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La Malédiction by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 3 : Des mascarades et des sorts
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Disclaimer; I own the OC's and the plot, everything else belongs to their respective owners.


As the old clock in the sitting room chimed six, Vilette descended the stairs pausing halfway for some of the women in the household gushed over how beautiful she looked. Vilette loved the maids and cooks, they always had words of wisdom and sweet compliments to supply her with which was a definite change from Basile. Charlot, the coachman waited at the foot of the stairs dressed in his usual black and white attire.


“Lovely, as always Madame” He nodded as Vilette reached the bottom of the stairs; his kissed her hand politely and lead her out to the carriage where Basile was already waiting. “Why, a woman like you should be treated well at least met with at the bottom of some stairs” Vilette blushed.


“Oh, Charlot, Perhaps one day” She replied, using his hand to step into the carriage. “Merci” She smiled, sitting across from her husband. Vilette could already feel their marriage disappearing, staring down at her currently flat belly she daydreamed about how the child that was growing inside of her was going to change her life forever, would it be for better or for worse? She wouldn’t know until it was too late to change her mind, she didn’t mind though.


“Will that atrocious Madame Tasse be in attendance tonight, Vilette?” Basile asked without even looking her in the eyes, Vilette pursed her lips together and replied confidently.


“Why, yes. She will, She has promised me and a few other girls to show us that new little dance from the last party- I did enjoy that so much” Basile turned deep red with anger but did not say another word, instead he stared out the window of the carriage with a glassy look in his eyes.


Vilette completely understood why Basile disliked Ariele so much; she was known for standing up in what she believed in and didn’t care whether she embarrassed herself or anyone else, as long as she was enjoying what she was doing. Vilette knew Basile was afraid that she would be converted to Ariele’s ways and she would shame her every time they left the house. She knew that this was rare to happen, she sometimes felt herself being slightly embarrassed when Ariele made a fuss, but she liked watching Basile squirm whenever something scandalous was mentioned and so she did it on purpose.


“Please Vilette; do not embarrass yourself tonight for once. I am meeting with an important business man and I don’t need you and your friend’s silly little antics getting in the way tonight” Vilette gritted her teeth together but pretended to ignore her husband’s statement and smiled at him.


“I think it’ll be a rather interesting night, don’t you agree dear?” She said innocently, fixing her mask quickly as the carriage drew up at the party. Basile stood up and exited the carriage, quickly heading off to find his new business partner while Vilette used Charlot’s hand to get down. “Thank you again Charlot” He bowed.


“Enjoy your night Miss Vilette, and promise me you’ll make some sort of scandal for us lonely servants to read about?” Vilette’s mouth tweaked up into a smile and she nodded before heading off towards the party.


“Good Evening kind Madame, may I take your coat?” The servant at the door asked and Vilette nodded, slipping off her simple coat and handing it to the man. “Enjoy your night Madame” Vilette smiled politely before making her way through the crowds and towards the bustling dance floor, she quickly noticed a group of men standing alone on the side and made her way over to them.


“Who’d like to dance here?” A tall, dark haired man pushed his way through and grabbed onto Vilette’s outstretched hand and allowed her to pull him onto the dance floor. They quickly fell in time with the other couples; Vilette let herself be twirled around- her pale pink dress floating out with each turn. The music was matching in with the sounds of laughter that surrounded her and as she was twirled again she felt herself getting dizzy. She tried to stop, tried to warn the man she was dancing with to stop but he could not hear her over the loud sounds. Finally she broke free of his grip and was able to get through the crowd and escape into the gardens.


She quickly pulled off her mask and threw it to the ground, and slipped off her shoes. She took a deep breath and placed her head in her hands, before moving them to clutch her stomach. She worried whether something was going wrong with her child, she did not know whether she was not allowed to dance or not- had she done something wrong and now put her unborn child’s life at risk?


“Vilette?” Her head snapped up at the voice and she flipped around, Ariele pulled up her sky blue dress and sat next to Vilette, pulling off her mask to reveal her always perfect face.


“Ariele” Vilette’s voice cracked.


“Are you alright?” Vilette shook her head and Ariele lay her friend’s head in her lap.


“I don’t know what’s wrong” Vilette tried to whisper, and Ariele shook her head- brushing some of her friend’s hair out of her hair.


“It’s okay, I can help you” She replied, pulling up her dresses to reach her wand. She waved it over Vilette and smiled down at her friend. “Feeling any better?” She asked, Vilette nodded and tried to sit up but Ariele softly pushed her back down. “Don’t sit up too quick, it’ll make you unwell again”


“Thank you Ariele” Ariele smiled, and whispered a replied- letting the pair fall into silence.


“I’m sorry for being rude to you yesterday Vi, I do not like children myself but I know you do, and therefore I will stick by you even if Basile does not” Vilette smiled. “Besides, if Basile leaves then I know for sure that he does not deserve my beautiful Vilette”


“Thank you Ariele”


“Now that’s done with you, I went home yesterday and searched through my grandmothers old books- you know the ones we used to look through when we were only little girls?” Vilette nodded. “I found a charm, one that assures that your child will be delivered safely and it’s ever so simple- I think we should try it though”


“I thought your grandmother said most of those books were filled with things we could never accomplish?” Ariele shook her head, letting a grin spread across her face.


“Nothing’s impossible Vi, Now come on- We need a couple of rose petals and some water” Ariele stood up before offering her hand down to Vilette, who gracefully took it.


“We’ll be beheaded if they find us Ari, Should we not wait until we are home?” Ariele chuckled.


“No dear, Live a little Vi and if they find us- We will lie” Vilette shook her head, everything in her stomach was telling her to walk away for once- not to follow in the footsteps of her wild friend. Basile’s voice from the carriage ride was ringing in her ears ‘I don’t need you and your friend’s silly little antics getting in the way tonight’- What would happen to her if they found them? They weren’t overly respected women in society- at least Ariele wasn’t, everyone knew her to be the trouble maker who could not keep her mouth shut and Vilette was her accomplice, the girl who never stood up for herself, the one who didn’t fight for what she believed in. With a determined smile on her face, Vilette picked up the ends of her skirt and ran past her best friend and towards the rose gardens, Ariele laughed and quickly chased after her.


“That’s my Vilette!” She cheered.


Authors Note; I’m a horrible, horrible author. So I posted the previous chapter in January, it’s now May- I’m sorry! I’ve had the first 150 words of this chapter written since January but I just could not be bothered to write anymore but for some reason, I felt like writing this today and hey- I finished it finally!


Little note to anyone who reads any of my other stories, I’m currently working on finishing off half written chapters so I can post those before starting any new ones- that means a lot of things that have not been updated for a while will be. See you all then!

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