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Guiding Light by Anna
Chapter 2 : Dursley Confrontations
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Guiding Light
By: Anna

Chapter Two ~ Dursley Confrontations

It was yet another normal, quiet Saturday on Privet Drive, and at a particular house, number four to be exact, most of the residents were blissfully unaware of how their lives would change in a few short hours. For Mr. and Mrs. Dursley the change would come as a relief, however, for the seven-year-old big, blonde bully, the day would be forever remembered as the day-I-lost-my-punching-bag.

The other resident of four Privet Drive, the resident that the Dursleys liked to pretend didn’t exist, was trying to stay hidden in his cupboard so he wouldn’t fall victim to his cousin’s rather large fists. He had jet-black hair, which never wanted to lie flat, amazingly green eyes, a thin lightning bolt shaped scar, and his name was Harry Potter.

In the wizard world, if you even whispered anything remotely like Harry Potter, even if you were only telling your friend about a hairy man that you had seen, excited chatter would fill the air around you. In the muggle world, especially the Dursley residence, no one would even give the name or the man a second thought.

Around four o’clock, Remus Lupin arrived on a corner on Privet Drive and didn’t even stop to make sure he had the correct street, but instead just started down the street toward number 4.

Inside number 4, Dudley, Harry’s cousin, had just come back from a trip to the shallow end of the community pool and was now sitting at the kitchen table wolfing down fudge brownies as his mother hurried busily about.

Harry, by some miracle, was still in his cupboard, completely forgotten by the Dursleys.

Remus had now come to the front door of number four, knocked on the door, and was now quietly waiting, arranging what he would say.

The knock shocked Mrs. Dursley, and set her scrubbing the red stain that had blemished her pristine, white counter even harder.

“Vernon, could you get that?” she called into the living room, where her husband was lounging about, more of a command than a question.

With a “Fine” he pulled himself up from the couch and headed to the door.

When the door opened, Remus quickly snapped his head up to look at the big form looming in the doorway in front of him.

“May I help you?” Vernon said gruffly.

“You are Vernon Dursley are you not?” Remus asked.

“I am and you would be…?”

“Remus Lupin. I was hoping we could discuss some pressing matters.”

“Such as?” Vernon asked, annoyed at this Remus Lupin for darkening his door. “I cannot possibly imagine what pressing matters a complete stranger would have discuss with me.”

“How about the state of your nephew?”

“I have no nephew.” He replied curtly, and began shut the door. “Goodbye.”

Remus quickly pressed his hand against the door to stop it from closing and said, “Oh, but I believe you do. Black hair, green eyes.”

“How do you what he looks like?” Vernon questioned, opening the door again.

“So obviously you do have one.”

“Yes.” He replied, knowing that this man had caught him. “But I fail to see something pressing to discuss about him.”

“Try the reasons why you should stay in custody of him, or lack thereof.” Remus told him, determined to take Harry away from this place even if it placed more of a burden on him because he could tell just from this short ‘conversation’ with his uncle that Harry was practically hated by these people.

Vernon’s face hardened as he let the man in, torn between rejoicing in fact that he might never have to see his nephew’s face again and throwing this man who was probably one of out of his house.


After much discussion and a bit of yelling on Mr. Dursley’s part, it was decided that Harry would be leaving with Remus, hopefully never to be seen by his aunt and uncle again.

“Boy!” Vernon called from the front hall, eager to be rid of Remus and his nephew.

“Yes, Uncle Vernon?” Harry said, walking to the hall.

The state of Harry’s clothes shocked and angered Remus. It appeared that Harry wore Dudley’s old clothes by the huge state of the flannel shirt and jeans.

“Boy, this man, Mr. Lupin, will be taking you,” Vernon told him, “Today must be lucky day because I never have to see you again.”

“Go get your things Harry,” Remus said softly.

Harry, still a little perplexed at just where this man would be taking him, said shyly, “What things?”

“The only thing that boy can even claim to own at the moment is the shirt on his back, and he should be darn grateful that he has anything.”

Taking a deep breath as to not let his temper get the best of him, Remus said quietly, “Very well, Harry, come along.”

Remus turned around, walked the short distance to the door, opened it before turning around once more, and looked at Harry expectantly.

“Well, go on then boy!” Vernon instructed Harry, “Get out of my sight!”

“Where am I going?” asked Harry.

“What does it matter where you’re going, boy? Just go!”

Harry gave Remus a searching glance, then hesitantly approached the door and followed Remus out.

Once on the sidewalk, Remus slowed down to walk with Harry as Harry told him, “I’m sorry but I still don’t know who you are.”

“I am Remus Lupin, I was a friend of your father’s,” Remus said, stopping in his speech and on the sidewalk to see how Harry would process this information.

“M-my father?”

“Yes. Harry, I just want you to know that you are about to witness many strange things, but don’t be frightened, all will be explained be someone who will do a much better job of it, do you think you could do that for me?”

Harry, his seven-year-old mind working over time to comprehend the fact he was no longer going to be living with the Dursleys and that this man responsible for this miracle had been a friend of his father’s, replied, “Alright.”

“Good then.” Remus said, and faced forward and continued walking down the street.

When they had turned two street corners and starting getting nearer to a place where Harry despised almost as much as the Dursleys, Harry asked, “Erm, Mr. Lupin, sir, where exactly are we going?”

“Well, at the moment Harry, we are going to an old friends house, which will help us to get to our final destination and please just call me Remus.” He responded with a slight smile.

“Oh…” was all the young boy could manage, not daring to ask how going to a house was going to help get them somewhere else.

Harry’s fears were confirmed when they turned and started walking up a small driveway and Remus announced, “Ah, we’re here.”

As they approached the door, Harry could hear meowing coming from within the house, obviously Mrs. Figg still had possession of a few dozen cats.

Remus knocked upon the door and soon the tired old face of Mrs. Figg appeared as she opened the door. Her face, however, took on an excited grin as she spotted Remus.

“Remus Lupin! I was beginning to think you died or something, with never hearing from you since…” her voice staggered off as she brushed a still sensitive subject.

“Well, I have been quite content to living a quiet life since then, but it appears fate will no longer allow it.”

“Well I should hope not,” Mrs. Figg answered and looked at Harry, “And here’s Harry. How are you dear? Your cousin hasn’t been giving you too rough a time I hope.”

“Fine,” Harry replied cautiously.

“Oh, what a little dear he is.” Mrs. Figg exclaimed, “Now Remus, I presume you are seeking use of my fireplace.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“None of this ma’am nonsense, it’s Arabella. Now come in, I have some floo powder for you.” Arabella told him, stepping aside from the door to let them in.

“Thank you, Arabella. We appreciate it.” Remus said and Harry just nodded mutely as Remus led him into the house.

Arabella left them in the living room as she went into the kitchen saying, “I keep some around just in case and I got it out after I was informed by Albus Dumbledore that I might have visitors. Ah! Here it is.”

She came back into the room with a medium black box and a thin piece of wood. Harry looked at her oddly as she pointed the thin stick at the fireplace, mumbled a few words, and his eyes widened in amazement as sparks flew out of the end it and lit a fire.

“Beautiful!” Arabella proclaimed as she opened the lid of the box and offered the contents to Remus who reached into the box and pulled a pinch of powder out.

“Thank you again for this Arabella.”

“Oh it’s no bother at all, don’t mention it,” She told him with a smile. “Have a nice day.”

“You, too.” Remus said, “Well, take my hand Harry.”

If Harry was at all confused by this, he didn’t show it. Instead he just took Remus’s hand as he stepped into the flames and shouted, “Three Broomsticks!”


A/N: Oooo, now we're getting somewhere... The Three Broomsticks! Lol ^_^ sorry... very, very hyper... btw, I have it on good authority that my unedited version of this chapter that I was on verge of making Harry a bit too soft. I reworked a few things, so thoughts anyone?

Next Chapter: Was that English? Harry gets some explanations... 'bout time...

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Guiding Light: Dursley Confrontations


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