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Hidden Away by Skyler315
Chapter 1 : Prolouge
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 Subconsciously, I traced the black and white patterns adorning the elegant bedspread that lay on top of the king sized four poster bed against the far wall of my room. I sat on the middle of my bed, looking out at the grounds surrounding the building. It was pouring rain, and I watched mesmerized as it slowly trailed down my wall of glass. Not a normal wall of glass though, although complete walls of glass are not common. This one was a two foot thick wall of glass, bullet proof, mind you.   

Looking away from the window and letting out a long sigh, I stood up and made my way across the soft carpeted floor to the fireplace to add a couple more logs in. The fire hissed and seared and I watched it until the flames mellowed down again. Letting out another long sigh, I fell into my bubble chair that hung from the ceiling. 


I had been on lockdown mode for the past week and I had not been allowed out of my room at all. I always had a guard with me, but there was only so much you could do when stuck in a room for a week, and it wasn't looking like the lockdown would be lifted anytime soon.  


Right now, my guard, Noah, was lying sprawled out on my leather sofa in front of the fireplace snoring softly. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. How typical of Noah to just blow off his duties  and decide to use the time to take a nap. Although, the more I thought about it, I figured that it might actually be a good thing. The less Noah and I interacted, the better. We weren’t on very good terms, I guess one could say. Although that could, quite possibly, be the understatement of the century.


 Try to image a rapid wolf/monkey/lion thing placed in a cage with a mutant polar bear/mountain lion/squirrel thing and image the outcome of that relationship. Now I know what y’all are thinking. Yes, a squirrel does happen to be a very scary thing! I mean it may look all small and innocent, but it’s not! It’s just waiting for when your defenses are down before it comes and attacks you and kills you and eats your corpse! 


You don’t believe me? Well, that’s your loss and I hope you step on those evil muggle inventions that they call legos! That’s right! Anywho, getting off topic here.  I started looking around my room trying to come up with anything that might be able to keep me entertained. My brother and I had already decided to have a water fight courtesy of my bathroom, so that room was pretty much in ruins and since I really didn’t want to clean it, I decided to think of another thing to keep me occupied. 


My best friend, Ashton, and I had already had the best pillow fight in the history of the world and had also built the most amazing fort of the century that we camped out in that night, so both of those things were off the list. I had read every single book that was covering the wall opposite of my glass wall, which happened to be my bookcase wall. Yep, the entire thing was a bookcase and filled entirely with books. 


The other two walls of my room were pretty awesome too. The one behind my bed was completely covered in quotes, my song lyrics, famous song lyrics, my art, and pictures that I had taken over the past eight years. The other wall wasn’t as awesome, but it was entirely made of bricks, and held my fireplace and the rope ladder that led to the training area up above my room. And I don’t mean like in another room upstairs, I mean my room has a 25 foot ceiling and I have an entire ropes training course up there. It’s pretty awesome, I know. It’s okay to be jealous.  


Anywho, where was I. Oh right! I was bored, now wasn’t I! Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. I looked at Noah, then to my hand, then at Noah again. Quickly I conjured  up some whip cream and a feather. Now I know what you are thinking. Your acting all high and mighty going, how old is this girl, like 5? And I will very maturely respond with no, I am sixteen! It’s not my fault that practically solitary confinement drives me to do some odd things. You be looked up in a room with someone you hate with a burning passion while they are asleep and tell me you wouldn’t play something childish on them! 


I got up and quietly crept over to where Noah was and put the whip cream in his hand and tickled his face with it feather. I worked like a charm, and Noah’s face was now covered in cream. I giggled and his eyes locked on my, already blazing with anger. 


“Damn it, Clark! You’ll pay for that!” He yelled as he made an attempt to grab me, but I was too quick and shot out of his grasp. I quickly ran over to the rope ladder and ascended it in less than 15 seconds. He made to follow me, but seemed to think better of it and instead, just sat back down on my sofa and stared up at me. 


“You’ll have to come down some time you stupid girl, and when you do, I’ll be waiting!” He said as he chuckled darkly at me. 


“You seem to forget that I am a witch, therefore I can conjure food and I can sleep up here as well!” I called back down from my spot on the wooden platform that was located in the middle of all of the rope drill techniques setup up here.  


“Oh, but then you must forget that I am a wizard, and that I can do this!” he called back up as he pointed his wand up at me and cast a spell. Immediately I cast a shield charm around me so that nothing could touch me, but when nothing bounced off my charm I became a little suspicious. 


“Just a little protective barrier, love. Since you were so content on staying up there, I figured that you would have fun staying up there for the next ten hours.” He said with an evil smirk before turning to my bookshelf wall and pulling out the copy of The Exit.Ironic, I know, but it was useful to remember. He then opened it up to the middle of the book which was actually a nifty hidden scanning recognition device. He scanned his fingerprint and his eye before it gave him access to leave the room. The book beeped its sign of recognition, and when he placed the book back in its original spot, a section of the wall slid back to reveal a steel door. Noah once again had to scan his fingerprint before the steel door slid upward granting him his freedom from my room. He gave me one last evil smirk before strolling down the titanium steel hallway in the direction of the dinner hall. Immediately the doors slid back into place and I was once again locked inside my room, although this time I was completely alone, and stuck 15 feet in the air without any hope of getting down for the next ten hours.  


I dediced to use my time wisely, so I sent a couple spells at the barrier, but nothing was working. So after giving up any hope of getting down for the next ten hours, I summoned my favorite polka dot fuzzy blanket and one of my favorite books from my wall. Then I conjured up a cup of hot cocoa and leaned back against the pole connecting the platform to the ceiling. I was going to be a long ten hours. 

I must of fallen asleep sometime through my book because I woke up to a major explosion that blew up my glass wall and launched me off the platform I was on and onto the ground 15 feet below. Everywhere around me, things were going up in flames from the explosion and glass shards were littering that ground. An alarm was blazing above me, and I could faintly hear the rush of footsteps in the hallway outside. I shakily stood up and saw ten people dressed in black rappelling into my room. As soon as they landed, they all took me on at once. 


It was times like this that I was grateful that I had never learned to use a wand, and could only perform wandless magic because it allowed me to create more power in every spell. I knocked one out but nine more were still attacking me, and in my weakened state, I didn’t have the strength to fight back. They overpowered me and tried to knock me out. 


Before my mind succumbed to their wishes I couldn’t help but think that Noah hadn’t of left me alone, this never would have happened.   



Just a warning, I am majorly revising this story so I'm not sure how much sense the rest of it will be at the moment, but as of 5/2/12, this is the first chapter I've changed, and I will continue to go through major edits on the rest of the story before finally continueing it!!! Sorry it has been such a long wait!!! Love you all, and please review!!! 


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Hidden Away: Prolouge


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