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Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black by Jenna822
Chapter 47 : Shattered Pieces Hit the Floor
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Shattered Pieces Hit the Floor

Sarah twisted a strand of her golden blonde hair around her fingers and shifted on her bed. She reached her free hand over and let it pass softly over Regulus' chest, giving his tie a small flick. “You sure?” she whispered. “You're not gonna get all mad at me again, right?”

Regulus swallowed hard and sat up to get closer to Sarah. “I'm not gonna get mad.” He pulled her hands into his own and closed his eyes to steady himself. “I told you I was sorry and I mean it. I shouldn't yell at you like that.”

“I shouldn't have followed you,” she offered weakly. “I shouldn't have said those things about...about Will or Ba-”

“It's fine,” Regulus interrupted. “Just forget it. I don't blame you for jumping to those kind of conclusions. I'm not exactly the most loving guy. Just don't speak okay, let me talk.” He took a long breath and squeezed her hands. “I was in love with a girl that I wasn't allowed to see. We got found out and had to end it and I've been a real mess over it.” He stared into Sarah's eyes, hoping that the minor lie amongst the truth would be small enough to keep his deceit from showing. “But I don't need to take that out on you. We're going to be together for a long time and I promise you I'll try harder.”

Sarah pulled her hands away and wrapped her arms tightly around Regulus' neck. “I'm so sorry I've been smothering. I only do it because I want to be around you. I'll give you more space and I'll be more patient with your issues.”

Regulus felt like his heart was on fire but refused to push Sarah away. His thoughts trailed back to Christmas when he'd let the girl find out more than she should have. The memories of the punishment and the threats sent a cold chill down the boy's spine and caused him to shiver. He felt Sarah tense up and ran his hands over her back to soothe the girl. Another long breath settled his turning stomach and the boy pressed his lips to Sarah's neck.

Instantly the girl squeezed him tighter and melted into the affection. She pulled back and brought their lips together in a soft, gentle kiss, letting her hands drop to Regulus' tie and pull the knot free. A low whine escaped from their kiss and Sarah took it to mean that the boy was enjoying himself. Regulus closed his eyes tightly and slipped his hands on both sides of the girl's neck. He pushed against her, deepening their kiss until Sarah cried out with pain.

“Ow, Regulus not so rough,” she whispered, putting her fingers over her lips. “Be easy.” She laid back on the bed, her hair splaying across the pillow, and opened her arms to call him closer.

The boy gave an apologetic smile and leaned towards Sarah, falling into her arms as she wanted. He closed his eyes again and tried to still his racing heart. His hands shook slightly as he brushed them across the girl's smooth stomach just under her sweater. He brought his mouth down onto her neck and crinkled his nose at the wave of scented shampoo and perfume that stung him.

“Regulus, are you okay?” Sarah whispered, pushing him over to lay on the bed.

“I'm fine,” he lied, his eyes still closed.

Sarah ran her hand down the boy's chest and carefully released the button on the boy's slacks.

“I'm not fine,” he breathed out suddenly, pushing her hand away. Regulus put his hands to his face and took frantic breaths trying to calm himself down. His arm hairs prickled and his skin crawled with a heated sensation while his blood turned to ice and dragged shudders out of him. “Just give me a minute,” he told her as he sat up and brought his knees to his chest.

“I can go to the kitchen and get something for you,” she offered with a worried smile. “Some cooking sherry or something.”

“No!” Regulus shook his head head roughly and scooted further away from the girl. “I don't need that stuff; I don't want it.” He pushed his fingers into his hair and hung his head in shame. “I need to be away from you.”

“What?” she gasped, crawling across the bed and grabbing onto Regulus' wrists. “Don't leave. You don't have to do anything, just stay here with me,” she begged.

Regulus squirmed away from Sarah and climbed down from the bed. “No, I need to go. I need to be alone for a little bit.” He grabbed his robes from where they lay on the floor and pulled them on as he started for the door. “I'm sorry,” he called back to her before charging down the stairs and out into the hallways. The boy took a long gasping breath and leaned against the wall across the hall from the Ravenclaw common room entrance.

“Are you okay?”

Regulus felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see his brother staring at him with worried eyes. Off behind Sirius, Regulus could see Della watching on, her eyes just as worried. “I'm fine,” the boy whispered, pushing his brother's hand away. “I'm just worn out. I was running,” he lied.


“That's what I said!” Regulus shouted, pushing Sirius back away from him and storming off down the hallway. He could hear his brother yell his name several times before the sound grew distant and vanished. He slowed his pace to a stroll and headed back to the common room, not sure if he even wanted to go there or not.

The moment Regulus stepped into the common room, he regretted it. He barely had a chance to see what was happening before Evan Rosier had him pinned up against the wall, his arm pushing into Regulus' throat.

“I could kill you right now!” the boy growled.

“Get off me,” Regulus tried to say though his words were strained from the assault. He grabbed the other boy's arm and pulled it down far enough to breath. “What's your problem?”

“My sister! She's bloody terrified and it's your fault,” Evan shouted, pushing Regulus hard against the wall. “She wrote me a letter. Her and that Mulciber asshole are in some lousy country I can't even pronounce and she's terrified. She thinks they're being watched; followed.”

“How is that my damn fault?” Regulus growled, shoving the boy back.

Evan waved the letter frantically in the boy's face and sneered at him. “You know where they are. You know and you've told someone! You're the reason they're scared!”

“I have no clue where they are!” Regulus yelled back. “But if you do, then I'd say that you should be telling someone.”

“And get them killed?”

“No more than they deserve. They made their fucking choice!” Regulus shouted, pushing Evan again. “No one made them leave. They picked up and took off. They ditched you, they ditched me and they don't care one bit. I don't see why you care where she is anyways. Let her die!”

“She's my sister!”

“She's the enemy,” Regulus replied in a cold and sharp tone. “You want this so bad -” he pointed to his left arm “- then you need to learn the difference.”

It didn't matter that Regulus' arm was covered; it was clear Evan understood what he meant. The boy slowly lowered his hands to his sides and locked eyes with Regulus. “She's my sister,” he whispered, his words almost pleading.

“Not anymore,” Regulus answered in a whisper.

Evan opened and closed his mouth several times; unsure of what to say. He pulled his hands down his face and stared at the letter in his hands. “How? How do you just....” He looked up at Regulus and held out the letter, a look of distress on his face. “How can you just forget? How do stop caring?”

“You don't.” Regulus glanced at the letter a moment and shook his head. “You don't stop caring. You just learn to stop letting it show.” He pushed Evan out of his way and walked down the hallway to his bedroom, leaving the door opened as he stepped inside. He pulled his robes off and let them fall to the floor in a heap, then dropped heavily onto his bed.

“You're letting your temper get the better of you, Regulus,” came a whisper.

“Shut the hell up, Barty. I'm not in the mood for you right now.” Regulus sat up and glanced towards the door, expecting to see the blonde boy in question. When he found the doorway to be empty, he glanced around in search of the speaker. “Barty?” he called out quietly. When no reply came, Regulus slowly laid back down on his bed. “Very funny, Nelson,” he spat at his roommates closed bed curtains, hoping the boy was actually behind them.


Regulus wasn't sure how long he had laid in his bed tossing and turning before he gave up. The boy flung back his covers and stuffed his feet into his night shoes before silently making his way into the common room, with his Charms book, to read by the fire. He let out a sharp cry as a figure already sitting in his place startled him.

“What are you doing in here?” he whispered, dropping onto the floor next to Bartemius.

“I'm here a lot,” the other boy answered, his eyes focused hard on the fire. “You haven't been up this late in a long time,” he added, glancing at Regulus.

“Had a hard day,” Regulus mused, putting his book back behind him. “You couldn't sleep either?”

“Rarely can.” Bartemius shifted onto his knees and smiled down at Regulus. “You gonna read?” he asked, picking up the boy's book. “Oh, it's just a school book.”

“I haven't read my assignment from last week yet.” The boy took his book back and stared up at Bartemius for a moment. “Can I ask you something?”


“I can't ask you something?”

Bartemius smirked and twisted his fingers up in his shirt hem. “My answer to your question is no.”

“You don't know what I was gonna ask,” Regulus grumbled, resting his weight back on his hands.

“You were gonna ask me if I think you should marry Sarah.”

Regulus' eyes grew wide and he slowly shook his head. “That isn't what I was gonna ask,” he said quietly. “I know you don't like her.”

“Then what were you gonna ask?”

“I'm not gonna tell you now, smart ass,” Regulus teased, giving the boy a playful shove and knocking him over on the floor.

“Can I tell you something?” Bartemius asked as he struggled to sit back up.

“No,” Regulus answered with a cheeky grin.

“I'm gonna tell you anyways.” Bartemius settled himself next to the other boy and stared back into the dancing flames in front of them. “I like you better when you're smiling and having fun.” He chewed on the ends of his nails and glanced at Regulus out of the corner of his eye.

“Yeah, well I like you better when you're not biting your nails,” Regulus laughed as he pulled the boy's hand from his mouth and held onto it.

A Note From the Author: Thank you for reading. Next chapter is going to be the Valentines Day Hogsmeade trip. :) --Jenna

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