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The Unseemly Proposal by scarlet_sparxx
Chapter 6 : Chapter 39: Separated
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(A/N: Due to alot of skeptism and critisism, I want you guys to realize that i do care about my fans and I know how much you guys have waited for this and I'm sorry. So I'm not going to post any chapters 6-28 so to my new readers, please read the rest on mugglenet (I don't think links are allowed on here).

So without further ado, this is THE chapter 39 guys, take it or leave it <3)

There was a flash of blinding white light. It shone at full intensity for a few seconds and began to fade, leaving as quickly as it came. Draco and Hermione had identical expressions of shock on their faces as they looked around for the source of the sudden light. The lingering silence was finally broken by a gasp that escaped the Head Boy’s lips.

“Holy shi….” Draco whispered, eyes fixated on one single place: his left wrist.

Hermione gasped loudly as she followed the spot where Draco’s eyes looked and then they slowly shifted to her own wrist.

“No way….”Hermione said softly.

For where the Love Knot once was, there was now nothing but bare skin. Draco lifted his hand to touch his wrist, not believing what he saw. Across the table, Hermione was doing the same thing. Finally once the Head Girl was done gaping at her freed wrists, she raised her head to look at the boy sitting across from her. He noticed her stare and lifted his head as well; disbelief etched on his face, grey eyes met brown.

“Merlin Granger, what the bloody hell just happened.” Draco began, his previous rage forgotten.
Hermione however swiftly stood up, her face stony and began walking towards the stairs leading to her bedroom.

“Granger! What are you doing?” He got up, ran towards her catching her arm and stopping her in mid-step.

“Did you see the look on his face Salazar? It was priceless I’m telling yo-”Godric Gryffindor chortled happily as he and Salazar Slytherin walked into their portraits. He stopped in midsentence as the two founders took in the scene before them.

Hermione whipped around, and for the first time, Draco saw pain flash through her face. As tears began to well up in her eyes, she pulled her arm out of his grasp and ran up the stairs, into her bedroom.
For what seemed like an eternity, Draco Malfoy stood at the foot of the stairway staring after the brunette. Then slowly, he trudged up the stairs and disappeared into his room as well.

“What in the name of Merlin just happened?” Gryffindor exclaimed.


The moment she closed the door behind herself was the moment the tears overflowed. Her insides felt as though they had been pulled out, torn into minuscule pieces and brutally shoved back in. The pain overwhelmed her so much that she doubled over and leaned against the wall trying to pull herself together. Until today, Hermione Granger never understood the meaning of heartbreak.

‘I took pity on you. I played along. Let you think that we could be.”
So that’s all this ever was to him, she thought, as she summoned the strength to drag herself onto the bed. Tears still fell from her eyes, trailing down her face as she laid down. It wasn’t really sadness, not completely at least, for most of it were anger. She hated him. Hated him for letting her fall for him just so she could crash, for slowly gaining her trust, for making her feel like this.

It felt strangely lonely lying there by herself. Through the silence, she heard Jinx screaming from inside one of her pants in the dresser. Hermione climbed out of bed, looked around for the source of the noise and finally rescued the mood ring.

“Took you long enough!” Jinx wailed. “You don’t know how dark it is in there!”

“I’m sorry Jinx,” Hermione apologized softly.

“You should be” The mood ring huffed. “Just one little comment about Blondie and…”

She stopped suddenly when she noticed Hermione’s lower lip quivering.

“Hermione…?” she asked hesitantly.

The brunette choked out a sob.

“What on earth happened to you? Did Blondie have to do with it…” Jinx came to a halt, eyes widening when she looked around the room. “Oh my goodness! Blondie. Love Knot. Gone. You’ve got some explaining to do.”

Hermione sighed and brought Jinx to her bed, laying her on the pillow that Draco normally occupied then got in herself.

“It’s a long story,” she said weakly, and began to retell the events from the past few weeks.

When she was done, the mood ring’s face was beet red, bearing the expression of pure loathing.

“Why that little son of a….if I had hands they would be wringing his neck right now. How dare he say such a thing?! Who does he think he is?” Jinx sputtered furiously.

Hermione sighed. “Don’t worry about it Jinx. It’s my fault.”

“Don’t take the blame for that arse-hole! How would it be your fault?”

Hermione just buried her face into the sheets. Muffled sobs broke out and her body shook vigorously.


The brunette lifted her head, her whole face tear streaked. “Why am I so stupid Jinx?” She cried. “Why am I so bloody stupid?”

Jinx looked down with a sad expression while she watched Hermione fall apart, feeling as helpless as one can be.


I hate you, Draco Malfoy. I hate you.”

Her words rang sharply through Draco’s mind as he sat bitterly on the edge of his bed. It was all the stupid Mudblood’s fault. She came so close to ruining him. His vision clouded with anger as he thought back to what Pansy said to him earlier that night, the way her finger had pointed threateningly in his face and how she had harshly spat out one accusation after another.

 “I am not pathetic.” He muttered, barely containing the rage.

“I hate you, Draco Malfoy. I hate you.”

With a roar of anger, his fist collided with the solid, stone wall. He ignored the tingling sensation of pain and the warm trickle of blood running down his knuckles, all he could think about was her. His stomach swirled with an array of unfamiliar emotions as her face clouded his vision. It drove him bloody insane.

He pulled the covers over himself, not bothering to tend to his injured hand, and squeezed his eyes shut. Even with his eyes closed, he still saw her. Stupid Granger, wearing her stupid sheep nightie. Damn, he loved that nightie. After a while, Draco realized what he was thinking and let out a groan of frustration. Slowly, he reminded himself to breathe in and out, in and out, just like the drills he had once taught Granger, until his mind felt relatively calm and collected again.

“Because I like you, you idiot!”

Underneath the covers, Draco sneered. Did she honestly believe someone like him, would ever fall for someone like her? Who was she to just barge into his life and expect him to bend over backwards? Ignoring the nagging feelings he felt in his guts, he convinced himself that indeed, it was obviously pity, for what else could it have been?

His mind wandered to the Love Knot as his hand traveled to feel his wrist. It was still unbelievable that the blasted thing was really gone, the cause however, was still completely beyond him. He felt relief but at the same time, he felt…regret, but for what? Pushing the covers down from his head, Draco looked over to his left. His insides felt strangely empty as he continued to stare at the vacant space beside him where Hermione would be, should be.

“I hate you, Draco Malfoy. I hate you.”

Merlin, something was wrong with him, and it was all her fault. Pulling the covers back over his head again, he swore to himself that from this day forward, he would never let Hermione Granger make a fool of him again and would make sure to treat her for what she is bloody worth. Nothing.


The Great Hall had fallen silent as the Head Boy made his way to the Slytherin table with his head held high and a mask of ignorance on his face. Then as quickly as it came, the spell that had the whole room mesmerized seemed to break. Whispers broke out and all heads were turned to the blonde Slytherin who now sat down among the rest of his house. There was one question on everyone’s mind, “What on earth happened to the Love Knot?”

Draco began to gather his breakfast onto his plate, knowing that he was not in the mood to eat any of it. He had dark circles under his eyes and ever since he got up this morning, a weight as heavy as ten bludgers sat on his shoulders. Freedom was strange and not as good as he once anticipated. His eyes scanned the Gryffindor table and his heart sank when the familiar mass of bushy brown hair was not found.

“Are you alright, Draco? You’ve been looking off ever since you walked in.” Pansy crooned, running her fingers up and down his arm.

“Yeah I’m fine,” He replied monotonously.

Ignoring all the stares, Pansy latched her arm around Draco’s and rested her head on his shoulder.

“So I was thinking, now that the Mudblood is no longer pathetically leached by your side, that maybe you and I could have a little alone time.” She murmured huskily.

Draco remained silent as his gazed was still transfixed upon the table on the opposite side of the hall.

“Draco? What do you say?”

“What?” Draco jumped as he snapped out of his trance.

“I asked if you wanted to spend some alone time together,” Pansy said in a sickly, sweet voice.

“Oh, maybe.”

“Great! So I’ll see you Saturday night! Don’t be late, handsome!” Pansy got up happily, planting a wet snog on Draco’s cheek.

Skipping past the Gryffindor table, the Slytherin girl crashed into a surprised Harry.

“Oi Potter, watch where you’re going!” Pansy barked.

“Shove off Parkinson,” Harry growled.

“What’s the deal Parkinson?” Ron retorted, getting up from his seat to see what was going on.

“I have to give it to you two, our plan worked boys!” Pansy happily whispered in a low voice.

“Get off your high horse, what are you going on about?” Harry replied with annoyance.

“Oh come off it, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that your Mudblood has finally given up her pathetic attempts to court Draco?”

“Why you-“ Ron started to make a lunge for the pug-faced girl but was held back by Harry.

“Calm down Weasley. What I meant was that the Love-Knot is gone. From now on, everything will go back to normal, meaning you can have your Granger back and I’ll get my Draco with no strings attached.”

Harry and Ron just stared back at Pansy.

“You mean that this whole madness is now finished, over and done with, because of us?” Ron finally said slowly, making a gesture that was suppose to symbolize the Love Knot.  

“Well if you even tried to use that brain of yours, then you would know that yes, our mission is accomplished. Good job you two. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got to find an outfit for my first date with my boyfriend.” With that, Pansy bounded out of the Great Hall.

Harry and Ron looked at each other with an identical expression of shock.

“I guess this nightmare really is over, mate.” Harry said unsurely.

“Yeah, your right. We can finally have our Mione back now.” Ron replied with an equal amount of question in his voice.

But as the two looked over at the empty seat that Hermione usually occupied, guilt consumed them and they weren’t so sure if their decision was such a good idea after all.

(A/N (7/30/11): Thanks so much for the support everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I decided I will post all the chapters first and then fill in the holes. I hope you guys realize that I do love all of you, I try to read every review and I even go on the facebook fanpage once in a while, but TUP is not my life. In fact, it's only a small portion. I've been extremely busy and stressed out but I try to write when I have the time and energy. It does not help that I am a perfectionist and I try to edit everything until I am satisfied and right now, Chapter 40 is just not doing it for me. I know it's not much of an excuse but I hope you guys understand.

 (A/N (5/25/11): So what do you guys think about this chapter? Did it live up to your expectations? I hope it wasn't a disappointment! I thought about my story on this site, and I decided that I will post the missed chapters in between 6-39 after all (so ignore what i said in the beginning! ;) ) but I will have to figure out what I'm going to do about it. It really bothers me that there is a huge gap and I do want to fix it up as soon as possible. What do you guys think I should do? Would you rather see the rest of the story (which i still need to finish, excuse my slowness) and then have me fill the holes, or should I fill it up now and THEN finish the story. Personally, I am leaning towards the second option. I love reviews, guys! Please keep them coming, I love reading what you guys think about my writing <3 As for some questions that might arise, this chapter is not the end, there are more to come but the thing is I do not know how long it will be until it is posted. Like I said, i think I would like to fix the gap first which as you know will take a while, and this chapter was released really early, because I really didn't think it was right to keep everyone waiting and doubting any longer. 

I love you guys and I'm so so sorry I left for so long <3

Your very apologetic author,

sparx  )

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