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changes by rosamalfoy
Chapter 5 : endings
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a/n: final chapter. enjoy! oh, and don't forget to review.

~draco's pov~

i walked out of the hospital into the rain. i knew something that the happy people in there didn't. this is what i knew: they weren't safe.
they thought they were. but they won't be safe for a long time. not untill little lily is of age. she's the only one who can save them. save
them from what you might ask. i'm not sure what. i felt the cold drip of rain slide down my back, so i flipped up the collar on my coat.
people are so unaware of what goes on in the world around them. but that's ok. for the time being, they should be unaware. blissfully
unaware. many people don't relize that voldemorte was ready to die. they don't relize that he was planning to be killed by potter. part of
that plan was giving almost every thread of his power to someone else. that someone was the last person any one would expect. that
someone was me. i didn't want what he gave me. i tried to resist, but, like many times before, he forced what i didn't want upon me.
i'm not sure what i'm going to do now, but i know that i'm not going to be like voldemort. i'll probably tell dumbledor, or someone from
the ministry. or i'll just vanish from the face of the earth...

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