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Thorns and Roses by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 1 : The Tourntament
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“Do you know what it is?”

“No, my parents won’t tell me.”

“Mine either, it sucks!”

“Al, what about you? You’re parents must know.”

“They do, they just refuse to tell us, they think it’s funny.”

This was the conversation echoed all throughout the Great Hall as the Hogwarts students impatiently awaited their headmistress to tell them what the big surprise was that everybody’s parents seemed to know about.

One of the anxious students was Rose Weasley, now in her sixth year of school. She had gone from the cubby cheeked innocent little girl that she once was to a beautiful young woman. She was sixteen, on the verge of seventeen. Ivory skinned with thick flaming hair, she had deep chestnut eyes that sparkled in the light of the hall. She wore the black and scarlet robes of a Gryffindor decorated with necklaces and bracelets that she stole from her mum. Next to her sat her cousin Albus, he was slightly taller than her with jet black hair and emerald eyes. On the other side was Molly, with bright sapphire eyes and a high red ponytail and more freckles than almost anyone in their family.

“We can’t just assume it’s a good thing.” Toshiko Simmons said, “My mum was upset about it, she didn’t want me to come to school.”

“You’re mum is a worry wart, Tosh.” Albus told her, “My dad said she always was.”

“You’re dad didn’t complain about her worrying when he was using her for a good snog.” Teased Tosh, it was a joke between the two of them that Al’s dad and Tosh’s mum dated in school, even more of a joke now that Albus and Toshiko started dating at the end of last year.

“Shut it, you two.” Molly hissed, “I want to hear what McGonagall is going to say.” The table fell silent, as did the rest of the hall. Everyone looked up at the Headmistress.

“Over seven hundred years ago,” McGonagall started, “The three major magical schools in Europe, Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang, decided to get together and hold a tournament, a chance for their students to meet new friends in the magical community, and for the schools to see which students are the best.” Several students, including Rose and Albus, gasped excitedly, knowing where this speech was headed.

“Due to the danger of the competition it was disbanded, there were several attempts to reinstate the tournament thru out the years, including one several years ago that some of your parents might remember.” She cast a glance at the three Potter kids; James, Albus, and Lily, than looked over to Louis Wealsey. “For the past decade our Departments of International Magical Cooperation and Magical Games and Sports have been working with the Ministries of Norway and France to bring the games back. This year, after vowing that the safety of the competitors will be the top priority, the Ministry of Magic has decided once again to have a Triwizard Tournament.”

The hall exploded in cheers, all the kids from wizarding families had grown up hearing the stories of the tournament, now they had their turns to try themselves! McGonagall waited for the crowd to quiet down before continuing. “All students wishing to compete must be seventeen by Halloween of this year.” She waited again as the cries of protest died, “All eligible students can sign up to compete on a list in each of your common rooms. They must attend French lessons on weekends and display exceptional behavior. Any student I find is not mature enough to cope will be left at Hogwarts. On the twentieth day of October I will bring selected students to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic where they will spend the remainder of their year as they support the Hogwarts’ competitor.

“A fair warning, once selected there is no turning back. The Champion must finish out the rest of the competition with no help from teachers or other students do not enter lightly.

“For tonight I send you back to your dormitories to think of the events to come.” The students disbursed to their respective groups, Rose fell into a group of sixth and seventh years.

“This sucks!” Rose’s cousin Lily cried, running up to seek the consult of her brothers, “Years and years of growing up hearing stories about the tournament and I can’t go! It’s not fair!”

“You’re too young, Lils,” he brother James consoled her, “It’s too dangerous.”

“You bloody well know that’s not true!” spat Lily angry tears building in her chocolate brown eyes, “You know it isn’t! I’m the same age as Dad was when he won! This is rubbish! Total rubbish!”

“You’ll get your chance, Lily.” Molly told her.

“No I won’t!” Lily said, tears now streaming freely down her face, “It’s once in a lifetime chance and everyone gets to go but me!” She pushed past her brothers and ran out of the hall. Rose’s brother Hugo, who was also underage, ran after her; Lucy, Molly’s sister and the youngest Weasley at Hogwarts struggled to keep up.

“Give her time.” Said Louis, “she’ll get over it.”

“What do you think Dom and Vicky will say when they find out?” Molly asked Louis.

“They’re going to be PISSED!” Louis said, delighted, “I can’t what to tell them!”

“I agree with Lily, though.” Said Rose’s friend Samantha Goldstien. “The age rule is rubbish.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” Scoffed Mike Lund, Al’s best mate who was also too young to go.

“I mean it isn’t ever fair,” Sam continued, “I’m clever, I’m farther ahead in class then Al, Tosh, and Rose, but they get to go while I have to stay behind.”

“It’s okay, Sam,” Toshiko said, “I’m not going.”

“What?!” Albus stopped in the corridor and turned to her, “Don’t be stupid, Tosh, you have to go!”

Tosh shook her head, “The picture of the tournament I was painted growing up is far different than yours.” She told her boyfriend, “Your parents told you all the good things, the glammer of it; balls and dragons, adventure and excitement, of course you want to go. My mum’s story was very different, looking back all these years and she still remembers how dangerous it is. The first boy she ever loved was killed in the tournament, no wonder she was so worried. I can’t enter, she’d be a wreck. I can’t put her thru that.”

“That was a long time ago,” Rose said, “And Cedric Diggory didn’t die because of the tournament, he died because of Voldemort. Voldemort’s dead now.”

Tosh shook her head. “I can’t, I’m sorry, it would kill her.”

Albus took a breath, “Okay, then I’m staying, too.”

“No, Al, you can’t.” Toshiko said, “It means everything to you! You’re dad…”

“James will be there,” shrugged Albus, “Only one of us can get selected anyways, I’d love to win and be the second Potter to take home the cup, but I’d rather be with you.”

“I can’t let you miss this,” Tosh insisted, “I’d never forgive myself.”

“Well, I can’t leave you here alone.”

“Fine, I’ll come, but I’m not putting my name in.” Said Tosh. Albus smiled and kissed her. Then she ran up the stairs ahead of everyone else.

“You were never going to stay were you?” Rose asked.

“Not a chance.” Said Albus.

“You bastard.”

“He’s a smart bastard, though.” Mike commented.

“Hey, she’ll have fun, I’ll have fun, everyone’s happy.” Albus said.

“I’m sure she’s going to see it that way.” Sam scoffed.

“Hey, if she dumps you, can I have her?” Asked Matt Williams, a seventh year, Al gave him a dirty look.

“She wouldn’t get picked anyways.” Louis bragged, “They’re going to pick the son of a Champion.”

“Yes, they are.” James agreed, “The son of the winning Champion.”

“Uncle Harry cheated, that barely counts.”

“Everybody cheated, that’s part of the game.” Albus retorted.

“It will be a long year with you three bickering.” Molly said, massaging her temples.

“Think,” Rose said, “Soon they’ll be bickering in French.”

“That’s stupid, I’ll never be able to learn French.” James complained.

Bien, je devine cela est à mauvais pour vous.” Said Louis in a perfect French dialect. Then he translated, "Well, I guess it sucks to be you."

“Do you want a punch in the face, Weasley?”

“Bring it on, Potter.”

“You’re family reunions must be very interesting.” Sam said.

“They are.” Molly and Rose replied at the same time in the same annoyed voice.

“Suddenly I’m not so upset I can’t go anymore.”

“If they get to be too much of a pain in the arse we’ll send them back to you.” James’s girlfriend Cameo Jones said.

“It’s going to be so boring in the dormitory!” Sam complained, “I’ll be the only one left! I’ll have to hang out with the younger kids.”

“Good, you can keep Lily company,” said Rose, “She’s probably going to be crying until Christmas.”

“Plus hanging out with younger kids isn’t all bad,” Cameo said, giving Sam a playful push, “you little midgets are entertaining sometimes.”

“Oh, sod off.” Molly told her, “I’m only six months younger then you.”

“Oi…” Someone called from behind her, bring Rose’s attention away from her current conversation. “Nosy!”

Knowing the voice Rose couldn’t help but smile a little. “See you in the common room.” She said to the girls. She fell back and let her friends pass her. The she turned and hurried to a passage behind a tapestry. The boy standing there was tall and blonde, with messy hair and gray eyes. The same goofy smile he had when he was a kid now set butterflies in Rose’s belly. She threw her arms around him. “I missed you!” She told him.

“I missed you, too, Nosy Rosie.” Scorpius Malfoy teased, hugging her back. “How was your summer?”

“It was okay.” Rose said, “How about yours?”

“Not bad.” Scorp answered. “Bit of trouble with my dad, ended up staying with my uncle for the last half of the August.”

“Oh, no, what happened?”

“Long story,” He said, “Do you have your schedule yet?”

“No,” Rose told him, “But I know I’ll have a free hour right after lunch.”

“Let’s meet up then and we can talk about it.” Scorp said.

“And the Tournament.” Rose added excitedly, “Are you entering?”

“Of course,” Scorpius said.

Rose smiled, “I better got back to my dormitory, see you tomorrow.”

“Good night.” He hugged her, and kissed her on the cheek, “See you tomorrow.”

Rose turned away before he could see her cheeks turning red as the spot he kissed burned. “Night, Scorp.” She called over her back as she hurried down the corridor.

Author's Note: This is my first Second Gen story, so tell me what you think :D

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