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Vanishing Act by Bookworm045
Chapter 20 : Chapter 20
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Chapter 20

Apparently, the amount of time I’d been unconscious, was the amount of time it’d taken for the truth to finally start coming out.

And when I say finally, I mean finally. It’s been twenty months now, and this is insane. You wouldn’t believe all the lies we’d been living with.

The nice thing is, the truth waited until I was awake before it started screaming itself at me and the rest of the family.

I’d been up and well for two days, and Dom and I were sitting nicely on her bed, doing each other’s nails, Callie working hard on reading a book on her loft.

But she’s dyslexic. Like both of us.

But of course, being us, and this family, and this war, there was no ‘sitting nicely and doing each other’s nails’ kind of evening, in which people relaxed and stayed calm and talked and all that other shite you only see on WizenTV.

You see, ‘Lily’ hadn’t actually been ‘Lily’, she’d been this girl, Indigo Nott (Rose’s year, Slytherin, bitch, slut, Death Eater) in Polyjuice potion.

Which is both disturbing and disgusting.

She hadn’t talked yet, and Scorpius hadn’t gone to see her yet, but we were keeping her in a spare room, guarded at all times.

Dom had been talking, telling me all about how Lysander had, not proposed, but given her a promise ring that, once this was all over, they’d get married and start a real family.

And that’s when the yelling started.

At first, it was faint, and Dom and I looked at each other, trying to decide whether or not we should listen in.

But once we heard Rose’s name, that decision was out of the window, and we both moved to my bed, ears pressed hard against the wall.


It made sense; I’d been wondering the same thing.

“Because I love you!!!”

Um. Okay then, then why, exactly, did Dom catch you cheating two weeks ago?

Dom looked like she was thinking the same thing.

We looked at each other and pressed our ears harder to the wall.

“I know you so much better than she does!” Indigo said indignantly, probably responding to some sort of comment that Scorpius had said.

Okay, now that is the single most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Really.

“I don’t want her to know me,” Scorpius whispered, and I could barely hear his voice through the wall. “I want her to change me. And I plan on letting her.”

There was only silence after this, and I heard the door slam.

Five minutes later, I heard the front door slam, and Dom and I looked at each other.

“We need to go to the club house,” Dom said quietly. “And then we need to figure all of this out. And maybe pay another visit to Rose.”

I didn’t have anything to say to that. So I agreed. Rose needed to know.

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DISCLAIMER: i don't own harry potter. obviously.


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