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Matchmaker by Salogel
Chapter 8 : The Quidditch Finals
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 Hey guys, sorry the last chapter took so long! I'll make it up to you by posting this relatively long chapter up as soon as chapter 7 gets validated. :)


Hope you like it, sorry for the long wait, but yeah. Just read. My talking skills today are a big fat ZERO!

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 Kath’s POV

It was the final match of the Quidditch season, all the houses had done really well, but only Slytherin and Gryffindor made it to the finals. Slytherin had been getting better every year, but so were we. This was the game, if we won, we would hold the Quidditch Cup once again. But for some odd reason, I had a bad feeling about today. But I couldn’t worry about that now; I had to go and get ready for the match!


“Good luck Kath!” Lily shouted excitedly through the throng of people who were heading to the Quidditch pitch. I waved back at her and headed over to the Locker rooms. Why do I have such a bad feeling about today? I shook off the feeling. I need to concentrate. Gryffindor has to win!




The game so far was extremely brutal. The Slytherins were beating the Gryffindor team up. Our keeper, Sam, had taken both bludgers straight to the stomach. He hadn’t fallen off, which was a miracle in itself, but he was looking a little green, and wasn’t flying as well as he could. But he kept on saving quaffle after quaffle. Hmmm… I’m glad that James let him into the team. The kid has got some heart. Not a lot of people would keep on going after that. The Gryffindor supporters (All of the houses except for Slytherin) were cheering: “Parsons! Parsons! Parsons!” in the stands. Maybe that’s what’s making him keep going.


Amelia was out because two of the Slytherin chasers had forced her into the path of a speeding bludger, and it slammed into her arm and snapped it clean in two. She was going to come back out, but Madam Pomfrey wasn’t letting her. Dang Madam Pomfrey for being so caring! I mean, hello? We needed her out on the pitch! We needed her to play!


Gryffindor was winning 90-10, but we were getting beat up. Like, really badly. Amanda and the Slytherin seeker hadn’t found the snitch yet; they were both hovering above the game. Their eyes were searching the stadium. I hope Amanda finds it soon.


James got the quaffle, and then whipped towards Charlie, and threw it. Charlie then threw it to me. We traveled in a line, passing the quaffle from person to person before other Slytherin chasers could get it. I was closest to the hoops, so James tossed the quaffle to me and he and Charlie moved out of the way.


I sped forwards, but before I knew it, all three chasers were on me. One of them was flying right above me, and two were on either side. Ugh! Move over! What are they even doing? They aren’t even trying to get the quaffle! I tried breaking their pattern by forcing myself upwards, but then the whole group followed. We were getting really high up now, around a hundred feet up. I tried breaking out of the tight-knit group, but they weren’t giving. All three of the guys were tall, thick and muscled. I was short and clumsy. Hmmm… what are the odds that I was going to get out of this uninjured? Not good. I kept on trying to slam myself out of the group, but they just laughed at me. Ass-holes.


The only way I could go was down. But for some reason, I didn’t like the idea of doing it. So I just sped around the stadium, trying to throw the chasers off with sheer speed. It didn’t work. James and Charlie tried to break up the pack, but bludgers were always in their way. Sheesh, the Slytherin beaters are good! I was close to the hoops now. I went down, pretended to aim for the top hoop, and then threw the quaffle down into the right hoop.


“Katherine Potter scores!” Grrr… I hate being called Katherine. “100-10! Gryffindor is in the lead!” The Gryffindor side cheered. I heard the chasers around me growl. The one on top suddenly went below me, and they forced me to go up. What are they doing? I tried to head them off again, but they didn’t let me. Erg! This is so frustrating! I lowered myself a little bit. Suddenly, they all broke apart. Huh. Guess they finally got sick of me. I started lowering myself, and then a chaser came out of nowhere again and shoved me to the right. What is he doing? He chuckled and shoved me to the right more. I kicked him, and he grunted angrily, and shoved me again. I nearly fell off of my broom. Bastard.


“KATH! WATCH OUT!!!” James screamed. What? I turned towards his voice.


I heard a high-pitched whistling, and then something crashed into the side of my head. I heard screaming from the stands, and then I felt air rushing past me.


Everything went black.


James’ POV


Shit….. Shit! Shit! SHIT! I had told her to watch out. Mum and dad are going to kill me! Shit! Man, I need to catch her before she falls and damages herself even more.


Ok. I might be able to get to her in time. Shoot! She’s gaining speed from her fall! How high up was she?


“Charlie! See if you can catch her!” I yelled frantically. Charlie streaked off. Panicking, I pushed my broomstick to the limit, but I knew that I wouldn’t make it.


Wait. Did the Slytherin keeper just catch Kath? Who is he? Novachek? What is with him and Kath? He just caught her! He’s a fucking Slytherin!


I’ve got to catch up to them before Madam Pomfrey comes to take her away. What is up with Novachek?




Kath’s POV


Ugh. What happened to me? My head is killing me. What happened? Did Peeves drop an axe on my head? I feel like my head has been split open. I slit open one bleary eye. James and the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team were crowded around my bed, and why do I see some Slytherin colors behind James? Why would they be here? I know for a fact that James would chase any Slytherin person away, so that doesn’t make any sense. I must be hallucinating. Wait. I recognized that guy. Is that Alex standing behind James? That’s strange. And James doesn’t even look upset at him.


I must be dreaming.


“She’s coming to! Madam Pomfrey! Kath’s coming around!” I heard someone crow. It sounded like Charlie.


“Everyone out! She needs her rest if she wants to recover.” She came bustling over with several bottles of potions. Yay. Note the sarcasm.


“What happened?” I asked her. Ugh. My head.


“Well, you were hit in the head with a bludger. Thank Merlin that that one Mister Novachek caught you before you hit the ground or you would have been a lot worse.” She shoved one green potion down my throat. I gagged, Merlin, that stuff is vile! Hang on. I was hit in the head with a bludger?


Suddenly, the whole Quidditch match returned to me at full force. I remembered the Slytherin chasers- WAIT! Did Madam Pomfrey just say that Alex saved me? That’s weird. Why would he do that? Uh oh. What would James think? Does he know? Wait. He must know. I mean I remember seeing Alex standing behind James when they were surrounding my bed.


“Well, what happened afterwards? Who won the match?” I asked her urgently. Madam Pomfrey looked at me disapprovingly. What? I am very into Quidditch.


“Gryffindor. Miss Harris caught the snitch while you were falling.” YES!!! “But you aren’t leaving here until you fully heal, you took a rather hard hit to the head, if you went to a muggle hospital, you would be pronounced dead!” Well, I suppose that would be true. Muggle doctors are very underequipped but they have wonderful drugs that make all the pain go away. I guess this is better though, James and Sirius would probably have snuck a smorgasbord of alcohol into the Gryffindor Common Room to celebrate. My head hurts enough already. I don’t need a hangover too.


“Well, take this potion when you want to sleep, it’ll help with the pain.” She set a vial of midnight blue potion onto my nightstand. Hmmm… that might help. “But before that, take this potion that will heal your skull. The bludger created a dent in it.” Madam Pomfrey grumbled. She set another vial of sickly green potion on the table. Oh, lovely. I bet that will be just delightful stuff! She left for her office, and flipped over the visiting sign, that now said that visitors are now allowed.


James came rushing in with Lily on his heels; I could see others crowding the doorway. Strange. Last time I got hurt on the Quidditch pitch, only the Marauders and my friends came to visit. I’m not even sure I know who all my visitors are.


“How are you feeling Kath?” Lily gushed out, seating herself in one of the chairs next to my bed. I propped myself up.


“Better, but I have a killer headache.”


 “Oh. Here. It’s from the girls.” She placed a small clear vial next to the sickly green bone healing potion.


“It’s a vial of Headache remover. We asked Professor Slughorn if we could brew this potion especially for you instead of that lovey-dovey stuff he always has us brew. Did he know you’re one of his favorite students? I think it’s the only reason he let us brew the potion and not listen to him in class. He even came over specifically to see if we needed any help. He usually never does that. You know how he is, even with his favorite students.” Ooh! I picked up the vial and dumped the contents into my mouth eagerly. Ahh. Sweet relief.


“Oh. That stuff is wonderful. I can think clearly again.” I looked over at James who was standing slightly behind where Lily was sitting. He looked kind of self-conscious. Hmm. What’s going on here?


He cleared his throat. What is he doing? He’s almost never like this.


“What?” I asked expectantly.


“Nothing. I just-” 


“He’s just embarrassed that Alex caught you before he was able to.” Lily cut in. Oh. Okay.


“Speaking of which, why did he catch me anyways?” I asked them. They looked at each other and shrugged.


“You’ll have to ask him yourself.” James muttered. Hmm. It seems like James is changing. Usually he would have blown up at me. It wouldn’t have mattered that I was in the hospital wing.


We talked some more and their concern for me was obvious, but I could tell they were hiding something. Oh well. I’ll figure it out later. Right now, Alex was walking into the room, and James and Lily had just decided to leave. This was so unlike James.


Well, maybe not that different, he still looked unfriendly when he passed Alex.


“Hey, how you doing?” He asked me, sitting down in the chair that Lily had just left.


“Better. Hey, thanks for catching me. If you didn’t, I’d probably be a lot worse. That’s what Madam Pomfrey said anyways.”


“Oh. It was nothing. I was the closest to you that’s all. James was yelling his head off for someone to go catch you.” He looked down. Was he embarrassed?


“But why did you do it? I mean, you’re a Slytherin, I’m a Gryffindor, I bet that your team mates are disgusted with you right now.” I said. He shrugged.


“Well, I couldn’t let you fall, could I? And yeah, my captain’s pissed, but what does it matter? He knows that I’m the best keeper they will ever be able to find in Slytherin, so he can’t boot me off of the team.”


“Oh. Well, thanks.”


We sat there awkwardly for a bit. After a few minutes, he suddenly stood.


“Well, I gotta go.” He squeezed my hand gently. “Get better soon. Potions sucks without you.” I smiled. Was it true? I looked at him standing above me and suddenly behind him; I saw the Marauders and the girls staring intently at us. I blushed. Alex looked confused, and then he glanced behind him and started grinning. “Well, see you when you get better, Kath.” Then he swept off. For some reason, I was disappointed that he had left.


After visiting hours were over, I lay there thinking over and over about our conversation. He was so sweet. And I could still feel the pressure of his hand against mine. How does he make such an impression on me? And since when did he play Quidditch? Ugh. I need to sleep.


I dumped the contents of both of Madam Pomfrey’s potions into my mouth and forced myself to swallow. Blech. That stuff is disgusting.




Finally, I was out of the hospital wing. The Marauders and the girls came down to the hospital wing to help me gather all of my things that had collected there over the past few days. There were books all over the place and empty potion bottles that had once been filled to the brim.


The girls were all grinning madly for some reason as we were neared the Common Room. I think them and the Marauders kept sneaking sly glances at each other like they shared some big secret. Strange.


“Mandrake Juice” whispered Alice. The Fat Lady moved aside and I stepped into the Common Room. There were people everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Gryffindors in the Common Room at one time. WHOA!


“Oh my god, are you alright?”


“That was some fall!”


“I’m gonna kill the Slytherins.”


“Thank Merlin Novachek caught you!”


“I’m so glad you’re back!” I was bombarded with hugs and questions. Grrrr… Alice and Amelia steered me to the Girls’ Dormitory, with Lily and Bhavana warding off people behind us. When we reached our room, they all collapsed on their beds.


“Thank Merlin that’s over!” Amelia exclaimed. I’ve always hated crowds. I sat up.


“Back to business, people! What was with the goofy grins back there? What did I miss?” I asked them. They all looked at each other again. Lily looked down at her lap. I glared at them all. What is with all of this secrecy?


“Well…” Alice started. “It’s just that we won the Quidditch Cup, everyone was screaming their heads off and Professor McGonagall was freaking out and you were falling and James was freaking out and everyone was rushing towards you and the Slytherins were all high-fiving each other and then Amanda caught the snitch and then Alex caught you. And Madam Pomfrey was going ballistic, and sometime while you were in the hospital wing, James and Lily got together and then there’s the thing with Alex and-”


“HANG ON, WHAT!!! JAMES AND LILY ARE… I must be dreaming.” I started pinching myself, and then looked over at Lily, she was staring down at her lap and I could see her blush. Ok, so what they were saying was actually true. I’m definitely awake. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! They got together on their own! “Wait. What thing with Alex?” They all looked at each other again. WHAT THE FUCK!!!


“Well…” Bhavana started, looked at the rest of them again. “It’s just that ever since the match, Alex has been asking about you every day, and we did some investigating, and he’s had thing for you since 1st year according to Remus and that he terribly misses potions with you and he doesn’t smile anymore and he acts all concerned. So we ... um... kinda questioned him. And we sort of scared him out of his wits and….” She looked down.


“And what?” I asked again. Wow. Today has been interesting.


“And nothing. Just that he likes you a lot and James will tolerate him and-”


“JAMES IS GOING TO TOLERATE HIM?” I shrieked. This day is getting weirder and weirder!


“Yup! So Alex is all free for you.”




The next Hogsmeade trip was coming up. I’m planning not to go. Those few days in the hospital wing put me really far behind. I’ll have one of the girls send over the little gift I made for Lucinda to thank her for the wonderful costume I had during the Masquerade.


Suddenly, Alice came rushing into the dormitory where I was working. The girls rushed in behind her and all of them were squealing happily. I turned around. What’s going on? Lily never squeals. This year has been the strangest year I’ve ever had at Hogwarts. Seriously. I mean it.


“What’s going on?” I asked.


“Nothing at all. You’ll see!” declared Alice in a singsong voice. This could not be good. When Alice starts talking in a singsong voice, something is up.


Alice’s POV


Though I may have told Kath that nothing happened, this is what really happened:


I was walking along the corridor, hurrying back to the Common Room, when I heard,


“Hey, Carter!” I turned. Who would be calling me? Unless it’s Frank Longbottom, I’m not interested. Oh, it’s Alex. He’s all right too, I guess.


“Yeah? What’s up?” I asked him. He started fidgeting.


“Umm… do you think James would mind if I asked Kath to come to Hogsmeade with me?” Before I could stop myself, I started squealing loudly. No way! ALEX IS GOING TO ASK OUT KATH!!!!! I gave Alex a big hug and ran for the Common Room. I had to tell the girls!


Alex’s POV


Ugh. I’m never asking Carter anything about Kath ever again. She didn’t even give me an answer, though by the looks of things she’s extremely happy about what I asked. Huh. Girls.


I guess I’ll just have to ask James himself. Ugh. I can’t believe she HUGGED me!


I traversed down the hall towards the Gryffindor Common Room. Going at a much slower pace than that Carter did. I can’t believe her.


The Fat Lady looked down at me suspiciously.


“I’ve seen you around here a lot lately mister. Would you like something?”


“Um… Is Potter in there?”


“Which one?”


“Uh. James.”


“No. He’s with his friends down at the kitchens. That’s what they were whispering about when they left. Probably up to another one of their little tricks again. Those Marauders. At least they aren’t bothering us at all.” I ignored her long tirade and headed for the kitchen.


When I got to the painting of the bowl of fruit, I tickled the pear, and walked into the doorway that appeared behind it.


“Good afternoon Mister Novachek!” I heard something squeaky from down below. Oh. It’s Neveah. The house elf rushed up to me.


“Sir, there are people working at your table. They are… Gryffindors.” Hm. Gryffindors? Must be the Marauders.


“Thanks Neveah.” I said, and walked over to where the Marauders were. They looked up, and instantly cleaned up the parchment and quills around them.


“What do you want?” Black asked. “And how do you know how to get in here?”


“I eat here every day. I don’t sit with the other Slytherins.” I responded shortly. “I need to talk with Potter.” They all turned to look at me. “Well?” I asked.


“Fine. What do you want?” Potter’s voice wasn’t hostile, but it was still unfriendly.


“Alone.” I insisted. He huffed loudly, but stood up. He led me to the other end of the room, where the house elves were moving around and talking squeakily. No one would be able to hear us.


“You eat down here alone?”


“Yes. Why?”


“Just wondering. If you’re here to see if Kath can go with you to Hogsmeade then fine. But one wrong move and you will be in St. Mungos with a few missing body parts, got that?”


“How’d you know?”


“I passed Alice on the way out of the Gryffindor Common Room. She’s not really the quiet type.”


“Oh. Well. Thanks.”


Kath’s POV


The girls were starting to get annoying, so I headed out early for classes. The next day, during potions class, the girls behind me wouldn’t stop giggling. What’s going on? It might have to do with the potion we were brewing: Amortentia. Love potion. The fumes must be affecting their brains.


Alex and I just finished it. It was strange, he no longer seemed surprised that I followed directions, and for some reason, we made more mistakes than usual on this potion. We kept on messing up the timing. When I looked up to ask Alex a question, I always got caught in his eyes, and we would always wait too long. Thank Merlin it was over, that was a hard potion. We called Professor Slughorn over, and he waddled between the desks and came over.


“What can I do for you two? Oh! It is perfect!” He stared into our cauldron. What? Alex and I gaped at him. That’s weird. “Well, go on, you two, take a whiff! Tell us what you smell! Alright, I guess there’s no harm in that.


I took a big whiff. “Hmm… It smells rain, new books, and… and…. Something else. I don’t know what it is.”


“Ah. Those are wonderful smells, they show what you love.” Okay? That’s a weird observation. Alex went next.


“I smell Hogwarts, pine, and…” He mumbled a third, but I didn’t catch it, but Professor Slughorn did.


“Oh! Jasmine? Interesting!” He smelled jasmine? But that’s what James said I smelled like and he thought it was way too strong, and I DON’T EVEN WEAR PERFUME!


He blushed, and looked down. Professor Slughorn moved onto the next group, and still Alex wouldn’t look at me.


At the end of class, he stopped me on my way out. Lily, Amelia, Alice and Bhavana walked past us, looking past and giggling. It was like they knew what was coming next. They called over their shoulders that they would meet us in the Great Hall. They usually wait for me. Something definitely was up.


“Hey. Um…” Alex looked around himself anxiously. Yeah? He cleared his throat. “I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to Hogsmeade with me this weekend.” He ran a hand through his hair.  Oh, crap.


“I’m so sorry, it’s just I have a ton of schoolwork I need to catch up on, and I don’t want to fall behind even more. But I would’ve loved to come with you.”


“Oh, well I can help you with that, meet me at the library after dinner.”


“Oh really? Thanks!” I gave him a hug. I won’t be behind anymore! And then I would be able to go to Hogsmeade! I looked up at him. He looked shocked. What? I only gave him a hug. We started walking.


We talked all the way down to the Great Hall, and then he said he had to be elsewhere for lunch, so I walked on in alone.


“KATH!” Alice yelled. “Where’s Alex? Wasn’t he walking with you?” The Great Hall quieted for a moment. Way to be subtle, Alice.


“Dunno-” I started.


“In the kitchen.” James cut in. How does he know that?


“Oh! I’ll go get him!” Alice flitted away from the table before anyone could register what she had said. A moment later, Alice was dragging a red-faced Alex into the Great Hall and had plopped him down next to me. Oh great, now everyone’s staring. Since when did a Slytherin eat with Gryffindors? “Found him, he was in the kitchens! I had to drag him up. I don’t know why he was resisting though, it’s almost like he doesn’t want to be here.” She rambled on and on in the still silent hall. I swear, you would be able to hear a pin drop. That’s how quiet it was.


Alex mumbled something under his breath and got up to leave. Alice stood up with him and pushed him back down.


“Oh no you don’t. You’re not going anywhere.” Oh Merlin. This is going to be an awkward lunch. Still red-faced, Alex sat motionless beside me. I was close enough to smell his aftershave. It smelled like… HEY! It was that smell that I couldn’t identify from the potion! That’s strange.


Talk gradually began to fill the Great Hall once more, though some still shot glances in our direction. I could see them whispering. Lovely, I can literally see the rumors spreading.




Lunch was finally over. I escaped from the suddenly crowded hallways and ran to my classes. I am going to kill Alice. I can’t believe she did that. Whoever heard of a Slytherin spending lunch with a table of Gryffindors?


Classes over, it was time for dinner. This time though, Alice didn’t force Alex to come up. He came on his own. Did one of the girls talk him into doing this? Dinner was normal. Well, as normal as it could be with the Marauders, some crazy girls, and an antisocial Slytherin, and a bunch of rumors. Oh well, after dinner I need to go to the library and meet up with said antisocial Slytherin so I can catch up on my work and go to Hogsmeade with him.


Hey hey hey! Hope you guys liked it!

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P.S. Salogel here!

Sorry 'bout the long waits, we're having computer spazzing issues, and its finals weeks, so pretty much for me is STUDY STUDY STUDY. Doesn't help that I have a pair of obssessive parents who force me to study almost every hour of the day and then freak that I have a B in a class which I SUCK in, and then I have to tolerate them giving me lecture for about 2 hours over how I'm gonna be flippin' burgers at McDonalds because I have 1 B. GAH

I just realized how much I ranted up here. I am sorry.

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