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Guiding Light by Anna
Chapter 4 : Home?
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A/N: Yup, it's finally here... I'm back! Hehe... After delaying, changing the radio station many times, delaying, scrapping two drafts, and even more delaying, I have.... drum roll please.... a CHAPTER!!! Hehe... enjoy! I think this is my best yet...

Guiding Light
By: Anna
Chapter Two: Home?

In the middle of a quiet neighborhood sat a stately, but welcoming azure house, whose white trimming set off the rich color of the wooden boards that composed it. Two large patches of grass lay separated by a brick pathway which led up to the white patio set slightly off the ground and the mahogany door, inset with glass, that lay just beyond.

Harry could not help but gaze with his jaw slight slack in wonder at the elegant house as he and Remus walked up the street where it held the rest of the street captive at its glory.

Not four days had passed since Harry had suddenly been uprooted from the place he had simply taken up space in for the past six and a half years, and already he was off to live with the quiet, reserved man that was Remus Lupin. Although what he had received from Dumbledore could scarcely be called an explanation, Harry had gotten the gist of what had been protectively hidden from him. A whole magical world of witched, wizards, and other unbelievable creature hid out of sight from non-magical people, or simply muggles, a term used by most of the wizarding population.

Nothing less than shocked at the fact that of all the walkways which derived from the sidewalk Remus had abruptly turned into the one that led to the house that had left Harry thoroughly awed from the moment they turned into the street, Harry, incredibly more speechless than before proceeded to follow Remus up the deep red brick path.

After reaching the door, just slightly past the patio, Remus procured a small tawny colored key, nearly matching his hair, from his pocket and then unlocked one of the two finely polished mahogany doors and pushed it open.

“After you,” he urged Harry, who nodded and stepped in, still contemplating how Remus, who didn’t seem like the type who would, or even could, have a house as magnificent as this, came to reside in this… this palace.

Remus followed, closing the door behind him, and said, “Well, here it is,” to Harry, who simply nodded again, gazing in amazement around him.

“Nice, hm?” Harry nodded. “It’s been in my family for quite a few years now. I moved out for awhile after my parents d- moved on.” Remus went on, now slightly doleful.

Much to Remus’s relief, childhood curiosity had Harry fully enraptured with his surroundings, not noticing his brief slip up.

“Perhaps you should like to see your room, get settled in?” Remus suggested, thankful he had had the good sense to prepare a room before he went to ‘check on things’ at the Dursley residence.

“All right.” Harry agreed, finally snapping out of his daze.

Remus then led Harry up the mahogany staircase, carpeted with deep blue material down the middle of the steps, worn, but well taken care of.

Once at the top, a long hallway appeared, that, to Harry, seemed to stretch into infinity. Three doors lined each side the first two close together with the third equally distancing itself from the second and the far wall at the end of the hallway, which had golden sunlight pouring in from the window that seemed to eat up the top half of the wall.

They continued walking until reaching the last door on right side, where Remus stopped for barely an instant to push the door that blocked the passage through the doorway fully open from its half-open state.

Once inside Remus stopped neared the door whereas Harry continued until stopping short in the dead center to get a good scope of the somewhat spacious room. "This is my room? All of it?"

"To the walls on all four sides, at least," Remus replied with a small smile, "The windows are slightly deceiving to say the least, and surprisingly solid."

To this Harry responded with the same small smile, plus a quiet giggle, his head suddenly being filled with the image of someone smacking right into a window, trying to walk through.

"Your bed already has sheets and the like on it, we'll have some lunch in about a half and hour and then we'll go see if we can find you some clothes that actually fit, all right?"

"Yeah," Harry said, turning back to face Remus with a smile, his eyes sparkling for the first time in a long while, "All right."

"Well, I'll leave to relax for a bit, I'll come and get you when lunch is ready." Remus told him, happy with the progress that had been accomplished already.

"Kay." Harry responded as Remus walked out, and then started to take a better look at the room.

The room seemed huge to Harry, the two far walls each having a window, one with an actual window seat with a blue cushion. The other, which stopped barely a foot above the other one, had white blinds the folds of which had no space between them, which would let just enough sun in when the sun shone directly in it. The window seat had the same design but conformed to the window so well that Harry was positive some sort of magic had been performed to them. Harry considered about putting it up just see how it would go, but as the sun threatened to burst in, he thought better of it, resolving to find out when the sun wouldn't blind him. He then noticed the deep blue drapes that adorned both windows, both of which had them parted to either side.

Harry then moved on from the windows, to the bed, one side of which sat directly under the regular window. Sensing a pattern when he sat down on the deep blue comforter that lay on top of twin bed, he went on to see the cabinet leaning against the wall opposite the door and the mahogany desk against the wall that also held the door.

Deciding the room was nothing short of perfect he then turned to lie back on the bed until lunchtime.

Next Chapter: Skips forward in time a bit... where it ends up, well you'll find out, won't you?

End Note: Ok, I’m sorry if Remus’s house wasn’t British-looking, but I’m afraid as I’ve never been there, I couldn’t describe one. In fact, the closest I’ve ever been to being out of the US was when I flew over the Pacific to Hawaii, once… well twice, once coming, once going. ;> Anyhow, it kinda “looks” like one out of Lady & The Tramp which was in London… wait I take that back… that was in America… I thought it was in London until I saw the second one and they were having the fourth of july, I think… ah well… ;>

Anyhoo, the next chapter will be out much sooner, as it appears my muse has returned... ;>

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