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Her scent His eyes by Scabior_girl_for_life
Chapter 2 : Evil in the night
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Her scent His Eyes

By Scabior’s girl for life

Disclaimer I don’t know the copy rights to these characters

Chapter 2


Hermione looked strait into the eyes of a werewolf. He was chained up just beyond the barrier created by the charms. He couldn’t see her but he could sure smell her. He howled and began to fight his chains. She kne she had two choice one is to run back to the tent, but if she did he would smell ron and Harry making it so that they would never be able to leave. They would know they were there just couldn’t see them.. Or to run our of barrier and hope she had time to get a spell out before the wolf got her. Then she remembered back to her close call with the snatchers Fenrir Greyback was part of the group. She was about to move when another crack was heard in the woods outside of the barrier.


Scabior could here the distant howl of Fenrir. It ment one of two thing Fenrir and gotten free which didn’t boad well for any one in these wood mudblood or pure alike and it would be worse if a human was attacked. They were given direct orders from Voldemort to prevent that. The other would be he caught the scent of the woman Scabior him self has caught early. And there was no doubt that if he hadn’t already fenrir would be out of the chains soon. He ran too the howl.

When he got there he came to a scene of fenrir howling and trying to get at nothing. But he had to stop him soon. He did the only thing he could think of.

“Stupifey” Scabior yelled. Fenrir fell quickly.
He quickly tightened the the chains then stopped he could smell the perfume again.

“Who are you” He asked the air.


Hermione started once again at the snatcher but this time though he didn’t know it he was her savior and she was greatful. Had it not been for the handsome snatcher she most likely would be either a werewolf now or dead. they stood there once again like before. But fear did not course through Hermione this time. He asked a question. She was sure he couldn’t see or here her and she felt the need to answer.

“Hermione Granger” she whispered. She looked strait into his eyes. She almost fell in to them.

“Scabior what happened” the skinny Snatcher asked running to the area. She was glad she now knew his name.

“Fenrir tried to get out tonight I took care of it” Scabior said walking back to the skinny snatcher.

“Thankyou Scabior” Hermione said watching the retreating Snatchers one more time tonight.

“Hermione are you ok I heard a werewolf howl” harry said running up to her, “What happened?”

“Its Fenrir Grayback he was with snatchers early but they came and stopped him they didn’t seem me but the one who could smell my perfume did again” Hermione said.

“Lets get back before ron wakes up we should move soon” harry said.

When they got back to the tent Ron was still sleeping. And it was now techinly hemriones time to take watch. Harry setteled in to bed and Hermione returned out side to take her watch. She began to sincerely think about the snatcher maybe he has a story as to why he did what he did. Maybe he wasn’t even with the deatheater there was good money as a snatcher. There were no more events that night but Hermione knew things were changing.

A/N Sorry I know a short chapter.

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