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The Walking Dead by Riya Potter
Chapter 5 : The tale
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Pia, Hermione and Ginny were very busy getting ready, they were wearing casual clothes but were going to carry night dresses along and a lots of food. Harry and Ron were desperate for the girls to leave and for them to try their chance with Abhay.



 Abhay arrived in his black car. Pia ran and hugged him and then put her bag inside the car. Ginny and Hermione entered the back seat and Pia sat in front. Harry and Ron stood by the door.



 “I’ll be back, Harry,” Abhay called out to them, “I’ll just drop the girls.” So they went.



 Harry and Ron went up to Harry’s room. They put up all the food items on the table, brought the wine bottle and gathered all the things they needed for their party. They waited for Abhay.



 “Harry, do you think he’ll tell us everything?” Ron asked.



 “Why wouldn’t he? We are wizards, we know everything about vampires, he’ll tell us,” Harry sounded confident.



 Harry and Ron drank some wine. Harry heard a soft knock. “Ron, did someone knock the door?” Harry asked. “I didn’t hear anything,” Ron replied. Just then, Abhay came in through the window.



 “Sorry guys, I knocked the door, then saw light in this room and so I entered in my usual way,” Abhay grinned. He carefully sat on the bed, remembering the last time he sat on this bed. “So, having a party?”



 “Since girls are having a night out, we thought why not boys?” Ron replied. “Join us Abhay.”



 “Yeah, do you want anything?” Harry asked grinning.



 “Are you daring me to eat?” Abhay asked, “If you want me to dare, we should play Truth or Dare.” Abhay said picking up an empty bottle. “I’ll spin the bottle?”



 “No girls means no fun of dare,” Harry stated, “I’ll spin the bottle, and we’ll tell the truth,” Harry winked at Ron. Both of them were desperate to know some truths from Abhay.



 Abhay’s face turned serious. He seemed to think something, but then he looked up at Harry. “You are Pia’s friends, she considers you as a family; you can ask me anything.”



 Harry and Ron looked at each other. They couldn’t believe their luck. “Okay,” Harry began, “firstly, why do you want Pia to stay away from your brother Sid?”



 Abhay sighed. He had seen this question coming. He began,



 “Around hundred years ago, Siddharth and I were the sons of a worker who worked for a king. The king had his only daughter Maithili and she was in love with me. But the problem was that I and Siddharth, we both loved her. Naturally, Sid was jealous of me.



 “He tried many thinks to break me and Maithili, but her love for me never decreased. She was even punished for that and her father set her room on fire. I reached there to save her, but it was a very difficult task. I got caught between burning logs and I couldn’t reach her on time. Siddharth had come there too. But unfortunately even he couldn’t save her.” Abhay’s face hardened, yet he continued.



 “Chand and Hasina were passing by and they saw the destruction. Sid and I were wounded, but we were still breathing. Dad converted me and Mom converted Siddharth. It took a few days for us to heal, and then we felt our first thirst. Our throats were burning, we wanted blood, and we wanted human blood. Chand was ready for this and he gave us human blood, he had brought it from some blood bank.



 “But then he told us his family rules. Mom and Dad were vegetarian and they wanted us to follow the same rule. The next day they took us for hunting and since then we started living on animal blood. But humans always tempted us, so we kept on moving from one place to another, in order to find more and more animals.



 “But Sid was greedy for human blood, he pleaded to Dad to let him hunt a human at least once a week, we were newborns then, and we needed to hunt daily, unlike our parents who hunted once a week. Dad of course, did not heed to Sid’s request, he is against hurting humans and so Sid got angry. As I told you he was jealous of me in our human life and so he became even more jealous when I learnt to control myself around humans.



 “His thirst for human blood decreased with time, but his hatred for me kept on growing. Once we went to a forest. There was a tribe that lived there, the tribe was a hunting tribe and they used animal hide for various purposes. It was a good chance for us because they didn’t mind it when they found dry animal bodies that we left behind, as they had nothing to do with blood.



 “The only problem was that the tribe worshiped tigers, and there were many tigers in the forest. When we came to know this, Chand prohibited us from hunting a tiger. Sid and I were two years old by then, and so we had started hunting once a week. There were some people who lived on the outskirts of the forest, and they were some kind of animal healers, so the tribal people took their pet animals to them whenever there was any problem.



 “While we were still living there, the humans had to face droughts. Lack of water was not a problem for us, until the animals started becoming weaker. It meant we had to hunt twice a week in order to quench our thirst. And then, one week, we did not get enough food. Sid became violent due to thirst and Chand decided to leave the forest and find some other place.



 “I tried to stay calm, despite my thirst and Mom kept on scolding Sid for he kept on demanding more and more blood. Once he was about to hurt a human, but I stopped him. There was a great quarrel between us. And while we were fighting, we heard a roar and then saw a tiger. Sid lost his control and he attacked the tiger.



 “Naturally, when the tribal people saw the corpse of a tiger, they were disturbed and they took the body to the animal healers to find the cause of tiger’s death. Mean while we were preparing to leave, but we were unfortunate because the animal healers turned out to be werewolves, but not the ordinary ones, these were born werewolves, also called as the moonwolves. They did not turn only on full moon nights, but they could turn on will.



 “Vampires and werewolves have been enemies since the dawn of time and so they immediately recognized that it was our work. They wouldn’t have blamed us, for we were not hurting the humans, but they thought we killed a tiger just to show away our strength, and so they attacked us. But dad succeeded in getting us out of there in time.



 “We were safe but dad was extremely angry on Sid and so he was kicked out of our family. After that he went to live on his own. Mom, dad and I kept on moving after every five years or so, and a few times we came across him. We saw that he had started his own business, and his company became dad’s company’s rival. We never talked to each other but we observed that Siddharth had started hunting humans.



 “And he did not hunt them fair. He usually tracked some girl, sort of dated her and then killed her. Meanwhile he hunted just like any other of our kind. And now, he has come to this city. He is behaving just like he behaved whenever he came across us, but now I suspect that he knows about Pia, that Pia is my friend. If he comes to know that Pia and I are sort of together, he’d want to take a revenge, and that’s why I want Pia to stay away from him.” Abhay kept down the bottle, which he had been spinning for a long time and took a breath. He had forgotten to breathe while he talked.



 Harry and Ron sat dumbfounded. So Abhay and Pia were together as Harry had suspected and Pia was in danger. Harry looked at Ron. He had to do something. How could he let his best friend date a dead person? What did Pia think about Abhay? Did she have any feelings for this Cold One? Now I will have to talk to Pia Harry thought.




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The Walking Dead: The tale


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