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Aligning Stars by Marauders_MWPP
Chapter 1 : The Grimm
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Have you ever wondered if stars were magical?


Well, I have.

I mean, the fact that something so far away can be seen by the naked eye of just us, a mere human is amazing. I mean even muggle’s can see them!

As you have probably already guessed, I am an Astrology nut, this is most likely due to the fact I am named after a star.

Well, the girl name version of the star.

My name is Siria.

And yes, unfortunately the star I happen to be named after is Sirius.

This would be fine and dandy except for the fact that I share the same name as the Hogwarts manwhore.


I have actually been asked if I changed my name so I could be ‘closer’ said person.

Yeah, Lily will sooner be stalking James before I EVER want to get closer to that creep. Unfortunately my younger sister is the absolute opposite to me and actually wanted to ‘trade names’ a few weeks ago.

I strongly believe she is adopted, I mean no person biologically related to me could ever think of that thing like that. I mean don’t get me wrong; Sirius Black is in no way unattractive but no amount of good looks could ever overshadow his arrogant and an arseholeic nature he portrays to everyone else, especially his brother.

Regulus and I are close friends. We have been ever since my second year when he started, but we have had to keep it a secret because I am a half-blood and his pureblood family are freaks and don’t associate with half-breeds; and being the good son that he is never disobeys them. Sometimes I wish he was more defiant.

“Move out of the way Du Wet.” Evans pushes me into the wall.

Yes, not only am I blessed with a stupid first name I also have the misfortune to have an embracing last name. You wouldn’t even begin to imagine how many times I have been the end of ever pun.

“Well someone is in a cheerful mood” I mumble to myself.

But of course Evans has supersonic hearing and heard my grumbling.

“What was that, Du Wet?” she flips her very red hair around and puts one a stupid face.

I like to call this her ‘ape face’.

“Oh just noticing how charming you are today Evans” I say in a sugar-filled sweet tone and giving my best smile.

“Whatever” she spits and turns back around and struts off down the hall way.

Evans and I have never seen eye to eye, and I don’t think we ever will. We are both really similar except for the fact that she is a hypercritical, annoying stuck up bitch.

But Evans still believes she is the nicest girl in school, ha! She has always had a problem with denial; I mean take James as an example even though she shouts in his face that she hates him and that he should go to hell, but if anyone ever dares to date him they always seem to get a royal beating.

How do I know this?

I was one of them.

Not that James and I were ever going out. It’s just that he has a heart and when she was already in a pissy mood she knocked my books off the table and James just picked them up.

I know that’s scandalous material that is.

Anyway she got all shitty about it and hexed me into next week.

Since then I lost all respect for her and we have been enemies ever since. Not that we were ever friends mind you.


Shit, I’m late for Astrology.






I would have successfully and sneakily slipped into Astronomy, that’s if it wasn’t for my absolute lack of coordination. So, instead of beign unnoticed, I ran into a table.

The class erupted in laughter.

Oh yes, it’s very funny watching an unco wack her body into a table.

“Sor…..” I start, but then I notice its Black “Actually I take that back I’m not sorry at all, in fact, I did that completely and utterly on purpose.” I smirk.

“Du Wet, we all know that you’re a klutz, so stop trying to make it out like you did it on purpose when really your just your uncoordinated little self” when he said this he brushed his hair out of his eyes and smiled. A few girls that were sitting behind me sighed loudly.

“Arghh, don’t you have something better to do?” I ask them.

“No” they all giggle in unison.

And they say I don’t have a life! Well at least I don’t go sighing around the place every time a boy brushes the hair out of his eyes.
“Have you been shopping lately? They are selling lives at Hogsmade - you should get one.”

I mean seriously (no pun intended) they boy just placed a few hairs to the other side of his faces it’s not like was doing anything at all erotic or sigh worthy.

“Take a seat Miss Du Wet” say’s Miss Grimm.

Yep that’s right her name is Miss Grimm, though she is not at all Grimm she is actually really chirpy but the divination teacher won’t go within a 10 mile radius of her. It’s quite amusing actually.

There are only two seats left availably and of course next to my two favourite people in the whole of Hogwarts.

Evans or Black.

Black or Evans.

Oh why am I even debating this? I’d take Evans over Black any day.

While I was debating with myself Mary McDonald (Evans emotion best friend) had entered the room and slipped into the seat next to Evans.

Bugger, darn, shit.

Why is it always me who gets the lousy seat which that is usually next to some absolute wanker or some idiot who has a over producing mucus problem who classily deicide to wipe it on their sleeve instead of walking 2 meters to get a tissue.

As you can tell the Hogwarts boys are nothing but classy.

I plonk my books loudly down next to Black.

“Aw, I knew you secretly wanted me Du Wet”

“Shut up Black”

Seriously this boy can’t take a hint

“And she doesn’t deny it” he smirked and raised an eyebrow

“No I didn’t, but I shouldn’t have point out the obvious”

“Do you know what Du Wet?”

“Nope, Shock me and say something intelligent.”

“You are a big, suck up, snobbish bitch who is biggest prude that Hogwarts has ever seen and that’s saying something considering Evans is also schooling here.”

“Man, were you up all night, working on that one.” I say boredly.

“You know what your problem is? You really need to loosen up and stop being a killjoy”

If there is one thing I can’t stand its being call a killjoy. That and a stick in the mud.

“You are such a disgrace to your family that your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory.”

Okay I’ll admit that was probably a bit far. I mean he is against all that pureblood crap which I am all for it just sort of slipped out. The worst thing about me is probably how blunt I am. Well, that my ever so attractive sarcasm.

I hadn’t noticed until now that everyone was watching us as we fought.

“STOP! Children of Sirius should not fight with each other on the day Sirius’ alignment with Orion’s belt for bad consequences will occur.”

Mrs Grimm was now nearly pressed up against our faces.

How did she get a partner again?

“Y-eah, and I secretly crave to be a pineapple”

Surprising this little gem didn’t come from me, it came from Black.

Shockingly this was the first thing we had ever agreed.

Well, they say there is a first for everything.








I would love to know what you think of this story because this is my first Sirius/OC story. Um so yeah any thoughts at all just put them in that little neglected box bellow because as a writer this helps A lot.

So you hate it, like it, really interested to where this is going or just curious REVIEW!!



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