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Stealing Cinderella by demya_wings
Chapter 5 : Chapter five
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               November turned into December and now it was Christmas time. I had picked out the greatest present for Al and of course it was to my brother’s approval. Okay I’m lying! It was my entire brother’s idea just so he can get me to love Al even more. I was now in the spare room at the Potter’s house and it was Christmas Eve. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 11:30pm. I was wearing this black see through lingerie outfit my brother told me to get and I was wearing black heels to match the lingerie outfit. I slipped on my red robe that went to the middle of my thighs.


                I snuck out of my room and walked slowly down the hall towards Al’s room. I knew Al would be sleeping alone in his room. I slipped into Al’s room and I noticed he was already asleep. I locked his door then magically locked his door. I walked slowly towards Al and nudged him with my hands to wake him up. He turned over and I held in my giggle at his movements. I took off my robe and heels. I climbed onto his bed and straddled him. I placed my hand lightly over his mouth and shook his shoulder hard this time. I smiled more when he jerked awake and watched his eyes widen as he looked over the lingerie outfit. I removed my hand from his mouth and looked at the clock. Midnight and now it was perfect.


                I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. “Happy Christmas Al.” I said to him and smiled as I felt his hands rub my side. “I thought I would give you, your Christmas present early.” I explained to him as he continues to look over my body.


                “This is my present?” He asked as he looked over my body again and smiled as he looks back up into my eyes.


                “No, I’m wearing this stupid thing because Luke told me too.” I said and rolled my eyes at Al who only laughed softly. I look him in the eyes and blush. “Al, my present to you is giving me to you fully.”


                I watched him raise an eyebrow while looking me in the eyes. “You’re saying my Christmas present is for me to shag you?” He asked.


                “Yes, I want us to shag.” I explain to him softly and smile at him. I saw the way his eyes lit up and it was truly like Christmas morning’s best gift. I let him undress me from the lingerie and lay me down on the bed under him while he removes what little clothing he’s got on.


                My breathe caught in my throat as I felt he press himself against my bare body and I could feel his hot breathe against my slowly heating skin. I looked him in the eyes as he looked me in the eyes with a smile upon his lips. “I love you Sophia Maria Bates.” He said to me softly and my eyes watered up. He loves me and I was afraid to tell him how much I love him.


                I kept my eyes locked onto his and smiled even though tears were falling down my face. “I love you too Albus Severus Potter.” I said to him softly which I saw his lips forming a bigger smile before kissing me deeply which I moaned out as I felt him move inside of me.


                We had fallen asleep after our shag, I was snuggled up against Al and his arms were around my waist. We didn’t even hear the door open up but we did hear James yelling loudly. “Happy Christmas Al!” James yelled and froze when he saw us both in bed. I had pulled the sheets and blankets up more to cover up my naked form as my cheeks turned red.


                “Get the hell out James!” Al yelled out even though his face was turning red as well.


                “So I take it you two have been shagging for a while now?” James asked with a smirk upon his lips as he watches both of our faces turn red.


                I had slipped out of bed with the sheets wrapped around my body and picked up the lingerie outfit along with my robe and heels. I avoided James’ eyes but I did hit him with my heels. “Tell no one! Or I’ll never bake a cake for you ever again.” I threaten him which his face paled slightly at the thought of never getting cake from me again. I froze and my eyes widen. At the door were Rose Weasley and that’s when I took it upon myself to run out of the room back to my room. Once in my room I slammed the door and locked it. I dressed in pants and a jumper with my trainers on my feet. I brushed my hair and headed downstairs into the kitchen. Everyone was here and I couldn’t even look anyone in the eyes. I sat down next to Al and looked only into his eyes. He was gentle with me. I smiled slightly and watched the smile slid onto his face as well.


                He leaned forward and took my hand. I kept my eyes on his while his fingers slipped something cold upon my ring finger. I looked down to see a gold band with three diamonds. Was this an engagement ring? I had no idea and looked up at Al with a confused look upon my face. Before I knew it Al’s lips were at my ear. “Marry Me, Sophia Maria Bates.” He said in a soft yet beautiful voice.


                A smile broke out upon my lips and I through my arms around his neck, kissing him hard on the lips. After breaking the kiss I looked him in the eyes and nodded. “Yes.” I said to him softly which caused him to get out of his seat and spin us around, both of us laughing. “Al! Put me down!” I yell out even though I was still laughing. When he set me down I turned around, noticing everyone’s confused faces until I found the one I wanted, Luke. He was smiling at us and I grinned more as I ran to him. He opened up his arms and I jumped into his arms. “I’m engaged to Al.” I whispered into my brother’s ear.


                “I know I was there when he picked it out. Why do you think I had you get that special gift for him?” Luke said and laughed softly as he released me. I stood back and turned to Al.


                “Does your family know?” I asked Al who shook his head no. I turned to my brother Jack and noticed he was looking at the ring on my finger with his face all scrunched up. Oh Merlin he looks pissed off! I didn’t care because I got Al all to myself.


                My father wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. “I’m proud of you, My Lil Cinderella.” He said softly and I watched him look at Al. “You’ll take good care of My Lil Cinderella or she’ll be the last thing you’ll be thinking of when she leaves you.” I couldn’t help but grin at my father’s weak threats.


                “I will take great care of her.” Al said with a grin on his lips and he knew my father’s threat was weak as well. He held out his hand even though his family was still confused and I took it. He twirled me around and held me against him, my back against his chest as we look at his parents. “I asked Sophia to marry me and she gracefully agreed to marry me.” Al said with a grin on his lips as his mother smiled with tears falling down her face. His father grinned and got out of his chair. He walked over to us and pulled us both into a hug.


                “Welcome to the family, Sophia.” Harry said and I hugged him back. When he left us be and sat back down I turned to Al, kissed him on the lips as my arms wraps around his neck

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