not knowing where exactly to go with this conversation.

“You could say that again.” Draco replied.

Hey guys, this chapter was a little longer. :) The rest should be this length or longer so I hope you continue to read. Please please review and be critical!! I need the criticism. I want to make my writing better so it's really appreciated. Thank you. :)

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All This Time: Conversations


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