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My Neighbour: James Potter by Hermionniny9
Chapter 26 : Cream cheese and House Elves
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 I wandered the corridors aimlessly, I wanted to go nowhere but I found myself travelling back to the Gryffindor tower. I quickly turned on my heel and made my way slowly down the floors.

Returning to the Gryffindor common room was not viable; James and I had had a heated argument over absolutely nothing. It was like we were married already, but we had only been going about for a month and a half. Then Samuel and his stupid girlfriend had a big bust up over his ‘infidelity’ and how he ‘didn’t treat [her] right’. Had she not realised from the start that Sam was not ideal boyfriend material as he had serious commitment issues?

“Edgley, babe. Is something wrong,” an acid tongue spoke, letting the words fall effortlessly off his sour little mouth.

“Malfoy just keep your little nose out of it. This is my life, not yours.” I hissed through gritted teeth.

“No need to get hostile Edgley, I was just inquiring...” I cut over his train of speech.

“Inquiring, well go inquire this!” I hissed again, this time more angry. I pulled out my wand and jabbed him under the chin.

His eyes widened and fear flashed, momentarily, across his face. I poked a little harder, and then stormed off down to the kitchens.

“I know it’s about Potter!” he shouted after me, but I ignored him.

I really wanted some cream cheese on toast; it always hit the spot when I was raging slightly.

I tickled the pear and entered the large kitchens. The room was teeming with activity, the little elves were buzzing this way and that, and pots were boiling on the stove and mixtures being combined.

My presence was soon noticed, and an elf scuttled over to me.

“Tisky Miss. How may I help you?” inquired the elf, which had tennis ball size brown eyes.

“Could I please have some cream cheese on a slice of toast, if that’s okay?” I asked in a slightly apologetic tone, after all I was interrupting the busiest time of the day, the pre dinner cook.

“Certainly Miss, if you would like to take a seat.” Tisky gestured to a chair which was in a cluttered corner of the room.

From the chair one could see most of the kitchen, and the small creatures buzzing round. Tisky soon arrived back with a plate of several pieces of cream cheese on toast.

“Thank you,” I said smiling, and taking the plate.

“Is there anything else Tisky can help you with Miss?”

“” I said picking up a slice of toast.

The elf turned to go, “hang on, can I ask you something?”

“Anything Miss, Tisky is here to help.” said Tisky, her large eyes glistening in the light of the candles.

“Have you ever been in love?” I asked

“No Miss, love isn’t a thing that we House Elves experience.” Tisky said, looking up at me.

“Well you see I’m dating this guy you see.”

“Yes, James Potter.” Tisky said, smiling.

“Right... anyway I’m not sure if dating him is the right thing, he says he loves me.” I gulped, “you can’t tell anyone about this.”

The elf looked expectantly up at me.

“What would you do?” I asked, looking at the elf as if it was the saviour of the world.

“I would follow my heart that is what I would do. But I wouldn’t, as I will never be in love.” Tisky said, looking round her.

“Okay, you can go.” The elf scuttled off back to its original job and I was left to think.

Munching thoughtfully on a slice of cream cheese covered toast, I finally came to my conclusion.

“Oh Edgley, consoling you heart with food is never the way forward,” Malfoy sneered as he rounded the corner and crossed the path of a very busy looking house elf.

“What would you know about consoling?” I snapped, my irritable mood getting the better of me.

“Contrary to common belief, Malfoys’ do have emotions.” He said in a very smarmy tone.

“Okay, whatever.” I said, before cramming some more toast in my mouth.

Malfoy raised an eye brow as I managed to devour the whole slice in one go.

“Can see why Potter likes you, you have exactly the same table manners as him.” Malfoy sneered, flicking a crumb off the table which he was lent on.

“Yeah, yeah. Get to the point.” I snapped.

“Merlin, Edgley calm down. All you need to do is just tell it to him plain.”

I shoved another piece of toast into my mouth and stormed out.

Sometimes the opposite sex drive me crazy, they are irrational, unpredictable and most of all not female. But even then I didn’t ever claim to understand females, they confused me too.

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